tagNovels and NovellasA New Prescription Ch. 02

A New Prescription Ch. 02


A very special thanks to my editor!


The day had been physically and emotionally exhausting for Charmion. It was 2:00 and she had finally gotten a break for a quick lunch. After her short conversation with Aiden, they had hardly spoken to each other. Charmion would catch herself sneaking sidelong glances at Aiden, but quickly chided herself for her lack of focus. 'Why was she so fascinated by him? After all, he had tormented her for a solid year. He had scarred her for life. She had worked her butt off to overcome the damage he had done. She grimaced as she thought of the endless hours she had spent studying, working out in the gym, and modeling. She couldn't help but wonder if she had been subconsciously preparing herself for him. 'NO!' she stated resolutely; everything she had worked for was for herself and to challenge herself. She would think of Aiden as any other road block; she would acknowledge the frustration and then she would calmly and logically think of an alternative route. She had to admit that she was surprised to find out that Aiden had become a doctor. A doctor needed to have compassion and she thought Aiden was one of the few people who lacked that. Yet, following him around, observing his patients, and listening to him direct other doctors, she was impressed by his efficiency, intelligence, and obvious love for his work. In fact, everything that Aiden had, Charmion aspired to. She, unfortunately, had to admit that she was incredibly lucky to work with Aiden.

She sighed, got out some work, and began to eat her lunch. Her feet ached and she knew that she had made a stupid mistake wearing such stupid shoes her first day at work. She slipped them off and put her feet on the chair in front of her. She began to read one of Aiden's research papers. It was dense, filled with advanced vocabulary and terminology she didn't understand. She focused and began taking notes on his research. It really was fascinating what Aiden could do and she admitted that she was envious. 'Don't forget what he did to you...' She repeated this mantra in her head every few minutes or so. Charmion was not one to forgive such blatant acts of cruelty and torture.

Aiden rubbed his eyes and heard his stomach rumble. He was starving. He hadn't eaten breakfast and he had been at the hospital since 7:00 a.m. He finished speaking with his anesthesiologist and walked towards the work room. What he saw took his breath away. Charmion was reading one of his research papers. Her shoes were off and her long legs were propped up on a chair. Her position had caused her skirt to ride up a bit and he could just make out some lacy garters. He felt his cock stir and he quickly got a hold of himself. He was a professional man and he was not going to involve himself with a student. Besides, she may look gorgeous, but isn't she still the same nerd that he tortured in high school? Sure, she maybe a great fuck, but there were plenty of those to be found. He coughed loudly and grinned as she jumped. God, could she focus. He wondered what else she could focus on.

"Do you always sneak up on all people like that?" Charmion gritted out.

"No, just the extra special ones. So, are you impressed or what?" Aiden said with a shrug.

"Impressed with what?" Charmion asked confused.

"My research," Aiden stated.

'Pompous asshole,' thought Charmion.

"Sure, it's really cutting-edge, though not quite as advanced as Dr. Albertson's team in New York. I really wanted to work with him, but he was swamped, and school is here in Boston," Charmion said. She didn't know what possessed her to be so disrespectful and rude, but she knew men liked to compete, especially surgeons. She knew her off-hand comment would piss Aiden off. Charmion realized that she really enjoyed pissing him off.

"Is that so? Let me remind you that you are a student, I am your boss, and if you do not respect that, then I will see to it that your life is hell," Aiden bit out. The idea that Charmion could have been working for another man angered Aiden. He didn't know why. 'She's mine,' he thought, 'even though she doesn't know that yet.'

"Is that a threat? It doesn't scare me. You've already done that once before. Do you remember your senior year of high school?" Charmion almost shouted. How could he have forgotten? She hadn't meant to sound so personal.

Aiden winced. She was right. He had tortured her in high school. But now, she was beautiful and he sensed that she was the perfect woman for him. He just needed to show her, to prove to her that she was his. He didn't know how he was going to do that, but so far he wasn't off to a good start. He watched her nose twitch. 'God, she was cute.' He wondered what she did for fun.

"Sir, I think that we should get back to work."

