tagNovels and NovellasA New Life for Julie Ch. 07

A New Life for Julie Ch. 07


Chapter 7 - Three's Company

September 1978

The call came after 9 p.m., while Julie and Bruce were watching Three's Company. Julie found the show amusing. A guy like Jack Tripper, living in an apartment with two beautiful women--all single, and no one ever actually lifted a finger to touch each other? It seemed too hard to believe. She herself, living with two guys, having sex with both of them, and when she had moved in she had only had two sexual experiences since losing her virginity.

Just the same the show was funny. The comedy of errors and misunderstandings kept her laughing hard. But the new season had not quite started yet, so the show was a rerun, and she didn't hesitate to jump and answer the phone when it rang.

"I'M BACK!" Sarah yelled into the phone.

Julie could not suppress a squeal of pleasure when she heard Sarah's voice.

"Sarah! I have been so bored! I've got to see you! Let's get together tomorrow. How about a picnic?" Julie blurted out on an impulse.

"A picnic?" Sarah asked, as if it was the biggest novelty she had heard of. "Far out! Can you pack it? Like--I don't know how to do that."

Julie agreed, and the two young women arranged to meet at noon the next day. As usual, Julie would drive over, and then they would take Sarah's corvette.

"Right on! See you tomorrow--be there or be square!" Sarah said.

Sarah popped in the cassette to the soundtrack "Grease" that she had bought over the summer. They enjoyed singing to the songs as they sped along the curves of the mountain roads.

"Summer loving, had me a blast..." Sarah sang.

"Summer loving, happened so fast..." Julie sang.

"I met a girl, crazy for me..." Sarah sang.

"Met a guy, cute as can be."

The two girls were speeding along the highway up to the mountains in Sarah's convertible Corvette with the top down, the warm sun on their tanned faces and shoulders, the wind blowing in their hair.

The day was already getting on. They had started late for a road trip. The day after tomorrow, the new semester would start. By the time they found a good campground, they wouldn't have much time there, Julie sighed to herself. Nonetheless, she pushed such negative thoughts out of her mind and enjoyed herself. There were hardly any cars on the road now.

"Hey," Sarah said, stopping her singing suddenly.

Julie braced herself. She had known Sarah for over a year now, and she recognized when her friend had an inspiration--usually a nasty inspiration that Julie wound up getting roped into--sometimes in a starring role.

"I know how we can have some awesome fun and get some excitement flowing!" she said with a devilish grin on her face.

Julie looked over at her friend. Sarah was giggling so hard she could barely talk.

"Okay Sarah, what do you have in mind?" Julie asked. She knew Sarah was going to rope her into something, but they always wound up having a lot of fun--even if it was often at Julie's expense.

"Julie, take off your top!" Sarah said with a wild giggle.

Julie smiled and pulled up her T-shirt. Why not? She had her bikini top on underneath.

"Okay, but nothing else!" Julie said sternly as she pulled her T-shirt off.

"Oh come on! Look around! We haven't passed a car in nearly half an hour, and we're almost there anyway!" Sarah argued.

Julie was a little resistant--afraid of getting pulled over by a cop.

"Sarah, what if we get busted?" Julie demanded.

"Come one Julie, Sarah pressed. "Just for kicks and giggles. If you see a Smokey coming, you can always cover up before he can dig that you're topless, and if we do get pulled over, I'll bet a blowjob will get us off the hook."

"A blowjob given by you or me?" Julie interjected somewhat sharply.

"Well, you know you want to, but I would be glad to help out," Sarah said seductively, making Julie laugh.

"...and besides, the worst thing that can happen anyway is you get a ticket, which I would pay anyway."

"What about getting arrested?" Julie asked.

"I'd bail us out, and we'd still just get a fine. But it won't happen--we're out in the middle of nowhere. Go on! Do it--don't be square!" Sarah urged insistently.

Why did she do it? What was it about Sarah's firm insistent voice that always made Julie feel compelled to do things against her better judgment?

"Oh, okay!" Julie said reluctantly, pulling off her bikini bra.

She had to admit the warm breeze on her bare tits felt erotic. She felt her nipples stiffen up. She thought about the risks of another car speeding around a curve ahead, and someone seeing her exposed. She was also startled to realize that the thought of that was making her hot!

