A Maid Made for Me Ch. 02


I reached out to her hand to retrieve the rest if the berry as I pulled away from her lips. Alexis swallowed the half as I lightly rubbed the second half around her nipple.

Her nipple jumped to a bullet as the cold berry circled it and she gasped as I pulled her neck toward me. I ran my tongue around her areola before I took her nipple and gently sucked it.

"Oh, Michelle, that feels exquisite!" she breathed as I continued to suck.

I pulled my lips from her nipple and whispered, "Give me another strawberry."

I bit the top from the berry she handed me and trailed the wet, cold berry down her neck toward her breasts. I kissed her neck and then ran my tongue down until I circled her other nipple with the berry and sucked the juice from her rock hard nipple.

"Oh, fuck, that is wonderful!" Alexis panted as my lips and tongue swirled her nipple. Her knees were beginning to shake as I pulled my lips back.

I looked into her half-closed eyes and said, "We need to move to my bedroom and 'spread out' a little. Can you bring the bowl of berries?"

"Yes." Alexis quivered as she stood up. I got up from the salon chair and discretely pulled the 'pacifier' from the drawer. I took her by the hand to my bedroom adjoining the salon and then removed the bowl of berries from her hand, setting it on the bed and burying the 'plug' in the bowl before slipping behind her and kissing her neck as I pulled my robe off.

I stood behind her, completely naked as I trailed my tongue from her ear, down the back of her neck and licked my way to her shoulder; my hands reached around to caress her wonderful breasts as I lightly kissed her shoulders and neck. I could hear her breathing hard and I could feel my crotch getting wetter knowing I was making her hot. I pulled back just enough to unzip her 'maid' skirt and it dropped to the floor-leaving her clad only in the thigh high stockings from the waist down.

I gently rubbed her ass as I whispered in her ear.

"I want to lick you. I want to run my tongue over your pussy and lick your ass. I want to push my tongue up your pussy like a little penis and rub my face in your pussy as your juice covers my face."

I'd never dreamed I'd want to suck the pussy of another woman-until Alexis had brought me so hard to orgasm with her tongue....and I found myself wanting to taste every inch of her. Once I passed that line, I was so eager to push every limit to make her cum all over my face.

"Oh, God, Michelle!" She gasped. "Oh, PLEASE!"

I said nothing but unzipped her bodice and let it drop as I covered her naked back with my body; pushing my breasts into her and rubbing my hard nipples lightly down the sensitive skin of her back as I licked her neck and softly kissed my way down her back as I pushed her onto the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees," I whispered.

Alexis rose up on her hands and knees, arching her back so I had full view of her beautiful ass and pussy-between her legs, I could see her large breasts dangling toward the bedspread. I got a strawberry from the bowl and bit the top off before trailing it over her smooth ass. My tongue followed the trail over her ass and I ran my hands up her thighs, stopping as they barely reached her pussy; I ran the strawberry down her ass crack until I circled her asshole with the berry. My tongue followed the same trail until my lips reached her asshole and I kissed it like I had her mouth.

"OH!" Alexis cried. I licked the berry juice from her ass and pointed my wet tongue upward. I ran another berry over her cheeks and again down to her ass hole and then lightly licked the berry juice from her ass and rimmed her hole. My tongue swirled her hole and wetted it over and over as I heard her pants go to soft mewls.

"Oh, Michelle, that feels exquisite!" she groaned. I continued to lap at her hole, and then pushed the tip of my tongue inside her spasming hole; I reached for the 'pacifier' and wetted it with my mouth before pushing it up her ass.

"Oh, fuck! What is that??" she cried.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"I-I-I think so," Alexis panted. I moved the bowl of strawberries close to her knee as I turned around to place my face between her knees directly under her pussy. I reached around her ass and slowly thrust the butt plug deep in her ass and then let up...two, three, four times at the same time I bit another strawberry in half and ran the cold berry over her hot pussy lips, sliding my tongue over the berry trail.

Even though I'd never licked a pussy before I was getting so turned on by how wet her lips were and by knowing how horny I was making her. Her hairless lips were smooth as I ran my tongue over them and the musky scent of her hot pussy mingled with the juice of the strawberry was intoxicating; I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter just from her scent.

My tongue reached up and lightly licked her slit; her smooth pussy against my face just made me more eager to eat her.

"OH!"Alexis gasped. "That feels wonderful! PLEASE don't stop!"

I kissed her clit, openly exposed and swollen and then ran my tongue down her slit until I reached her cunt and pushed my tongue up into it as far as I could reach while still pumping the butt plug in her asshole. My tongue was making slurping sounds as I fucked her with it and heard her heavy panting; her juice was wet on my lips and cheeks before I slid my tongue up to languish her clit.

Alexis's clit was protruding away from the hood and I gently took it in my mouth, sucking it gently before pulling back and circling it with my tongue.

"Oh, Michelle!" she cried. "I'm going to come all over your face."

I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth, still pumping the butt plug in her ass when she cried out and began to spasm.
"Oh, fuck!" she yelled as her whole body quivered and panting, she rolled to her side. I pushed her legs apart and continued to lap at her spasming pussy until she grabbed my cheeks with her hands. I looked up to meet her eyes as she gently pulled my face upward. I kissed my way up her stomach and kissed both her nipples before kissing her lips.

My face was wet with her juice as I pushed my tongue, full of her pussy juice, into her mouth.

She sucked her juice from my lips and tongue before whispering, "I never imagined you could be THAT wonderful."

Suddenly there was a knock at the bedroom door.

"Who is it?" I cried, annoyed at being interrupted.

"Mally, mam."

Cripes, the kitchen maid.

"I've brought you lunch."

Alexis scrambled to gather her 'uniform" and retreated to the salon to get dressed. My pussy was soaking wet and I was frustrated and not getting any relief-but I had to maintain so none of the staff would know what was going on between Alexis and me. Little did I know then, that it would just open a door to a new adventure....

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