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A Marriage Which Was A...


A Marriage Which Was A Convenience For A Nympho!

My name is JoAnn and I am a sex object! I had my first sexual encounter when I was 19. Perhaps a late starter but I suddenly seemed aware of myself! My classmates that year at college were a horny lot and, although mostly the same ages as myself, were very eager to have sex with anyone who was willing to participate! I was still a virgin and although I had been playing with myself for a couple of years and had experienced lots of wonderful orgasms I had never been fucked! I definitely wanted to be fucked and made it known to several of my classmates when we were having a confidential discussion about sex. Being so anxious to be fucked I arranged for a number of the boys to come to our house the next Saturday afternoon when I proposed for them to fuck me! I was smart enough to ask the biggest lad to see me after school on the Friday by himself because I wanted him to fuck me first and take my virginity! I didn't want to be fucked with the mob looking on in case it hurt too much and I cried which wouldn't look too good in front of the others!

When Tom met me as arranged he asked me what I wanted him to do and I laughingly told him I wanted him to change me from being a virgin into a young woman! He laughed too but agreed to do the job. We had to find somewhere to do it and that posed the first problem then I remembered our old trailer home which was parked on the vacant block just near our home. It hadn't been used for ages and I wondered just how clean it would be but we crept there anyway and when I opened the door, which wasn't locked, we were pleased to see it looked reasonably presentable! We folded down the table which made a double bed and then found the mattress which was standing on its side at the end of the caravan. Tom asked me if I was ready and I told him to just go ahead. He knew about the sex session arranged for tomorrow and he would be there too. Tom had had a lot of experience with girls and I knew he would know how to deflower me.

There really wasn't any love in this fuck! I liked Tom enough but the only reason he was there to fuck me was to break my hymen and that was that. We stripped off our clothes and Tom's eyes open wide when he saw how my breasts had grown and I had pretty nipples jutting out a long way. My body was trim and when he saw the growth of hair above my cunt he whistled and told me it looked really good being so dark.

Anyway when I saw his cock for the first time I started to get at little frightened. It was quite large and thick. I asked him just how long it was and he said 8" - haven't you seen a big prick before. As I was saying here I was, naked and lying on this mattress with Tom standing beside the bed with his huge cock sticking out in front of him. I knew enough from reading magazines and books that he had to push that big monster into my cunt and he had to break my hymen - that was really all I knew about it except that I could get wonderful feelings when my clitoris was rubbed! I hadn't allowed many boys to touch me there although a couple had managed to get their hands into my panties but I stopped them from doing anything else.

I asked Tom about a condom and he laughed and told me he didn't have any - I would have to have it bareback! I was a little startled by this but he asked me when I had my last period and I told him it had finished only a couple of days ago so he told me it would be alright. Well, he moved onto the bed and gripped my ankles with his hands and spread my legs wide apart! He then pulled my legs up so that they were almost beside my head and for the first time I really became alarmed because of the way I was exposed to him with my cunt wide open to him. He asked me one last time if I was sure I wanted to do this and when I nodded, he placed his hard cock against my cunt lips and rubbed it up and down. The sensation was terrific and I was really enjoying the feeling, then he gave a little shove and the head of his cock pushed inside my cunt but only just the head. I felt wonderful and thought that must be all there is to it but next thing he gave a further shove and his cock went further into me. Then I felt it press against something inside me and I knew it was my hymen. He looked down at me and told me to hang on and then gave an almighty shove and broke through into me completely. I screamed with pain when my hymen broke but the pain soon subsided and it felt very good as he pumped his cock in and out of my cunt! Before long he told me he was cumming and then I felt him stiffen his body, my own orgasm started to arrive and then he shot his load of cum deep into me. I was no longer a virgin and I had loved the feeling of being fucked!

We cleaned ourselves up and left the caravan. I returned home after that and badly wanted to tell everyone I wasn't a virgin any more but I couldn't tell my parents - they would have had a fit!

Next afternoon my parents went to a football match - they went every Saturday afternoon - and my group of boys arrived right on time. They all knew they were there to fuck me and so I wasted no time in getting ready for it. We all crammed into my bedroom - there were 9 boys and myself - and it was a bit of a tight squeeze but we managed. I told them all I wanted them to just fuck me and they could just take turns. I also told them they could wear a condom if they had one but not to worry if they didn't! I stripped off my clothes and then moved around amongst the boys to let them have a feel of me and they sure took advantage of me by touching every part of my body particularly feeling up my tits and my cunt! When I was ready I told them to choose who would go first and then I climbed onto my narrow bed and spread my legs! The boys lined up and simply climbed onto the bed between my leg, thrust their cocks into me and pumped me until they came. I had a real cunt full of cum after only five of them and I had to stand up and let it run out onto a towel. I resumed my position and, in all, I was fucked 12 times because some of the boys did me twice. I have no idea how many times I came myself but it was plenty! I really loved sex!

