A Mother and Son


I hear you squirt something and then I feel your finger pressing against my anus again, but this time there is something gooey all over it. It slides in very easily and you begin to push your finger in and out of me in rhythm with your sucking again. This feels so good that I stop working on your clit and I feel a sharp slap on my butt to get me started again. I go back to eating you out with a whole new intensity not wanting to displease you again.

I suck and lick as hard as I can and then I feel a second gooey finger slip into me. This builds my passion even higher as I pull your clit into my mouth and start teasing it with my tongue as I suck on it. I hear your scream muffled by my cock filling your mouth and I keep doing this again and again. You push a third finger inside me and you start slamming them in and out of my butt. I can hear the slapping of your hand against my butt with each thrust and it turns me on, so I suck harder.

You scream loudly as your juices gush out of you. More pours out of you then I have seen yet and I start licking up as much as I can. You continue to scream but my cock muffles them, your fingers still slamming in and out of me. I don't think you even know you're still doing it all you know is the intense pleasure that I am giving you. Finally your screams die down and turn into whimpers but you never release my cock from your mouth.

With each breath you let out a little moan, I stop licking because I know you need to rest. Finally you let my cock slip out of your mouth, it is so hard right now that it slaps roughly against my stomach. You laugh a little and then say, "That was amazing Baby! No one, not even your father has pleased me so much. I'm so proud of you Honey! You are going to make Mommy very happy for many years to come. You're my Baby, and I'm going to have you any time I want."

As you are saying this I hear you going through your nightstand drawer. Then I feel something new press against my butt, something a little cold and very hard. You slip your fingers out of me and push this thing inside me. It goes much deeper than your fingers could, and even though it's a little cold, it feels so good on my well-fingered butt. Then suddenly I feel it start to vibrate. I know what it is now, it's your vibrator, I found it once when I was going through your stuff when you weren't home. I used it a few times on myself, not inside me like this of course, I just rubbed it against my penis. It would make it get really hard but I couldn't make myself cum with it so I didn't bother with it anymore. Now it was deep inside of me giving me a feeling that I could never imagine.

It felt like all of my insides where turning to Jell-O, it felt so good. With your free hand you reach down and start pinching my nipples, with each pinch I feel an almost electric shock run from the nipple all the way down to my cock. Each time you pinch me my cock jumps a little. You giggle and then pull me into your mouth without using your hands, just your tongue and your lips.

So here I am, my face inches from your pussy smelling your wonderful aroma, while you suck my cock, push a vibrator in and out of my butt and pinch my nipples. I can't take it very long and quickly feel my first orgasm start. I yell out as I feel my cock explode into your mouth. Wave after wave it hits me again and again as I shoot more and more cum into your mouth. I'm not sure how you are doing it but you're swallowing every bit of it. It feels like I'm cumming over and over again and it's never going to stop. Then finally they keep coming but each one is a little weaker than the last one until finally they die down to nothing. I have never had an orgasm like that and I want to collapse but you're still sucking on my cock. It feels funny and sends chills all through my body but I like it.

You turn off the vibrator and let it slip out of me and you throw it on the floor. Slowly the funny feeling goes away and it starts to feel like it did before again, I realize that my cock is growing inside of your mouth. It's then that I know that I had went soft after the orgasm and that you have sucked me back to another erection. When I'm fully hard again you push me on to my back.

Once on my back you start sucking me with a new passion. I know what it is, when I was on top of you I felt control over you, now you are feeling that control over me. You push your pussy into my face and I begin to lick and suck your hard little clit again. After a few minutes of this you slide off of me. I moan a little and you press a finger against my lips and say, "Shhhhhh Baby, it's ok, Mommy wants to fuck you now."

I'd never heard you swear before so I was pretty shocked and turned on. You kneel over me, straddling me just above my throbbing cock. You lift up my cock and then shove yourself down on it hard and fast saying, "Oh yes! I've waited so long for this! I've waited so long to have this big, hard cock inside my tight little pussy. Oh Honey, even as a baby you had such a big one, I always wanted to touch it when I was changing your diaper or giving you a bath. Then as you got older I used to tell you when I was giving you a bath that you had to keep it really clean so I would wash it over and over again with just my hands and soap. You were 10 years old when I stopped giving you your baths and I only stopped because Daddy made me. He said it was unhealthy for a boy your age, but what did he know. Mommy's love their little boys, Mommy's love all of them including their big, hard cocks."

I knew what you were saying was wrong but it felt so right so I said, "Mommy, you can give me a bath anytime you want."

