tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Memorable Lunch

A Memorable Lunch


I rushed into the warmth of the restaurant and shrugged out of my coat and waved as I saw the two of you. We are meeting in this restaurant discuss a deal that we wanted to complete. My friend began to talk it is something that he is known for, as he is considered to be in love with his own voice.

This was the first time I have met you and I really can't take my eyes from you and I feel that you are similarly interested in me. You are dressed in smart business clothes and yet it is arousing to me. I notice the split in the skirt that leads to your stocking clad legs. Your shirt hints at the lacy bra beneath the thin cloth. All through our greetings my friend talks unaware of our sexual tension and the visual flirting that occurs between us.

We have a couple of drinks and when we start our meal I sit next to you, the seats being narrow our legs touch and you smile shyly to me, shy but yet with the hint of something deliciously naughty. We are well screened from the sight of others and my friend is across from us prattling on about a business that we barely register interest in. I feel the heat between us and want to rip off your clothing and thrust my cock deep into you until I shoot my cum into your body.

As we eat the meal and drink the excellent Grange Hermitage to a meal of lobster and wonderfully cooked steak I feel you leg rub against mine insistently. I drop my hand and begin to rub it along your thigh under your skirt. As I go further you slip the material upwards allowing me to rub further along until I touch the soft flesh above the stocking top. You do not complain nor do you stop gazing at my foolish friend.

Emboldened I move my fingers upwards towards your pussy. You raise your hips and raise your skirt to allow my fingers to move further upwards. Stroking along your stockinged thigh I find the touch intoxicating.

The drone of my friend as he discusses each clause of the contract is a gentle music to us. Then I feel your hand on my leg rubbing along my thigh, your fingers sending shivers of delight through my trousers. By now I am erect, my cock is straining at the fabric of my trousers and I want you more than ever. It is a torment to be like this.

I feel your hand stroke along the outside of my trousers above my cock. Oh the touch is delicious, my hand now brushes the top of your thighs and pushes to the vee that is the apex of them and I find that you wear no panties. I smile briefly at you and see your lips lift upwards in reply and I push my hand upwards and feel the curls that surround your pussy.

My fingers begin to stroke your damp pussylips beneath the protecting hair and you drop your fork but otherwise show no sign of what we are doing. The lips open and you part your legs further allowing me to push a single finger between your lips and rotate within you. I admire your composure and continue my assault on your pussy.

I feel you unzip my trousers and free my cock, the air cools it slightly. Then you enclose it in your hand and holding it until I feel myself throbbing in your palm as you begin to stroke my hard flesh up and down.' Your thumb every now and again stroking the head and teasing the slit that tips the hard flesh.

I am spilling precum and trying to ignore my need I stroke your pussylips. I thrust a second finger into you as you perch on the edge of your chair and parting your lips I seek your clitoris. I find it there peeking at the head of your lips, the hood has drawn back and once I have found it I rub and massage the sensitive flesh with my thumb as I thrust my fingers in and out of your wet pussy. You cover my fingers with juice and I feel the spasms of orgasm. I know that the cloth of the chair is wet with you cum and juices.

Sill I marvel at your composure as I can barely control my need to cum and to howl with my desire. I feel that I am panting like a madman.

Two fingers continue to fuck your pussy as my thumb rubs your clit that is so swollen and sensitive. You push hard against my hand yet all through this distraction your hand strokes my cock harder and faster. It is though you demand my cum in return for your own that spills from you.

I am so near to exploding as you are more insistent with my tortured flesh. I feel you move your pussy in rhythm to my hand. Yet above the table you are the cool business woman and only I know that below you are a hot passionate woman that is receiving pleasure from my hands. Then you hold my hand tightly to your pussy and I feel you spasm with a deep powerful orgasm and all I see as I look into your face is that you close your eyes and swallow hard.

That is too much for me and I cum in your hand. I spurt my cum under the table, fortunately I have a napkin ready and I am able to catch most of it in the cloth as you continue to stroke my flesh to milk it of all the cum that is there in my balls.

So there is no mess as you remove my hand and clean your pussy with another napkin. I too kept my composure for as I came. I merely grunted but covered it with a cough. Finally my friend finishes just as I zip up my trousers.

Clearing your throat you remark huskily that you want to meet with me to discuss various aspects of the contract and organise a time to meet. You smile knowingly and take leave of us leaving me your cum stained napkin telling us what a pleasure it was to meet with us to discuss a profitable business future.

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