tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Lucky Fan Ch. 02

A Lucky Fan Ch. 02


Three weeks later, I get a call while sitting in my home office again.

"Is this Mike?" the girl on the other end asks.

"Yes, is this Ashley Tisdale?" I ask.

"It is, I'll be arriving tomorrow morning at about 11 o' Clock." Ashley tells me.

"Great, I'll be there to pick you up." I tell her.

"What was Vanessa's verdict on her visit?" I ask.

"Oh she told me she had a lot of fun while she was there." Ashley says. "Never saw so much beautiful scenery in one place before." She continued.

"Well, good, I'm glad she gave you a good review, are you excited for your visit?" I ask.

"I am, I can't wait to get out of Cali for a while." Ashley tells me.

"Well, I'm excited that you decided to come out to visit, not many celebrities would probably do anything like this." I tell her.

"That's for sure, most of them are stuck up assholes and wouldn't lift a finger for anyone." Ashley continued.

"So, your from New Jersey, have you ever been up to Amish Country, Pennsylvania?" I ask.

"No, not really, I've driven through there with my parents, but I've never spent any time there." Ashley tells me.

"Well good, you'll probably love it up there." I say.

Ashley and I spend almost an hour on the phone, talking back and forth and making each other laugh.

The next morning, I hop into my Plymouth and head down to Philadelphia International Airport to pick up Ashley.

I waited at the restaurant as I did when picking up Vanessa a few weeks earlier. At half past eleven, Ashley's plane touches down. I head into the terminal to meet her and wait for her.

I didn't see Ashley until the last few people were off of the plane. As soon as I saw her, I walked over and introduced myself to her.

"Sorry I'm late." Ashley says.

"Hey, it's not a problem, I have all day." I say jokingly.

Ashley and I head over to the baggage claim to pick up her things before heading out to the parking garage. We get into my Plymouth and make our way to Lancaster County.

About a mile from the airport I hear the blaring of a police car siren behind us.

"Oh shit, what did I do?" I thought to myself.

I look in the rear view and see that the police car was right behind me. I pull my car to the side of the road and hit the "P" button on the push button transmission.

I reach into my pocket for my wallet and license. When the police officer reaches my window I begin to hand him my license.

"Oh no, no call for that." The officer says.

"I just wanted to tell you how nice your car was, My father had one like this when I was a boy." he continues.

"Really, was it a Belvedere like this?" I ask.

"No, I think his was a Savoy or a Plaza, I can't be sure though." The officer tells me.

Bending down and peering through to the passenger side, the officer catches a glimpse of Ashley in the passenger seat.

"Your Ashley Tisdale aren't you?" the office asks.

"Yeah, hello." Ashley says, reaching out her hand for the officer to shake it.

"I'd hate to bother you, but my daughter really loves you, would you mind if I got your autograph for her?" The officer requests.

"No problem at all, I have some promotional pictures here in my bag." Ashley says and reaches into the back seat.

Ashley pulls out a color promo picture from her bag and a red sharpie marker and she begins to sign her name to it.

"What's your daughter's name?" Ashley asks the officer.

"Her name is Wendy." The officer responds.

Ashley writes a short greeting on the photo and hands it to the Officer.

"She's going to love this." The officer exclaims. "Can I bother you for a picture with you?" he asks.

"Sure, I don't mind." Ashley responds.

"Great, I'll be right back." The officer says, and heads back to his patrol car.

Thirty seconds later, he comes back with a small digital camera in his hand. Ashley steps out of the car and I slide out my side and walk to the back of my car with her.

"Ok guys, get over there by the divider and I'll take the picture for you." I tell them.

Ashley and the officer stand by the lane divider and smile for the camera.

I snap a picture and hand the camera back to the officer.

"Thank you, so much, Wendy will be so happy that I got your autograph." the officer says.

"It's no problem, tell her I said "Hello" ok?" Ashley says.

"Oh, I will." The officer responds.

Ashley and I get back into my car and continue our ride to Amish Country.

"Wow, that was bizarre." I tell Ashley.

"I know, that cop seemed weird, but nice." Ashley says.

"Yeah, he seemed nice, but wow." I joked with Ashley.

Just over an hour and a half later, Ashley and I arrive in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As with Vanessa, I took Ashley shopping at some of the stores in the area, and after shopping we stopped at Good 'n' Plenty. At Good 'n' Plenty, Ashley seemed kind of nervous.

"Why do they sit like this here?" Ashley whispers to me, over the table.

"It's called family style, the Amish sit man, woman all the way down the table." I tell her.

Our waitress introduces herself to the fifteen or twenty other people who were seated at the table.

"Ok now, where is everybody from?" the waitress asks.

