tagLesbian SexBook 01: A Match Made Ch. 03

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 03


** June 27th **

"I really messed up with Rach last Sunday after dinner. She and June were teasing me about Kara and I moving in together. She asked if they'd be allowed to stay overnight; I teased and said we'd see. She was hurt by that. As I thought about what I'd said, I had a moment or two when I missed him." I shook my head. "I guess that's pretty normal. Even with Kara in my life, it hasn't been that long."

We were about halfway through the session, having talked about bikini shopping, the silliness after dinner, and several other things.

"You can understand why Rachel reacted the way she did can't you?" I answered without hesitation.

"Of course I can. It was meant as a joke, but it was poorly thought out and something I should never have said." I thought for a couple of seconds and added, "To any of my children but especially to my youngest."

"Did she seem okay when she and June left later?"

"I'd say so, yes."

"I'm not sure I'd worry too much, Lissy. Rachel knows you love her. She misses her Dad; that's only natural. But she has you as her anchor. It was a slip of the tongue, no malice intended. And she has June. Don't underestimate that!"

I smiled. "Kara, very much out of the blue, asked June to share some more about her family. She's really a sweet kid who misses her Grandmother very much." I recounted a few of the things she'd shared.

"I like June a lot, Lissy. From what you've told me, she's well grounded, even with the mess with her father. However she and Rachel came together, it feels to me like that's a good, healthy relationship." I felt very good for my daughter.

"I really enjoy being with the two of them. Oh, I forgot about this. Kara asked me if I had gone out of my way to make June feel at home, her family situation being what it is. June not having gone home since being away at school really bugs me, but that's me talking as a Mother." I took a breath. "Can I change the subject; I just thought of something I wanted to bring up?" A smiling Bette nodded. "Have you heard about that teacher in San Diego who got fired from her job because of her abusive ex-husband?" Bette's pretty face darkened for a moment.

"If there are follow up details, I'm not aware of them, but yes, I saw the story a couple of weeks ago. Would I be correct in assuming your interest comes from your ... history?" I nodded, even as I felt my stomach tighten as it usually did when we talked about this. "I figured as much." Bette looked at the clock. "We don't have much time left if this is going to take a while." I knew that.

"There's a part of me that understands the school's position, especially the way the last few years have gone. And a case could be made, I suppose, that it would be impractical to carry her on the payroll while hiring another teacher." Bette nodded. "But when in the hell are people in general going to wake up to the notion, as the woman from the YWCA said, that one in three women are victims of domestic violence. We're being beaten and killed all the time. And if we arm ourselves, we're prosecuted as if we've committed a crime. I had to put on a happy face for my children so that they wouldn't hate their father." The tears had started a couple of sentences ago. "I doubt that happy face worked. And I'm sorry for saying this, but as much as part of me loves him, I'm goddamn glad the son of a bitch is DEAD!" The last word was a shriek; my voice had gotten louder with each word. Bette never moved; her facial expression remained neutral. My heart raced as I tried to calm myself. I reached for the Kleenex and wiped away my tears of frustration and anger.

"I'm crying because I'm angry with myself for crying; frustrated that I still react that way. I keep it in so much, trying to live, trying to forget." My voice dropped to a near whisper. "And Kara got over the door restraints and hooked me up to them Saturday night when we got home. I was naked, on the balcony, as she whipped me with the crop, and I loved it. When she finally fucked me with the strap on I almost passed out I came so hard and so often." I couldn't look up. I was partly turned on and partly embarrassed about sharing what I had. I heard Bette clear her throat and looked up. She was flushed. I'd never seen her show any emotion other than the brief flicker of anger I mentioned earlier so I was surprised.

I don't know if I needed to, but it felt like I should say something. "Was that too personal Bette?" She shook her head but I'm going to ask one more question. "I don't like mixing one with the other. The intimate part of my relationship with Kara is separate from what I'm here to talk about." Great! I meant to ask that as a question and didn't.

"I understand. That was very powerful, Lissy, thank you for sharing. It was too raw, too spontaneous to be anything other than real. I haven't pushed you to talk about this, but it's clear to me that there's still a lot of anger you haven't dealt with." Does she not get that I don't want to talk about it; deal with it? That I'm dealing with it every damn day? "We have a lot to cover next time. Do you have any thoughts on the restraints, the crop and such?" Oh yes!

