tagFetishA More Happy Wife has a Cuckold

A More Happy Wife has a Cuckold


This is a work of fiction, but any women who want to turn it into reality feel free to let me know!


I'm Paul and I am only 4"8 inches long, if it can get hard, and prematurely ejaculates when it does. About 60% of the time it can't manage more than a semi, 30% of the time it can't even manage that. My cock is pretty useless, always has been. And now as I lay in the spare room writing this it has only one single use, to pee. Now the tiny joke of a penis I've been blessed with lives inside a hard plastic tube, a cb6000S to be precise, locked securely away from use by a small but very strong padlock, the key for which hangs around the neck of my longterm and very loving girlfriend of 7 years Jen. 3 years its been kept locked up like this and I wear the device like it's a part of me. The times I have had it off of me recently, I've felt uncomfortable and wanted it put back on as soon as possible.

The reason for my little fellas jail time was entirely my own fault and entirely down to my complete failings to fulfil my duties as a man in the bedroom. My relationship with Jen has from the start been perfect, we are the best of friends, we love each other more than anything else in the world and plan to marry in the future. The only trouble is sex! I am, as I have been rather bluntly told to my face 'fucking useless', 'the worst fuck ever' and 'never, ever going to satisfy a woman with that limp waste of skin'.

She put up with it for 3 years until she was sick to death of using her by now regular catchphrase, 'is it going to get hard?', 'oh fuck no! You've cum already, you've only just put it in!' and my favourite and most hurtful one 'just get off me, I'll finish myself off'. It was the only bad part of our relationship, something had to be done. So one evening Jen returned home late from work and told me that if we wanted to remain a couple we needed to talk about how we will handle our sex life in the future.

Jen explained that after work today she had gone home with Steve from accounts at her office for the sole purpose of having sex. And the only way that our relationship will have a chance of carrying on is if I surrender all sexual duties and allow her to sleep with Steve and other men of her choosing. I was at first really shocked to be told in such a matter of fact kind of way that the woman that I was planning to spend the rest of my life with had just come home from being fucked by another man. My response was to stammer the words 'no way'. Jen put her hands on my knees and softly told me that she still loved me more thank anything else in the world and that it will just be sex, nothing more, she would have no feelings for the men she will sleep with. She carried on explaining. She told me that she had fucked Steve to force this situation, either I accept what she has done and will continue to do or I am to leave. She explained that this is the right thing to do to, the sexual side of our relationship was going to ruin everything and this way cut out the only bad aspect we have together. It was the only way our relationship was going to work.

As she explained all this I came to realise that what she was saying made a lot of sense. I knew I was very poor at sex and that she had never enjoyed making love with me. I knew it was actually my fault that she had slept with another guy and I wasn't just blaming myself for it. And I was feeling that it would be incredibly selfish of me to deny her a good and healthy sex life. The fact is that for this to happen I would have to let other men provide it for her. I love her so much, and I am still 100% sure that she still loves me as much as she did before. It looked like there was only one way that things could go for us. I was going to have to make an incredible sacrifice. I looked Jen in the eyes and said with an almost tearful voice 'I understand. And I think that you are right. Things have never been good in the bedroom and it has been entirely my fault there. I think that we should give this situation a try'.

Jen leaned forward and put a hand on my face and kissed me softly as tears rolled down her cheeks. 'Thank you, thank you so much Paul. I'm so glad you can see that this is the only way we can be together' she said with a relieved tone to her voice. 'I have made small plan and list of rules that I want to discuss with you and take any input or suggestions from you. When you are ready to talk about this'.

Our discussion happened the next morning after spending the night in separate beds. I slept in the spare room, which I was going to get used to doing very soon. As we sat down together Jen asked me again if I was ok with what we were about to embark upon. I nodded and confirmed to her that I believed it was the right thing for her to be doing. Jen proceeded to take from her works briefcase a folder which had contained her list of suggested rules. She is very professional about everything she does and this was no exception. 'Ok, are you ready?' She said putting on her glasses. 'Then I'll begin'.

