tagLoving WivesA Marriage in Turmoil Ch. 03

A Marriage in Turmoil Ch. 03

byDG Hear©

Thanks to 'Techsan' for editing this story.

I left for the restaurant.

As I entered the main dining area I was surprised to see Pam and Ray sitting there eating dinner. Pam smiled at me and said, "We may not be in the private dining area but we're as close as we could get."

She mentioned, "A lot of the bosses are starting to leave. I haven't seen Nancy, Ed, or Ryan yet."

Pam asked her supervisor when she came out, "Have you seen Nancy?"

The supervisor said, "Ed and Ryan wanted to speak with her privately and asked her to please wait." Then her supervisor left.

That was the first time I really saw Ray close up. He was a big guy, maybe 6'2" over the 210 pound mark. He just mentioned that if I needed anything he would be there to help. I thanked him for his support and then headed for the kitchen. That was another way into the reserved room, through the kitchen.

When I got to the entrance of to the reserved room and the kitchen I just stood there a few minutes. I didn't want to barge in if there wasn't a problem. A black busboy came up to me and said, "Sir, you're not allowed in here."

I shuddered for a moment remembering the dream from the night before. I handed him ten dollars and said I'd only be a few minutes. He accepted it and looked through the door to see what I was staring at.

He saw Nancy and said, "What a beautiful woman she is. But I feel sorry for her because I could tell that the two men in the room were throwing unwanted advances toward her the whole evening and I knew she was not comfortable with it."

I told him, "I'm here to put a stop to it but I had to pick my time."

The busboy just smiled at me and said, "I like men like you that don't take shit from guys like those two pricks."

He went back into the kitchen to do his work. I just stood at the door biding my time.

Then it started. Ed said, "Have another drink, Nancy, Ryan and I have been waiting for this day."

Nancy said, "Please let me go, Ed. If you let me leave now, I won't tell anyone what went on. Please let me go."

Ed said, "Take the damn drink, Nancy, I'm your boss and you will do what you're told."

At that moment there was a knock on the front door. A Matre'D asked to speak to Ryan. He told him that his car alarm was going off and that his front window was busted. He needed to turn off the car alarm. Ryan left the room and went to see about his Mercedes.

Nancy took the drink and threw it in Ed's face.

"You fucking slut," Ed replied. "You've been teasing me with that ass of yours for too long now. It's time to pay the piper. You don't have that no account girlfriend and wimp husband to protect you now," as he reached down under her dress to grab her pussy."

That's when I reached into my pocket and grabbed my roll of nickels and barged through the door. Nancy turned around quickly and yelled, "Jim!"

Ed turned around and I said to him, "Nancy's no account wimp husband is about to kick your ass," as I hit him with my fist with the roll of nickels in it. I broke his nose on contact and maybe even his jaw. There were nickels flying everywhere. Ed fell to the floor and then Ryan came running back into the room.

Ryan yelled at me saying, "I'll sue you for every damn thing you own. I'll own that hardware store of yours."

Just as I approached him and was about to flatten him out also. Nancy said, "Wait, Jim. I have something better."

Ryan and I both looked at her as she pulled out a tape recorder and played just a snippet for us. Then she said, "We'll see who wins their lawsuit. I'll be filing my sexual harassment charges on Monday."

Nancy then said to Ryan and Ed who was still lying on the floor, "The only reason I put up with your shit tonight is so I could have it on tape. Maybe, just maybe, it might save another woman from your harassment. I'll see you in court," and then she kicked Ryan dead center in the balls. He screamed out as he fell to the floor to join Ed.

Then Nancy yelled out, "You two are pathetic, nothing but a couple of pigs. You aren't man enough to carry my husband's jockstrap. Go fuck yourself or each other."

I took Nancy by the arm and as we were walking toward the door, there were a number of people standing at the door watching the events that were unfolding. They started clapping for Nancy and I as we were leaving the restaurant. The busboy just smiled and gave me a high five.