"Ohio." one couple says. "Missouri." another group tells her. "Mississippi." says another group. "California." Ashley says. "Pennsylvania." I tell the waitress.

Following that, the waitress begins explaining the Amish style food that they will be serving, and begins listing all the food. "We have fried and baked chicken, crushed corn, ham loaf, real mashed potatoes..."

The waitress continues naming all of the food items that we will be served.

Ten minutes later, the waitress comes back with a huge tray with varying dishes on them and beings to set them through the table. The party at the end of the table begins dishing out their meal and passes it down for everyone else.

Ashley and I spent an hour at Good 'n' Plenty and we decided to skip having any dessert. We leave the restaurant and head out to do a little more site seeing before heading to the Red Caboose motel.

Around 9:30 that night we arrive at the Red Caboose and head over to the office. At that time of night the office was closed, by all reserved Cabooses keys were left in a drop box on the front of the store. I grabbed the key for the Caboose that I reserved and I headed back to my car. We drive around the parking lot to the third set of Cabooses to our reserved Caboose.

As soon as we got there I knew something didn't look right. I get out and walk over to open the passenger door for Ashley. Then we head into the Caboose.

"Awww man!" I shout.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asks.

"They gave me a single family Caboose not a double with the divider in the middle like I requested." I tell her.

"Don't worry about it, Mike." Ashley tells me.

Well, I'll figure something out." I tell her.

Ashley and I head out to the car to get out luggage and head back into the Caboose. We set out stuff down and I turn on the T.V.

"Well, how do you like it?" I ask Ashley.

"It's neat, I never thought I'd ever sleep in a train car before." Ashley says.

"You don't like it do you?" I ask, detecting a tone in her voice.

"No, I really do." She replies.

Ashley and I settle down to watch one of the complementary DVD's supplied by the motel staff.

We watch the movie "Sum of all Fears" starring Ben Afleck and by midnight, the movie ends.

"I'm so tired." Ashley says.

"Me too, but you had a long flight this morning." I respond.

Ashley excuses herself to the bathroom grabbing one of her smaller bags as she walks past me. A few minutes later, Ashley emerges from the bathroom wearing her nightwear. A pair of form fitting pajama pants and a tight white T-shirt. She lays down on the bed and closes her eyes.

"Alright Ashley, I'll see you in the morning." I say, starting to make my way to the door.

"Where are you going?" Ashley asks.

"I'm going to sleep out in my car, I thought this was going to be a double room, so I don't want to cramp you up." I tell her.

"Oh Mike, come over here." Ashley says.

I walk over to her and she tosses me down onto the bed. She straddles me and begins grinding her lower half onto mine. I could feel the opening of her pussy on my cock through our clothes.

"That's sweet of you, but you can stay in here tonight." She tells me.

She grinds a little more before moving down and begins to open my pants. Ashley reaches into my pants and pulls out my already throbbing cock and lowers her mouth onto it.

I lay there for a minute enjoying her mouth sliding down onto my rod, but I stopped her.

"Wait a minute, Ashley." I tell her.

"What?, am I doing something wrong?" She asks in a worried tone.

"No, not at all, but ladies first." I tell her.

Ashley raises from the floor and lays down onto the bed. I begin rubbing her Pussy through her pajama pants causing the material to collect in her slit, then I reach my hand inside of them. Ashley's Pussy was completely shaven and very moist to the touch. As my fingers slid along her clit, Ashley smiled and sighed in pleasure. I inserted one finger into her and began fingering her.

After a few seconds I added another finger, and then another until my three center fingers were sliding in and out of her.

Every time I pushed my hand into her, Ashley grunted and signed and her body shuddered.

"Fuck Mike, Vanessa was right." Ashley struggled to say.

"What did she tell you?" I asked in a low sexy voice.

"She told me I was going to have fun on my visit." Ashley tells me.

From fingering her, Ashley's pajama pants had already worked their way half way down so I reached up and pull them the rest of the way off. I toss them to the floor beside me and dive my face into Ashley tight bald Pussy. Ashley jumps and lets out a startled sigh as my tongue begins licking her.

"Shit, you scared me." Ashley says.

"I'm sorry." I say.

I slide my tongue slowly through out her Pussy, parting it with my index and middle finger on my right hand.

"I think I'm going to cum already, Mike." Ashley says.

I lick and finger her faster and faster and a few seconds later, Ashley begins squirting. Ashley's face grimaces and she clenches her teeth shut tightly and lets out a stifled long grunt.

After what seems like two of three minutes, Ashley's pussy drips clean.

"Ah fuck." Ashley screams.