Rule 1. From this moment on my sex life will be my own and will no longer involve any sexual contact with you what so ever.

I sadly said to her, 'what none at all' with almost pleading eyes. 'I'm sorry Paul, no. I no longer want to have sex with you. Not to keep you happy, not out of pity, not ever!' She calmly stated. 'Can I have one last fuck' I almost begged. 'No' was the stern and blunt reply. 'Please, really!' I did beg this time. 'NO PAUL! There is no chance of that happening anymore, not one lasts fuck, not a quick one for old times sake, not for your birthday or Christmas. This is serious and you have to understand that we will not be having sex together ever again. That is the golden rule here and I don't ever want to hear you ask for it again. Do you understand me?'. Yes, I sheepishly answer. 'Good, then if that is clear and we both agree on this we can move on to the next rule.'

Rule 2. As the fault lies solely on Paul for these measures to be necessary, Paul will NOT share the rite to sexual relations with others that Jen will have. Paul will not seek out sexual partners, he will not cheat and he will acknowledge the fact he is responsible for Jen to have to resort to outsourcing her sex life.

'This isn't fair!' I barked at her. Only to be shot down very quickly with a strict and almost angry telling off. 'Yes it is, it is totally fair! You've had your chance of a great sex life and you fucked it up! You never got any better at it, you never improved your technique, you never made up your size by mastering cuniligus. You wasted that chance and you don't deserve to take another. This is my chance to have what I deserved to get from you. You are not being rewarded for being shit in bed by being given a free pass to fuck any woman unlucky enough to sleep with you. You are staying faithful to me. GOT THAT!!!' Looking down at my shoes and my lip trembling I quietly said 'I'm sorry, I get it'. 'And you agree with this rule?' She said in a soft menacing tone. 'Yes, I do' I replied almost in a whisper.

'Good! Now let me carry on.' She calm and professionally said. From then on I just listened and agreed with her rules.

Rule 3. Paul will have no say over who Jen has sex with, how often Jen has sex or where Jen has sex.

Rule 4. When Jen brings men home Paul will sleep in the spare room.

Rule 5. Paul will have no say over what contraception Jen will use, if she chooses to use any.

Rule 6. Jen's closest friends will be told about the new arraignment.

Rule 7. Jen may add additional rules as and when she sees them to be need.

'Any questions?' She asked. 'Yes I have one or two' I replied. Ask away honey she said.

'Ok, first, what about when we want to have children? I will have to have sex with you then.' I asked.

'Oh Paul, I'm sorry. I really want children and we will have them, but they will not be yours. Even in this case I don't want to break that rule. Maybe there will be a possibility of you artificially impregnation me but it will most likely happen naturally with another man.' She answered. I tried to interrupt but she stopped me. 'Don't try to argue about this, this is what I want. You will be one bringing the children up with me, you'll be there father in that way. But that way only. I'm sorry!'.

I swallowed hard and agreed. I asked that when she did try to get pregnant that she would try with white men only so no one would suspect that they are not mine. I know she is attracted to black me. She refused to agree with this out right and I was told I would have no say at all who would father the children. That was the end of that argument.

Next I asked 'what contraception are you thinking of using?' And told her 'I would rather she kept safe'. Her blunt, fuck you answer was, 'that's none of your business anymore. I probably won't use any, I hate condoms and the pill fucks me up.' Which kind of told me all I needed to know. Her sex life no longer involved me in any way, I have no say over it and my sex life was now nothing more than what she would latter refer to as my "alone time". Which was her sly way of saying, me going to my spare room out of her sight to jerk off.

The situation worked out for us almost perfectly. Jen more than made up for lost time by having as much sex as she wanted and experimenting with as many things as she could, anal, BDSM, lesbian sex and group sex were all tried. She regularly told me about how her nights went and confessed to being addicted to anal sex. Our normal life quickly became even more close and was truly the most perfect relationship I had ever known. The only drawback was I had been spending far too much time having my "alone time" which started to piss her off. So on the year a adversary of our agreement she presented me with a new rule and two presents.

