tagNovels and NovellasA New Dawn Ch. 05

A New Dawn Ch. 05


"Jesus, look at your tits." Phillip couldn't stop himself.

Lisa blushed. "Don't. I feel so self-conscious. I'm not sure I can do this."

Dawn barged Phillip to one side. "Ignore him, he's been talking about this all day. Come in. You look absolutely fantastic." Lisa was wearing just the one piece of clothing, as promised. It was a simple yellow cotton dress, stopping midway down her thigh. The spaghetti straps were tied in bows on each shoulder and it went straight across from the front. It was tight, so Lisa's breasts jiggled and bounced with every movement. Their shape was clearly detectable as too full globes, which sat high on her rib cage. Dawn noted with a twinge of jealousy that they didn't sag at all, and formed a natural cleavage. The darkness of her areolae was evident as large globes covering the full front of the breast. As she entered the whole chest swayed and then settled. Phillip stared. "Sorry Lisa, I didn't mean to embarrass you. But they really are a magnificent pair."

"Phillip!" Dawn slapped his hand. She was wearing a black jumpsuit, with a built in bra. It was unzipped to show some cleavage, but its effect was not nearly as provocative as Lisa's.

Noticing this Lisa said, "that's not fair. Yours has got a built in bra. You tricked me!"

Dawn smiled, she had wanted Lisa to be the main focus of attention, and she certainly would be. "Not so much tricked you – I just chose carefully."

"Do we need confirmation that it's only one piece of clothing?" Phillip asked.

Dawn looked at Lisa, who sighed and turning round, quickly whipped up her skirt to reveal her naked bum for a second.

"Happy?" she asked.

"Yes, very. Shall we go then?"

They drove to a nearby pub, which had opened recently. Lisa sat in silence all the way while Phillip tried to distract her with small talk. As they walked from the car Lisa tried unsuccessfully to perfect a walking style which would cause her breasts to bounce obviously.

"You first," said Phillip, opening the door for her.

As she entered three men seated at a tall table all stopped talking and watched her. She hesitated but Dawn came behind her and gave her a gentle push whispering "go on in, remember you're in charge."

"Nice dress love," one of the men commented, nodding towards her chest.

"Thanks," Lisa replied as boldly as she could muster. The men watched her arse as she walked away from them, muttering about the things they would like to do to her.

An old couple were eating a meal and the man stopped, his piece of steak poised inches from his mouth. His wife carried on talking, her back to Lisa so unaware of what her husband was transfixed by. The rhythm of her breast movement had gained a powerful momentum so as she hurried to here seat they rose, almost to the point of emerging from the top of the dress, and then crashed downwards, like breaking waves. She winked at the old man who was startled back from his reverie and looked hurriedly at his wife, who continued with her conversation, oblivious to the interchange.

Lisa sat in a booth with Dawn, while Phillip bought the drinks.

"That was fun wasn't it?" Dawn asked.

Lisa was breathing heavily, "I don't know. It's nothing really, but in the context of all your stories it felt like an endurance test. I feel like I've just run a hundred metres." Then, giggling, "did you see the old guy over there? I thought he was going to have a heart attack when I winked at him."

Dawn chuckled, "I know. Great isn't it? Men are just so weak about this."

"What's that?" Phillip placed the drinks on the table.

"Just saying how weak you men are."

"I know. Morally, and for me, physically. A good pair of breasts does actually leave me feeling slightly weak. So, with you two tonight, I'm barely able to lift my pint."

"Anyway, on with the stories," Lisa said, nudging Dawn's hand to begin.

"Right. Well I left Naples and travelled by train and boat to Paros. Nothing much to report on the journey I'm afraid. I met Maria's cousin, Luca, in the bar of the hotel Zeus. Like Maria, he was big and not particularly friendly. The bar had two parts to it, one overlooking the pool where you served during the day, and then it continued inside to the bar and restaurant area, which was busy at night. It was quite a large hotel and packed in the summer, so with minutes of arriving I was busy serving.

"I was determined not to let things drift this time, as I had done in Capri. As soon as I started I was thinking about every person, man or woman, who came to the bar, 'is this one? Should I try something?' I felt a bit ashamed to be honest. People were chatting away and I was thinking 'shall I fuck them?' Like all recent converts I was a bit over-eager.