"We've talked about it all. Nothing is done without us discussing it. Well, she didn't tell me that was what she had in store for me Saturday night." I smiled. "I like being surprised that way." Bette nodded. I need validation. "That's okay isn't it?" She cocked her head a little and shrugged just a bit.

"Why would you think it wouldn't be? If it's something two who share intimacy and love agree on, then one surprising the other doesn't strike me as wrong." Yup, she made air quotes. "The two of you play in a way that not only works for you, but that you each agree to. I suspect there's more."

"We did laugh a little when we talked about the restraints and surprises. Some of it involved blindfolds and a threesome. My idea was that we pretend; Kara one upped me by insinuating we could 'pretend' to pretend, leaving me to guess who it was that was ravishing me." Bette smiled at my choice of words -- I think!

"We're out of time for today. I enjoyed your choice of words, Lissy. The two of you sound like you're very much in love. It's fantastic there's so much trust between you. But as much as anything, I like the communication."

We said our goodbyes as always. As I walked I wondered if it was my imagination that Bette's eyes seemed a little brighter today than normal. The flush was unusual. I couldn't help wonder what was going on in that head of hers.


"You look tired, baby. You okay?' I was getting settled in my chair after we'd kissed. Another Thursday, another dinner - this time we were outside. I'd had to walk a little from Bette's office but whatever. I was with my honey and, oh my god that smile!!! Kitty reminded me she liked it as well. Hee hee.

I said, "Kitty wanted me to ask if we were having a sleepover tonight." Your beer glass stopped and your head turned.

"Say what?" I giggled. "Did you ask what I think you did?" I nodded. "It's on the list of reasons I love you."

"Oh yeah, that list of yours. List, I'd like to introduce you to Kara. Kara, say hello to List."

"You're fucking nuts."

"No, I'm Melissa Eileen. Fucking nuts must be your other girlfriend, the one you see on nights when you're not with me." Our server heard the last bit of that as she approached the table, laughed, turned, and walked away. "Now look what you've done, lover. You've made that cute little girl quit her job. She's going to enter a convent, become a nun, and not talk to anyone for the next seventy years about what she heard today." Dumbfounded, you sat in silence, staring at me.

"What the hell, Lissy! Does Bette give you some sort of drug that does this to you?" I giggled as I had another thought.

"By the way, about that list of yours -- Kitty wants it known that she has a few reasons of her own that she'd like to add. It seems, however, that she's a little tied up at the moment." I saw your eyes flick over my shoulder. Oh this poor girl.

"Well now ladies, I don't need a gratuity from your table. I'll be telling stories for months and won't have to buy a drink till I have no idea. I almost hate to ask the two of you 'May I take your order?'" She left five minutes later, the three of us still laughing. She came back with more napkins and drinks she insisted were on the house. We walked home.

"You know we're goddamn lucky she didn't call the rubber room squad. They'd have come with their smiles and their comfy white jackets and put us in safe rooms with no sharp edges." I took a sip of my wine.

"Can we both wear one jacket?" I stopped and stared. "What? Can we?" It just gets better.

"Can you imagine us bound together in the same coat?

"Is that you or your kitty asking?" We both dissolved in laughter.

The sun had long since said goodnight when we lay in bed cuddling. I was smiling; so was kitty. Your fish kisses on my shoulder and neck were intermittent at best, which is how I knew you were as replete with pleasure as I was.

"Did you know Angie Harmon of 'Law and Order' fame stars on TNT in a show 'Rizzoli and Isles'?" Uh, vaguely.

"I think the author of those books is Tess Gerritsen. Yeah, I remember her. She's tall, thin, cute and married if I'm remembering right. It's been a while since she was on the other show. Is she any good on the new one?"

"Yeah, it's pretty good. Sasha Alexander plays the other lead." Sasha who? "But the reason I mention it is there's an episode called 'I Kissed a Girl' where Rizzoli pretends to be gay and goes on a lesbian dating site ... yada yada." Whoa! "That's pretty out there for mainstream TV, although there was an episode of 'Person of Interest' on CBS that featured two women who were married. Black and white; both were real cute." I should watch -- we should watch.

