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A Mature Model


I guess the best way to start is to introduce those involved in or associated with the story. My name is Barbara Foxworthy (Barb). My husband, Lou is a marketing executive and we have a son, Ben, who was twenty-four at the time of the story, a Lieutenant in the Army and stationed in Japan.

We moved into our present home twenty-one years prior to the events in the story and have had the privilege of having wonderful neighbors and dear friends the Maxons. They have a son, Kenny who is one year younger than our son. They were blessed with a late arrival son, Evan, who was seven. The Maxons are Pat and Gerald.

Our two families have grown up together and shared many wonderful experiences. We have always been on call to one another when help is needed.

The story began when Gerald Maxon had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii on business. The business would take two weeks and he wanted to take Pat. They also thought it would be nice to take two weeks vacation at that time and tour the islands. The main problem was that it was the end of the school year and they didn't want to take Evan out of school for that long, at that time.

Kenny couldn't care for his brother most of the time because after recently graduating from college, he landed a good job with the bank. He worked from about ten until six and then he was taking a course at the community college three nights a week that kept him out until around ten.

Pat and I were talking one day when she told me of the opportunity and said they were trying to figure out how to make it work. I immediately suggested that I could look after getting Evan fed and off to school and then he could come to our house after school until Kenny got home. In fact I suggested that Evan could come live with us while they were gone. For that matter, Kenny could too.

She rejected the idea of the boys living with us. All their clothes and things were in their house. We settled on the idea that I would go to their house about seven in the morning to help Kenny get Evan off to school. This worked well because my Lou was usually on his way to work a little before seven. So, when Lou left, I could go next door, help Evan and then he would come to our house after school. On the nights Kenny had school, Evan would eat with us and I would see to it he got to bed properly. Pat was delighted.

Gerald had to go early to set up their company exhibits so they left on a Friday morning and my renewed mothering activities began that afternoon. That night was Kenny's school night so I stayed with Evan until Kenny came home. Kenny was very happy and upbeat about the world and we had a short talk before I went home.

I knew that he had majored in business with a minor in advertising at the university. I had wondered why he went with the bank. Well it seems one of his dad's friends had influence at the bank so Kenny was offered a very nice job. Kenny took the job because it would pay for his schooling and equipment. He was taking courses in photography and had his sights set on fashion and/or advertising photography.

He had been going with a very cute girl for a couple of years, but it seems they broke up because she didn't like what he wanted to do. Having told me what his dreams were, he took me to his studio, as he called it. He had begun to collect equipment and had a room set up so that he could practice what he was learning.

I saw some of his pictures, which looked great to me. He was doing still-life shots using all kinds of props and items to produce some really amazing pictures. One fascinated me because of it unusual angles and textures. He told me what I was seeing was nothing but screws on a foam rubber pad taken with a micro close-up lens. Once he explained, I could see it. But unexplained, I would never have guessed.

I quickly learned that Kenny hated being called Kenny now. He preferred to be Ken. I think I knew that, but out of years of habit, I have troubles calling him anything but Kenny. Lou and I saw little of the boys on the weekend. Kenny was a wonderful big brother and house keeper and they were fun to watch together.

It was on the first Wednesday of our arrangement, when Kenny was picking up Evan that he asked if I would come talk to him for a few minutes at his house. I assumed that he needed some help with Evan or something at the house and I agreed to go. I told Lou that I would be back shortly.

We got Evan to bed and returned to the living room. Assuming that we were done, I turned to leave. Kenny hesitated and almost blurted, "Mrs. Foxworthy, could you please stop calling me Kenny. At my age it is a little out of place and it's very little boyish. Please call me Ken."

I thought for a moment and replied, "OK, Kenny, err I mean Ken, I'll try. But old habits are hard to break. But since we are going to caring for Evan together the next few weeks, I'll try. But if I'm to call you Ken, then you need to call me Barb. You calling me Mrs. Foxworthy also makes you sound like a little boy and it makes me feel like an old lady. OK?"

"OK, Mrs. Fox... err Barb, I'll try too." We both laughed and gave each other a quick hug.

