tagInterracial LoveA New Living Situation Ch. 04

A New Living Situation Ch. 04


Rick and I had dinner twice before Alex found out. I don't know why I did it. Rick called the day after our meeting and asked me out. We had a good time and he was fun. I knew that I was risking my comfortable place in Alex's home, but I really felt he wouldn't find out.

I came home later than usual one night after stopping by Alana's to use her complex gym. I was wearing yoga pants and a tight purple tank top with a sports bra built in. My curly mop of hair was on top of my head and my chocolate skin glistened from my work out. Thomas greeted me at the door and I grabbed a bottle of water on my way to my shower.

I didn't see Alex's car in the garage so I knew he wasn't home. Things between us had been fine. We were no longer having sex every night, I had put my foot down and we were down to once a week as agreed. I stripped my sticky clothes off quickly and jumped into the hot shower. I loved my showers hot. My last boyfriend had always made me turn down the heat before he got in. I soaked my whole body and let the water fall over my head. The showers in Alex's house were all amazing. I started to soap my body when I heard the voice in the hall.

"Bella," his voice struck me because it was deeper than usual.

"Showering," I called back.

He stormed into the bathroom. His eyes were focused on my naked form.

"Fuck Alex, I'm showering," I crossed an arm over my breasts.

"Was I not clear when I told you you could not date my friends?" He swung open the shower door.

"It was clear, but I, look, he asked me out." I trailed off knowing I sounded pathetic. I shouldn't have gone out with Rick.

"He asked you out? That's your excuse?" He began undoing his tie and taking off his clothes.

"I know it sucks, but...what are you doing?"

Alex had taken off all of his clothes and was stepping into the shower with me. He reached for my waist and I could see the menace in his eyes.

"We've already had our weekly."

I don't know why I said it. Part of me wanted to see if I could push him further. I shouldn't have.

"So the fuck what?" He kissed me hard. He spun me around in the water so that my hands were against the wall and my ass was pushed out.

"You want to let Rick do this to you Bell?" He pushed his fingers inside me. I gasped at the sensation.

"Alex, stop," I knew this needed to stop. We had an arrangement he was taking this somewhere else, emotional.

"Stop?" he raised his voice as he fingered me harder.

"Yes!" I yelled out as his fingers ground into my pussy.

"I'm going to remind you how good I make you feel Bella."

He used his other hand to grip my ass. I could hear him breathing hard and hissing a little as he fucked me with his fingers.

"Alex, please, please,"

"Please what Bell?" He pushed against me and I could feel his hard cock on my ass.

"You think Rick could get you this wet," He straightened his fingers and shoved them in and out of me fast. I felt my legs get weak and tried to escape him. Alex let go of my ass and pushed my back toward the wall.

"Stay fucking still."

"Alex, this..."

"Shut the fuck up Bella," He let his hand come down my front and rub my clit. I didn't want to cum. I didn't want him to know how he did indeed make me feel good. He pushed his lips to my ear and began talking to me.

"I'm fingering your little pussy Bell, pushing my fingers in you. I want you cum all over my hand baby. I'm punishing this pussy. You think Rick can fuck you like this huh?" He added another finger for emphasis and I screamed.

"No," I whispered.

He thrust in and out of me fast and hard. I felt myself coming apart as my legs shook like crazy.

"Say my name," He kissed my neck hard.

I fought his control. I tried to keep my body from going over the edge. He began to spin his fingers around inside me. I moaned low in my throat.

"Say my fucking name or I will really punish this pussy," he threatened.

I moaned and closed my eyes. He growled and pushed me into a sitting position on the shower bench. He spread my legs and dove into my pussy with his tongue, never taking his eyes off mine. I tried to squirm away, but he held my waist down. He groaned into my pussy and let his tongue slide inside me. I used my hands to push his head away from me, and he bit down on my clit. I cried out and released his head. He laved my clit with his tongue pushing me closer and closer.

"You're going to cum in my mouth. I'm going to taste your sweet pussy. It's mine. Tell me its mine. Say my name."

He sucked my clit hard and tongued it. I felt my head explode as I called out his name over and over.

When his name crossed my lips I felt him sigh against me.

He licked me clean and then reached back to turn off the shower. He stared at me. I was slumped against the wall and had my legs pressed together. I didn't know if I was pissed or thankful.

"Bella, you're right, this has changed."

"No shit," I covered my breasts with my arm.

"Don't," he went to move my arm.

I sighed.

"Please don't leave," he said it low.

"How can I stay?"

"You have nowhere to go."

I was embarrassed that he said it and more embarrassed that it was true. I stood on shaky legs and walked past him to get my towel. I wrapped it around me unsure of what to say to him. I could feel him moving to get his clothes off the floor. I walked out of the bathroom and sat on my bed. How did I feel about Alex really? Alex paused across from me, and then walked out of the room and back to his bedroom.

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