"Anyway, despite it occupying nearly every conscious thought, nothing happened for a couple of days. There were quite a few bar staff, but one girl I had noticed on particular. She had blonde hair and the most amazing legs. She was slim, with striking green eyes, but what I really noticed was her strong chin and the accompanying self-confidence. She always wore tight shorts and little tops which showed her smooth stomach. She seemed dismissive of almost everyone around her, which of course only drew them to her even more. I hadn't even spoken to her, I found her too intimidating, but I couldn't stop looking at her when she was working. I had found out her name was Abbi and she was American, but that was it.

"On my third day we were working the pool bar together. She didn't say hello and about half way through the shift she began talking to an Italian woman I had seen around. She was beautiful, with long curly black hair and a gorgeous smile. She kept showing this now as she talked to Abbi, in what I recognised as a flirtatious manner. It was obvious that Abbi was having an effect on her, and equally obvious that Abbi meant to do just that.

"I had to serve a young teenager, who had those first flush of hormones racing around him. Earlier he had ordered a coke by talking directly to my breast. Now, he ignored and stared, open-mouthed at Abbi and her friend. I gave him his drink and change and when I turned back, they had gone. I saw them disappearing beyond the pool, holding hands heading for the beach.

"I sat there for a while. Then I couldn't resist it. I _had_ to go and see what they were doing. Most people were sunbathing so I quickly hopped over the bar and followed after them. A rocky path led down to the beach. The main beach was to the left, but I guessed they had gone to the secluded part to the left. This was much rockier, with only a short strip of beach so not used by tourists much. I crept along, feeling almost sick with nerves and excitement.

"As I delicately stepped around a corner, I heard a soft moan. I quickly crouched down behind a rock and peeked over. Abbi had the Italian pushed up against the cliff wall. Her bikini top was off, revealing small, dark nipples. Abbi was licking this and the underside of the Italian's neck, who was moaning and running her fingers through Abbi's golden hair and clutching desperately at her shoulders. She was obviously very aroused. Abbi went down on her knees and pulled her lover's bikini bottom down to get at her neatly trimmed pussy. She dived in, ferociously licking and sucking her, prising apart her lips with her fingers. The Italian was in raptures now, moaning loudly, biting her lip and clenching and unclenching her hands. I couldn't resist and my hand went to my shorts as well. I slowly worked my hand inside my knickers and began rubbing my clit.

"'Jesus' someone whispered next to me. It was the teenage boy who was standing there, watching the scene in front of him, unable to believe this one was actually real and not one of his many fantasies. I quickly put my hand to my lips to tell him to be quiet and yanked him down behind my rock. In truth, I don't think they would have heard us had we been shouting, they were so engrossed with each other now. Abbi pulled the Italian down and they rolled on the beach, Abbi frantically fingering her lover.

"Then came the moment I, and I guess my new voyeur friend, had been waiting for, Abbi sat up and peeled off her top to expose her perfect breasts. They were smaller than mine but with a beautiful upturn and neat nipples that adorned the tips. I couldn't watch without stimulation, so not caring about the boy next to me, I returned my hand to my pussy and began to masturbate much more vigorously. He was obviously feeling the same way as he tugged his swimming trunks down and began wanking, not taking his eyes off Abbi who was now sitting on the Italian's face, her shorts discarded. Her perfect bum was going up and down as she was licked to climax. I was momentarily distracted from the scene by the sight of my young friend's cock. It was a surprisingly large one, a nine inches which he was beating quickly. I reached to my side and took it in my hand, wanking him slower than he had been. He looked at me briefly, and then snapped back to the lesbian scene. So, with one hand in my own knickers and the other wrapped around this lad's big cock, we watched as the two women rolled into a sixty-nine position and licked each others pussies furiously. Abbi had her head buried deep between the Italian's legs, her hand also working away. Then there came a long scream, audible above the crashing waves and the Italian started bucking wildly. Abbi kept at her task, like holding on at a rodeo. The other woman was clawing desperately at her buttocks, her screams now coming in short bursts. At this point Abbi looked up from her task, her mouth glistening. She looked straight at us, winked and then went back to making her lover come, whose back was now arching as she went over the edge.

"So she knew she had an audience. That made me pause, but it was too late for my young companion. My hand was jerked down with some force as he spurted his spunk onto the sand. 'Oh God,' he moaned. 'She is so fucking horny.' He pushed his cock up against my thigh, leaving a trail of jism down it.

