tagLoving WivesA Neighbor Visits

A Neighbor Visits


My cute wife, Pam, was laying face-down in the backyard on a beach towel, sunning herself to tan her pleasantly plump body. She was wearing a skimpy bikini. Or, I should say, half of it. The teeny top was untied, beneath her between the towel and her breasts. She was baring her back to avoid a pale strap line on her skin.

The bikini's tiny bottom barely covered her rounded buttocks swelling out from either side of the v-shaped flimsy material. Basically, the only thing it hid from stares was the crack of her ass. On the front side, when she is wearing what I consider the two fabric patches of a top, her heavy breasts are barely contained. They sag from their own weight, straining against the flimsy material serving as support. Her nipples protrude, tenting the material from beneath, making them visibly obvious. Overall, the bikini strikes me as being a few sizes too small for Pam's ripe curvy figure.

Our next door neighbor, Bob, came wandering into our yard with a friendly greeting, clad only in shorts and shoe thongs, beer in hand. He's an older man, thick-bodied with a paunch, thin salt-and-pepper hair, and the longtime pleasure sins of alcohol and cigarettes. Since separating from his wife of twenty-something years a few months ago, Pam and I had taken the initiative of inviting him over to our house for dinner.

I was cleaning the outside grill, preparing to cook some hamburgers. Rolling over to say hello to Bob, Pam clutched her bikini top to her breasts. Foiling her effort at modesty, one of her big tits came spilling out into clear view. With a feigned look of frustration, Pam lifted the neck string to tie it. As she did, both tits slid came slipping out from under her rising top. Pam acted as if exposing her hefty drooping tits to the casual view of Bob was no big deal.

"I haven't seen those in a while," my neighbor said, a reference to his wife leaving for a trial separation. "Those are nice. Hope you take good care of them," he said to me.

"Not always," Pam smiled, tying the back strap. Positioning her melon-sized breasts in the-too-small-cups, she said, "They get lonely sometimes. Like lately. They've gone untouched, except by me."

"Whoa, that's a shame," Bob grinned. "If you feel you need it, I can help with that problem, anytime."

"I might take you up on it," Pam flirted before letting on she was teasing by sticking out her tongue at me with a wink. She walked away to retrieve a beer with an exaggerated sway of her curvy hips, bringing attention to the moving globes of her plump ass, knowing Bob and I were watching. I could see my wife was enjoying her near naked body being ogled. I'd often suspected Pam was an exhibitionist at heart.

"Hey, Pam," Bob called to her, shaking his empty beer can for effect. "I'm out of suds. Bring me another can when you get yours, honey, and I'll give you a big kiss for doing it."

"Will do," Pam smiled. "And I'll hold you to your word."

"I promise," Bob said, making a cross-my-heart sign across his chest with one hand.

Pam disappeared into the house and came back toting a beer in each hand. Walking up to Bob, she started to give him one. Jerking it back from him at the last instant with a teasing grin, she said, "You owe me. Payoff, first; before I fork-over the beer."

She tilted her face toward him for a kiss. I expected it to be a peck on the cheek.

It wasn't.

Bob slid an arm around my wife's waist, pulling her close, mashing her big soft breasts against his fleshy hair-matted chest. He kissed Pam full on the lips, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Instead of protesting, my wife rubbed her body against Bob's, inter-twining her tongue with his. Almost in a reflex action, one of Bob's hands slid down to squeeze Pam's soft butt. He groped my wife a few seconds longer, finally ending their kiss by saying to me, "That was nice of your sweetie, bringing me a beer. You have her well trained."

"Hardly," Pam said with a big grin, moving away. Only then did I notice him removing his hand from her near-naked ass with a departing pat of affection on one rounded cheek.

"I'm going to change," Pam said, picking up her beach towel and going inside the house. Bob and I fell into an inane conversation about sports until my wife returned a few minutes later. During our talk, I came to the conclusion Bob was half-drunk. Upon her return, I noticed Pam was equally intoxicated.

She was still wearing her bikini top, but the bottom had been replaced by a pair of well-worn, faded jean cut-offs. The pant legs had been hacked off high on her plump thighs, the fringed-edge leg holes nearly even with her crotch. When she perched her butt atop the wooden picnic table to sit, thighs spread open, I could see a few black pubic hairs curling out from beneath her jean's narrow crotch. She looked nasty. Not only to my eyes. I realized Bob had an easy view, too. A random thought popped into my mind; Bob now knows Pam isn't a true blonde.

"I'm out of beer," Bob declared, pitching his empty bottle into a nearby trashcan. "Looks like you're empty, too, Pam. C'mon, let's go to my place. You can help me bring back some more."