Nancy and I walked out the front door hand in hand.

Sitting in their car in front of the restaurant was Pam and Ray. They were both smiling as Pam got out to give Nancy a big hug.

Ray looked at me and said, "As we were leaving, we heard a big commotion and a car alarm go off. We thought we would stick around a few minutes to see what was happening."

I looked at Ray and said, "Thank you."

He just said, "You're welcome."

After Pam and Ray left, Nancy and I headed for my car. Then I realized I hadn't said a word to her through all of this. I just stopped in my tracks and looked at Nancy and said, "You look beautiful. I'm the luckiest guy on God's green earth to have you. I'm so sorry for the way I acted. Please forgive me."

Nancy started crying and hugging me. She asked, "Are you going to take me home?"

I said, "Are you kidding? I'm not letting you out of my sight for the rest of this night. We'll send the boys after your car tomorrow. I think it will be pretty safe here for the night even though Ryan's Mercedes was damaged," and we both laughed.

When we got home we headed straight for the bedroom and locked the door. As Nancy was taking off her dress she looked at me and said, "What is it, Jim? What are you thinking?"

I said, "Honey, why did you dress so damn beautiful for those bastards?"

She looked at me and said, "I didn't dress for them. I dressed for you."

"What? I don't understand" I replied.

"Pam told me you would be there for me when I talked to her today." I just trusted that you would keep your promise to protect me. So I dressed for you. I wanted the other men to know what you have that they never would and to look good for you when you got there. The bastards just were lucky to be there until you arrived."

"God, Nancy, I love you so much." We both took off our clothes and lay on the bed. We kissed and hugged. I rubbed her all over her body. How I missed touching her. I got between her legs and started kissing her pussy. First gently then harder and harder. She spread her pussy lips so I could tongue fuck her. She was going wild. She climaxed all over my face. I didn't care. I wanted more of her. I kept pushing my face all over her hairy pussy like a madman. She grabbed the back of my head and held it against her pussy for what seems like minutes but was probably only a few seconds.

I rolled over on my back with my cock sticking straight up like a monument. I asked Nancy if she wanted to ride it. She smiled and grabbed my cock in her hand. She lowered her mouth around it and started sucking the head of my cock. I said, " Nancy, you don't have to do that."

She pulled her lips off my cock and said, "I want to," as she lowered her glistening lips back down around the head of my cock. She was just sucking it like a lollipop, slow and easy. Pre-cum stringing down from her lips to my cock head. God, it was great. It wasn't a blow job, it was so much more erotic and sensual just watching her suck me.

Then she raised up and straddled my cock and slowly lowered herself down on it. She started to speed up and her tits were bouncing with her. She was riding me with everything she had. Her juices were flowing down over my cock. Then she stopped and pushed her pussy down on my cock, pushing down harder and harder until I shot everything I had up into her. She screamed out, "I love you, Jim, with all my heart," as she climaxed.

She rolled off of me, both of us in a total sweat. We just lay there together and fell asleep. I woke up sometime later and began rubbing her breasts. She had her back to me so I took my hardening cock and put it against her pussy from behind. She pushed her ass back until my cock slid into her pussy and we did a nice slow fuck. My cock sank into her every time I pushed forward. My pelvic area slamming against her ass. I shot another wad of cum into her pussy as I heard her moan. I fell asleep with my cock buried deep in her.

The next morning was Saturday and when we got up our sons had already left for work. I got up to use the bathroom then walked into the kitchen and read a note on the fridge. It said, "Welcome home, dad. We missed you." They signed it Jacob and David.

I was making coffee when Nancy came into the kitchen and saw the note. She picked up a pen and wrote the words, "Me too, Nancy" on the bottom of the note.

I grabbed her and kissed her. We sat down and talked a little over a cup of coffee. Then she got up to take a shower. When I thought she was about half done with her shower, I entered the bathroom. She asked me if I was going to wash her back?