I don't wait for her to calm down, I shove my mouth back down onto her dripping wet Pussy.

"Oh Mike, your going to make me cum again." Ashley screams.

I rapidly lap at her clit for a few more minutes before Ashley begins cumming once more. Once her pussy stops dripping she sits up and sighs.

"No more, no more." Ashley tells me, through a laugh.

Ashley turns over and kneels on the bed.

"Come on and fuck me." Ashley demanded.

I grip my cock and slide it into Ashley's tight Pussy.

As it enters her, Ashley grunts in pleasure.

I hold onto Ashley's hips and begin wildly fucking her my body slaps against hers sounding like a sexual battlefield.

"Come on." Ashley screams. I continue fucking Ashley from behind for a few minutes before she hops on top of me and begins to ride my cock.

"I bet you'd never thought you'd be having this kind of fun when I came to visit, huh?" Ashley asks casually.

"No, not really." I reply.

Ashley rides me wildly, her hands run slowly through her long blonde hair as she does.

"How's it feel, Ashley?" I ask.

"Oh, I love it." She says.

After riding me, Ashley slowly lifts herself off of me and lays down on the bed. She calmly massages her pussy to a small trickling orgasm and she lets out a shuddering sigh.

"Nice!" I say, stroking my cock lightly.

Ashley just smiles and lays back on the bed.

"Come on, let me finish you off." She says.

I walk over and insert my cock back into her tight bald Pussy.

I begin pumping slowly at first then increasing speed and force every few seconds.

"I want your cum inside me." Ashley says in a demanding tone.

"Are you sure." I ask.

"Yes, more then I've been sure of anything." She says.

I begin fucking her as quickly as I could in the last couple of minutes before unloading into her. I begin cumming in Ashley's pussy. As every stream that fills her womb Ashley grunts and sighs and her face grimaces in pleasure.

I collapse onto Ashley's body and the two of us hug and cuddle each other for a minute. My cock still pulsates between Ashley's tight pink pussy lips as if it were still spilling me seed into her.

The two of us remain motionless for a few minutes and I slide my cock out of her.

"Well, I have to go take a shower now, Thanks Mike." Ashley says jokingly.

She kisses me as she makes her way to the bathroom and gropes my cock as if to say. "Thank you."

About a half hour later, Ashley emerges from the bathroom, the steam from the shower encircling her like a angelic haze.

Ashley slips on a white robe and sits down on the bed next to me.

"So, what's on the itinerary for tomorrow?" She asks.

"Oh, a little more site seeing, some food eating and after that, we'll just see what Cums." I reply.

We spend a few days in Amish country, showing her around all of the sights and visiting many of the local Amish shops. Then, Ashley tells me she wants to see where I live and says that we can spend the rest of her stay there.

I take Ashley home and show her to my guest room.

"Why can't I stay in your room?" She asks.

"Oh, no one said you couldn't, I was just being gentlemanly." I respond.

The following night, A summer store began blowing through and Ashley and I decided to spend our day indoors. The two of us hang out in my living room and watch a DVD as the storm rages outside.

BOOOM! A loud clap of thunder rips through the town and Ashley quickly runs over to me.

"You aren't scared are you?" I asks.

"No in the least, but this gives me a chance to give you a blowjob." She responded.

She kneels down in front of me and undoes my pants, smiling a glaring at me as she does. Ashley pulls my cock out and wraps her mouth around it tightly. She slides her head up and down taking my cock into her mouth like a fish taking in a worm.

I hold onto the top of her head and guide it down and back up again. Ashley begins running her tongue up and down each side of my throbbing hard shaft and then plunges it back into her mouth. She stops sucking and just strokes my cock for a couple of minutes then takes it deep down into her throat, causing herself to gag loudly.

"Whoa, easy there girl." I say, jokingly.

"I just wanted to try doing that, I'm not used to it." Ashley replies.

I laughed and Ashley continues sucking my cock.

A few minutes later, I was ready to cum. Ashley closes her eyes and tells me to cum on her face.

She crouches down lower and I begin jerking. My cum begins covering her beautiful from her forehead down to her chin, covering her lips and two shots land in her right eye. When I finish cumming, Ashley glances at me in a teasing angered look.

"You wanted me to." I tell her.

"I know I did, but now I can't see." Ashley responds in a sarcastic tone.

She laughs and reaches for me to help her from the floor.

"Can we go out and get something to eat?" Ashley asks.

"Sure, as soon as you clean that stuff off of your face." I tell her.

She laughs again and heads into my bathroom to clean herself off. When she comes out of the bathroom, her and I head down the street to the little roadside diner to have a bite to eat, then we arrive back at my house. The next night, Ashley would be returning home to California.

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