That was my introduction to sex and multiple partners and gangbangs! This only got better (or worse) from thereon. As soon as it was possible I found a sympathetic doctor who prescribed the pill for me. It wasn't hard when I told him just how many times I had been fucked recently! Anyway I continued to have sex with anyone who wanted me!

By the time I was 21 I just couldn't estimate how many times I had been fucked but it must have been close to 500 if not more! That was a remarkable achievement for little me and I hadn't caught any diseases from the men (and boys) despite not many of them wearing condoms.

Without any rhyme or reason, I fell in love! The man I suddenly loved was a few years older than me and had fucked me on lots of occasions as he didn't live very far away from me but I sort of didn't notice him then. One night when he was fucking me I suddenly asked him if he would like to stay the night. By then I had my own rather small but private apartment. Well, he stayed and we fucked all night. Somehow we fell in love and stayed together - he moved in with me and we shared the tiny little apartment. Although I loved him and I know he loved me he still wanted me to fuck other men. If I wasn't likely to have someone over to fuck me, he would sometimes go to a bar nearby and find a couple of men to come to the apartment and fuck me! He just loved to watch me getting fucked! I am sure he got just about as much pleasure watching me get fucked by someone else as he did when he fucked me himself!

After a year of this, he and I decided to get married. The ceremony was rather short and the party afterwards was very long - it lasted from 6pm on the Saturday to 5am on the Monday morning! During that time I was fucked exactly 48 times by George, my husband, and the male guests at the party! George just loved me still dressed up in my wedding dress lying on our bed getting fucked by the guests. He had his camera going all the time taking hundreds of photographs of me getting fucked.

I was very sore by the time the party finished - I was grateful my parents had come to the wedding but had declined to come to the party afterwards. They would have been more than shocked to see me getting fucked, as a bride, at the party!

I just loved sex! I wanted to be fucked all the time. I guess I was pretty close to being a nymphomaniac and just couldn't seem to get enough. George did a remarkable job lining up men to fuck me! When I became better known as a nympho it was interesting how people reacted to me. When we went to some of the bars which we frequented the staff made a room available to us so that we could fuck their customers who were in the know. Remarkable as it might seem I was often fucked 20 times in an evening at a couple of bars with George alongside me holding my hands or playing with my breasts. He loved to suck my nipples while I was being fucked by someone and this made me cum all the more. I don't think any man fucked me without me cumming too! I was just made for sex.

One night George came home with two soldiers who were on leave. He had met them in a bar and invited them back with him. In no time at all I was being fucked by these two large black soldiers and I was thoroughly enjoying the whole business when George had an inspiration! He asked the soldiers where their barracks were situated and, when we learned they were stationed at the army camp only about 20 miles from here, George asked them if they would be interested in having me along to their barracks for an evening of fun. While this discussion was going on, the soldiers were fucking me and I was cumming all the time. They fucked me 3 times each before they left and they also left their contact phone numbers so that we could ring them to see if they were interested in having me in their barracks.

After a couple of phone calls it was arranged that George and I would go to the army camp. We were to walk up to the main gate and give a special codeword which would let the guard contact the two soldiers. We were then sneaked into the barracks which were all in darkness. It was 9pm at night and I suppose much of the camp was sleeping. We followed our two soldier friends and they took us to this very long barrack hut. They told us there were 70 soldiers in this hut and they had all paid a sum of money to have us come to them and our friends would pay us the money when we were finished. The thought of 70 fucks almost frightened me but George squeezed my hand and told me to get started. First of all I was fucked by our two soldier friends and then prepared for the rest of them.

The beds in this very long hut were arranged with a long aisle down the center with beds on each side. There was just enough light in the long room to be able to see where we were. I moved to the first bed and slipped off my dress. That was all I was wearing so, naked as I was, I just slipped into the bed with the soldier who was already in bed, naked, and within seconds he was fucking me! George stood near the bed and waited for the soldier to finish and then I jumped out of the bed after thanking the soldier and moved to the next bed. I worked my way down the line until I reached the other end of the hut. I must have fucked 30 men by this - there were a couple of soldiers who didn't want to fuck me but I either gave them a hand job or I blew them just so that they got something for their money! By this time I was starting to get a little sore and decided on a rest for a chance to recover. I thought I would be full of cum but realized jumping out of bed each time I had been fucked had allowed most of the cum to run out onto the floor as I walked between the beds. The insides of my legs were a mess but who cared!

I rested for about 30 minutes, talking with George and our two friends, before I started working my way along the other side of the hut! I was fucked by every man on this side and didn't have to give any blow jobs or wanks! When we reached the end of the beds, I felt very sore and should have been after being fucked 65 times! Our two friends told me they would like to have their share of the fun and asked me for a blow job each which I gladly performed for them! I think they thought my cunt would be a little overfilled with cum for them! I gathered up my dress and slipped it over my head!

