tagNonHumanA New Encounter Ch. 02

A New Encounter Ch. 02


Kevin and Mina lay on the bed, panting after completing their latest round of love making. It was now morning and they had been having sex almost nonstop since he came home the night before. The sight of the beautiful cat girl next to him had been keeping Kevin excited like never before. They had slept briefly between bouts of love making, but always awoke ready for more.

"Well that was interesting." Kevin finally said, after catching his breath.

"Yes, I agree." Mina replied. "I am glad I found that copy of the Kama Sutra yesterday before you came home. It is a great help."

Kevin laughed and hugged Mina to his side.

"Time to get up and get dressed," Mina told him. "We have errands to run today."

"What errands?" Kevin questioned. "I have to go to work."

"No, not today," Mina told him firmly. "We have things to do of greater importance. Now let's get cleaned up and get going."

Kevin padded into the bathroom followed by Mina. The shower was quick and crowded, but fun nonetheless, but only involved a minimum of playtime. Kevin could not get enough of the smell of her; the peppermint smell filled the bathroom and made him want her all over again. She got them both dressed quickly and ready to leave. Kevin stood waiting by the front door when she called from the bedroom.

"Kevin, are you coming?"

"Yes, I am ready, let's go."

"Well get in here or we can't leave." Mina told him. "And don't forget to lock the door."

Kevin grumbling about women never being ready on time locked the door and went into the bedroom, somewhat confused. Why would he have to lock the door before they left? He found Mina standing in front of his closet in a pale yellow sundress and high heels. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight braid.

"Good, you are ready, let's go." Mina said.

"I was waiting for you at the front door." Kevin said.

"I never said that we were leaving by the door." Mina said smiling. She pressed a spot behind her ear and said, "This is the captain, activate the portal."

Kevin could only gape as the inside of his closet disappeared and a door into a metal room appeared in the back of the closet. Mina grabbed his hand and pulled him in after her. It was as simple as walking from one room to another; the only difference was the other room was not on his planet.

There was another cat girl waiting behind a panel of some kind in the room. She nodded respectfully and said, "Welcome back Captain. I see that your mission was a success."

"Yes Commander." Mina replied. "It was very successful. This is my mate, Police Sergeant Kevin Jacobs. Kevin, this is my first officer Commander Fluffy."

Kevin was in shock over the journey, the fact that Mina was the captain of a space ship and that he was now her mate, but being introduced to the first officer by the name of Fluffy was too much, he had to smile, but he was able to turn his laughter into a cough.

"Pleasure to meet you Commander," Kevin said.

"The pleasure is mine Kevin, Captain Mina speaks very highly of you."

"I did not realize that you had been in contact with your ship while you were on Earth." Kevin said.

"What did you think I did all day when you were at the station?" Mina said. "I have duties to attend to just as you do."

"That reminds me, I have to call the station."

"I already did, while you were getting dressed." Mina told him confidently. "Be ready for some ribbing when you go back into the station."

"What did you tell them?" Kevin asked horrified.

"I told them the truth." Mina said with a smile, "that you spent the night having wild sex with an alien and that I was taking you to my ship for further tests and more sex."

Kevin stood staring at her with his mouth hanging open. Both girls laughed at him.

"No I didn't." Mina said still laughing. "I told them that you had come down with the forty eight hour flu, that I was a nurse from your doctor's office and that he was ordering you home to bed. Now come on, we are needed in medical. Fluffy, I will see you on the bridge shortly."

Mina turned and walked out of the room without another word. Fluffy waved a hand indicating that Kevin should follow her and she would bring up the rear. Kevin paused for a second and then heard Mina call "Sergeant, I am waiting," from the corridor and he hurried after her, thinking that he would have to assert himself in this relationship soon. Mina was taking too much control for his liking.

"Mina we need to talk." Kevin said as he went into the hallway.

"Later Kevin, this is more important." Mina told him briskly, striding down the hall, nodding at passing crewwomen. "In here," she said indicating a door just ahead.