"Right," said Aiden. He quickly finished his sandwich and grabbed his work. He would think of Charmion later.


Charmion slipped and almost fell. Sweat dripped down her forehead and into her eyes. She pushed off her legs and grabbed the hold just a few inches above her. Her other arm gracefully grabbed the next hold. A few minutes later, she was at the top, breathing hard. She took a deep breath and began her descent.

Climbing was one of her favorite pastimes. The exercise and challenge helped her refocus the constant pressure she put on herself. Climbing was like yoga on a wall.

"So, how was your first day of work?" her best friend Marika asked.

Marika was also tall with stunning model looks. She wasn't as voluptuous as Charmion, her breasts were small and perky and she had an athletic build. Marika changed her hairstyle about every other day. Currently, she was sporting a faux-hawk. Only Marika could make hair like that professional and edgy.

"Shitty and amazing at the same time," Charmion diplomatically said. Her expressive eyes betrayed her to her all knowing friend.

"Mmhm, aight, whatever you say...Liar. Let me guess, the work was amazing, but there is a certain person that you don't like."

"I swear, sometimes Marika, you are creepy." Marika laughed and kept climbing.

"Marika, do you remember that guy, Aiden, in high school? He was the hot popular jock and every girl wanted to be with him? Remember? He made my life miserable."

"You can't mean Aiden?! What is doing at the hospital? Please tell me that he is getting surgery or something." Marika visibly winced. She remembered how much pain Aiden had caused Charmion. Pain for Charmion was pain for her.

"Nope. The bastard is my fucking boss."

Marika's jaw dropped open and Charmion leaned in to shut it.

"Are you alright? Do you think you can handle this? I mean, his bullying was intense."

"If I can get through high school, Marika, I can get through anything."

"Well, on a happier note, I got invites to this awesome costume party on Saturday. It's going to be the shit. I hope you can go because I went through hell and back to get these tickets. Plus, girl, I know that you like to get your freak on."

"I haven't danced in so long. YOU KNOW that I'll be there. Let's go shopping tomorrow. I already have a good idea for a costume."

Feeling much better, Charmion left the gym.


She relaxed on the couch. She stretched and smiled. Her muscles were already pleasantly sore. Even though sore muscles weren't that much fun, being sore helped her feel alive and strong. Too tired to get up and cook dinner, Charmion fell asleep.

Across town, Aiden had also collapsed on his couch. He was mentally tired. He had fought all day to figure out how he was going to approach Charmion. Not one to lie, he knew that he had more than enough pride and ego for several people. He knew that he had to apologize. Aiden needed Charmion to trust him. People make mistakes and high school was a long way away. He was immediately attracted to a lot of things about Charmion. He pictured her dark hair against her smooth back, her breasts thrust outward, tipped with pink nipples, jiggling as she rode him. He reached down and began to stroke his cock. He imagined her lifting herself, squeezing the length of his cock with her inner muscles as she moved upward and then coming back down, grinding against him. He fantasized what it would be like to tie her to his bed and spank her pale bottom until it turned red. As he began to stroke faster, he fantasized about using his crops and clamps on her perfect body. More than anything, he longed to hear her say that she was his. With a groan, he came. 'Fuck Charmion, what have you done to me in the last day?'

His phone rang and he fell off the couch.

"Yeah" he bit out.

"Dude, relax. It's me, Sean."

"Sorry, I was asleep. What's up?"

"What are you doing Saturday night?"

"Nothing." 'Thinking of ways to seduce Charmion.'

"Well then, you can come with me to this awesome party I got invites for."

"I don't know, man. Aren't we getting too old for this?"

"Whatever, dude. It's really exclusive and it's a costume party. The hottest chicks in the city are going to be there, and if they aren't hot, it doesn't matter because we won't be able to see their faces."

"That wasn't funny, but sure, man, I'll go."

"I'll call you and tell you what time to meet me there."

After hanging up the phone, Aiden went and took a hot shower. He needed to go to this party to keep his mind off of Charmion. Who knows, it could be fun, he liked to party and he was a great dancer...

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