"Momentarily distracted from the lesbian scene, we both looked at his pool of spunk solidifying on the sand like a beached invertebrate. He looked a bit embarrassed and put his thick cock back in his trunks.

"'you okay?' I asked him.

"'Mmhmm,' he mumbled, looking down. I felt sorry for him and, okay quite horny, so I fished out his cock again.

"'I know I'm not as horny as her,' I said, peeling off my top. 'But I really need a fuck and your cock looks so good.'

"He had finally stopped looking at Abbi and was now staring at my tits. I felt his cock twitch almost reluctantly. That's the good thing about teenagers, they can get hard in an instant. He reached forward for my breasts, slowly as if he thought they might disappear if he moved too quickly. As he grabbed them, he moaned softly. I had no doubt that this was his first encounter with a naked woman, and he had imagined the encounter many times. I was still rubbing my clit and needed to speed things up. So I knelt on all fours and took his cock in my mouth. It twitched again at this new experience and I felt it expand in my mouth, pushing me back. After a couple of quick bobs of my head, it was back to its impressive full length again. I really wasn't up for any foreplay, so I quickly tugged my shorts and knickers off. Staying on my knees, I turned around and offered my arse up to him.

"'Fuck me, please,' I begged. He eased his cock head in. Even though I was very wet by this time, it still needed some guidance and caused some discomfort. Like many inexperienced men, he started fucking at full rhythm straight away. I wasn't complaining though, I wasn't after subtlety at that stage.

"With all the stimulation prior to this, I started coming almost immediately. He reached around and inexpertly fumbled with my tits, which were swinging below, the nipples grazing the sand. I could feel his big cock pushing right up into me and he was pumping frantically.

"'Oh God,' I squealed, louder than I expected. 'I'm coming already.' I was biting my lip, looking down at the sand, when suddenly I became aware of a pair of feet in front of me. I looked up and there was Abbi, wearing just her knickers. The Italian was next to her, with her arm around Abbi's waist. They were both looking at us with an air of amusement.

"'Looks like we've got some audience participation,' she said.

"I realised I didn't look particularly good, on all fours, being fucked by a teenage boy, and I had so wanted to impress her. I was looking at the underneath of her neat breasts, the upturned nipples outlined against the blue sky. But what really had my focus were those magnificent legs, stretching above me.

"The boy had stopped his movement, and I could feel his cock beginning to shrink inside me. I was at the tipping point, caught just before I started to come and there was no way I could stop now. I reached behind me, pushed him back into me, and bucked my buttocks up against him.

"'I think she needs to come,' Abbi said to the lad, who startled back in to his current task, started thrusting into me again. 'Is that better?' she asked.

"I nodded, my eyes closed. Abbi stepped closer to have a view of our fucking. 'He's got a big cock hasn't he?'

"'Oh, yes,' I said. 'A nice big cock.'

"The Italian also peered over, they were like a pair of doctors doing their rounds. She giggled and whispered something to Abbi who said 'go on, I'm sure she won't mind.' The Italian then knelt down next to me, with one hand started kneading my swinging breasts, and with the other alternated between rubbing my clit and stroking the lad's cock as he entered me. This was more than both of us could stand and he thrust deep into me, pushing me forward as he poured his spunk into me. I was near-delirious by this stage and reached out blindly. I grabbed Abbi's calves with both hands and held on tightly as wave after wave of orgasm flooded through me. The Italian was still rubbing my clit pussy. Her hands were soaking wet with a mixture of our love juices. Then with one final grunt and push, the lad finished off and collapsed on top of me. I had my face on Abbi's feet, which she extracted with a rather disdainful air. Picking the Italian up, she walked away, while I lay there exhausted. All I could think about was how pitiful I must have looked to someone I thought was cool. That's one of the great and bad things about sex – it really strips away pretensions.

"Anyway, Lisa I could do with another drink. All that talk of sex makes me thirsty. Do you want to get them in?"

Lisa looked panicked. "Me? Oh God, I can't. Look at me," she said indicating her flushed face and neck, and her nipples, which strained against the flimsy fabric of her dress. "I think I might be, you know, wet," she said. "I can't get up."

"Of course you can. Just go over there and order three drinks. We're sitting right here. Go on, Lisa, you know this is part of it."

