tagLoving WivesA Married Couple's Night Out

A Married Couple's Night Out


I'd like to tell a true story my wife and I lived out a short time ago. My wife and I have been married 3 years and together for a total of 9. We are happily married and have a young child to complete our family. Let me take a second to describe our physical appearance. She's 30 years old about 5'5", 125 lbs., 34B, small waist and a sexy butt. I'm 37 years old, 5'11", 210 lbs., and a muscular build. We have always enjoyed a wonderful sex life, and thanks to role playing we have become very familiar with our fantasies.

My biggest fantasy has been to watch my wife with another man. Upon much discussion we felt like we were ready to live out my fantasy of sharing my wife with another man. Our plan was to go out and have her choose a man of interest to her and go from there. I know, not much of a plan but after much discussion we were on the same page. The basic ground rules were for her to be in charge and only do what she was comfortable with at the time. I trust my wife and felt comfortable with what we were looking to experience. The experience would be for our pleasure and our male guest would be more of a prop. My wife is very attractive and he would be assured a good time as long as he followed the rules.

The night was set for Saturday. My wife took the morning to get her hair/nails done as well as her bikini area waxed. The day was full of a nervous energy and the anticipation was exciting. When she got home I decided to take her shopping. I wanted her to feel sexy and almost fit a character out of our fantasy role playing. We bought her a black sheer lace teddy with a push-up bra built in and a simple form fitting black dress that was provocatively short. My wife getting into the spirit of it used the situation to pick up some black high heels too. We got home, showered and got dressed. My wife looked absolutely amazing, extremely sexy in a classy tasteful way.

Our night started with dinner and some drinks. While enjoying a drink my wife revealed to me that she felt very sexy and was excited about where the night was going. My wife with that statement set us both at ease and allowed us to continue with our evening. We made it to a local salsa club. The atmosphere was appealing. We had agreed to try to look more like friends than husband and wife. We sat at the bar and enjoyed a cocktail and conversation as she looked over the room. My wife asked an older gentleman to dance as if to announce her availability to the club. She then was asked to dance throughout the night. My wife is a great dancer and was having a lot of fun. During a break, she sat at the bar and asked if I was ready to proceed with our plan.

She was interested in this one younger man watching her throughout the night. He wasn't dancing but still appeared to be enjoying himself. I approved of her selection and she set out to ask him to dance. He informed her he didn't salsa dance but she got him out on the dance floor anyway. He wasn't kidding he really couldn't dance. At the end of their first dance she invited him over for a drink. I was introduced as her best friend. He was better at conversation as he seemed sincere. He was a soldier new in town and just looking to get out of his apartment. The night progressed and they flirted with one another. My wife feeling the time was appropriate laid out our intentions to him. She told him that if he rented a room, her husband would love to watch her have sex with him. I explained to him that it was our fantasy and that he at the very least would get a night of sex. After the initial discomfort he agreed and we were out the door.

In the room I sat in a corner with the lights out, but opened the curtains to allow the city to shed some light. My wife sat on the bed and invited our guest to join her. She leaned over and made contact with his lips. He took the invitation and began to kiss her with an open mouth. He slowly made his hand over her breast and down to her thighs. They kissed for a bit and my wife sensing his hesitation broke off the kiss and stood before him. She removed her dress exposing her teddy. She stood before him and put her breast in his face and his hands on her ass, she resumed to kissing him. She pushed him on to his back and lay next to him facing one another. He made his hands over to her crotch and rubbed her through the sheer material. My wife let out a soft moan of encouragement. His other hand pushed the shoulder strap of the teddy off my wife's shoulder and partially exposing her breast. My wife on her own removed the other shoulder strap and completely exposed her breast. He made his mouth to her nipples and began to orally play with her breast. My wife continued to encourage him with soft sounds and very subtle words of encouragement.

The night seemed to be just right until my wife began to rub over his pants and felt his flaccid cock. She told him to relax, which only made him more nervous. She offered to put him in her mouth but that made him nervous. He was in his head and was not able to calm himself in the moment. He excused himself and informed us that he was embarrassed and felt like he would be leaving.

He left the room and left us in a state or arousal. I sat in my chair and called for my wife to come over. She straddled me as we kissed. Her breast rest on me and the idea of her just moments before with another man had me on fire. We stood and as I undressed she made her way to the window to look over the city. Seeing her silhouette was very erotic. I made my way behind her and pressed her up against the window. I spread her cheeks enough to enter her and took her from behind standing with her face and breasts pressed against the glass. She was wet beyond belief and maneuvered herself enough to turn around. We were now facing one another. Her ass sat on the window seal. I entered her and forcefully fucking her as she wrapped her legs around me. This night was hers and I waited for her orgasm. We both climaxed together that night and will remember it with a smile for years to come.

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