tagLesbian SexBook 01: A Match Made Ch. 02

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 02


** June 13th **

Bette surprised me a little with her announcement Thursday. "People in my line of work normally take the month of August off." I knew this. "I'm going on vacation with some... friends." She broke eye contact when she said that; very un-Bette like. "I'll be gone from July 15th to August 16th. I'm telling everyone this week. I would be pretty surprised if there's an emergency urgent enough, but if there is, you know what to do."

"Indeed I do. I know better than to ask where you're going." I don't usually see a smile as brilliant as the one she's giving me. "Anyway, the surprise of the week isn't that Kara and I are talking about living together. Last weekend Rach called me. She wanted to know if it was okay for the two of them to spend the weekend at the house since I wasn't there." I didn't get a reaction, which wasn't much of a surprise. Sometimes I get eyes widening, which takes some doing.

"Did that surprise you?" I'd had several days to process that. A word I hate by the way.

"No; they're young, but I figured out last weekend I was married just a little bit before I turned twenty three." Bette smiled. "Rachel's been spending less time at home since the school year's ended. I'm guessing some of the others went home for the summer." She nodded. "What's funny is that we'd intended, for all intents and purposes, to stay at the house until I asked if we were going to see the fireworks." That got a smile. I laughed. "I know; we did." A head nod. "Kara was listening to the conversation. It seems June was too. That got kinda crazy."

"It's very cute that you and your daughter were sharing intimate moments with your girlfriends. I think it's good she sees you being as romantic with Kara as you were with her father." Ouch! It had been a while since I'd thought of him in terms of a lover. Actually, I'm not sure I could tell you when that was.

The rest of the session was spent talking about my chat with my son. My heart may belong to a woman but I am and will always be a Mom. It hurts to hear pain in your child's voice even if he is in his thirties. Writing those words brought tears. I didn't let Rachel see my pain but I did let Kara comfort me. That was some of what happened last weekend. In other words it wasn't all about sex. Things weren't going well. Andi wasn't interested in coming off her position and went so far as to say neither she nor their son would attend future family gatherings.

"That had to be difficult to hear." I had taken another piece of Kleenex and was blowing my nose after wiping my eyes.

"No, I wasn't happy about it; not at all. I was more worried about their marriage. I haven't talked to Rachel about being gay and living gay or about me doing so. It's not like it's something she chose." This is more the Mom me than the woman who birthed three children and lived with Dylan for thirty plus years. "Sorry! Hearing the pain in his voice was upsetting to me. I let him talk. He needed to be heard; he's upset and confused." I shook my head. "There's that saying: If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy." Bette smiled. "There was pain in my son's voice." I had to wipe my eyes.

"We're almost out of time for today, Lissy. Have you made any decisions about how you're going to handle this?"

"I'll worry of course." She nodded. "Cry some too. I pretty much have to stay out of the way unless he needs me." A smile. "And I'll keep Rach and June away from them. They're not really in the same orbits anyway." I looked at Bette. "I don't think there's much else to do." She stood.

"I agree. What you said makes sense. He is an adult. The marriage is theirs to work out." She came around her desk and smiled. "You surprised us both last week with your hug. May I return the favor? You look like you could use a hug."


That was the first thing we talked about after we'd kissed and I'd taken a sip of my drink. "Surprised? Hell yes I was! The hug was warm and proper. I was grateful; it hadn't been fun to talk about. God help me, first thing I noticed was her perfume." Kara laughed. "She's younger than I'd thought." I looked at my beauty, smiled, and squeezed her hand.

"Do you want to come home with me tonight?" My brat wiggled her eyebrows. "We can shower together." I laughed.

"Of course I do... and not because I had kind of a tough session. I'm okay. Really I am." She was watching me carefully and nodded. I had a thought. "Would it be okay if I called Rach and find out what she and June are doing?" Kara eyed me as if I had asked her to cut off an arm.

"You're a mother of three. You never have to ask; just do." How can I not love this woman? I never want to find out.

I called; we talked. She was on her way home as we spoke and planned to be there all night. June was at their apartment.

When I relayed that information to Kara, the first thing she asked was, "Is everything okay with them?" I shrugged.

"She didn't sound stressed or upset. Other than that, I honestly don't know."

"Tell ya what. Let's take this as a sign that you're supposed to spend a quiet night at home with your little girl. I have plans tomorrow night. How about we double date with the girls if they don't have plans?" That sounded like fun.

