tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 1

A.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 1


Arnold made good use of his time in the back seat with Olivia. He was bemused by her when she stripped off her dress for him as soon as we left city limits. She loved being next to him, naked and available for him to tantalise her erect nipples and play with her smooth pussy lips as he saw fit. Olivia was hopelessly infatuated by his educated sophistication and Arnold proved that he had a way with the kind of complements about her body that she loved to hear. Michelle and Dárcy had trained this poor girl to believe that she was quite worthless to anybody else but them.

She had low self esteem and I realised now that by giving her a chance to bed Arnold last night, after Monica and I had already had our way with him, we had merely reinforced that training. She was used to being at the end of life's queues to share the spoils of the finer rewards of endeavour. She had won that silly Bikini contest but believed that Dárcy and Michelle deserved all the credit. I hoped to make her believe in herself and bring out the best in her as we all went on from here. Arnold had himself a willing sex slave for now and he appeared to be enjoying every minute of his time with Olivia in the back seat.

Monica drove much faster in order to ignore her jealousies. She had to concentrate more on the road ahead that way. I removed my own dress to show her that I still preferred her attention in spite of last night's encounter with Arnold. She had to get over that jealousy of hers if our new partnership was to last.

I was impressed with Arnold's dedication to our interests when we got closer to our home turf, however. He flicked out his cell phone and made arrangements to see the big warehouse that we decided to inspect as soon as possible in our quest for new premises. It sounded so perfect. The elderly landlord eagerly seized on the opportunity to tenant his building so soon after the last tenant had abandoned the building once the lease had ran out. He assured Arnold that he would be willing to negotiate a special low rent for the first three months and didn't ask too many awkward questions when he agreed to let us make alterations to the upstairs portion of the building. We decided that if it was big enough to accommodate a flat for us girls to live in, then all our transport worries could be solved right away. I mentioned to Monica that it was so near to the beach it would be a perfect place for the three of us to stay together.

Arnold's next call was to the bank and he explained that he wanted a loan to cover the cheque he wrote out to Greg. He told them that we had an exciting opportunity to set up a major film company similar to his biggest client, 'Blue Angel Films' and guaranteed that he would make the new venture succeed. He told them that by the end of the week we would be fully set up and the bank could secure their loan on over a Hundred thousand dollars worth of chattels and equipment that we had already bought. I heard him guarantee the loan, until the bank sent in their valuer to assess our gear, by using his own assets as collateral.

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow then." Arnold was beaming with satisfaction as he concluded his call on our behalf.

"Monica!" He tapped her on the shoulder. "Do you want to sell your share in our shop in town?"

Monica considered all the implications of spreading her time too thinly with the added burden of her responsibilities in the shop in the city. Her face lit up as she realised what Arnold had in mind.

"Do you think we can sell our shares?" She inquired.

"Why not, baby! We're on a roll now. Lets do it!"

Arnold was excited as he rang both of their other partners and persuaded them that he and Monica were prepared to give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the two of them out. He was very persuasive and after a short time both he and Monica had extracted themselves from any future involvement with the shop premises. A price had been agreed and it would be finalised the next day. I was totally impressed with his capabilities and grateful that we had this dynamic individual working for us to stitch the whole deal together.

We arrived at what was to be our new studio and Arnold walked around with the owner. Monica and I sat in the car with Olivia and decided to leave the whole thing to Arnold. All of us were convinced that he would obtain the best possible deal to secure the huge building for our new studio premises. We watched Arnold waving his hands in the air and point to the dilapidated state of the paintwork and the broken windows in the upper floor. The we watched as they shook hands and realised that he had come to a suitable arrangement for us to lease the premises and start up our new business enterprise. Within the space of an hour's worth of haggling he had convinced the elderly owner that we would ultimately be the most productive and financially rewarding tenants that he was likely to find for his building.

Arnold left the owner and walked back to the car to consult with us.

He had obtained a six month rent holiday to do up the premises in return for a ten year lease with an optional right of purchase or a further ten years at the end of his new lease term, by agreement, if we didn't like the price or were unable to afford it by then.

"What do you think, ladies?" Arnold searched our eyes for approval to settle on the deal.

It was absolutely perfect for our needs, with no residential housing nearby and other businesses in the area confined largely to storage types of businesses that operated during normal business hours.

As Arnold planned to do most of our filming at night there would be no outside noises to detract from the sound quality of the movies that we were proposing to make. In addition the building was large enough for us to develop an apartment for all of us ladies to live in.

"Go for it!" Monica was delighted. "I like it."

"It looks perfect to me." I agreed, turning to Olivia.

"I'll do all the painting!" Olivia was eagerly nodding her head as she gave her approval to be part of the proposal.

"I'll tell him that we'll go ahead then?" Arnold asked, to be certain of our agreement that this building would be our new business premises for the next ten years.

"Yes!!" It was decided that we would all pitch in and all of us answered in unison.

"Lets do it then." Arnold straightened up to his full height.

He went back to the landlord with renewed enthusiasm to clinch the agreement he had already made, with our blessings.

