tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Natural Sissy Ch. 06

A Natural Sissy Ch. 06


Author's note: This is a story about a woman turning a man into a compliant, sissified plaything. If that idea doesn't appeal to you, don't read the story. If you don't like this kind of story, but read it anyway, please don't bomb me. I warned you to go away. If you like the idea, read on, and don't forget to vote and leave a comment. More will be added if comments from readers justifies it.

Chapter 06: Stacy Finds Joy With Joy

I had told Stacy to write about how he came to be a sissy, even before I set it in concrete. But I need him up here in the bedroom now for another round of sissy humiliation. I've been entertaining Amanda and Joel, or Joy, I guess I should say. They just moved in next door a couple of days ago, and Amanda and I had a nice conversation yesterday after she revealed that her husband Joel was a sissy extraordinaire. I had asked her to bring her sissy over today to meet mine. We've just finished humiliating Joy, and now Stacy is on his way up to meet Joy.

"Oh, there you are, Stacy. I think you spoke to Amanda and Joy when they arrived, but now I want you to get to know them better, so get your clothes off and join us on the bed." I watched Stacy as he looked at the bed, probably wondering where he could find space since there were three of us there already. But then he started carefully removing his outer clothing. When he was down to his bra, crotch-less panties, garter belt and stockings, I said, "That's far enough, dear. Now just climb up here next to me." I unceremoniously shoved Joy over to make room. He landed on top of Amanda. That's right, now, on your back, honey buns."

As he settled back on the bed I started stroking his cock to see if he had taken his Viagra this morning. He had. His nine inches were aimed at the ceiling like a flagpole. It was time to start the game. "Now, Joy, I want you to get over Stacy, with your little clitty right over his mouth. Then I want you to suck Stacy's nice big cock for him and see if you can entice him to suck your little clit."

Joy was a bit under endowed, so calling it a clit was a source of embarrassment for him. I saw his face flush as he climbed on top of Stacy and silently began sucking.

Amanda broke in, "Joy, if you fail to get Stacy to suck your clitty, your ass is in serious trouble, so you'd better damn well start working on that cock like you mean it."

I smiled as Joy started sucking more seriously, and he licked Stacy's shaft from top to bottom and back again several times, pausing to twirl his tongue over the head of Stacy's rampart cock, then licking the opening where he hoped some cum would appear shortly. Stacy's cock responded, twitching rapidly.

I said, "Stacy, you are not to suck Joy's little clitty until you just can't stand it any more. But when Joy really starts to please your cock in earnest, you may suck it."

Stacy hasn't had his cock sucked in a long time, so naturally, it wasn't long until he leaned his head up and took Joy's small cock in his mouth. It only took three or four sucks to bring Joy to a full-blown ejaculation. As he jerked, his cock was pulled from Stacy's mouth, and his cum spilled onto Stacy's face. This in turn triggered Stacy and he exploded, too, his larger dose if cum hitting the back of Joy's throat, causing Joy to have to swallow. Meanwhile, Amanda and I took seats in the occasional chairs beside the bed and watched to two sissies as they recovered from their experience. Joy finally rolled off of Stacy, and rearranged him to recline next to Stacy.

"Oh, Stacy, darling, that was wonderful. I think I'm in love. Will you be my sweetheart?" Joy begged.

Stacy looked at me for a clue how he should respond. He certainly didn't want to upset me. I nodded in perceptively in assent.

"I guess so Joy, since you live right next door, I guess it would be alright."

That really set Joy off. He took Stacy's head in both hands and started kissing him wildly, showering kisses all over his face. "Oh, I'm so happy, Stacy. Amanda, is it alright? I mean, I should have asked."

"Yes, Joelie, it's alright. I think it will do you both a lot of good to be girlfriends. But you must understand that Stacy will be in charge, and you must always obey her when you are together."

"Oh, I will. I will. Stacy, I'll do whatever you say."

Stacy looked a bit confused. It has been a long time since he was in charge of anything, much less another sissy.

I noticed that Amanda was now calling Joy by another name. Joelie. So I asked, "What's with the name change, Amanda?"

"Oh, that? That's what I cal him at home. I only call him Joy when we are with people we don't know well. But now that we are becoming good friends, I'd prefer that we all call him Joelie, even when we are out together. Well, unless the guys are in male mode."

I didn't quite understand the logic behind all of that, but I didn't question it. "Okay, Joelie, it is. Did you hear that Stacy? Joy is Joelie from now on."

Stacy replied, "Yes ma'am, I heard it. I like Joelie better, myself. It has a certain ring to it."

"It's time to go downstairs now, Amanda. Let's get our clothes on and we'll wait for the sissies to shower and come down in a few minutes. Sissies, no more clothes than you are in now after you shower. Then downstairs, understood?"

In unison, "Yes, ma'am." The guys rushed to the shower as Amanda and I went downstairs. It was quite a while before the sissies showed up, profusely apologizing for taking so much time.

It's alright," I said, "I know how it is when you find a new love." Amanda just smirked.

"So what do you want us to do, Gail," Stacy ventured.

"I think you two need to spend some more time together, don't you think?"

"Oh, yes ma'am," Joelie rushed to reply. "What do you want me to do, Stacy?"

Stacy was hesitant. So Joelie continued, "I'll suck your pretty cock again if you want me to. Or whatever."

Stacy didn't know what to say. He looked at me for a sign of a hint. I just nodded.

Then Amanda chimed in, "That's a good idea. Stacy, why don't you sit over here in this chair, and Joelie can kneel between your legs and suck all he wants."

So that's what the two sissies did, while Amanda and I just chatted the hours away. I noticed that Joelie was a great cocksucker, and he had Stacy climbing the walls. It took a while for Stacy to cum again, even with the exquisite manipulations he was getting from his newfound friend. Once or twice I noticed that Stacy took charge, and began fucking Joe lie's face a bit harshly. Neither Amanda nor I said anything to them.

Then the moment came. Stacy started moaning, followed by incantations of "Oh, my. Oh, my." Then he rammed his cock down Joelie's throat and let loose a massive load of cum. Everyone was surprised, especially Joelie, who coughed and gagged at the intrusion of his throat.

I couldn't help but comment. "Stacy, look what you've done. Poor Joelie is coughing and sputtering because you got carried away. I think you need to apologize."

"Oh, no, Miss Gail. Stacy is in charge, and he can do whatever he wants. He should never apologize to me for anything he does."

Before Stacy could chime in, I answered, "Well, that's all well and good, Jolie, but Stacy needs to mind his manners. So he's going to give you a nice blowjob now, aren't you, Stacy?" I glanced at Amanda briefly, and she was trying so hard not to break out in a fit of laughter.

"Yes, ma'am. I guess I do owe Joelie something for that wonderful job he did for me. Sit down here, Joelie. I'm gonna give you a nice blowjob, just like you did me."

Joelie looked at Amanda, to see if she thought it was okay. Amanda just nodded, almost imperceptivity.

The evening wore on, with the sissies whispering to each other, giggling, and pumping each other's cock.

Finally, Amanda thought it best to end the time together, and excused the pair, "It's time we get going, Gail. Joelie has some chores to finish before bedtime, and it's already getting late. We enjoyed the visit, and we need to do this on a regular basis, now that the sissies are such good friends."

I rose as Amanda did. "It is rather late, and Stacy has lingerie to wash by hand and one or two other things to do as well. It has been a very nice visit. Come back anytime. Oh, and call me tomorrow around lunchtime, will you?"

"I will. Come along Joelie. Time to get to work." There were kisses and hugs all around, and then they left for their home next door.

What's the phone call all about, dear reader? And what else will tomorrow bring?

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