Up ahead, she saw a car in the distance coming their way. She considered pulling her tee-shirt back on, but decided instead to hunker down low in the car so that they couldn't see her so readily.

The car was getting closer. Suddenly Julie lunged up in surprise. Sarah goosed her butt! Julie bounced up with a squeal, her full, swaying breasts jutting out in front of her, just as the other car passed by. She just caught a glimpse of a young man staring straight at her tits, eyes as big as saucers, mouth hanging wide open.

She bounced back down in her seat hard.

"SARAH!!! I COULD HAVE FALLEN OUT!" she screamed.

But Sarah was laughing uncontrollably, barely able to control the speeding Corvette.

"Yeah, you fell out all right!" Sarah said with a wild laugh.

Julie's cheeks were flushed hot with embarrassment, but after a few minutes she cooled down and couldn't help but giggle herself. No harm had come of it. It was fun, and made her feel sexy. God--what was she? A pervert?

Just the same she found that she didn't want to put her top back on, and when the next car passed by, there was no need for Sarah to goose her--she felt emboldened and sat up high in her seat, and arched her back to ensure the occupants of the other car would get an eyeful. They did, and they sounded their horn as they flew past.

Julie fell back in her seat giggling with Sarah.

"You've got to do it too!!!" Julie interjected hotly, after their giggling fit had subsided.

So Sarah, keeping one hand on the steering wheel, wrestled off her T-shirt. The Vette swerved dangerously as she pulled it up over her head.

"Sarah--you're going to wreck!" Julie shouted as she grabbed the wheel.

"You got it don't you?" Sarah replied, pulling the T-shirt off.

Throwing the top off with a flick of her wrist, Sarah accelerated down the highway while Julie reached around and unsnapped her bra. Julie helped pull the straps off her shoulders and Sarah shrugged it off as the two girls sped on down the highway, topless, in Sarah's red corvette convertible.

They passed two more cars before reaching the road Sarah had been looking for. It was an obscure dirt road which she nearly missed. Sarah slammed on her brakes, making the 'vette fishtail sideways, then she backed up, and peeled out down the dirt road, leaving a cloud of dust behind her.

Sarah found the spot she was looking for. It was an area where the trees cleared away, opening up into a beautiful mountain meadow. The girls stopped and found an area where they could lay down on their big blanket, and still look down on Los Angeles below them in the afternoon sun.

They ate the peanut-butter sandwiches Julie had packed, and drank cold beer that Sarah had brought in an ice chest. When they had had their fill, Sarah brought a doobie out of her purse and lit it. After taking a toke, she passed it to Julie. While Julie took a toke, Sarah stood up and pulled her shorts and panties down, kicking them off.

"What are you doing?" Julie asked in astonishment.

"It feels nice. I'm just going to get some sun. Like, why don't you join me? You're already half-way there," Sarah pointed out. "Come on Julie--let it all hang out!"

Julie giggled. Like Sarah, she was still topless. She stood up and shucked off her own shorts and panties, and the two girls sat down on the blanket, sitting cross-legged and bare-assed on the blanket facing each other as they passed the joint back and forth.

Julie felt more intimate than usual with her best friend. They were sitting close together, face-to-face, "Indian style". They were sitting so close to each other that their knees were touching, and as each girl leaned over slightly to pass each other the joint, their nipples were almost close enough to brush each other. Julie was acutely aware of Sarah's physical presence. Julie had very sensitive skin. She enjoyed being nude, and loved the feel of the warm sun and soft breeze on her breasts as well as the feel of the blanket on her bare ass. Julie was feeling really Zen.

Sitting this way, the two young ladies were sitting eye-to-eye. They made silly observations and giggled a lot together, as they passed the joint back and forth. Julie noticed for the first time how beautiful her friend's lips were. They were fairly wide and somewhat thick, with a nice natural color. She wondered what it would be like to kiss them. The pot had lowered her inhibitions, and on a sudden impulse she leaned over and kissed Sarah on the lips--more than a peck, but less than a full-blown French kiss.

Sarah's eyes blinked and fluttered wide open in surprise.

"Why did you do that?" she asked.

"I wanted to see what it would feel like," Julie giggled.

But Sarah didn't giggle back. She stared at Julie quietly for a minute until she had stopped giggling, then she grasped Julie's head gently between her hands and pulled it close. Sarah's kiss was not reserved. Her lips opened and her tongue speared into Julie's mouth, tangling with her tongue. And she didn't stop, but went on for about a minute. When she finished her kiss Julie was just about to whimper in pleasure.