Pam scooted down from the table top, linking an arm with one of his in a friendly gesture. "Lead on," she said, walking off together towards his house. They looked like a cozy couple.

That prompted my curiosity, especially after Pam openly flirting with Bob earlier in front of me. They had no idea I was following on their heels, becoming a Peeping Tom looking through a kitchen window. Time was short and they didn't waste any.

After walking through the door, Bob spun Pam around in his arms, probing her mouth with his tongue in a passionate kiss. One of his hands slid down, unsnapping Pam's short cut-off jeans while backing her into the kitchen counter. Pressed-up against it, she returned the favor, reaching out to unfasten Bob's shorts.

Bob pushed Pam's shorts down to the floor—she wasn't wearing panties—rubbing her hairy pussy mound. Breaking off his kiss, he slid a finger into her juicy cunt. "Wow, you're wet, baby," he said, inserting two more fingers alongside the first to continue finger-banging my cute wife. Gasping, she cupped his hand in both of hers, pressing against it to hold him deep inside her pussy.

"Hmm, that's it, Pam. Jam my fingers into your sloppy pussy."

Pam has a big gash. When aroused, her pussy gets swampy wet, causing it to be extra loose. I have an average size penis, but it's not big enough to fill her cavity when she gets super turned-on or has an orgasm. Often, fucking my wife's overly-moist snatch, doing neither of us any good, Pam will reach between our bodies, jacking me off to cum inside her. After blowing my wad, there's no considering sloppy seconds. She's too loose-fitting. To get her off I need a huge dildo that's kept handy to fuck her used cunt while she fingers her clit. She begs me to eat her cum-filled pussy, but I can never bring myself to do it, even though the cream-pie oozing from her hole is mine.

Bob jerked the front of Pam's bikini top up over her breasts. My wife's big soft tits were clamped together between her arms stretching down to her pussy and Bob's hand, causing the big orbs to swell out with a deep cleavage. Bob dipped his head, sucking one of Pam's pert nipples into his mouth. She has large pink areolas with small nipples which are very sensitive. When Bob began nibbling the hard nub of her nipple, Pam moved a hand up from her pussy, cupping the back of his head in an intimate motion familiar to me, moaning in pleasure.

I was rock hard. Seeing my wife naked and being felt-up by another man with her willing consent. My emotion was a conflicting mix of jealousy and a voyeuristic thrill of wanting to watch more unfold; yet, not wanting it to happen. Not that I thought it would. Figuring they had to realize it wouldn't be long before I began wondering why they weren't back and came looking for them.

I was wrong.

Bob twirled Pam around to face the counter and bent her over, elbows on the counter. Buck naked except for sandals, broad ass stuck out, Pam's hairy pussy was easy to view and ready to fuck.

Stepping behind her bare butt, Bob simultaneously pushed the waistbands of his shorts and underwear down to mid-thigh. His cock popped free, bobbing stiffly. It was huge. Sprouting from a dense tangle of dark pubic hair, a big ball sac full of semen dangling beneath, it was much thicker and far longer than mine.

Guiding his huge cock to her slit with one hand, Bob aligned it with my wife's pussy hole as she waited patiently for him to put it in. I knew she was already what she called "gooey". Her hot pussy slick with juices, making it soft, loose, and ready for a hard dick. Anybody's, I thought, watching her with Bob.

Bob twitched his hips, sending the blunt head of his cock inside my wife. I almost popped a nut at the sight of it. He delayed, wrapping an arm around her waist. Pam waited. Standing stock-still, holding her big butt steady for his convenience, making Bob's entry easy.

Holding her tight, he began slowly shoving his thick cock meat into my wife inch by inch with one smooth motion. "Oh, yeah, Pam. Your pussy feels good, bitch."

"Hmm, you do, too," she breathed, beginning to gently roll her ass, rotating her wet pussy on Bob's cock. "Your cock is wonderful. It fills me up."

"Like it do you, baby?" he asked, pushing the last of his big cock inside her to the hilt, his balls flush with the rounded cheeks of her soft ass.

"Yes," she said with a grunt, eyes closed, savoring the sensation.

"Like it better than your husband's?" He ground his body against Pam's, creating a physical friction to heighten the pleasure of his hard cock inside her.

She remained silent, pressing her big soft ass back against him, keeping their contact firm.

Bob reached around her, roughly kneading one of my wife's heavy hanging tits in a hand, tweaking a nipple hard between his fingers. Pam yelped, more surprised than hurt as Bob asked, "Do you? You like this cock best? Tell me."

