tagLetters & TranscriptsA Mother's Curiosity Ch. 01

A Mother's Curiosity Ch. 01


Part 1 (Emails)

Dear Spanker Sam:

I can't believe that I am writing this. I feel so strange, and yet I feel that I have to tell you. My name is Samantha. I am 58 years old, widowed and black. Up to this moment, I had not read any nasty stories yet alone write to the person who writes them. But there is something about your stories that are compelling to say the least! No, I am not one of those lonely women who search the Internet looking to find enjoyment. In fact, I do not even own a computer, (something that will change as soon as I get home). I came across your stories quite by accident. Well to tell you the truth, it was from boredom and being nosey. I am house sitting for my daughter Cynthia. She is 31and a bit of a shy introvert. Well, that's mostly my fault, cause I have always sheltered and shielded her. She is on the heavy side and has always been very self-conscious about it. She doesn't have many male friends, and I don't even know if she is seeing anyone at the moment.

Like I said, I am house sitting for her, while she is on a much-needed vacation. She is visiting some relatives in another state. I was bored and decided to go on her computer. I don't own one but I do know my way around them. Anyway! I saw this file marked stories. Being a mother, I had to open it. I was shocked and surprised to find that it was full of nasty stories. But there was another folder marked, "Sam's Stories". I opened it and found story after story written by you. Some were marked in bold red letters and some in black. I don't know why but I opened one of the ones marked in bold red. It was titled, "Watched". I began to read it and as I did I could feel something begin to change in me. I had heard of these types of stories but I always imagined them filled with vulgar 4 letter words and men just using women for sex. But this story caught me and held me until the end.

I was taken by the way the man made the woman feel. And yet, he seemed so concerned about her pleasures. By the time I turned off the computer, my hands were shaking and I could feel my panties were wet. (Something that does not happen to me.) You see, after my husband died, I dated for awhile, but gave it up as a lost cause. Since then I have tried not to think about sex. What with all the diseases out there, why take a chance? And I was never the type to play with myself, so I just didn't think about it. But that story left me weak. I tried not to think about it. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. Then, I did something that I would have never thought myself capable of doing before. I went thru my daughter's things. You see, at the end of each story, Cynthia writes a little narrative about how it affected her. And after this story, what she wrote shamed and excited me greatly.

At the end of the story, she wrote that she took one of her many dildos, placed a mirror in front of her bed and masturbated. She said that she watched herself cum, until she couldn't cum any more. And all the time she thought about you watching her do it. Well, they say that if you look for something don't get upset when you find it! And boy did I ever! In a box, inside her closet, I found things that I could never imagine my daughter ever thinking about. But I see that she not only has them, she uses them regularly. I didn't even know what some of them were, until I read more of your stories. There were nipple clamps, butt plugs, ball gags, an assortment of dildos and different sizes and types of vibrators. I was at first appalled that she would have these things. But then my curiosity got the better of me.

I closed the box and made myself a stiff drink. The more I sat there, the more I thought about your stories and the comments that my daughter had written about them. I felt compelled to go back and read another story. My hands shook as I started up the computer. The next story I read was "Veggies". Do people really fuck their food? Well from the comment after the story, my Cynthia certainly does! She wrote that she had to try to fuck almost everything in her frig. And that zucchini and cucumbers are much better than hotdogs and sausages. And carrots fit well up her tight ass. I couldn't read any more. Although the idea of my Cynthia with a carrot stuck up her behind made me laugh out loud. (Why don't I feel embarrassed telling you all of this?)

I made another drink, only this time it was strong. I sat in the chair and could feel my nipples grow hard. My breathing was ragged and my knees were opening and closing. I don't recall ever being this wet before, even when I was married. My husband and I were very conventional about sex. By the third drink, I found myself in my daughter's bedroom staring at myself in her wall mirror. I was trying to imagine if you would find me sexy. What was happening to me? I had never had thoughts like this before. I slowly undressed and that didn't help my ego a bit. You see I am on the thin side, with a small chest. Not the kind of woman, that a man like you would get excited over I bet?

I sat on the bed looking at myself in the mirror. My hand slowly went to my nipples and I began to tweak them the way I felt you would do it. It was so strange watching my thighs open slowly. I held my breath as my hands slowly slid over my hardened tits. I gasped as they touched the soft hair that surrounds my pussy. I'm laughing. Does the idea of some grey hair around a pussy excite you? I sat on the bed and slowly stroked the lips of my pussy. I couldn't believe how wet I had become. And my lips have never been as swollen they were. Mr. Sam, I couldn't stop myself. I watched in the mirror as my fingers slowly worked in and out of my pussy. I don't ever remember cumming as hard as I did sitting there. I had so much juice pooled around my pussy I had to pull the sheets from the bed and wash them. I felt dirty and ashamed. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I opened Cynthia's computer so that I could send this letter to you. But I will not be reading any more of your stories." Samantha PS. I will check my daughter's mail to see if you answer me.