Kevin looked darkly at the door and went through it, followed by Mina. Another cat girl was waiting, this one in a lab coat. She was taller than Mina, with light brown hair and slightly darker skin.

"Welcome back Captain, are you ready for your scan?"

"Yes doctor, please." Mina said looking excited.

"Up you go." The doctor said, indicating a table in the middle of the room.

Mina hopped onto the table readily and lay down. The table lit from beneath and the wall behind the table lit up to show her internal organs. The doctor focused on Mina's pelvic region and checked the scan several times before turning back to face both of them with a large grin.

"Positive," she said simply.

Mina squealed and jumped off the table and hugged Kevin.

"I knew that you could do it." She gushed.

"Do what, what is going on?" Kevin demanded.

"You are going to be a father." The doctor said simply, "Three children, two boys and a girl."

Mina whirled around to face the doctor, her eyes imploring.

"All perfectly health," the doctor said smiling even wider. "It looks like the experiment was a success. You are the first ones back yet, but if these readings are any indication, we may just be able to save our people after all. In fact Captain, you may want to keep an eye on this one," she indicated Kevin. "His genes are sound and very dominate. Once word of him gets out you will have multiple requests to use him for breeding."

Kevin paled at the thought of what the doctor was suggesting. He was going to be used as a breeding animal.

"Not a chance Doctor." Mina said fiercely. "He is MY mate, and I intend to keep him safe."

'Very well Captain," the doctor replied softly. "If he will get up on the other table we can complete his scan."

"What scan?" Kevin demanded. He was just now coming back onto an even keel and they wanted to scan him. It sounded suspiciously like probing and he wanted none of that.

"It is fine Kevin." Mina said with a command tone of voice. "Just lie on that table over there and we will complete the scan. It is all painless and completely non-invasive." Mina led him over to the table and had him lay down. The doctor touched the side of his neck and he blinked. Mina and the doctor were now in the room across the medical chamber in a heated discussion and he had not seen them walk away. There was no way that she could cover so much distance that quickly. He checked his watch as saw that he had been out for thirty minutes and he felt great; better than he had felt in years.

"Oh, good, you are awake." The doctor said from across the room and both of them made their way over to his bed. "How do you feel?"

"I feel fine. What did you do to me?" He demanded.

"We knocked you out while we completed your scans and did some minor repairs to your body."

"What kind of repairs?" Kevin asked, though he thought that he already knew about some of them.

Mina spoke first. "We fixed your eyesight, as I am sure you have noticed, also your knee and back have been repaired from that fall you took last year. Also there was some hardening of your arteries. Basically we have corrected your cell structure to what it was when you were about twenty two years old. You should feel great."

She was right, he did feel great.

"Also several others have reported back. It seems that you are only the first to be a father of interspecies breeding. Not the only one, just the first." The Doctor told him. "We now have fifteen others who have been successfully impregnated. And all of the children are completely healthy. There is no sign of the genetic damage that our males show."

"Now Sergeant, if you will come with me, we have work to do." Mina told him firmly.

Kevin found himself responding to the command tone she had adopted without thought. He hopped off the bed and followed her out of the medical station and down the corridor. She led him into an elevator and a short ride later he found himself in a large room with a beautiful view of his planet from space.

"These are our quarters while we are on board." Mina informed him, pulling the sundress off and tossing it on the couch beneath the window. Kevin drank in her beauty as she stood before him in only her heels. "I love you so much, I am so proud to be your mate." She told him, stepping up to him and putting her arms around his neck. Kevin broke her grip and stepped back.

"What is going on here?" He demanded. "Five minutes ago you were ordering me around like a slave and now you are all clingy. What gives?"

"Kevin, I love you, but here I am in command." She told him, looking hurt. "You know what that means. I have to show my authority at all times. I have to be the confident Captain of my ship. Discipline must be maintained. I know that you have always been the leader in our relationship, but here I command."