"Maybe we should watch more television?" Dammit, that hurt! "Quit poking me in the ribs. We could both watch ya know. When are these shows on?" A quiet laugh; your hands were beginning to be active again, which was not unusual.

"We were a little busy when P.O.I. was on, baby." Poi? Poi Dog? Oh, that show. Geezuz, Lissy, get out more. I giggled. She's my person of interest!!! I showed her just how interested I was in her person!!!!!


We talked while we ate bagels and drank coffee Saturday morning. That we were naked on the balcony wasn't unusual. That I was cuffed and being fed was. But since I'd asked to be ... shrug. The occasional swat with the crop added to the pleasure, but then again so did the blindfold. I never did tell blondie that I could hear the 'swish' as the crop cut through the air. That would have been cheating.

My mouth only a little full, I said, "We need to watch some of those programs. Ummf. Thank you, miss. I'm not saying that I don't want to do what we do. I know you know that. Ummf. Thank you, miss. Your pet is suggesting that we could do both. I'll leave it to you to work out the details." I steadied myself for a swat that never came. Until it did!

"That last was for preparing yourself, pet." Aw geez! "I know you don't want us to not make love, baby." Your soft kiss reinforced your words, as did the soft edge of the crop trailing from the valley south to heaven. "What would you like to do today?" It's still foreign to say that a smack from a crop can be relaxing, but damn if I'm not getting at least a little used to it. Do I dare ask her to take it up a notch or two? Okay, I thought 'ten' in the moment but geezuz!

"The threesome thingie that we touched on very gingerly." A little smile found my lips. "Were you teasing? I'm not sure I'm ready for that. Dylan asked every so often if I'd ever thought of a male, female, female threesome. While it may be a lot of men's fantasy, this part of me wondered if he knew, even if only subconsciously. I always shot it, and him, down."

"Yeah well, there will be no puppies invited, ever!!" I knew this. "It was me teasing, but it seems it caught your attention somehow." Well, not really ... but, uh!! "I see indecision but interest, if that's possible." Aw crap! "Damn, I'm right!"

It may have been your kiss, or the way your fingers teased the delta. "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up." Oh geez, those fingers; the things they do. Course, they were doing them to my very fifty six year old body, which, for all it protests when I work it half to death, responds as the manual (my brain, I think!) instructs it to. I continue to be grateful!

"Redhead, blonde, brunette, or are you a rainbow kind of girl?" Funny, blondie!! Your lips threatened to turn what wasn't quivering to boiling hot jello.

"Do you have a twin?" You giggled. It was literally spur of the moment; I was happy that you did.

"As a matter of fact I do. She taught me everything I know about crops." The silence during the pause was deafening. "Just not everything she knows about them." Oh gawd! How do I get her number without blondie finding out? "You'll never meet her, sweetums. She's very married to a hunky dude who she completely owns lock, stock, and flesh rifle."

"WHAT?" I laughed till I cried. "Where in the name of god? I swear, you say the most hysterical things." And laughed some more. "Where did flesh rifle come from?" Remember, I was cuffed, blindfolded and nude. Not even I can explain why I decided to ask a woman with a crop in her hand about a threesome. And that's before we even get to the other. "And when did you grow a twin?" I heard your giggles.

"I don't have a twin as you well know." Mm hmm. "And I can't remember if I read it or heard it. Doesn't matter, though, because it's funny as hell." The crop smacked kitty; the surprise made me jump. "Does that hurt?"

"You keep asking me that. It stings; I wouldn't want you to do it for an extended period, especially there, but it's not that uncomfortable." That seemed to be the right answer as you gave me several swats in a row. As the number increased, so did the discomfort. I shrank from the blows as pain radiated; my tense body and crimped mouth let you know a limit had been reached. Your lips pressed to mine, soft and loving. I lifted my hips to you, searching, and was rewarded with your hand, soothing, caressing. I gave you my mouth; you tweaked nipples that screamed in protest. I asked for it; I like it.

"You like being out here in the daylight don't you?" We'd talked about it. "I don't think they can, but it turns you on that people could see us... you." I nodded. I'd read stories about exhibitionism; the naughty nature of it was intriguing. Okay, yeah -- exciting; and your hand between my legs found ample proof.

