A Model Home


"Fuck it," Jack cursed as he threw the bills off the table.

Diane leaned against the kitchen doorway.

"Do you want a beer, hon?"

"Nah, we better make them last as long as we can. I don't know how we are going to pay this month's bills all on time let alone have any money for food. The money is just too tight."

Jack sunk back into the couch, hands rubbing his temples.

Diane was worried about her husband. He was such a great guy, but he was working himself to death so she could stay home watching the baby. He sacrificed so much for them. She needed to step up and make him feel better.

She pictured his laughing face and remembered times that she saw him at his happiest. Slowly, a series of similar images burned into her brain, and she found a pattern. She smiled and came up with a plan.

She turned and walked into the kitchen to call her mother.

"Hey mom, can you watch Abbs for the afternoon; Jack and I need to do something. Thanks. I'll bring her right over."

Diane poked her head into the living room, "Hon, Abbs and I are going over to my parents, okay?"

Jack groaned, "Probably a good idea as I'm not the best company right now."

When Diane returned she found her husband in the same position as when she left. She walked in and plunked down on the couch next to him.

"You need a break sweetie or you'll kill yourself. Come on out with me."

"You know we don't have any money, right?" Jack looked at his concerned wife.

"None needed except a little gas which I think we can spare."

"I don't know, Hon," Jack looked at the mess of paper on the floor.

Diane put her hand on Jack's shoulder. "Sweetheart, you should see your face. I would hate to see your blood pressure right now. Things are bad, but we have each other and you do have a job. We can get through this but you need to take care of yourself too or you're not going to be able to do this. Come on Honey, just one afternoon won't change a thing or make things any worse." She gave him her best puppy eyes.

Jack smiled at her beautiful face, "Okay, why not; I am sick of this shit anyways."

Diane smiled and clapped her hands, "Great; I'm driving."

Soon the couple were pulling into a modular home sales lot.

"Uh Diane, you do know we don't have enough money for the rent on our little apartment even, right?"

"Looking is free. Besides we used to have so much fun dreaming."

"I'm sorry, I don't feel like dreaming much right now."

"Trust me, hon."

The couple got out of the car and waited as the eager salesman approached them.

"Hey folks, looking for a first home?"

"Just getting ideas as we plan our future," Diane responded. "We've been here before quite a while ago. Would it be alright if we look around by ourselves?"

"Sure, it's a dead day; let me get a set of keys to the places so you can help yourselves. Remember we have plans and prices for each model in the office when you return the keys."

Jack leaned toward his wife to whisper in her ear "I don't see the point hon."

Diane turned to kiss her husband "Let's just pretend for the afternoon; just you and me. And forget about all the problems. All right?"

"I guess," Jack said shaking his head.

Soon the two where wandering through model houses looking over the rooms and furnishings.

Finally, they got to the last place on the long lot. Diane pushed Jack in and looked around before closing and locking the door behind her quietly.

Jack took in the huge living room "Like we could ever afford this big a place; can you imagine the monthly payments?"

Diane pushed him into the new, stiff couch, "Oh shut up and just enjoy." And she walked into the kitchen around the corner and out of his sight.

Jack shook his head as he looked around to stare at the fake cardboard TV sitting in the wall cubby. He could almost picture himself sitting there with a beer watching the Phillies getting creamed.

He heard the sound of Diane stomping loudly into the room from the kitchen, and he turned to stare as his naked wife strolled into the room.

"What the fuck?"

"Come on Jack; I am tired of you paying more attention to the game than me. It's quality me time babe." She grinned and straddled his lap smashing her lips into his.

She stood and pulled him up with her. "Follow me lover boy. We don't want to wake up the baby."

She pushed and pulled her confused husband into the large bedroom to knock him down onto the bed. She sprawled out on his legs, her hands unbuckling and unzipping his pants. She pulled the pants and underwear down, his penis snapping up and slapping her in the face. She grinned up at her husband and grabbed his flesh and swallowed it whole.

He groaned and brought a hand down to push her head into his groin. Her head bobbed up and down breaths hissing through her nose. She lightly bit on the end and crawled up to straddle his middle. She brought her hands down to guide his stiff flesh into her wet hole. She sat down with a loud squelch. Now it was her turn to groan.

Jack brought his hands up to rub and pull at her hard nipples bobbing before him. They both sighed and groaned as they rocked together.

Grinning Jack grabbed his wife and rolled them over. He raised himself up above her staring into her eyes. "Oh Diane, I love you so much" and he pushed himself back into her. She grinned and wrapped her legs around his waist and again they matched their rhythmic thrusts.

After several minutes of thrusts Diane pushed them over on their sides. She slid down and again took him into her mouth. This time she bathed his penis with her tongue, hands fondling the ball sac below. She stared into his eyes as she made love to his cock.

With a loud pop she let the penis out and crawled to the center of the bed where she waited on her hands and knees. "Come on lover, ride me into the stars," she said wiggling her ass.

"Because you're so cute I'll ignore the cheesy dialogue."

"Oh shut up and fuck me."

He complied and slammed his penis into her. He grabbed her hips and pushed and pulled her back and forth into him. She matched his thrusts and shoved her ass into him. The two got into their long practiced rhythm naturally. Even though they were very used to each other there was an excited edge to this coupling. Their rhythm increased and they slammed into each other until both gripped and held still as both orgasmed just as they heard the outer door rattle.

The two giggled while Diane raced into the kitchen to get her clothes back on while Jack got his clothes back in order and ran to the door to delay the bemused salesman.

"See anything you like," the salesman asked.

Diane came out of the kitchen tucking her shirt in, "I love the kitchen, much better than the one I have now."

"Did you want me to get you the plans and specs on the house?" questioned the salesman.

"No, we're going to think about it for a while and look at our finances a little better to see what we can afford."

The salesman looked again at the two and spoke as he turned to leave the home, "I'd appreciate if you just make sure the bed is straightened out for the next prospective buyers."

He smiled and shook his head as he heard the couple howl in laughter as he walked back towards the office building.

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