Kevin turned his back on her to think. He could not concentrate with her naked body before him. He closed his eyes and thought about what she told him. She was right, he thought. His old captain on the force had told him once; if you are in Command, Command. He had lived by these words all through his career. Turning back he saw the tear in her eyes and the fear on her face that he would not understand. He opened his arms to her and she ran into them.

"You are right." He said softly into her hair. "I'm sorry, I did not think about it from your side. I am so used to being in charge." His hand stroked her back and she purred into his chest. Her fingers started to work on the buttons that held his shirt together and soon he was as naked as she was.

Her hand slid down and grasped his throbbing hardon as he tweaked her nipples and their tongues met in the deepening kiss. The sandpaper like quality of her tongue excited him to no end. He pulled her closer still and luxuriated in the kiss. Mina made sounds in her throat and responded even more to his almost rough treatment of her body. Pulling away from him she ran into the bedroom and Kevin followed growling with desire.

Mina shrieked a giggle and dove for the safety of the bed, with Kevin less than a step behind her. He landed beside her and grabbed her again. She arched her back into the embrace and sighed as his lips captured her nipple. Her hands raked through his hair, holding him tight to her chest as she wrapped one leg around his waist. Kevin used one hand to tease her other nipple and the other to slip down to caress her moist slit. She moaned at the contact and had to force herself to push him away.

"Kevin, I need to talk to you first." She gasped.

"Now?" Kevin said startled.

"Now," she said with finality, reaching down and grasping his ragging hard on. Caressing it slowly she said, "Did you see the argument that the Doctor and I were having when you woke in Medical?"

"Yes, but what does that have to do with this?" Kevin said reaching for her breasts.

"Everything, I want us to remain mates with each other and no one else."

"So do I." Kevin told her leaning in to kiss her neck. Mina arched again at the touch of his lips.

"Stop that. I can't think straight when you do that." She told him. "The Doctor was reminding me that my responsibility is to my ship and my people. She basically told me that I have to share your genes with others in order to help my planet. I don't want too, but I have to."

"You mean turn me into some sort of breeding stock. I thought you said that that would not happen."

"I won't let it." Mina told him firmly. "But I have to think about my people as well. Since I am already with young, you can't do any more for me, but you can still help my people if you wish."

"You mean that you are going to turn me out to stud." Kevin said disgusted. For the first time in his life he felt more than just lust, he was in love with someone. The thought of sleeping with anyone else upset him more than he would have thought possible before meeting Mina.

"No, I am not going to let anyone else have you, just your genes. We will continue to have sex exclusively, but the sperm could be spread out to the crew and kept in stasis until we return home to help the rest of my people. Please Kevin, I know this is a lot but we need your help, I need you."

Kevin turned away from her and sat on the edge of the bed. He needed to think. "I have to think about this." He told her.

"I understand." She replied, "if the answer is no, I will let the Doctor know and we will not hold it against you, nor will our relationship change."

"What about the other men that you have brought back? Will they be asked the same question?"

"Yes, I imagine that a very similar conversation is going on in other quarters as we speak."

"Can us guys get together?" Kevin asked.

"I will arrange it immediately." Mina said turning to the night stand by the bed.

"It can wait for a while." Kevin replied as he grabbed her from behind and slid his still throbbing cock into her warm channel.

Mina moaned in delight and thrust back at him. She was still wet from their foreplay and he slid balls deep on the first stroke. Mina dug her nails into the mattress and growled as he started to piston inside of her. Kevin's pace was frantic, he knew that he would not last long inside of her and he wanted to bring her off with himself. Reaching around her body, he pinched her clit as he ran his other hand down her spine.

Mina arched her back and screamed as she came and sprayed her cum all over the bed. Her muscles locked around him and the sudden tightness of her pussy locked him in place and caused him cum. Kevin groaned and his dick shot an enormous load deep into her. The feeling of his seed jetting into her set Mina off again and she came just as hard the second time.

Both lay panting for several minutes, basking in the afterglow when Kevin said, "Now you can arrange a meeting."

Mina giggled and reached again for the comm.

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