tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 03

A New Life Begins Ch. 03


He caressed her face with his soft fingertips as their eyes met. He grabbed her and wrapped his strong footballer arms around her petite frame. She ran her fingers through his hair as he moved them around to missionary. She wrapped her long slender legs around his ass and ran her nails down the middle of his back. He moaned.

As he entered her tight virgin pussy she gasped. The feeling of pleasure and pain overwhelmed her now wet pussy. She moaned as he pumped away in her tight pussy faster and harder each second.

"I want to ride your cock." She said as she could feel her pussy tighten.

He rolled over letting her take charge. She slowly sat down on his cock, stopping for a moment as she took it all in her cunt. He grabbed her round ass as he moved her in a motion to fuck him. She placed her hands around his legs and bent backwards, he had a full view of her nice pussy and his cock inside. She began to slowly fuck him.

"Oh god your pussy feels so good!" He said. His eyes rolled back in his head as her pussy gripped tighter on to his hard cock after each thrust.

She moved forward, her breasts touching his chest as she passionately kissed his mouth, neck and ear. He grabbed hold of her hips as she fucked him harder and faster. He could feel her pussy tighten then burst juices all over his hard cock.

"Oh, ohhhh fuck! " She said pinching her hard nipples as her body shook with orgasm.

He pulled her around into the doggy style position. She leaned down, her still knees quivering from her orgasm. He spread her ass apart and shoved his hard cock inside her, this sent her forward as she moaned in pleasure. He grabbed hold of her hips as he began to fuck her hard and fast.

"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me hard!" She screamed as her orgasm drew closer.

He could feel her pussy spasm several times and her juices flow all over the both of them. Taking a finger he wet it and shoved it into her tight ass. She drove backward on his cock as he did this. She was inviting him silently to fuck her tight virgin asshole. Taking note of this he took out his cock from her dripping wet pussy and positioned it on her puckered asshole. His head touched her asshole slightly, chills ran down her spine.

"You want this don't you, dirty little slut." He said as he moved his hand around to her pussy, circling over her engorged clit.

"Yes, please fuck me .I want your hard cock in my ass." She said in a subservient tone as she bent forward, inviting him to fuck her virgin ass.

He parted her ass cheeks and spat on her ass, dripping onto her virgin hole. The head of his cock touched her asshole as he continued to play with her pussy. As she began to orgasm he shoved his hard dick into her tight virgin hole. She screamed as intense feelings of pain rain over her body. He fucked her tight ass slowly as he continued to play with her cunt. The feelings of pain were now mixed with pleasure as he began to fuck her faster, driving deeper with each thrust of his hard cock. Her body began to spasm with the most intense orgasm she had ever had as his hard cock exploded his seed into her ass.

A knock at the door woke Kara up from her blissful sleep. Her memory of fucking Jonathan still with her she quickly grabbed a robe and threw it on.

"You can come in now." Kara said as she sat back down on her bed, covering herself with the comforter.

One of the other maids entered her room carrying a tray of fruits, bread, tea and other assorted food items.

"Here you go, Miss." The maid said as she placed the tray over Kara's lap.

Kara was puzzled. She was wondering why Myra had not brought her anything or why she wasn't in bed with her. Looking over her bed she noticed Myra left a note and flower on the pillow beside hers. She grabbed it and began to read it as other maid left the room.


I have gone into town for a bit of the day. Last night was the best time I've ever had. Making love to you was like making love with the Goddess herself. I hope we can spend more time with each other in and outside your uncle's estate.

XOXO, Myra"

Kara smiled as she relived the night in her mind. She too hoped to spend more nights with Myra. A noise outside suddenly shook Kara out of her fantasy. She ran to the window and noticed a very large truck depositing several boxes on the drive. Her uncle stood talking to a very short woman and heavy set man. They seemed to be of the same stature as her uncle, rich yet they were very snobbish.

"They must be one of Uncle's associates or some friends of his." Kara said to herself as she eyed the blonde next to the heavy set man. Her eyes trailed over the boxes and wondered what might be in them.

"I guess I will go be a little sneak and find out for myself."Kara said "But first, I am starving!"

After eating her breakfast Kara went to the wardrobe to decide what she might wear for today's adventure. She scanned over the expensive gowns and sun dresses. A little red sun dress caught her eye and she took it out to examine it.

The dress was a typical forties style summer dress. It was a ruby red halter; lace adorned the hem of the dress. Kara took matching red high heel shoes from the wardrobe and set the dress and shoes on her bed. Kara went to put makeup on and fix her fiery hair into a pony. She slipped the dress on over her frame, adjusting it to fit her ample breasts.

Looking herself over in the mirror Kara thought to herself how much of a vixen she looked. Her matching red lips and dark eyeliner made her look older than she was.

"Rawrrr!" She said as she made a clawing gesture to herself in the mirror.

Kara walked down the winding stairs towards the front door she could see her uncle in his office with the couple he was chatting with outside. They seemed to be talking about an event that would be taking place in her uncle's summer mansion. Just as she was about to sneak up and open the door Cain came out.

"Ah good you're awake, Kara." Cain said as he summoned her."I would like you to meet two good friends of mine. This is Sara McLain and her husband Jacob. They both are associates of mine." Cain motioned her to sit down in the big chair David had sat in the other night." I was just telling them about my lovely niece."

"Well hello there, little lady." Jacob said in a strong southern accent "I've heard so much about you. I hope you like it here."

Kara smiled sweetly at the two strangers as they parted ways with her uncle.

"I will call you about that tomorrow, Cain." Jacob said as he shook his hand.

"Good Jacob, I hope we can get the ball rolling." Cain said as he patted Jacob's back.

"I sure do hope your niece can accompany us to this event?" Sara said as she coyly looked in Kara's direction.

"What a good idea, Sara." Cain said as he looked over Kara.

Sara and Jacob exited the house in a expensive black Rolls Royce. Kara was amazed at how many 'high class' people her uncle knew.

"They were very nice, uncle." Kara said as she adjusted herself in her seat. "What event are they talking about?"

"Oh just a little ball I will be hosting."Cain said as he sat down on his large oak desk."All of my associates and their children will be invited. It is a costume ball; Elizabethan themed clothes will be the requirement as well as a mask."

"Oh that sounds wonderful!" Kara exclaimed as she bounced up and down in excitement."So, that means I have to go buy an outfit for it right?"

"Yes." Cain smiled.

"Great! I've wanted to explore this city." Kara said as she bounced up and down in the big leather chair.

Cain smiled then handed her an envelope filled with hundred's.

"Wow! I have never seen this much money in my life!" Kara said as she counted the thick wad of cash.

"Just don't spend it all in one place." Cain said as he motioned her to leave. "I want to see what you've bought once you're back."

"Sure, thanks so much, uncle!" Kara said as she walked out of his office.

"I will have the car waiting for you when you want to leave." Cain said as he halfway closed his door as he waved Kara goodbye.

"Thank you again, uncle!" Kara said as she walked towards the front door.

Shopping is something she very rarely did while living with her father. After the stock market crash and her mother's death there was nothing her father could do but start from the ground up after losing millions and his beloved wife. Cain, her mother's step-brother was kind enough to give her father money to support them for a few years and some land to live off of. Kara didn't know however her father refused all the money offered to him by Cain, pride was too much to overcome.

"Getting caught was the best thing."She thought to herself as she stuffed the wad of cash in her purse."This is going to be fun."...

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