"Y-yes," she said, rolling her plump ass faster while pressing back into him. "You're so much bigger. It's been a long time. I haven't made love to a big cock since I got married ten years ago."

That admission should've had me reeling, feeling sexually inadequate. Instead, I had a raging hard-on, so stiff my cock ached.

"Made love?" Bob questioned, fucking her faster. "Try admitting you love to fuck. Truth be known, you've been cheating on hubby for years."

"Oh, no, I—"

"—Don't lie, whore. I've watched you talking to the black guy across the street along with his friends. Dressed slutty, accidentally flashing yourself, letting them feast on you with their eyes, giving the impression you're theirs for the asking."

Pam didn't deny it.

Bob's words of accusation or truth seemed to turn them both on, along with me. Bob fucked my wife harder and faster, her moaning became more guttural, and I unzipped my shorts, stroking my throbbing cock, close to blowing my wad in excitement. I was turned-on seeing another man casually using my wife's body for his pleasure.

"Maybe I'll ask them to join me in gangbanging your married ass. I'm sure they'll be quick to agree," he said, the strokes of his cock becoming short, quick, and deep in Pam's sloppy cunt. I could tell he was about to cum.

Pam knew it, too. "Wait, wait" she begged, near to her own climax, wanting him to let her finish.

Bob ignored her pleas, thrusting his big cock deep inside her to the balls and went motionless, buttocks clenched. I knew he was spurting his seed into my wife.

She stopped moving as well for Bob to squirt jet after jet of his hot sticky sperm into her waiting cunt. When he relaxed, spasms subsiding, Pam once again began rolling her plump butt gently, milking his cock of cum as she's done mine many times.

"Sorry, baby, I didn't last long," Bob smiled without truly apologizing, jerking his deflating cock coated with a sheen of cum and pussy juice out of her wet hole. "It's been awhile since Suzie took off and I've gotten a piece of ass."

He simultaneously pulled up his underwear and shorts while Pam remained in place, bent over with elbows on the kitchen counter top, naked, with her pussy oozing his semen. "But, after your hubby goes to bed, we'll have more time to fuck. Meaning we can take things slower. Enjoy it better, before I dump another load into you."

My cock was about to explode I was so turned-on, but I wanted to keep on edge, feeling nasty. With difficulty, I stuffed my stiff prick back into my shorts, wanting to cum but denying myself. Getting that feat accomplished, I moved to the kitchen porch steps, scuffling my feet so the cheating pair could plainly hear me approaching.

I knocked briefly before checking if the door was unlocked. It was. I opened it, tenatively calling out "Hello' while stepping into the kitchen.

"There you are," I said, acting if I'd suddenly found them and was blissfully unaware of anything amiss, like Bob fucking my wife with his huge cock. He appeared normal, digging a six pack of cold beer out of his refrigerator. Pam was buttoning the snap of her cut-off jean shorts. "The food's ready. I was wondering when you were coming back to eat."

My wife surreptitiously slid the jean's zipper closed as I spoke, probably hoping I didn't notice. I pretended not to, although I thought about the crotch seam of Pam's shorts, cutting into the gash of her puffy pussy mound, becoming damp and sticky from another man's seeping cum.

Pam flexed a shoulder, trying to reposition her bikini top. One of her big tits straining against the flimsy material wasn't quite in place following her hurry to dress in response to my arrival. Finally, she reached up to tuck her melon-size breast in properly. An image of Bob's mouth on her tit, the aureole and nipple glistening from his slobber, came to mind.

Without achieving an orgasm after coming so close, I knew Pam was hot and horny. There was Bob's plan to fuck her, again. And then, there was me. Rather than being affronted, I was bursting with lust, obsessed by the sight of my cute wife with another man. What did I want to happen?

The night was just beginning.

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by Anonymous

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by cdCindy104/07/18

I loved this story

I often fantasize about my wife fucking other men in front of me - making me a cuckhold. Since I suck cock and get fucked by men with big cocks, I would love to see my wife get the same and do it whilemore...

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by Anonymous10/07/17

The wife needed to resist a little more.

The story falls apart when she agrees to go to his house to fetch a few beers. She's too easy and you let your readers down by not providing enough build-up and sexual tension. She needs to think aboutmore...

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by Anonymous08/25/17

The night was just beginning

And your marriage was just ending.... lucky you!

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by 1WiseSage08/24/17


Sorry, but she's not your wife anymore. She's just another lying, cheating, slut-whore, thief with a giant, distended cunt looking to fill it with watermelons and circus freaks. All the while stealingmore...

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