As we were leaving, I glanced at my watch and saw that I had been fucking for over 7 hours - no wonder I was feeling exhausted. We were sneaked out of the gate again and when we were in our car I opened the envelope which had been given us by our friends. I contained over $3,000 and we were rich. Except when some of the men fucked me at the bars or at home and left me some money, I never asked for anything and looked upon the fucking as my reward! I told George, while I was kissing him passionately, that I didn't know whether any of the soldiers I had fucked had been black or white. He didn't know either but asked me if I could tell by the size of their cocks but I had to explain that after the first dozen men, I was a bit numb and couldn't really tell how big they were. We returned home and slept until the afternoon.

George and I have been married for 5 years now and we still enjoy fucking just as much as we did when we were married but both also love it when I am getting fucked by other men! It is comforting to have George alongside me when I am fucking someone else and when we go to unusual places to fuck he always goes with me to protect me. Not once in all the time I have been doing this have I been attacked or taken advantage of although I am not stupid and realize it could happen at any time. George being with me minimizes the chances of this happening.

Just recently George gave me a bit of a hug while we were lying in bed after a very heavy session when I had fucked 4 men in our bed and asked me if I was interested in having a family! This rather shocked me because it had never been discussed before by either of us. I told him I didn't think I was the sort of woman who would make a good mother and I also told him it would be awkward to keep on doing what we loved so much if I was pregnant and also when I was a mother. George told me it might be an inspiration for us to try something different. He knew that lots and lots of men wanted to fuck a pregnant woman and perhaps they would do that for us. Also, we could continue fucking after the baby was born until the child started to be aware of what we were doing. Perhaps we mightn't want to fuck so much after we had a child or children.

I guess George talked me into it! I went off the pill and asked George if he was worried whether he would be the father or would I just keep on fucking men until I became pregnant. George just smiled at me and told me to go ahead and keep on fucking but he would fuck me much more regularly than before. He also said he would always fuck me before I was fucked by anyone else so that his sperm might just be that which made me pregnant. This meant I was being fucked one extra time before every session with another person or persons. The only stipulation we made was that during the time between then and getting pregnant I was to fuck only white men! I must say I love fucking black men mostly because of the size of their cocks and also their staying power but now I would have to control my choice of men more carefully.

It was two months after stopping the pill that I found I was pregnant! Although we had nothing to prove it, we both assumed George was the father because he fucked me before anyone else on each occasion. I was lucky and didn't have much morning sickness and we were both amazed how many men wanted to fuck a pregnant woman! At first there wasn't much sign that I was pregnant but as my belly got a bit larger, their interest in me increased until I was being fucked every day by at least one or more men! When I was into the 8th month it was too difficult for me to be fucked on my back so we had to tell everyone I wanted it doggie style and so I was fucked on my hands and knees from there on. I rather liked this position as it allowed their cocks to go in deeper and also I just loved the way my breasts, which were much larger now, hung down from my chest. They were easily accessible for men to play with while they were fucking me! George loved this newer position too because he often laid down under me and sucked my nipples which were becoming increasingly more tender and sensitive while I was being fucked. I really loved it too.

Once I had our little baby girl, and she looks just like George in many ways, I had to stop fucking anyone for a month or more and this even included poor George. He badly wanted to fuck me but he had to be content with me sucking him off instead. Once I was able to fuck again we soon had lots of men coming to the apartment. I couldn't go out as much with the baby and although George told me to go out on my own and get fucked as before I didn't want to do that any more. The plus now that I was nursing the baby was that I had lots and lots of milk and no end of men wanted to suck my nipples and get a mouthful or more of my milk. I always thought my milk would run out but it never did.

As time wore on we decided to have another baby and placed the same restrictions as before so that we might have George's baby again. I suppose we could have asked every man who fucked me to wear a condom but I rather hate those things and so we did as before with George fucking me first before any others. It worked again and this time we had a lovely little boy. Now we were a complete family. Fucking during the pregnancy was a great thrill as before and again after baby was born the milk supply was abundant. I had so many men wanting to suck and fuck me I was slowly becoming exhausted.

George suggested one day, when I was particularly worn out, that now might be a good time to stop fucking everyone else and just rely on him to increase the number of times he fucked me! We decided this was a good idea and that is what we did. It worked as many of my obsessions about fucking disappeared and we are now a loving couple (and family) and we only fuck each other. Although the marriage to George was almost a marriage of convenience, we are now completely satisfied with each other and love each other deeply. Now I don't want to be fucked by anyone but George - I had thought nymphomania never ceased but perhaps it does.

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