The rule stated that due to the abuse of Paul's use of his "alone time" he will start a routine of chastity. For the first 6 months Paul will be allowed 2 alone times a week, then one a week for the next 6 months. Then one a month for the next year. After that chastity will be made permanent. There was no chance of arguing this, it was not up for negotiation. My new free time was to be spent with Jen and making her happy.

The first present was the cb6000S that I mentioned earlier. The S stands for small, which it is, but still very roomy for my micro penis. I fitted it comfortably and have learned to love wearing it.

To star with this posed a few problems, first was going from jerking off 2 or 3 times a day to once a week was hell. It affected me mentally as well as physically. For the first 3 months I was constantly on edge and irritable not being able to relieve myself. It took time to get used to, but I had to agree after a while it was beneficial for us both. I no longer wasted time on my own needs and found new ways to make Jen happier, which made me happier too. Our life improved ten fold by this plastic device being put on me. She still enjoyed a full and rich sex life with her now regular roster of gentleman friends, most of which were black and all of which she had introduced me formally to.

The physical issues that arose were to start with it was uncomfortable to stay locked in 24/7, but I soon became accustomed to it. Second was the nocturnal erections that every man has. But these stopped completely after a few months. What did happen was my body adjusted to the new lack of use of my penis in three ways, my erections became far less strong, to the point I now can't remember the last time I was fully erect, it now takes a lot longer to achieve any kind of erection and after 3 years my penis now only measured 4 inches hard (hard as I now gets) and just 1"5 soft. Not that any of this matters to me, and Jen could not care less if it fell off. As neither of us were going to be using it, size and function mean nothing now. And as I am now over a full year without any solo sexual activity and fully expect to remain this way for the rest of my life, a smaller, less active penis has become to be seen as a bonus to me.

The only other issue to get used to has been the need to sit to pee. An annoyance to start with, now a natural thing for me to do.

The device looks really cute on my tiny penis and Jen regularly makes me show it off to her friends. Something I've become quite pleased to do.

The other gift Jen presented me with was a set of anal training toys. I was shocked more to receive these than the chastity device. I fully expected something to be done about my excessive "alone time", but to have my sexual activities replaced with anal stimulation was a bit of a surprise. I was also informed that I was going to be using them regularly on my own (this was not a choice). On top of that my Internet porn use was now going to be strictly monitored and straight pornography is now forbidden. Homosexual porn, transsexual porn and bisexual porn that doesn't focus to much on the female was encouraged. These new rules I'm sure were made for Jen's amusement and as a display of dominance over my sex life and sexuality more than for any benefit to our relationship. Nether the less they were strongly enforced and I learned to embrace anal stimulation and now adore watching gay porn.

I had now learned that to accept the rules and all changes without question.

After 7 months in chastity Jen decided to try for a baby. She started keeping a check on when she was ovulation and making sure she was getting sex from the guys she wanted to be the father when she was. I offered my sperm to be artificially injected into her. She agreed to it and she gave me a medical syringe to fill with cum, to give me some chance of being the child's father. We did this a few times, as I later found out, at times she knew were not good for conceiving. Then on the third time I witnessed her washing the cum straight out of her in the shower. She knew I had seen her do it and when she finished she calmly said to me 'just accept it, this child is not going to be yours sweetie.' She kissed me on the top of the head and hugged me and whispered in my ear 'I think everybody is going to know its not too, I'm sorry'.

Jen had stopped sleeping with the white guys she regularly saw and a few months later fell pregnant. She was so happy.

We had the baby and I have raised her as my own although clearly she was not. Lots of people talked but I shrugged it off, Jen just told them it was not my child and it didn't matter.

Despite all the crazy sexual things in our relationship, it all made our love for each other stronger. It's not normal to most people but it works for us.

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