I thought it was funny for him to ask me over just to tell me that, but after sitting for a moment I rose to leave again. He jumped up and said, "Mrs. Fo... Barb, (snort) my name was just one thing I wanted to talk to you about." Then, looking at the floor, he swallowed, shuffled his feet, and then looking up at me, "Can we talk for a minute? I hope I'm not about to say something stupid or something I'll be sorry for."

As I sat back down, I smiled, "Well Kenny... (choke) Ken, what's so earth shattering?"

(Long pause) "Well, it's just that, oh gosh, what am I doing? Well I'm going to say something and I hope it won't embarrass you."

"Well go ahead and ask. It can't be all that bad."

"Mrs....Barb, you are a wonderful friend. Well, (in a rush) what I'm trying to say is that I can't afford a model and it is impossible to understand what and how the human body appears without a human body to study. And... and you are a very good friend. (pause and a little choke) Would you be willing to model a little bit for me?"

Then quickly added, "It won't be anything naughty or bad, it would just be you standing, sitting, or lying in various positions. (then warming) I didn't mean it to sound that way, (turning red) I'm not talking about nude or anything like that. You would need to wear shorts and short sleeve blouses, or even a bathing suit so that I could see your arms and legs."

By this time his face was flushed and his discomfort was obvious. I stopped him before he embarrassed himself any more. "Ken, I know what you mean and I take it all as a compliment. I should be able to help you some, but you won't have any playboy model to work with."

He was as red as he could be as he thanked me.

I took his hand, gave it a squeeze and said, "Just so you don't have to explain it to anyone, let's just keep it between us: except, I must let Lou know."

"OK Mrs. Foxworthy."

I gave his hand another squeeze and said, "Mrs. Foxworthy hasn't agreed to do anything. Only Barb has agreed; assuming it's OK with Lou."

We laughed and I parted for home.

I was quite amused as I walked home and when I got home, I told Lou about what had just happened. We both got a good chuckle from it. But Lou gave me the sweetest compliment when he said, "Honey, all kidding aside, you know, you have a knock-out body and are beautiful enough that you really could make a living as a model." His voice conveyed sincerity, not just that of an idle compliment.

With the compliment I hoped that it was a prelude to some activity when we went to bed tonight. It wasn't. We maintain our every seven to ten day schedule and we just made love a few nights ago. Oh well, nice thought.

On Thursday morning, after getting Evan off to school, Ken noted that he had almost two hours most mornings after Evan was gone, before he had to leave for the bank. He asked if we could schedule about an hour in the mornings rather than trying to schedule evenings for modeling.

It sounded great and I asked him when he wanted to start. He asked, "Could you start right now?"

Just then I realized some of what had prompted him to ask me to model. I have always had an above average figure, I love being a woman, and I like to express feminine qualities. It started in high school when the "in" thing was to see who could out-slop the other in dress habits. I hated it and always dressed in a manner that showed off my femininity. I wouldn't date most of the guys who looked like they had just been dragged out of the garbage heap.

To this day, the only time you will see me in jeans is when I'm working in or around the house, or when we go camping. My standard dress is an attractive skirt and blouse combination or a dress and heels; depending on the weather and what I'm going to do, stockings are part of the wardrobe. I never leave the house without being properly dressed and made up. I guess that I should also state that I am a 34DD and don't try to hide it, but I don't flaunt it either.

Thus, Ken has always seen me dressed up. His mom is not the fanatic that I am, but she also dresses nicely. So I'm sure that some of my age is hidden and Ken, a young man now sees me as an attractive or stacked woman.

So, with this in my mind we had our first photo session. For the starting session he took a number of portrait shots with me holding my head at various angles and directions. It's really nice that today digital cameras are in use. For one thing, he has his camera hooked up to two monitors through his computer. I can see the pictures as he focuses and then as soon as he shoots them. So, after several shots, we would take a break and review what he had just done. Bad shots were eliminated immediately. Out of more than a dozen shots that morning that were not discarded, Ken elected to keep only two or three.