"Maybe that intern movie if it's out this weekend."

"You're silly. I can find when it will be in theaters on my phone." She did, and laughed. "It opened last weekend." How embarrassing. Oh well, we had other things to do last weekend. Kitty tingled, remembering.

"Maybe we could do dinner, the movie and fireworks." She laughed.

"You do have a thing for fireworks. The Navy pier kind and the us kind." Yeah, not much question about that.

"I'll ... ya know what. Let's order dinner. While we're waiting, I'll call Rach and ask." We did and I did. It was cool, a cold front having brought breezes off the lake. I didn't want to get filled up, so I had red snapper, which got a laugh from blondie. It was good too; the veggies were as well.

"This will be fun, baby. Rachel is cute; so is June. I'm looking forward to getting to know both of them better." I had a tingle of something; not sure what. It was lost in her kiss. My god that kiss was ... her fingers were climbing up my thigh. I can't wear skirts on Thursday. Why do I keep wearing them? I giggled in our kiss.

Kara pulled away and stared at me. "Tell me pet." Think volcano. Think flooded panties. Think lost in hot gray eyes.

In my best five year old voice, I said, "I wondered why I keep wearing skirts on Thursday, miss." I had to let her know. "And I love the way you kiss, lover." Dinner was getting cold; I was already wet, so why not get warm ... or hot.

"You have to get home so we really should ... eat dinner." She was doing the most wonderful things under my skirt.

I tried to be lady-like as I ate my dinner. It proved not to be that easy when my chair was turned toward hers, my legs were spread, her fingers were active under my skirt, in my pussy, my hands were shaking, and my butt was squirming.

I did my best! I felt blue eyes on me and whimpered. "I don't want us not to be together, miss."

"I know, baby. But your Rachel needs her mom and that's what we're gonna do." I nodded. Kara surprised me when, her voice shaky, she whispered, "I'll miss you." My fork was at my mouth. I turned and looked. Head down, tears slid down her cheeks. I wasn't sure what, if anything, was up with my daughter. And as much as this ... temptress called to me, I had to go home, be the Mom, and be with my daughter.

And I did. It was about 8:30 when we took drinks out on the patio in the twilight of a gorgeous summer evening. An assortment of colors painted the sky as the sun slipped away with night's inevitable approach. We sat side by side, Rach's legs curled under her.

"How's June, sweetie?" She smiled, her eyes far away. I know the feeling!

"Great Mom. Her summer job starts Monday; she'll be clerking at the CBOE. One of her majors was finance, so it made sense for her to get her foot in the door there." Interesting. Rach positively glows when she talks about June. "She thought you and Kara were very cute together. So do I. We're looking forward to Saturday and our double date." She grinned and said, "Pretty funny double dating with my Mom." We'll have to be on our best behavior after last weekend.

"Any luck with the restaurant, honey?" She nodded.

"Yup; that's part of the reason I came home tonight. I have an appointment at ten with George." She giggled. "George Harrison? Really?"

"I laughed when Laura told me his name. Good; good luck tomorrow. Are you having any luck looking for something full time that has to do with your major?" I need to ask her about her and June ... how that all came to be.

"The school's placement office is helping me. As you can imagine, even though the economy has improved, there are a flood of new grads like me looking for jobs, not to mention older, established men and women." She shrugged and picked at an imaginary piece of something on her shorts. "If they hire me, the restaurant will at least give me some money so I don't have to mooch off of you. You're probably getting tired of that." Thank god for life insurance, though I never thought it would be needed so soon.

"Don't worry honey; I have a pretty good job. It's just you and me here so I usually have some money left over. While I'm sure you're in a hurry to get your adult life started, I'm happy to help when you need it." I reached and squeezed her hand, which was cold. "Are you chilly?" She shook her head. "You sure?"

"I'm fine, Mom. So are June and I." She turned her head and smirked. "I know you wondered if I was home tonight cuz we had a fight or something." Um, yeah! She squirmed in her chair. She wants to ask me something. "Can I ask you something?" Bingo!

"Course you can, baby." More squirming. She's working up her courage.