I told her only if I could wash the front also. She smiled as I entered the shower. We haven't showered together for years. It was like a whole new experience. I grabbed a bar of soap and started rubbing her back and quickly worked my way down to her ass. I dropped the sponge and just used my soaped up hands and I went between her thighs and soaped up the area between her ass and pussy. Then I pulled her back to me and rubbed her breasts with the soap. I spent a few minutes on her nipples till they got hard. She was really feeling it. Then I heard her say the magic words, "Jim, please fuck me!" She didn't want love this time she wanted raw sex, and raw sex she got.

I leaned her forward with her hands against the wall and she spread her legs as much as possible and I slammed my hard cock into her wet soapy pussy. I said, "Is this what you want?"

She screamed out, "God, yes, fuck my pussy. I love it."

"Who do you want in this pussy?" We were really heating up now.

"You, honey, just you."

"Who else has had this pussy?" I was going into fantasy mode.

"No one, Jim, honest, only you."

"Do you fantasize about strange cocks in this pussy of yours." I knew I could ruin the mood but I couldn't help myself.

"Yes, Jim, I've never lied to you and I won't lie now. Yes, I have fantasized about strange cocks taking me. White, Black, Asian, I thought about all of them but no one but you will ever have me. I know now that you are all I'll ever want and all I'll ever need. Fuck me in the ass, Jim, take me now."

I had both of my hands on her hips as I pulled my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and put the head of my cock against her ass, the water of the shower beating down on both of us.

I pushed the head of my cock into her anus. I got the head in, damn it was tight. Thank God for the soap and water running down the crack of her ass.

"More, Jim, push it in more. Give it all to me for having bad thoughts. Take your frustrations out on my ass, Jim."

I did just that. I pushed my cock all the way into her tight ass. I have never been in her all the way. It was so tight it actually was hurting my cock.

Nancy screamed out, "God, it hurts," as she was almost crying.

I started to pull out but Nancy said, "Don't you dare pull it out. Just cum in me quickly, please."

I grabbed her by the hips and pushed my cock as deep as it would go into her anus till my balls were slapping against her pussy. When I came with a burst, I screamed out, "Oh, my God!" I let out one of the biggest loads ever deep into her ass. My cock quickly got soft and, as I pulled it out, we both heard her ass pop closed while my cum ran out of her anus and down her thighs.

She told me to get out of the shower so she could get cleaned up this time. I got out and went to get dressed. When she came into the bedroom after the shower she was walking very delicately. I looked at her and said I was sorry. She kissed me and said she deserved it for her past actions and thoughts. Then she smiled at me and said, "Don't expect it on a regular basis."

She looked at me and said, "What is it, Jim? What's bothering you?"

"You have done things last night and today that were out of this world. We have never had that kind of raw sex before. It was so fantastic, I shouldn't say this but I was wondering when and how you learn all this?"

"Honey, I have been going to the health club. All those women constantly talked about their lovers and what they do for them. How it makes their lovers feel. I fantasize too. I wondered what it would be like to be a slut and just have raw sex once in awhile. I was always afraid to tell you. I didn't want you to think of me as a slut but I needed to try. That was part of my confusion. I wanted to be a slut but only a slut for you."

"God, Nancy, I love you so much. I'll do anything sexually with you as long as it's just you and me. You are one fantastic woman. My lover, my slut, and my wife, I love all three of you," I said as I smiled.

The rest of our weekend went great. Our sons helped me move back into our house and went to get their mother's car. When they got back, they said a black guy asked them what they were doing by the car. They said they told him that it was their mother's and came to retrieve it. They showed the black guy the car keys and he said it was okay. He was just watching over the car until it was picked up. He told our sons that they had a couple of swell parents. He loved the way they kicked ass and then gave them a high five.

My sons then asked, "What happened, dad? We always miss the good stuff. The busboy also said to say 'thank you' to you for the roll of nickels."

Nancy and I just laughed and said, "We always protect the ones we love."