He asked if I would like to keep any and I told him I would like a copy of the one that he liked the best and that I was sure that Lou would love to see what we were doing. Then he suggested, "I'll e-mail all of the keepers to Lou and then you can do with them as you please: besides that will save on photo paper and inks."

I was fine with him e-mailing it. That night I told Lou about our session and he pulled up the photos that Ken had sent. Lou was impressed and asked if we had set up a schedule yet. I told him we would probably have an hour or so most weekday mornings.

As we got started, Ken would tell me the night before what he had in mind for the next day and I would dress accordingly. I posed standing, sitting, reclining, kneeling, in short in almost every possible position the human body could normally attain. We would look at the photos and he would critique them and keep only a few, probably a dozen at the most. The ones he kept were also e-mailed to Lou. I was enjoying our activity and I was amazed to learn and see how just a little variation or change in light and shadow placement could completely change the complexion and visual effects of a photo.

It was on Tuesday of the second week when an accident created a decided change in the posing and visual content of the pictures. Ken wanted to do some business fashion model shots and I was wearing a dark skirt and a favorite nylon blouse. I had been posed in a normal sitting position on a straight-backed chair. Ken asked me to change position and sit cross-wise on the chair. As I rose and turned, my ankle gave way and I fell, taking the chair part way with me. The top post of the chair caught in my blouse and ripped three buttons off.

I ended up on my back with my dress up around my thighs, showing all of my stockings and most of my thighs. In addition, most of my bra covered breasts were exposed.

Ken set his camera down and came running to my assistance. I assured him that I was just fine, just a little embarrassed at being so clumsy.

He helped me to my feet and I was well aware that he was taking a full inventory of what he could see. I also had noted in past sessions that his eyes seemed to devour me on occasions. I didn't feel bad; in fact, I smiled inside knowing that he had enjoyed the little peep show. I gathered my blouse together and told him I would have to go home for repair.

He told me how sorry he was for the blouse and offered to buy me a new one. I told him there was no need, besides it wasn't his fault. Looking at the time we agreed that by the time I changed, there would not be enough time to do much of anything else. Our session for the day was finished.

I went home carrying a feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time. Having a man, other than my husband, see me less than properly covered was a distant memory. Some 'accidental' exposures then were fun and this reminded me of the times it had occurred in the past. It is kind of naughty and a little suggestive, but it is perfectly innocent. The blouse was one of my favorites and I hated the thought of throwing it away. So, I didn't. I hung it in the closet with a promise to look at it later and see if it could be repaired.

That night Lou wanted to know why there wasn't a picture from this morning. Ken almost always had a "picture or pictures of the day" to e-mail us. I told him what happened and that we didn't have our normal review and critique. I assumed that Ken didn't find anything he liked, or he hadn't taken the time to review our work.

The next morning I told Ken that Lou had been disappointed that he didn't get a picture yesterday. "You didn't like any of them?"

Ken kind of blushed and said, "Well, yes, there was one that I liked very much and kept. But I don't think it should be distributed. Come here and I'll bring it up on the computer."

Well, as it turned out, he had not put his camera down when he asked me to change positions. In fact he was shooting rapidly to catch me in various stages of posture for future figure studies. He had caught part of the falling episode, but had quit when he saw what was actually happening. His last shot was me just before I hit the floor. My blouse had not wrapped back around my breast yet and it provided a fully exposed shot of one breast (still in my bra). Also, one leg was considerably higher than the other and you could see all of my stockings and most of the way up my skirt. The outside of the upper leg could be seen all the way to the edge of my panties.

It was an incredible shot. And though much was exposed, there was nothing revealing and you couldn't even see my face or head.

I remarked, "That's quite a shot. But I don't believe it belongs in anyone's scrap book. Why are you keeping it?"

Ken blushed some more then he eased out, "It may not belong in a scrap book, but Mrs. Fox... Barb, it shows that you have a beautiful body. You could make it as a professional model. Your husband really needs to see this. Do you mind?"

I didn't object, but now I was embarrassed. Not only had my husband suggested I could be a model, but now my young next door neighbor had echoed the same suggestion.