When it became obvious that the deal had been done and Arnold now had the keys the landlord left, waving cheerfully to us as we sat in the car. He was happy to leave us in charge of his building.

We all held a planning meeting inside the deserted warehouse to get our new business underway. We all ended up with some work to do and the trucks would have to be redirected to our new premises to unload all our new gear. Arnold also used his cell phone to arrange for the phones to be re-connected and to change the power supply into our new company name. He was delighted with the fortunate way that all his plans had fallen into place so perfectly. He said it was a good sign that our new business enterprise would succeed beyond our wildest dreams and make all of us more financially independent for the future. Arnold was appointed to be company spokesperson and Monica agreed to handle most of the lesser business affairs. Olivia and I were left in charge of hiring labour to paint and redecorate the building and restore the studio equipment back to it's former working place within our new premises once it arrived. We all worked hard to achieve this for the rest of the week. We hired capable builders and as soon as they had closed in the studio/bedroom/bathroom and hanging the door, they went off to another part of the complex. I think they enjoyed their work but both Olivia and I realised that things slowed down too much when we were working above them and they could catch glimpses of our smooth unadorned bodies beneath our skirts. As much as we both enjoyed their attention we found things to do away from their prying eyes in the downstairs part of the complex until they had finished upstairs.

The room was completed at last so Olivia and I decided to paint the un-mirrored walls in a pleasant hue of pink latex. We had the paint and equipment brought in and opened the cans.

"We're going to get paint all over our dresses." She observed.

"I'm game if you are?" Without further ado I slipped off my dress and put it on the bed. "We'll do it in the nude, then!"

Olivia gave me a cheeky grin.

"What if they walk in on us?" Her eyes twinkled.

"They definitely won't be offended. I'm sure of that." I was quick to assure her. "That guy Paul couldn't keep his eyes off us before. It'll be something for him to tell his grandchildren about, won't it sweetheart?" I challenged.

Those five horny young builders would have come to a screeching halt if we had done this any earlier. Two naked young females painting the bare walls, with pink spots of paint all over their bodies would have made their own jobs impossible. Personally, I wouldn't have minded them watching us but I knew that Arnold was paying them by the hour.

I grabbed an old sheet and laid it on the carpet while Olivia removed both her dress and bra and placed them on the bed. Although Olivia tried to emulate my own audacity, the thought of having our builders unexpectedly walk in on us made her shiver in nervous trepidation. I noticed that she picked an inconspicuous spot behind the closed door to begin her painting task.

After a while the paint fumes began to bother us so I decided to open the door while we worked. We could hear the builders moving around and talking as they worked downstairs and it made both of us more keenly aware of the more imminent possibility of being caught. It became highly stimulating for both of us to work this way, further increasing the sexual tension in both our bodies.

As time went on, I noticed that Olivia seemed to be more energized by the prospect of being seen. She relaxed more noticeably when she stretched to reach the top of the walls. Her nipples grew noticeably when they brushed against the wall as she would giggle and show off the tips of her breasts, with pink paint covering the end of her nipples. She was smiling a lot and I realised that she was having a lot of fun. I had an amusing idea.

We painted tiny bikinis on each other to give the illusion of decency knowing they would wash off in water once we had finished our paint re-decoration. At a distance it would appear that our bodies were both adequately covered and Olivia became much more confident when she was working nearer to the door.

Eventually we went back to work. I was almost disappointed when we finished off the room and still by then nobody had come to check on our progress. I knew that all the builders would be here for three weeks or so yet so we knew that we would probably get caught sooner or later.

Monica and Arnold helped us when they weren't busy finalising their former business association with Pete and David. Their two former partners had always worked well together well in the past and were keen to increase their income from the shop by increasing their shareholding in the way Arnold had proposed. Pete still had a project lined up for me as a nude model and Monica had assured him that both Olivia and I would always be available for casual work at any time by arrangement. Arnold told us that with the money from the sale of both their shares in the old business, he and Monica now had more money to play with and offered to share in the building costs of our proposed accommodation so that he had a place to stay at our new premises when we worked late. As a result we were able to fast track my original idea to convert an area of the upstairs floor area as an apartment for the three of us to share. Monica smiled serenely and I knew that they had already discussed this as a possibility. She readily accepted this change in plans.

By Friday morning our business was ready to commence operation and with certain subtle changes to the decor, part of the upstairs area was converted to a palatial bedroom with the mirrored walls hiding the filming equipment out of view to any occupants. We had a trial run, with Olivia and I indulging ourselves in some hot lesbian scenes on the king-sized bed in the re-created bedroom, while Arnold tested out his new photographic equipment. It proved so successful, in that if we both hadn't known we were being filmed, that we would never have guessed that our erotic antics we were being recorded on film by both Arnold and Monica, inside the room next door.

Olivia and I watched all the steaming rushes together and celebrated, after the screening, by having a joyous session of hot sex with both Monica and Arnold. Monica seemed to delight in the idea of group sex with all her partners and easily convinced Arnold to co-operate. Now that the builders had left for the day there was no reason to worry. There was only the four of us left inside the complex by now.