"I think ... did you say something about meeting Kara when Daddy was alive?" There it is. "Were things that bad with the two of you that you needed ... wanted to find someone? Um, that it was Kara made me wonder ... both of us actually." She turned to look at me. "Were there others ... women?" I nodded. "Really? I don't mean to embarrass you, Mom, but have you always been? Um, were you ... like me when you were my age, before you and Dad got married?" Okay, so this is the night we have that discussion. She's asking for her as much as she's curious about me.

"I'd experimented in college. Uh, my first time was with my roommate. We were both pretty drunk. That night, there wasn't much more than kisses and some groping. But I, um, really liked being with a woman. So did Vickie. It got physical not long after that. When I met your father, he was so handsome and so sweet. I remember feeling like there wasn't enough air in the room, and what air there was felt about ten degrees hotter as he walked toward me." Rachel was listening intently, hanging on my every word. "He made me feel special, beautiful, and sexy." I smiled. It was true.

"You are beautiful, Mom. I mean ... Jenna's pretty, JR is good looking." She shrugged and said, "June thinks I'm pretty okay. That didn't happen by accident." She laughed. "I guess I was something of a surprise huh? Birth control not work?" Good lord, what these kids know today. I shook my head.

"You are a bold little stump, aren't you?" She giggled. "I can't imagine where you get that from!" Major eyeroll alert!

"Yeah right! So I'm sure Jenna bombarded you with questions about me. And what the fuck is the deal with Andi and that attitude of hers." She's my baby and she's got a temper. Always has too! "I was so embarrassed for June and my brother." Her blue eyes flashed like lightning in a summer storm. "Oh, and you too; sorry Mom."

"Jenna and I talked, yes. Some of it was about you, some of it about me, and a good deal of it about your brother and his wife. And I talked to JR a few nights ago. He's upset; Andi refuses to budge or listen to reason." I made air quotes with my fingers. Blue eyes rolled. "I voiced my concerns about Dylan. If he hears that garbage when he's little, he may have trouble when he gets to school." I made a face. "Apparently, it's gotten so bad Andi's threatened not to come to family functions, nor allow her husband to bring his daughter." That hit my daughter like a ton of bricks. I saw the tears.

"That's just so wrong, Mom. I dated boys in high school, college too. Uh, I even, um ... I've gone all the way with ... them." It was dark; there was little doubt she was blushing. I tried to lighten the mood a little.

I patted her hand and said, "So have I, sweetie." Her head snapped up. I think I caught her off guard with that! She looked at me for a moment, shook her head, and laughed.

"Now I know where we get it from," she said with a snicker. "Can we talk about me for a while?"

"Can we take a break? I'd like to get a sweater and freshen up my wine."

"Would you rather do this inside? It would be okay with me if you do."

"Nah, it's a nice night, I'm enjoying relaxing, being with you. The older you get, the harder it is to get time like this. I miss that from when you were in high school." We were both standing by now. I put my arm around her slender waist and we headed inside.


"It sounds like the two of you had a great night together, baby." We were in the heart of the loop, halfway between our respective jobs, having lunch. Kara had plans tonight and we were spending a good part of Saturday together. It was a gorgeous Friday. She's gorgeous. I'm rambling.

"We really did. The older they get the harder it is to get quality time alone with them. I see the older kids but it's with their families. It's just the way it is." I scrunched my face, thinking. "That's how it was when we started our family. You get so wrapped up in the kids there's not much time for your parents. Mine, especially, as they live out of town."

"And June?" I gave blondie a look like 'What?' "Did the two of you talk about her?"

"Oh, okay; no, we talked about the two of them as a couple. We spent some time talking about her job, but no, not this time anyway." Remembering, I said, "Rach gets all dreamy eyed when she talks about her honey."

"I've seen that look before."

"Oh have you?" She smiled. "When you look in the mirror as you think of me?" She laughed and smacked me.

"Is it hard being a Mom?" I laughed.

"That came out of left field." Her shrug was her way of agreeing. "Hard? Well, it can be. There are very ... what's the word? Difficult; stuff happens you can't imagine. They're out playing with friends, doing stupid things like climbing on a wall outside a church. Falling and breaking a bone in an ankle. It wasn't bad. The location was the problem. A break on a growth plate could have been a major problem, but the skill of the orthopedic surgeon saved the day."

"Holy crap. You must have been terrified, waiting, worrying." Her eyes showed concern; her hand caressed mine.