"Oh thank you Baby. But right now Mommy wants to bathe your cock with her tight pussy, do you like that?" you ask.

"Yes Mommy, yes!" I shout out.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you Baby!" you commanded as you rode up and down on my cock. I paused for a moment, you never let me swear but here you were ordering me too.

I didn't care what happened, if I would get punished or not, I cried out, "Yes Mommy, fuck me, fuck me hard Mommy!"

That was all you needed as you exploded all over my cock. Your body shakes as I feel your hot juices run down my cock. I reach up to grab you to keep you from falling over as your orgasm subsides. "Thank you Baby, but I'm ok now," you say as you start riding up and down on my cock again.

You bend over and start to suck and lick my nipples and again the electric shocks return. I feel my cock begin to twitch and I know what's coming. I warn you that I'm going to cum and that you'd better get off me. You laugh and say, "That's ok Baby, Mommy had an operation a long time ago, and Mommy can't get pregnant any more. So, Baby, don't worry, shoot your whole load up inside of me. I want to feel you're cum splashing up in me. Please Baby, Mommy needs to feel this so bad. Please Baby, cum inside Mommy now!"

That's all I can take and I erupt inside you. You cry out as each splash of cum hits you. "It's so hot inside me Baby, your cum is so hot, it feels so good inside Mommy!" you scream.

Finally my last bit of cum shoots into you and I feel like I'm going to pass out. You lay down on top of me and starting kissing me all over my face. I'm all sweaty but you seem to like it. In between kisses you start talking to me, telling me, "Mommy loves her Baby so much. Yes, she does, Mommy loves her Baby."

"I love you too, Mommy," I mutter as you start kissing my neck and chest.

"That makes Mommy so happy Baby," you say as you move down my chest to my stomach. Then you kiss all over my abdomen and my thighs. You look up at me and ask, "Do you want Mommy to lick away all her juices on Baby's cock?"

I'm on cloud nine right now. I couldn't protest if I wanted to and tell you "Yes Mommy, please."

"That's a good Baby," you say, "You always have such nice manners."

Then you start to lick every inch of my soft cock. It feels so good but I'm so spent I don't know if I can get hard again. You continue to lick every inch of my cock over and over again until you finally take me in your mouth. You suck on my cock for a few minutes then you let it fall out with a plop. "There Baby, now your cock is all clean. Now Mommy has to get you good and hard again. Remember, Mommy told you could fill all of Mommy's holes."

'Oh yeah, you did!' I think to myself, ' You're going to let me put it into your butt!' I feel my cock begin to stir a little before you even take it back into your mouth. I keep thinking about putting it into your butt and before long I'm hard again. You continue to suck on me as you grab a tube from your nightstand, it's the same stuff that you used earlier on me.

You put a bunch of it on your fingers and you stick them up into your anus. After a few moments I notice that you have all four fingers inside yourself and you're moaning loudly. You quickly pull off my cock and spin around pushing your butt into the air. You order me, "Put your big cock in my ass, now Baby! Fuck my ass hard!"

I kneel behind you and put the head of my cock up against your anus. I push against you gently and it pops in, just the head of it though. You scream, "Fuck me! I want all of it now!" as you push back hard against me taking every inch of my cock.

You scream as it fills you and I begin to worry that it hurt you until you start to slide back up my cock only to ram yourself back down on it. You cry out again, "Fuck me!" and I start to push in and out of you.

"Harder!" you scream and I start to slam into you.

You reach between your legs and start to rub your clit as I slam in and out of you. "Oh yes, this is so wonderful! Tell me how much you want to fuck my ass Baby!" you order.

"Oh Mommy, I want to fuck your ass, I've always wanted to fuck your gorgeous ass ever since I first saw you in the shower. Please Mommy!" I cry out as I continue to thrust.

"Yes Baby, fuck me!" you cry out as your orgasm starts to rip through you.

This is definitely your biggest orgasm tonight as your entire body shakes and your body twists. You rip the sheets from the bed as you collapse and I fall down on top of you. I continue to push in and out of you until I erupt, filling you with my cum. "Oh yes Baby, that feels so nice in my ass, oh yes Baby." you say as you turn your head to kiss me over and over again.

I continue to pump the last of my cum inside you as we kiss and after a few moments we both fall asleep with me still on top of you and my cock still buried inside of you.

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Another wimp story

shaved pussy? I prefer a woman not a little girl. men under 40 are such wimps today made so by women's libbers and homo's. And they have been wildly successful. I read a recent article that made me laughmore...

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