"Even though it was at night, you didn't seem to mind when I made love to you out here not too long ago."

My reward for that comment was a hearty slap on my hip. "No, I didn't mind. It was exciting; I had no idea you were going to take me out here." Was there something lurking that I don't know about? "You've been here since Thursday night. This isn't the first time we've been together this long, but when are we going to move beyond a long weekend?"

"No offense, lover, but this might not be the best time to talk about that." You laughed, took off the blindfold, and kissed me. I blinked at the sun and said, "Seriously though, I'm okay with this. I think the time is coming when we take turns spending a week with each other. After that happens, if it goes well, we can make decisions about when. Are you going to be okay moving to the burbs?"

"Yeah, how are we going to do this? I've been here for ten years. I haven't paid much attention to the price of other units in the building. I suppose the first thing I should do is talk to Barb. She's who sold me this place."

"So that's how you met her?" You looked a little sheepish.

"Well no, not really." Uh oh. "We were both... we were seeing each other, before she met Carole and long before I met you." So what's the big deal? "That doesn't bother you does it?" You goof!

"Don't be silly; of course not. You're 38. You had a life long before you met me. So what are you going to do?"

"Are you committed to staying in your house?" Hmm, oddly I hadn't thought of it. Edie had mentioned it in passing but Rach was the major reason I dismissed it. Well, that and the state of the housing market. Maybe things are different now? I saw your eyes on me.

"I'm sorry, lover. Your question set off a chain reaction of sorts in my head. Rach was my primary consideration in staying in the house after Dylan died. If she and June are going to be in the city and be spending more time together, then maybe it's time to consider something different." We are having this discussion; I'm naked, cuffed, and attached to the door, which I mentioned. "Perhaps we could take me off this door." Giggles ensued, as did taking unfastening my wrists. As soon as both of mine were undone, I spun you around like the feather you are. Your eyes were wide with shock. I had a wrist in the velcro lickety split. When I went to hook you up, the problem became obvious.

"You're too little." Wide eyes went to slits. "How do I make you taller?" I'm in so much trouble next time we play.

"Loosen the straps. The silver chain thing will eventually be low enough for me." Am I hearing this right? It wasn't meant to be much more than a tease.

"You ... wait, would you be okay having me hook you up to this thing?"

"I don't think I'd mind. I might as well find out what it feels like for you." Well damn! "And give me a few licks with the crop while I'm hooked up." What? Well, I did -- both. And I hated it.

"I hate doing this, lover." Enough. I unbuckled you from the cuffs. Once that was done I hugged you tight. When we kissed, it felt like mine was desperate. Yours was soft, unimaginably sweet, as if you were soothing my conscience with your lips. I lay my head on your shoulder.

"Okay, so... what, you talk to your realtor and I talk to mine?" That sounds about right. Wait? What?

"After we did that, you go right to the realtor, not bothering to pass 'Go' or get your two hundred dollars?" You laughed.

"Yeah, I asked you to do it. You wanted to stop. So why not talk about what we were talking about before you jumped me?" Jumped you huh?? So noted!!

"It's too soon to do more than speculate, but a two bedroom something, taking into consideration that Rach might live with us for a time. We could convert it to some other use if and when she and her whoever find a place to live. Living downtown is more your thing, so you can be in charge of picking where we look." I wasn't really watching you closely. When I did focus, I saw that you were flushed and a bit teary eyed, which surprised me. "Kara? What is it?"

"I'm not sure I've ever known what it is to have someone give what I need without me asking ... they just know." You lowered and shook your head. I scratched my head, confused.

"What... tell me what you mean. I'm not exactly sure I'm following. We're talking about looking into selling either yours or mine. Nothing's been settled yet..." You jumped me, pushing me back on the chair, and kissed me. Which, me being naked and all, led to other things. Which took a while.

As we dressed after our shower, the obvious question was asked. "Do you have anything you want to do for the rest of our Sunday?" It was a little dicey for this 56 to ask her 38 that question. However, it would be okay if you giggled.

"I suppose we could shop. We could walk to State Street and head north. The Mag Mile beckons. If we were really ambitious we could walk to the Oak Street beach." Silly, silly blondie.

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