"It was miserable. She was in a cast for ... I think it was six weeks. Then rehab, which is awful. I ... we held our breath the entire time. And we both had jobs and the other two kids to deal with." I looked at the woman I love. "You live in the moment, which can be beyond miserable. I can look back at much of it now and laugh." I smiled. "I love you!"

"As you should!" Brat!

"We should get back." Blondie nodded. "What time do you have to be wherever you have to be tonight?" She howled.

"My baby is a horn dog!!" Volcano! I nodded. Gray eyes met my browns. "Be at my place no later than 5:30. That'll give me plenty of time to do you the way it seems you need to be done." What's beyond wet? Flooded? I nodded.

"Yes miss." Mad giggles. Bitch waved her hand in the 'bring us the check' thingie.

"You buy lunch, pet." I love her.

"Yes miss." It's okay people. It wasn't much more than twenty bucks.

"I have a surprise for you, baby." Dear god! Fingers traced lightly on my arm. Gray eyes lasered her name on my soul. The server brought the check. I handed her my credit card. Is it 5:30 yet? My miss moved her chair closer. I panted, lost in her eyes, yearning for whatever it was she had planned for us ... me.

"Your nipples are hard." I certainly hope so. You're killing me! And I love it. She kissed me. Uh huh, miss no displays of public affection kissed me. In public. At lunch. "Who's pet are you?" Loud enough that anyone close could hear.

In a strangled, thick voice, I said, "Yours."

I'm squirming writing about that Friday. I'm in my writing room, a little six by six room with doors that serve no purpose that's just off the living room. She's on the couch watching television. Her eyes find me every now and then as I write about us ... then, that Friday. She smiled, seeing my flushed face.

"Ladies, you'll have to put a damper on your displays. We've had complaints." He wasn't as old as me; older than Kara. I used my index finger to call him closer. He hesitated then bent. I kept motioning him closer. He bent further.

"Fuck you and fuck them. Our money is good here. We're no different than ANY of the others. Go fuck yourself!" It was reactionary, stupid, and juvenile. Kara's grin was ear-to-ear. I did it because of Andi. And because of all the other times 'she' and I had gotten 'those' looks. If you're gay you know what I mean! Who I love; how we love. GOD!

In a totally childish and selfish moment, I kissed the woman I love, open mouthed, in full view of the entire restaurant.

My reward came later in the privacy of her condo. Reward is probably not the best word for it, but it will have to do.

"They're called under the bed restraints. I read about them, found the site, and ordered them for us. More to the point – for you!" I was a quivering mess, only made worse when you kissed me. I was nude; my miss was fully clothed. You talked as you bound me. "There are four restraints, one each for wrists and ankles. They're fastened to soft leather cuffs, which can be fastened to each other." You smiled sweetly. "As you'll find out ... later." I felt myself leaking. My mouth is an arid desert. You flicked a nipple and looked at me. "I'm not sure I've ever seen Sally and Jesse's peaks standing at attention like this." You may be right. I nodded.

"Miss, may I speak?" One wrist was in place; you were doing the other. You stopped and bent over me.

Staring intently into my eyes then scanning my body, you came back to my eyes and said, "It's a little annoying to see you so turned on, Lissy. But then again – I wish I had known you liked this so much." Cool fingers teased overheated skin. I closed my eyes. I need to cum beyond ... oh my gawd!! I moaned. "Yes of course you may."

I was mortified. I'd forgotten what I wanted to say watching your eyes devour me. "I forgot." You smiled brilliantly.

"You are a joy beyond my wildest expectations." You kissed me, giving me life with your soft wet lips. Humming, you continued cuffing my ankles and clipping them to the restraints. "All done!" You kissed me lightly. "What's your pleasure?" Frantic, I moaned.

"You!" Fingers teased familiar terrain endlessly. Bowls of Jello wept, jealous, as I squirmed. I remembered what I'd forgotten. "I remembered!" Your eyes found mine; you nodded. "Is your ... whatever something you might ... could cancel? We have tomorrow with the girls." I know my eyes pleaded; helpless, I was begging – for you.

Something changed in your eyes. I didn't recognize it, didn't ... well, honestly, it scared me. More than a little. This, us, was new. We were both figuring out how. What my limits were; what yours were.

"What would you give me to cancel my 'date' tonight?" It wasn't a date; I saw it in your eyes, your soul. You love me like I love you. Well, can I get a rain check on that? It remains to be seen how I want you to love me!!

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