tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 04

A New Life Begins Ch. 04


Standing at the window of his office Cain watched as his car sped off past the gardens before closing the charcoal colored drapes. As he walked towards his high backed leather chair he noticed the newspaper he threw away the day before was missing. Nothing else appeared to be moved or misplaced. He thought it was old age that was getting to him and he had left it somewhere else.

Just as Cain was about to exit his office his private phone rang.

"Hello, Master Cain. I have some good news for you." The voice at the other end said.

"Go on."Cain said in a soft voice.

"Sir, I have contacted the paper. They have been informed the information they received about the missing girls is false." The voice paused a moment as if waiting for a response."They have been given information stating the young women are taking a vacation abroad in Europe for the summer. This should be printed tomorrow."

"Good, this will make life a little easier."Cain said as he gave a sigh of relief. "Do we know who leaked the information to the paper?"

"Yes we do, Sir. Holden has been contacted and he has captured them. "The voice began to break as if the lines were crossed."The leak was... they have been taken to Carde..."

The phone continues to break up then disconnects.

"Shit!" Cain says as he hears the rumble of thunder in the distance.

The lights flicker off and on as the sky lets out a deep rumble of thunder. Cain walks out to the main sitting room and stares out the window. The winds are fierce and toying with the trees. The sky in the distance is dark with flashes of light soaring between clouds and the ground. Cain can see the car driving back dripping with beads of fresh rain water all over.

As he walks to the door he can see Kara soaking wet, her makeup running down her face and her tight nit pony now sagging down towards her back.

"Oh man that is some cold rain!" Kara says as she unties her wet ponytail.

"I completely forgot there was a cold-front coming in today. I am so sorry, Kara."Cain said as he took her bags, offering her a throw from a nearby sofa.

"It's quite alright, uncle. I am just glad it's raining, maybe this drought will clear up." Kara said as she covered wet body with the throw."I think I will go take a nice relaxing bath and get out of these wet clothes."

"Alright, dinner is cancelled for tonight. I have to leave after the storms pass for some business." Cain said as he walked Kara up to her room.

"I'm sure I can fix myself something in the kitchen if I get hungry. " Kara said as she took the bags from Cain, placing them on the floor of her room.

"Goodnight then, I will see you tomorrow. You can show me what you've bought so far for the ball." Cain said as he gave Kara a hug and kiss on her forehead.

"Goodnight, uncle." Kara said as she waved goodbye as she shivered under the throw blanket.

Just as soon as Cain closed her bedroom door Kara flung off the blanket and stripped down. As she walked towards the bathroom she stopped at the dresser by the door. Opening the top drawer she moved away a stack of stockings and panties. She reached the bottom finding the item she was looking for, the newspaper her uncle had trashed the day before.

She skimmed over it as she turned on the water. She poured a large amount of bath salt into the running bath.

"So this is what he was worried about, a few local girls that are missing? I wonder why he was frantic over this; it seems like nothing out of the ordinary." Kara thought to herself as she placed the newspaper on the stand next to the bath.

Kara slipped into the warm bath and took a deep breath.

"Now this is relaxing, I don't ever want to get out." Kara took a rag from the stand, wetting it in the bath and put it over her eyes.

Cain sat in his office reviewing some paperwork his associates had sent him. The sound of thunder was closer now and the flashes of lightning danced around the room as if they were putting on a play. Cain noticed the trees were bending ever more slightly from the magnificent invisible force that rushed over them. Rain began to fall, thick, heavy drops of fresh cold water made pitter patter sounds on the roof of the mansion.

Unphased by the weather Cain picked up the phone to call David's office. Relieved it rang without a warning on the end he hoped David would pick up.

"Hello, David, our call broke up earlier. Is everything ok where you're at?" Cain said in an almost parental tone.

"I am sorry Sir, we had heavy downpours. A few bolts of lightning struck the old oak near our gate which knocked out the power and phone lines. I will be staying the night here until the power company get's everything fixed." He replied.

"I am happy nothing major happened. Can you tell me what you were saying earlier? I only got bits of it before we got cut off." Cain said as he took a pen and pad of paper from his desk drawer.

"Yes Sir! I had called Holden just before the storm came and he had told me they've taken them to Cardel's barn." David paused a moment as he knew Cain was writing down the information. "I am so shocked by this; I cannot believe Mitchell and his mistress were the ones who leaked the information."

Cain's mouth twined in utter disgust from the news he received.

"Thank you, David. I will take care of everything else; you have done very well and will be rewarded for your efforts." He replied as he jotted down some more information on the yellow pad.

"Thank you, Sir. I hate to end this short and on this note but some of the guys are motioning me to the car. We need to cut the tree up before anymore storms come in." David said trying not to offend Cain.

"Not a problem David, just call me if you need me to come over there to help. I will call your office tomorrow and come over to see how everything is." He replied.

With their last goodbyes Cain put the pad back in his massive desk. Leaning back in his chair he twitted his thumbs as he contemplated what he was going to do with the rat that had been hiding in his inner circle. Punishment, he thought, would be slow and painful...

Still soaking in the relaxing warm bath Kara thought of her adventurous night with Myra. She wondered where she was, hoping nothing happened to her. As Kara got out of the bath she could see the storm clouds in the distance. They appeared more subtle than the ones that were now drenching the ground below them.

Kara plopped on her bed naked and rustled the covers. She noticed that Myra's scent still lingered on the sheets and pillows. She took in a deep breath as she rubbed all over her naked body. Too tired to pleasure herself Kara dozed off.

A few hours later Kara was suddenly awakened by the sound of something crashing into the roof. Stricken with fear Kara quickly ran to her wardrobe. The lamp on her nightstand flickered as she rushed to find a nightgown and panties. The lights went off as Kara put on her slippers.

She could hear the wind gushing around the mansion. Lighting danced around her room as she looked out the huge window. The house shook violently as a bolt struck the house. Fearful she rushed towards the hall and sat down against the wall.

"Kara!" Cain screamed as a beam of light moved over her." We have to go, now!"

Cain pulled her up so violently that it hurt her arm. They rushed down the big winding stairs then towards the kitchen. Cain with the help of the chauffeur moved away a huge cabinet along the wall, revealing a door.

"Get everyone in now!" Cain said as he handed Kara a flashlight.

The group hurried down a short flight of stairs into the basement below. Cain bolted the door behind them as the sound of thunder shook the entire mansion.

"Everyone get away from the windows, into the stock room!" Cain said as he pushed everyone towards the door."Get down and cover yourself as best you can."

Kara, visibly shaken sat in the corner of the stock room. Cain saw her now ghost white face and sat beside her.

"I am so scared, uncle. What is going on?" Kara said as she tried to conceal her tears.

"It's a twister." Cain said as he wrapped his arms around Kara."Everything will be ok; this mansion can withstand a tornado."

His reassurances did not calm the gut wrenching fear Kara was feeling.

The house began to shake; jars flew off the shelves filling the floor with their contents. A whirl of wind swept over the house, growing louder by the second. Everyone covered as windows began to burst all around them. The full force of the tornado was right on top of them, an eerie calm took over the house as everyone gasped and cried in fear.

"Everything will be alright...everything will be alright...."Kara said as hot tears mixed with cold rain ran down her face."Please God, let everything be alright."...

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