The sight of Olivia and I writhing in ecstasy, as we had played with a double dildo on the bed earlier on, spurred Arnold on to take turns in satisfying all three of us ladies with unreserved abandon. During the course of the previous few days we had been forced to concentrate on our work commitments to the exclusion of any primal sexual urges that we may have felt for one and other.

It was a fortunate association for all four of us.


Arnold was now gathering the full benefits of our new relationship by taking full advantage of Monica's liberated generosity in allowing him to become part of our previous threesome. It seemed that she now accepted that it was better to share all our love with Arnold than to be consumed by petty sexual jealousy. Arnold still had the comfort of his home life with his wife but now, there was a new dimension to his sex life that most men would kill for. Although we were different in many ways, we all respected Arnold's business expertise and were prepared to share his love, probably for different reasons, on an individual or collective basis.

For my part, I realised that I owed both Arnold and Monica a large debt of gratitude for the expediting of my earlier plans to make a secure new life for myself, far away from the town that held some of my worst memories. Arnold was older, wiser and more sensitive to my needs than most other men in my life had been. I loved his company and looked forward to his gentle touch whenever we happened to make love together. He was attractive, yet undemanding and I felt safe in his arms. Monica would always hold a special place in my heart that could never be eclipsed by any other lover, male or female. Our love had deep, emotional roots and to my mind, this would never change. She and I had grown together and blossomed in somewhat different but meaningful ways, none the less. We were both better and far more well adjusted people for knowing one and other. Our mutual trust in one and other was implicit. I just wanted to secure our new partnership with Arnold in the best way possible. Sex, as a fun group leisure activity, gave us the opportunity to cement our sense of community.

Olivia's dreams were coming true and her self confidence was at an all time high. No longer did she have to cringe at the thought of being made to satisfy Dárcy's every passing whim or be bullied by her former lover, Michelle, into participating in some of their far more degrading sexual perversions. These days, when she exhibited her body to others it was because she enjoyed her freedom of choice in much the same way as I always did. The strangest part about it was that she now modelled herself on my own exhibitionist tendencies and, if anything, was even bolder than she was before. She too, had benefited from our exciting new association. We were allowing her to pay her share in the new business by paying it off to the company once she started earning money with the rest of us. Arnold was her hero. He was probably the first man that had showered her with genuine complements and she seemed really happy to be associated with him. She would willingly do anything that would make him happy and readily accepted his advice. She had grown in self confidence so much since that first day that she met him and yearned for Arnold's approval in everything that she did. She adored him equally, with Monica and I.

Lastly, Monica still carried a torch for Arnold in her own way, although I sensed that she would never admit to this. She realised that the only way she could have any sort of acceptable permanent relationship with him was to continue to share him in same the way that we all were at the moment. The partnership was even more beneficial to her, now that she had accepted that he would never leave his wife to be with her in the way that she formerly required him to be. I could almost guarantee that she would continue this new relationship, recognising that we all needed his masculine attention in different ways. Since that night in the motel room, she was into dressing far more seductively and never wore her underwear anymore. I had helped her to lose many of her former inhibitions about nudity among others. The real test would be the next time we all had a chance to relax at the beach with our other young friends. She was well on the way to enjoying the same freedoms that they enjoyed with me.


We lay on the bed after our group encounter as one big happy family and discussed my arrangements with Jim for later on that night. I intended to have my wicked way with him while the other three filmed the whole episode. Arnold planned for me to seduce him into coming over to the studio later on that evening. My main purpose was to try to convince him to try a new career in acting so that he could afford to give up his day job. Arnold joked about it being the ultimate irony that our equipment was being used in such a similar way to the way Greg had freely utilised my services a few weeks ago.

"You will be telling him, I hope?" He looked at me seriously.

"When the time is right, I guess." I was thinking now. I wondered how I was going to tell him without offending his delicate sense of pride. "How much do male porn stars get paid, anyway?

"Adult actors and actresses." Arnold corrected, interrupting my thoughts. "It sounds better that way."

I had no idea about the scale of fees for the male participants. That raised another good point as I looked to Monica and Arnold for the answer.

"For that matter, how much would we be paid?" I added.

"It sort of depends on a number of variables. From what I could see in Greg's financial records, he was paying Dárcy about three hundred dollars per session and Michelle only got about two hundred or so." Arnold thought about it and reassured me. " I suppose it depends on how much money we can get for the film at the end of the day." He looked perplexed. "Tell him Three hundred for now and perhaps we can look at it again if he's not happy with that. "Don't be too generous while we're just starting out, but we don't want to discourage him. He's got a pretty decent body and I'm hoping to use him quite a bit if he can rise to the occasion, so to speak." Arnold then paused to gauge my reaction. "What do you guys think?"

"Don't forget we've got expenses to think about. Let Arnold and I have a look at the market and see what we can afford to pay. We've been too busy to think about it, so far." Monica looked at me. "Just tell him that it'll have to be a lot better than what he gets at his supermarket job and he'll have a lot more fun. You'll see to that!"

Monica's voice betrayed a slightly regretful note at the thought of watching Jim having his way with me. She forced a smile. "Just play it by ear, darling."

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