tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Mother's Tears

A Mother's Tears

byAngel Love©

A Mother's Tears
by angel love

My tears are for the many that have lost their lives in times of war...
My tears are for the little children who will never have a first date...
My tears are for the mommies and daddies who had to watch them die...
My tears are for the young men who had to give there lives for a cause that most to this day have no idea what was all about...
My tears are for the families of those soldiers whose precious remains they picked up at the airport...
My tears are for the POW’s and the MIA’s who may still be in fear and pain today...
My tears are for the soldiers who came home and tried to be active citizens in this country once again and were shunned and taunted as if they were criminals...
My tears are for so many people who still live in constant fear for their lives...
My tears are for the world that may destroy itself before my grandchildren are grown and old enough to vote for good leaders to guide it...
My tears are selfish ones for my son who is going to Iraq in September...
My tears are because I am not a real angel that can protect him...

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