I sat at my computer and read the email twice. Then my hand dropped to my lap and I slowly stroked my hard dick. The idea that this woman had gotten so turned on over my stories had me hot as a pistol. And being a writer that enjoys writing incest stories, the fact that she saw my stories on her daughter's computer, added spice to the meal. I wrote her back a nice letter hoping to bring her out.

Hello Samantha: First let me say that I thank you very much for your kind words. And from the way you word things, I can tell that you are a mature, educated and classy lady (smile). It's surprising the things we find out about our children, isn't it. I do hope that finding out that your daughter, Cynthia, has an active and healthy sexual appetite, even if she doesn't get a chance to use it, eases your mind some. I can understand your feelings about the so-called new sexual revolution. I am in my mid 50's also. But believe me, it is quite normal for a man or woman that somehow feels a bit shy about their sexual attractiveness, to seek pleasure in stories. You said that Cynthia is a woman of substance. I never say that a woman is large or fat. Well that is in many ways a plus for her.

There are some men and women that wish for all their partners, to be shaped like the models that you see in books or pictures. And to those people I say, "Boy, are you mistaken". I have enjoyed the average woman and have made it a point to make sure that my stories include only those types of women and men. The average man or woman that reads my stories isn't your super model type. They are the men and women that wear glasses, have braces, are over or under weight, short with a lot of substance, or tall and thin, black or white. (And your being thin with perky titties would turn me on not turn me off! So there!) Some of them have skin that is smooth as a baby's ass. Others have skin hardened by years of outside weathering. But all in all, they are your normal everyday human beings.

I was always told that when you go looking into things, you many times find what you least expect. You sheltered Cynthia because you wanted to keep her from harm. You saw her shyness and over abundance, as handicaps to her enjoyment of life. And feeling a bit uncertain of herself, she became the woman in the stories I write. Well Samantha, I am very happy that Cynthia has found the outlet she needs. And maybe it will help her to establish a friendship with someone that will appreciate all the sexual joy she has to offer. I know that if I met a woman with the sexual appetite that you say she expresses in her comments, I would really enjoy her.

But you wrote to me and I will address the rest of the letter to you. I know that many of the things that you read are sexually stimulating and exciting to you. You had a husband that enjoyed you for you. But we live in a time now when sex is not just for making babies. It is for the sheer enjoyment of pleasing your partner. No! Being thin would not turn me off. In fact, I would think that your small tits would feel very good in my mouth. Are your nipples sensitive? Yes, Samantha, I would have watched you as you lay on the bed. I would have enjoyed seeing you slowly turn yourself on. Then as you slowly excited yourself even more, I would have talked to you.

If I were there in Cynthia's house with you, I would go to the frig. I know that she must keep all the right veggies and fruits to make pleasure more enjoyable. Would it feel sexy if I slowly worked a nicely shaped zucchini up into you? Sucking your nipples tenderly as I did it? Would you open wide for me Samantha? I can tell you that once I got you very wet, I would slowly remove the zucchini and let my tongue and lips enjoy your juices. Has a man that truly loves to be oral ever brought you to orgasm? I don't mean one that just licks you! I mean, a man that is really into making love to your pussy with his tongue?

You said that your hands shook from reading my stories. That they grabbed you and made you want to continue to read them! Well Samantha, I write my stories in a way that lets my readers know that I am sharing my secrets with them. I am telling them about the adventure, the passion, the lust and yes, even the plain, raw, "sex for sex sake" fun of it all! I want them to put themselves into the story. I want them to think of what it will feel like if it happens to them. And I think that is what happened to you. Even if you don't want to admit it! Be honest with me Samantha! How good did it feel, when you came watching yourself in the mirror? I bet that if you go back and re-read the comments that Cynthia wrote, you will see that is just what she wrote about. How it felt when she imagined it happening to her that way. I hope you do read more of my stories and I hope to hear from you again, soon. Spanker Sam

One day passed and I didn't receive a word from my inquisitive mother. Then I opened my email and found three messages from her. I read each one slowly. And with each one, I could see that her sexuality had not only blossomed, it had in some ways exploded.