Lisa gulped, but both Phillip and Dawn knew she was willing. "Okay," she said, looking down. "But Phillip, promise me you'll come and rescue me if I get too much attention."

"Of course Lisa," Phillip squeezed her hand. "Remember, just enjoy it."

With a deep breath Lisa stood up, patting down here dress. She arched her head over he shoulder to look for a wet patch. There was a small one, but not very visible in the yellow dress. The movement though had forced her breasts forward, and Dawn registered that this had caught the attention of two men at the bar who were now waiting for the next development. Lisa walked to the bar, her breasts jiggling as before, but this time their movement pronounced by the pointed nipples that seemed ready to break the confines of the dress. At the bar, she chose an empty spot, but this meant she had to wait to be served. All this time the two men had not shifted their gaze from her. She was now aware of this and tried to look away. Then, with a word to his friend, one of the men walked up to her. Lisa looked worried, but he seemed friendly enough. He was about her age, wearing a suit with the current trend for short cropped hair. He seemed nervous too, as if he didn't do this sort of thing often, but in this instance had felt compelled to.

"Give him a few minutes," Dawn said to Phillip.

They watched as the young man struggled for conversation, with little response from Lisa. He had made a valiant attempt to look at her face as he spoke, but when she ordered drinks, he allowed himself to stare at her breasts.

"Best go and help her," Dawn said. "And Phillip, tease her a bit, okay?"

He grinned and made his way over to Lisa who looked relieved. "Dave here wanted to know if I wanted to go clubbing, but I said I was otherwise engaged."

The young man stepped back, raising both hands in deference. "Sorry, mate, I didn't realise she was with anyone."

"That's alright," nodded Phillip. "I can't really blame you. I keep telling her not to dress like this if we're coming out, but she likes to show of her body."

Lisa looked angry and about to protest, but Phillip playfully pinched her bum and she relaxed. He put his arm around her waist and she cuddled into him, playing the role.

"You're a lucky bloke," Dave said, waving his drink in the general direction of her chest.

"I know, great set of tits aren't they? She does like to flash them off a bit. I say it's not fair on blokes though. I bet you're not wearing any knickers either are you darling?"

Lisa was enjoying herself now and shook her head, looking up coyly. "I must have forgotten."

Dave looked dumbfounded at this and looked intently at Lisa's crotch area, as if he might be able to see through the dress if he tried hard enough.

"It gets her turned on for later, you see," Phillip continued.

Dave managed to look at Phillip. "Oh, right. In that case, give her one for me," he joked.

Phillip nodded, "okay, what position do you want me to give her one from you in?"

"Oh. Errrm, doggy?" Dave enquired tentatively.

"Okay, she likes that. Lisa, when we're in doggy position tonight, pretend it's Dave here, okay?"

"Okay," Lisa smiled sweetly at Dave.

"I don't suppose you want any company tonight do you?" Dave asked, not very convincingly.

"No we're okay thanks. You going to wank about her tonight?"

Dave looked around at his friend, seemingly out of his depth in this conversation. As he did so, Phillip slid his hand up Lisa's side and lightly stroked the side of her breast. She stiffened but didn't move. Phillip now gathered some of the dress material, pulling it down over Lisa's breast. She stiffened further, but Phillip squeezed her with his arm and she stood still. When Dave looked back a third of the dark areola of her left breast was peeking out. He just stared at it silently, his face crumpled.

"Give Dave a kiss now Lisa, for being such a good sport. We need to get back to our table."

Dave looked relieved, he had lost control of this situation long ago. Lisa kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "have a nice wank," in his ear. With a coquettish wave, she went back to the table, this time with a brazen swagger, which thrust her breasts out in front of her. Dawn grinned at her, encouragingly. She giggled uncontrollably when she had sat down. "I thought he was going to faint when you pulled my top down," she said in between greedy gulps from her drink.

"Felt good didn't it?" Dawn asked.

Wiping her nose, Lisa nodded then looked Dawn in the eyes and said, "Dawn, it felt fantastic. Like I could do anything."

"You can. Liberating isn't it?"

"First of all I was scared. Then when Phillip came over and we started playing a game, I felt kind of... empowered."

"Empowered – that's it exactly. That's when you know you're doing it right. Mind you I didn't feel particularly empowered after I had been fucked by that young lad on the beach."

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