"That's how it's done," Sarah whispered.

Julie was panting softly, with her eyes closed, and licked her lips.

"Let me try again," Julie said softly.

This time she didn't hold back, but gave Sarah everything, the two women kissed fiercely, mouths open and wet lips locked, tongues swirling together. Julie felt her nipples tighten, and she felt her pussy leaking onto the blanket. Finally they broke off, gasping for air.

"I think you got the hang of it, " Sarah conceded, as she fell backward, her chest rising and falling with her hard breathing as she lay supine on the blanket.

The joint had gone out, so Sarah relit it.

As they finished the doobie, the two girls laid down stretched out on the blanket. They talked about their summer, then about their earlier years, including their earlier sexual relationships. Sarah specifically wanted to know when Julie had lost her virginity.

"I know you weren't a virgin when we had our first double date, but you weren't experienced, that's for sure," Sarah said, urging Julie to talk.

Julie inhaled again and opened up to her friend.

"My first time was during one of my first dates. In the back seat of his car. We were kissing and petting pretty heavy, and then the next thing you know he had my pants down, and before I could say 'yes' or 'no' he had shoved it in me. It wasn't a pleasant experience, so I don't like to remember it or talk about it. It pretty much turned me off of sex, and I didn't want to go on any more dates after that.

"I was living with my aunt and uncle. My mother and father had died in a car wreck, and then I lived for a few years with my grandparents, until grandpa died.

"My Aunt Priscilla hates me. To this day, I don't understand why. But my uncle was okay. That didn't help much though, because she pretty much ruled the roost. She never missed an opportunity to humiliate me and make me feel useless, ugly, and fat. That's probably why I don't like to eat too much now, and why I like to exercise."

Sarah sat up and fumbled in her purse for another joint, and lit one up. She looked Julie in the eye as the Marijuana smoke curled up around her face as she exhaled out her nose.

"Right on," Sarah encouraged, handing the joint back to Julie.

Julie took another hit, and continued her story.

"Well, anyway, my mother and my uncle were Italian-American. Her name was Gabriella, and I had three cousins: Isabella, the only girl, who was just a little older than I, and Brendan, who was just slightly younger, and Brooks, who was about 2 or three years younger."

"I got along great with the guys, but Isabella was like her mother--she hated me. We even had to share a room. I guess that might be why she hated me. The two boys shared the other upstairs bedroom, and we shared a bathroom in between, that had a door to each bedroom."

"Isabella and I shared the other room upstairs. We cut the room in half--she took one half, I took the other. Right in between our beds was the window. What do you call those little roofs over a window that stick out from the main roof of a house? Dormers I think? Anyway, there was a window dormer there, and you could go into the dormer and look out at the front yard."

"Anyway we always had to be careful to lock the door to the bathroom, so that neither of the boys could get through while we were using it. This one day, on the Fourth of July, we had a family picnic. After helping to set up out in the front yard, I went back up to our bathroom to take a shower. I took a long hot shower and it felt so good."

"Have you ever taken one of those long showers when it felt so good on your skin? The spray hitting your boobs, the water running down between your shoulder blades, down your back and right in between the cheeks of your ass?"

"I don't know why I was feeling so turned on. Anyway, the water started getting cold, so I finally stopped and toweled off. I was brushing my hair, when I heard my Aunt Pris yelling for me, and here I was, totally naked."

"So, I ran out of the bathroom in to my room, and threw on an oversize T-shirt that was laying on my bed and went into the dormer. The window was partly open, and I slid it up the rest of the way, and bent over to stick my head and shoulders out the window to talk to my aunt."

"She started on, lecturing me, and I just listened. I don't even remember what it was about. Once I was about to pull away back into the room, and she told me she wasn't done with me yet. So I had to stand there stooped over, with my head and shoulders sticking out the window."

"Suddenly, I felt someone behind me. A pair of hands pulled up my T-shirt and started kneading my ass. I almost yelled out, but I was afraid of what Aunt Pris would do to me if she found out, but I managed to keep my mouth shut and pretended nothing was happening. I tried to pull back, but whoever he was, he was blocking me, and I couldn't turn around with the upper part of my body sticking out the window. Also, when I tried to pull back, my aunt yelled: 'Hold on--I'm not done with you yet!'"