Hello Sammie: I hope you don't mind my formality. I read your letter and have to tell you that at first I got mad as hell! Then I reread it while sipping on a drink. Why does alcohol make things seem different? Anyway! I did as you suggested and reread Cynthia's comments. Damn! I guess I read only what I wanted to. She was a lot more explicit about what she thought and felt than I read into. You're right. She did imagine a man doing those things to her. And that man believe it or not, was you. She wanted it to be an older man like you. One, who would appreciate the fact that she isn't all that experienced in sex. She wanted it to be you directing her as she played with her pussy. And it was you that introduced her to the joys of fruits and vegetables.

How do you make things that I have always thought of as gross or nasty seem so sexual? I read more of your stories. I know! I said I wouldn't! But after your letter I couldn't help it. I read "She Pees!" I never thought, that the simple act of taking a piss could be in any way sexual. But I have to admit; I have since changed my mind. Can I tell you a secret? I even slowly fingered my pussy when I took piss! I came so hard, I think I shouted! (Big grin!) And the comments that Cynthia wrote after that story had me so red, I had to close the screen and catch my breath. I am pasting a copy of her exact words so that you will see what you have done to her. I feel like I am starting to share a lover with my own daughter. Does that make me a slut like the women in your stories?

"I am sitting in the chair in my kitchen. Sam caught me reading the story about a woman pissing. He told me that he would show me what she loved about it. Sam has been slowly fucking my mouth with his hard black dick. Sometimes he makes me gag, by pushing it deep in my throat. But he only laughs as he pulls it back. He has been calling me names like in his stories and I only get hotter as he does. I am looking up at him as his long dick slowly works in and out of my mouth. I love the taste and feel of it sliding over my lips. His hands are rubbing and massaging my big tits. He is calling me his sweet, juicy, fat slut. And somehow, him calling me fat doesn't make me feel bad at all.

He makes me close my eyes. Sam told me that if I didn't drink all of him, he would never touch me again. I couldn't stand that, so I will make him proud of me. Suddenly, I feel it begin to slowly dribble into my mouth. My whole body is shaking but he told me not to cum. It is bitter and hot. But suddenly, it is the most exciting thing that anyone has ever done to me. I can hardly keep myself from cumming. Will he drink me like in the story? I hope so. Suddenly he stops and pulls out. I feel it burning as it splashes over my tits and down to my hairy pussy. Oh shit! I'm gonna cum from having this delicious man piss on me. And I want it! Oh how I need it!

Sam told me to scoot my big fat black ass to the edge of the chair. He's on his knees before me. I never knew a man could enjoy licking a pussy so much. But he never stops. He looks up at me and asks me to please him with my nectar. I laugh, cause I never heard of piss being called anything but piss! But I would do anything to please this man. He has given me pleasures like I never experienced before. He pushes my fat thighs open wide, and fastens his mouth to my hairy slit. I can feel his tongue slowly fucking my hole. How can I pee when he makes me feel like I need to cum so hard? But then he begins to suck my clit.

I cry out in pleasure and pain. But the way he is jerking it back and forth as he sucks, makes me want to let go. Suddenly I feel it explode from me. I grab his head to hold him there, but he slaps my hands away. He grabs my nipples and pulls them hard, making me cry out. And I piss all the harder. He's drinking me! I can feel him sucking it from my pulsing pussy. Then I feel my pussy explode in the wildest, most intense climax I have ever had. And Sam is right there at my pussy. Drinking like a man gone wild! I cum again and even more piss shoots from my pussy. Then I collapse into the chair. When I open my eyes, Sam is gone. But the floor is covered with a spreading puddle. How I need that to happen to me. I would give anything to have Sam do that to me. But he wouldn't want a fat ugly bitch like me. I clean up my piss and go to bed. Another night of humping my vibrator and dildo, wishing for a man like him."

Sammie! I cried reading the anguish of my daughter's loneliness. I wish that I could find a man to give her that kind of pleasure. Hey! Want to rent yourself out? I pay well! And there is nothing I wouldn't do to give my baby some pleasure in her life. I guess you know that it was her words and descriptions that sent me into the bathroom to experiment. And Damn! I think I scared myself! I had to clean up the bathroom floor. It shot all over the place when I stood up to give you better room. I know! I'm starting to sound like Cynthia. I see that you write a lot of incest stories. I am not into that, but I will read one to see how you treat the family in it. Hell! It seems like you're already fucking Cynthia and me in our minds anyway. Samantha

This time I had to stop and jerk off as I read her letter. Did my stories have that much of an effect on every reader? I know that I have gotten many responses and a lot of offers because of them. But to hear Cynthia talk about it, she would be willing to pay me to give her the kind of pleasures that I would willingly give for free. And Samantha is getting more turned on by what she reads. But I think that she is also secretly getting off, on knowing what her daughter is doing to herself. Could I give her a push towards helping Cynthia to fulfill some of her dark desires? I can only hope, as I wait to hear from her again.

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