I got up for work Monday morning. I dreaded leaving Nancy that day. It was like two lovers starting over. I had a lot of work to catch up on and Nancy went to see our lawyer. Once she played the tape of how Bob and Ed acted toward her all evening the lawyer said it was a slam dunk harassment case. She took a leave of absence till the harassment case was settled.

Milton and I were interviewing applicants for the bookkeeping position. No one seemed quite right. Then Milton came into the office and said he just interviewed the perfect person for the job and told her she could start the next day.

I said, "What? You just hired someone without even asking me? My God, Milton, I can't believe you would do such a thing. I'm sorry but I have to talk to her first. Please send her in."

I looked up at the door and in walked Nancy. She looked at me and said, "I have all the qualifications and I can give you a lot of side benefits that no one else can. Do I get the job?"

I just looked up at her, kissed her and said, "Life is great."

Nancy went back to the doctors about a month later like she was asked. The doctor talked with her and said how happy she felt for her. She has her hormones under control and leaving the previous job took away a lot of the stress. The doctor was so glad that Nancy and I were able to work things out. But now Nancy has a another problem. Since she was off the birth control pills she was now pregnant. Nancy went into some kind of shock, she was happy but crying. She didn't know how I would react.

When Nancy came back to the store. She looked at me and said, "Jim, do you love me."

"Of course I love you. How could you ask such a stupid question? Do you have another problem? I'll stand beside you, I'll be your rock. Please tell me Nancy. I'm here for you."

With tears in her eyes she said, "Jim, I'm pregnant and I want our baby."

"When? How? What happened?" I asked. All stupid questions.

Nancy looked at me with a half smile. "When? On our renewed love for each other. How? We made passionate love to each other. What happened? I got pregnant with our love child."

"Yes," I screamed out, "Yes, I want our baby." We both started crying. "I'm going to be a daddy again" I cried.


It's been nine months since all the problems took place. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl who looks just like her mother. Nancy brings Pamela (our baby) to the store with her. We named her after Pam since she helped save our marriage. Nancy has been a wiz with the bookkeeping. I might have to start paying her. She does the books so she can just pay her self if she likes.

Our lawyers got back to us and the store where Nancy worked decided to settle out of court after hearing Nancy's tape. We got a six digit settlement. Enough to put all three of our kids through college if they decide to go.

Ryan and Edward were both fired. The store found out that wasn't the first time it had happened with them. After Nancy came forward, so did a number of other girls. They all called Nancy and thanked her. They were glad to get rid of the burdens they were carrying.

It looks like Pamela and Ray are going to get hitched this coming summer. We all hang around together. We're really happy for them.

Darrell, the black busboy is now our favorite waiter at the restaurant.

A couple of other little things. Nancy's doctor made sure that Nancy had a normal weight gain during the pregnancy. As far as sex and love, we have a lot of both. We made love within days of the delivery. Damn, I never realized how sexy and glowing a pregnant woman could be.

As Nancy says, to have and to hold, during sickness, or health, during rich times and poor. Love your spouse and don't lie to them. This is what our marriage is based on. "Life is Great"


Thanks for reading my story.

Comments welcome

DG Hear.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/08/18

I mean no offense... But i fail to see why your rep is so big... You're a decent writer... But not great... I agree with the commenter who said that your stories are like reading synopsis... And your dialoguemore...

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by tazz31704/12/18


as with all marriages and relationships the circle rolls around, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous04/12/18

I liked the story, but...

He was an egotistical ass and she was a saint. His philandering during their first year of marriage was beyond unexcusable but she let him slide anyway. Was she right in holding it over him for severalmore...

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by Anonymous03/29/18

to be sure...

...as others have noted this story was good but one factor was glossed over. In the first years of their marriage he bedded any female with a pulse. He stopped only after he was caught.
His comment aboutmore...

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by Anonymous01/09/18

EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!

A Great ending to a well written story.

I wasn't sure after reading Chapter 1, I didn't really like the way it appeared that the story was going. But I went ahead and red Chapter 2 and I was hooked.

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