"So here I was, terrified, my bare ass in someone's hands--I don't know for sure who--all I knew at the time was it was that it had to be a member of my family! My aunt was watching me from the ground below, and I'm praying she doesn't see that there's someone else in the room behind me. But from where she was standing on the ground below, there would have been no way she could have seen back into the window to see what was going on."

"So what did you do?" Sarah asked breathlessly.

"What could I do? I just stood there, frozen! Then, the person slipped their foot in between mine and nudged my feet further apart, until each of my feet was up against the sides of the dormer. Then, he started rubbing his fingers on my pussy! It was already wet from my shower, but got hotter and wetter even though I was nervous that we would get caught. But what could I do?

"He had one hand on my back, and his other hand was on my pussy. His fingers slipped inside, pulling my pussy lips apart. Then he used his thumb to rub my clit back and forth slowly. I was trying hard not to moan!

"I was getting SO hot. I could feel a drop of my wetness running down the inside of my thigh. Then his fingers left my twat. I was so wet! I was going to try to pull back inside, but my aunt was still going on, and the stranger was still behind me. I didn't dare do anything that would let her know what was going on! And by this time my resistance was crumbling fast.

"I felt his hands, and yes, it was definitely a 'him'--his hands move up to my hips, and suddenly I felt his stiff prick piercing into my pussy. His hands gripped me hard as he gently started moving back and forth. I felt my body responding, even though I was terrified of getting caught, and I didn't even know who was doing this to me. Somehow it was an incredible turn-on, knowing that everyone out in the front yard was watching me get fucked, even though they didn't know it!"

"Totally tubular!" Sarah breathed as she listened intently, her face flushed.

"Since it was only the second time in my life I had been fucked, my pussy was really tight, Julie continued. "My mystery fucker persevered though, and soon he had his stiff prick all the way in, and started sawing in and out slowly. My hands were gripping the ledge of the window as I tried to stop myself from rocking back and forth. I found myself bending over slightly more, and wishing I could spread my legs a little wider, but he had no problem with access. I was being ploughed and furrowed."

"Below me, my aunt just kept yakking on and on, sometimes pausing and looking up at me. She may have thought she had my rapt attention, but the look on my face was actually rapture. I was trying hard to keep from closing my eyes and moaning with pleasure, my mouth was hanging open, and I was bent over, getting fucked good and hard without anyone knowing it, although they were all outside looking up at me!"

"Probably if I hadn't been so turned on, I would have been terrified that my aunt would notice that my hair was swaying back and forth a little bit, although I was trying to stay absolutely still, but I was putting all my concentration in trying not to scream with pleasure. My fingers were gripping the window ledge so hard it's a wonder I didn't make indentations in the wood.

"My aunt was oblivious though. Once in a while she would stop her ranting, and ask me something like: 'do you understand me?', and each time, I would manage to whimper 'yes', which she would take at face value, not realizing that it was more a reaction to the fucking I was receiving at the other end."

"It's a good thing she couldn't get too close, because she would have heard the smacking noises my mystery fucker was making as he gradually fucked me harder and faster, the soft moans he was making, and the quiet little whimpers which slipped out from my open lips. His cock felt like a hot steel bar inside me."

"My aunt was almost finished, and so was I, and so was my mystery fucker. I felt him grab my hips hard, so hard it hurt a little. I heard him gasp and then he was spurting inside me. I felt streams of his hot cum running down the insides of my thighs. He pulled out, still firing streams of cum all over my bare ass, which was still sticking up in the air out of sight in the dormer."

"When I felt his cum splatter against my ass cheek that pushed me over the edge. I was cumming so hard! It was like an explosion going off in me."

"But my aunt wasn't quite done with me though! The whole time he was finishing me off, she was still yelling at me! 'Do you understand me young lady?' she demanded. 'YES!' I replied, as I felt him slam into me, and my orgasm started boiling up inside me. She asked a couple more questions: 'Yes! Yes! Yes!.' Pound, pound, pound. Then I think she asked something like: 'So are you going to do this again?' 'YES!,' I screamed at the top of my lungs just as my orgasm exploded!

Julie paused in her story as Sarah gasped.

"That threw her for a loop, Julie continued, "and she took a couple steps forward, cocking her head to the side and snarled: 'WHAT?!'"

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