tagLesbian SexA Magically Sensuous Dolphin

A Magically Sensuous Dolphin

byTawny T©

Strolling the quaint streets of old St. Augustine was a delight in the off-season. It was nice to be there on vacation before the tourists invaded Florida. The colorful spring flowers scented the air, the nearby ocean added it’s own unique flavor to the air. I slipped into a shop exhibiting wonderfully carved animal figures. An exquisite dolphin leaping high caught my eye, the wood grain so luminous it almost shone. My fingers caressed its sensuous smoothness and subtle curves.

"Magnificent, isn't it?" a soft voice said behind me. "Wood can be so beautiful if worked correctly - almost erotic and sensuous too. Don't you think?" I turned, expecting to find a saleslady, and was startled to see a lovely woman slightly older than I. She had sparkling blue eyes, and her long, wavy blonde hair framed an angelic face. She wore a smart white linen dress, matching shoes, purse and picture hat. Her hand touched mine briefly as she drew her long fingers over the wood. My knees went so weak I had to leave the shop.

She smiled at me as I blundered out of the shop. Damn, that shook me to the core. Why did I flee the shop? I was an idiot! I’d probably never see her again in my life. I wanted to kick myself around the block for that blunder. Her beauty caught me off guard. I wasn’t used to having another woman shake me up so much with a mere touch of her hand. The picture of the beautiful woman stayed in my mind for hours. I even went back to the shop but she was gone.

I could not remember ever being so attracted to another woman. Why did I bolt? Why didn’t I stay and talk to her? I was devastated! What a blunder, what an idiot, for a woman who was supposed to be so smart! Brain smart, perhaps, but seeing her was like a jolt of electricity hitting me, it went to the center of my very being. This was emotion, deep emotion. I felt dejected I had blundered so in running away from her. Why, why, my mind echoed. I had no answer.

The hotel dining room was almost empty when I came down from my room for dinner that evening. In this stately hotel I dressed up with an ankle length dinner gown that was cut low enough to show off my breasts to the best advantage, and hugged my tall slender body. The maitre d' had hardly seated me when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder.

When I turned, she was there. When I looked at her beautiful face my heart soared. She asked me if I was alone, and when I finally managed to say ‘yes’, she invited me to join her and her husband for dinner. I took several deep breaths to steady and compose myself. By the time I moved to their table I was relatively calm, but my heart was racing at the thought that I had met her again, however improbable that was.

She had stressed "husband" slightly, and when we arrived at her table, I was glad she had, for I might have taken him for her father and committed a really embarrassing faux pas. He rose from his seat as I approached their table and took my hand in his. He was a gentleman of the old school, poised, a Cary Grant type who then kissed my hand. Do men still do that? He was an absolute charmer, and it was as if we had been friends for years and were just renewing our acquaintance after a long time apart. I found he was in the world of finance, as was I. His endeavors were in the investment end, mine in the analysis of investments.

As we talked, I found that Mandy and Clarence had been married for five years, and she had studied at the Sorbonne. I hoped someday to gain her casual grace, charm and manners.

We had a very pleasant dinner of fresh seafood delights cooked to perfection served with a particularly fine wine that Clarence chose. The conversation was stimulating and I was enraptured by Mandy. Clarence kept me laughing with his wonderful wit and financial acumen. Pleasantly full, I accompanied my new friends to their sumptuous suite in the hotel for an after-dinner drink. The suite had a view of the square and, behind it, the bay, sparkling with moonlight. I was already giddy from the wine and Mandy's presence. I felt so attracted to her I ached.

Clarence kept my glass filled, and Mandy disappeared for a few minutes to reappear in an obviously expensive gossamer white peignoir, so lovely and exquisite, I gasped. Her perfect figure was concealed yet revealed. My eyes tried to bore through the thin material. I caught tantalizing brief glimpses of her breasts, erect nipples and below, her softly rounded belly, and long legs. I saw no signs of pubic hair. She could not help but know I was trying to fathom her beauty and see her body beneath the shimmering veil like cloth.

We talked for a long while, and then Clarence excused himself. Mandy moved beside me, her subtle, erotic perfume making my head swim and her closeness making me ache to hold and caress her. "I had an ulterior motive in asking you up this evening," she said softly as she took my hand, caressing it. "Clarence allows me the freedom to pick lovers as I choose. He has unfortunately been impotent for years, an accident, and asks only that he be allowed to watch. The moment we met, I knew you would be perfect for us. I haven't shocked you, have I?"

I’m sure my face flushed. Her subtle smile told that she knew of my discomfiture. I was able to compose myself finally. “No, I’m not shocked. When I saw you in the shop this afternoon you flustered me so much I fled the shop. I don’t know why. I was immediately and totally attracted to you. I could think of nothing else the rest of the afternoon but your face. I even went back to the shop in the hope of seeing you again.”