Trying to hide my embarrassment I had exclaimed that there was no way I could compete with the beautiful, young playboy-like models. Ken corrected me by telling me that I could compete with most of them. But more to the point, the fashion world needs mature models with great figures and I would definitely qualify.

I was definitely flattered. As I thought about it, my mind flashed back to some pin-up pictures that my Dad had. Mom was always chiding him about his small collection of Vargas and Petty girls that he had assembled while in the service. They captured my imagination as a representation of how beautiful and alluring a woman's partially exposed body could be. In fact, those pin-ups had a lot to do with the way I dressed as I grew up. I have always carried a picture in my mind of one of them in particular

The picture showed a beautiful young lady lying on the ground. Her skirt exposed her all the way to and including her panties. Her blouse was completely open exposing her beautiful lace bra covered breast. Except for the fact that the picture also captured her beautiful face, Ken's picture of me had many similar elements or qualities. I began to think, "Barb, why not loosen up and be more like a model than the stiff mannequin you have been so far?"

During the next session I made it a point to show a little more leg than I had previously. What I was doing was not lost on Ken. In fact, at one point where he though he could do it without being obvious, he asked me to pull my skirt up just a little. It allowed the dark band at the top of my stockings to be slightly exposed.

I enjoyed the session more than I had previous sessions and resolved to spice things up a bit if Lou wouldn't mind. When we did our review, the three pictures Ken kept were ones in which there was more leg showing than in past pictures. The one picture caught a little more than the dark top of my stockings; the garter straps could also be seen. However, he selected the least obvious ones to put in the e-mail. I convinced him to add the one revealing more.

I went home with a new bounce to my step. I was seeing myself as I hadn't seen myself before. I was looking forward to a new adventure. When Lou retrieved the picture he whistled and told me that I was looking very sexy. Then he seriously asked me how far this was going to go.

I giggled and told him that I wanted to talk to him about that. Then, after thinking about it for a moment, I asked him if he would have any objections to me posing more like a pin-up. Then I explained to him how I felt. In my explanation I told him about my Dad's pin-ups and how they had inspired me to dress femininely rather like the cruddy garb many of my friends had worn.

He thought and answered very carefully, "No, I really don't mind as long as things don't get out of hand. You are a very mature and very beautiful woman and it won't hurt to let more of you be seen. Let me give you this as a guideline: 'So long as you would be willing to show the pictures that are taken to your parents or any of your friends,' I think you will be safe.

Beginning the next day, my dress was a little more suggestive and/or exposed than it had been before. Ken was delighted and within the next few days, more leg and cleavage were definitely in evidence. At this point I became aware that Kevin had really wanted me in a bathing suit from the beginning. The bathing suit would have provided much better figure studies. But he had been too shy or reserved to ask me.

On Friday Ken asked if we could take pictures outside at their pool and if I would wear the bikini he had seen me wear one time. I agreed and we had a photo session on Saturday afternoon at the pool. Evan was spending the day with friends and going to a movie. I invited Lou to come watch but he declined favoring going deep sea fishing after golf.

I had a wonderful time modeling in the bikinis (I bought another one for the occasion.) Without anyone else around I got a little more daring. I let my breast almost fall out, almost exposing both nipples. With Ken not watching, I removed the top and then let Kevin take a few pictures with my breast covered with my hands or with my arms. On a couple shots there was a little bit of nipple peeking out. Before we finished he was almost begging me to drop my hands and arms. To his disappointment, I refused. I know it was wicked, but I was trying to be careful and at the same time enjoy the tease.

I was delighted because with Lou seeing the pictures, we were rekindling some of the old sex life between us. Also, I was feeling very sexy and was aware that Ken was a full grown young man and no longer a little boy and that I was having an effect on him too. The real truth was that both Lou and Ken were being aroused by the pictures; Our (Lou and mine) sex life was resembling what it had been years ago; and I was thoroughly enjoying myself, in an impish way in finding every way I could pose to arouse them more. What else could boost a woman's ego more?

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