She leaned forward and kissed me so softly and tenderly. I tingled from head to toe. We hugged, holding each other, our hands stroking the other's body. My trembling hand found her breasts, firm and hot under the gossamer cloth. Her hand slid my gown straps from my shoulders and pulled them downward uncovering my breasts. I was grateful I had worn no bra. My breasts don’t really need one. Her eyes admired my smooth firm breasts as her hands stroked them skillfully. My nipples hardened immediately. She rolled a nipple between her fingers, pulling gently, elongating it still more.

Her tongue slid out and flicked across my lips. I opened my lips to encourage her, and she slid it gently into my mouth. My whole body trembled. We kissed for long minutes, tongues exploring and probing gently. The thought went through my mind that she must have learned a lot about French kissing while studying in France. She was a superb kisser, gentle, subtle and so very talented. I learned a lot in a few short minutes.

She pulled back and smiled. "I have a surprise for you!" My eyes followed her flowing body as she left and she came back moments later with a gift-wrapped box. I unfastened it as she sat next to me, her thigh touching mine, her hand resting gently on my thigh. The heat of her body covered by the gauzy material sent waves of joy through me. I unfolded the last piece of tissue and it was the magnificent polished wooden dolphin from the store. I couldn't believe it. I stroked it and gazed at it, overwhelmed with its beauty, and the fact that Mandy had bought it for me when we were total strangers, having only exchanging a fleeting touch and a few words.

"You like sensuous things; so do I - you." Mandy said smiling into my eyes. After I had admired and stroked the sensuous dolpnin lovingly for several minutes, she took it gently from my hands and set it on the table. "Come, let me unwrap my gift."

She pulled me to my feet and led me to the large bedroom, which was softly lit and very luxurious. Scented candles on either side of the bed cast their glow. One huge window gave a splendid view of the moonlit bay. Clarence sat in a large, deep chair, a drink in his hand. “He dearly loves it when I'm with a woman. He's such a sweet and very considerate husband." Her nearness and beauty overwhelmed me, and I was actually trembling.

Slowly, gently, Mandy undressed me, her lips kissing my body while her hands stroked me, until I could feel my juices flow and my nipples and clitoris ache. She slipped off her negligee to reveal a perfect body: full, rounded breasts; large, pale areolas with small erect nipples; a softly rounded stomach, and, below, a shaved pussy with a smooth slit that was absolutely beautiful. I had never seen such an overwhelmingly beautiful woman in my whole life. And she wanted me!

We lay down on the huge canopied bed, our bodies molding together, one of her thighs sliding between mine, pressing against my wet pussy. We explored, kissed, stroked and probed, each giving - and receiving pleasure. It was as if we each wanted to memorize every erotic inch of each other's body.

We kissed for a very long time then she moved slowly, kissing my eyes, ears, neck and finally my breasts that had swollen with my lust. Her lips covered my nipples and she licked, nibbled gently and sucked them to hard aching points. She moved down and kissed and licked the undersides of my breasts while her hands, all the time, floated over my breasts. I had been with several women and a very few men, but no one had ever made love to my breasts like Mandy. I wondered how many women she had been with, and who had taught her all the skills she practiced on me. She seemed to know every sensitive spot on my body. She even kissed my underarms and licked them so sensuously it did not tickle, but seemed to go straight to my clit and make it swell and throb till I felt it would burst.

She lay back pulling me to her. I began to kiss and caress her magnificent body. I was inspired. I knew how I wanted to make love to her. I tried to remember every erotic nuance of lovemaking I had shared with other women. The way she had kissed and caressed me was firmly imbedded in my mind, and I repaid her kisses and caresses a dozen times over. She lay, beautiful blue eyes following my every move. Her body quivering from time to time as I excited her and found some nerve that brought a pleasurable reaction to her. Her subtle perfume and the taste of her body was an aphrodisiac that filled my body with a strange wonderful longing and, of course, lust.

Clarence sat silently watching, sipping his drink. He smiled at us when we looked at him. I did not mind in the least that he was there. I wanted to please Mandy, and our pleasing each other, pleased Clarence.

Time seemed to stop as we kissed and caressed then slowly our passions soared, until we turned into a soixante neuf, kissing our way down to open thighs. I kissed Mandy’s velvet soft thighs and spread them gently. She had applied perfume to the hollows of her thighs. It’s subtle odor intoxicated me. Her beautiful cleft parted as I pressed her thighs still further apart, and I was struck by how beautiful her pink sex was. It gleamed wetly with her juices. Her inner lips were like flower petals and didn't protrude at all. I licked the length of her pussy over and over, tasting her delicious salty-sweet juices. The scent of her intimate flesh sent my heart soaring. She was doing wonderful things to my spread sex no one else had ever done to it.

Parting her tasty lips fully, I found her firm clit and sucked it, my tongue playing across its head. Pulling upward with a finger on either side of her clit shaft, her clitoris slid out further. Pink, wetly gleaming, it was absolutely amazing in its length and girth. Her clit was large enough that I could wrap my lips around the exposed head and suck it in and out as if it were a tiny cock. I moved the two fingers upward and down, stimulating the hidden shaft of her firm clitoris. Her abundant juices wet my burrowing face. Mandy was playing my sex as if it were a violin, expertly bringing me close to an orgasm, and then retreating just enough to keep me on edge.

Her knowing fingers probed gently and slid deep inside me. She moved her crossed fingers in and out expertly, rotating them, giving my pussy wonderful stimulations. As I gasped in joy, I felt her fingers move to explore and then I gasped as she found my g spot and began to stroke and knead it. I have had few lovers that ever took the trouble to find and explore that erotic spot and Mandy knew exactly how to stroke it. I soared upward under the magic stimulation of her tongue and fingers.

I have no idea how long we made love before she finally brought me to a thundering gasping climax that seemed to last and last, and shake every atom of my being. I sailed from one crest to the next, again and again. My cries and sobs echoed in the huge room. I was weak and spent when she finally quit her wonderful assault on my sex. She lay holding me and stroking my body, her tongue lapped my pussy gently and softly, avoiding my supersensitive clit.

When I'd recovered, I tried to give her as much pleasure as she'd given me. I sucked and licked her sweet tasting pussy; and it seemed to be a wellspring of her delicious juices. I slid my tongue into her velvet depths and sucked her nectar out. I slid forward slightly and let my tongue play over her neat brown nether hole. She sighed and her hips pressed toward my tongue. I smelled the new, slightly different odor of her and slid my tongue into her hot back hole. I had never done this with any other lover. It was so erotic and she found it wonderful too, her moans attested to that.

I went back to her wet delicious pussy long minutes later. I licked and sucked her clit until it became even harder and even more swollen. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked and flicked it with my tongue. I slid first one then two fingers deep inside her wet pussy and curved them and my fingertips found the firm pad of her g spot. She moaned softly as I stroked it. I rolled my fingers over the pad, massaging it the way I loved mine stroked, the rare times that a lover has found and gently pressed it.

Mandy’s body writhed under my lovemaking and I was thrilled that I was giving her so much pleasure. Her sobs and cries floated throughout the room and I imagined that Clarence was certainly enjoying them. I wondered if it could stir him out of his impotency. I put that from my mind as I felt Mandy’s body tremble and stiffen. Her hips pushed against my lips. I flicked her clit harder and stroked her g spot faster as I wanted her to explode as I had under her lips and hands.

She cried out, a long quavering wail of ecstasy and her body went rigid. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers and I felt her juices gush out over my hand. I went into a frenzy of licking and sucking her clit and my fingers moved inside her as much as her tightly squeezed sphincter would allow stroking her g spot. She came, over and over, coming down only momentarily as I made love to this blonde goddess.

Thrills flooded through my body as I gave her pleasure. It seems to always be so as I give pleasure to someone else, it comes back to me. She gave another long wail and her mouth came down on my pussy again and we were locked together, kissing and sucking each other at the same time. I climaxed explosively at least twice more before we were both spent and slumped on the bed exhausted.

We turned and kissed and caressed gently and slowly. I tasted myself on her lips and face. We licked each other’s faces, grinning and chuckling softly.

“You are a fantastic lover. I have seldom had a lover who was so skilled and aware of my body!” Mandy said stroking my cheek, her face softly lit by the candlelight. “You are a consummate lover, and you are so lovely in face, body and spirit also.”

I blushed at her praise. “I was inspired. I learned so much of it from you tonight. You were the teacher, I, the pupil.” I managed to laugh. I looked over at Clarence and he was nodded, smiled, and raised his glass in a toast to me.

Later she led me into the magnificent bathroom and Mandy and I bathed together in the huge luxurious sunken tub filled with scented bubbles, while Clarence watched. When we were through he expertly toweled us dry. I had no false modesty at having him dry my body. His eyes accessed my body as one would a fine painting. I spent the night in their huge bed, between them. Mandy and I made magical love again in the morning while Clarence watched. After a superb breakfast in the room, we went for a cruise on Clarence's beautiful, well-appointed yacht.

Mandy and I sunbathed on the deck in skimpy thong bikinis, while Clarence spent most of the day on the cell phone talking business. I overheard interesting snippets of business transactions that told me that this was an extremely astute, and probably very rich man. The small friendly crew kept their distance except to tend to our needs.

That evening, over dinner at a fine restaurant, Clarence said he'd been checking on me during the day and had a proposition. He had called my boss, who strangely, he knew, and had received glowing reports of my performance as a market analyst. He wanted to hire me full-time at twice what I was earning. He would bear all my travel and lodging expenses, plus other generous stipends. I was to travel with him and Mandy in whatever capacity I wished – lover, employee, or both.

That was five years ago, and since then the three of us have traveled the world over many times. Mandy and I are still passionate lovers. Our love life is superb. We delight in sharing our love of giving pleasure to each other. May our wonderful relationship never end.

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