tagHow ToA New Sensual Ritual For Our Times

A New Sensual Ritual For Our Times


These are the instructions for a new type of sexual goddess worship which was created by a married couple who happen to be massage therapists and Yoga practitioners. To facilitate this ritual you will need three adults – either a male and two females or three females. One of the females is to be the goddess and she will receive the pleasure.

This ritual although spiritual and holistic in nature should not be confused with Tantra. Today the concept of Tantra is abused by the greedy – Tantra is not all about sex and the sacred nature of Tantra has now been lost because of prostitutes calling their scam by a different name. This technique is about sex and pleasure but it is also a celebration of the sensual female spirit and her God given genitalia.

First have the female who is going to be the goddess not shave her arm pits or pubic region for about 2 weeks or as long as she wants. This is in order to sufficiently grow the pubic and underarm hair. I know this might sound culturally strange to many – but there is a reason for this as will be explained later.

The space where the ritual is to take place is very important.

Have a private quite room or well walled off back patio set aside – it must have access to either a very large tub or outdoor hot tub capable of holding three people. A massage table or a bed also needs to be in the area.

Candles, special music, incense, wind chimes, sparkling grape juice, champagne, sweet Rhine wine, a bong with the best shit – filled with water or Southern Comfort, bowls of fruit or anything that will make the area more exotic and sensual is also recommended.

Her favorite soap or liquid bath gel.

Disposable douche or a disposable Fleet enema – sold at drug stores.

A Jolly Rancher candy – your favorite flavor – cherry is best!

You will need a plastic cover/sheet or nice towel to cover the massage table or bed.

A bowl of warm water with a bit of rose, violet, lavender, or orange blossom water added.

Her favorite female oriented shaving cream.

A brand new razor – disposable and the best one you can buy – don't skimp!

Her favorite massage oil – warmed.


Some mashed up mango or papaya pulp.

Condensed milk.


All enter the space and give thanks for all the beauty in the world and the universe. Praise the Devine and the positive and be happy with love and positive lust. Undress. A group hug that melts into a group make out session. Savory the moment and worship each other with kisses to the mouth and neck.

Gently escort the goddess to the whirling hot tub. Submerge her there and both of you hold her and float her with love. Have her float there with her eyes closed as both of you lovingly hold her in safety and love. Get wet – get very wet. Bathe her all over with her favorite soaps – don't let her do anything! Both of you are her slaves – she is the princess, the goddess! Spoil her.

Pay close attention to her breasts, belly button, underarms, asshole. Lather her pussy and wash it with the luxurious suds. Shampoo her hair if she so desires. Rinse her with water – baptize her soul into a new life of sensuality. Use the douche or enema to clean the inside of her pussy. Wash her asshole well.

Take her out and give her a vigorous rub down with a thick warm towel. Dry her body well all over.

Place her on the covered massage table or bed. Both of you kiss her. Take the Jolly Rancher candy and unwrap it and gently insert it into her pussy. Don't put it in all the way deep – just enough inserted in case you need to take it out. Let it melt inside her pussy because of the heat that she radiates – let it mingle with her pussy juices – creating a mélange of flavors.

Now take the water and wet her armpits – lather up with the shaving cream and very lovingly and safe shave off her underarm hair. Both of you can do one armpit each. This shaving is symbolic of letting go of negativity and clutter. Visualize the shaved hair as the negative being purged from the body. Shave her armpit smooth. When shaven kiss the armpits – tickle it with your tongues. Smell the fragrance of the soap or shaving cream.

Do the same for the pubic area - wet it with water and apply the shaving cream – tickle her – make a loving game out of it – very carefully shave off the hair around her pussy region. Leave a little patch above or shave it all off. Again, symbolize the shaving as a goodbye to the stagnant, the negative, and that not wanted. Open up the atmosphere for the pussy worship to come.

Now begin the 20 finger (that means 2 people massaging the goddess at the same time) massage – Give her a full body massage concentrating on all parts – back and front, taking as much time as she wants for her pampering. It should be sensual but not sexual – yet! Make sure the oil is warm.

Now, when she is lovingly massaged for as long as she wants – have her lay on her back. Spread her legs and begin the worshipping. Apply the mashed fruit all round her pussy lips even putting a little bit inside. Pour honey on her pussy lips and clit and also pour some condensed milk on her pussy lips.

Part her moist and sticky pussy lips and both of you- at the same time or taking turns proceed to lovingly eat her out – licking her pussy and clit and sucking out the delicious syrup of the Jolly Rancher and the rest that is in her pussy. Do this as many times as she wants – how ever long as she desires. Taste the delicious nature of her pussy drippings. Make her have orgasm after orgasm – as many as she wants. Stick her favorite dildo or vibrator up her asshole as you both finger and eat her out at the same time. When she can't take it anymore or when she starts to fall asleep from the sheer relaxation – wash her pussy again of all the stick stuff. You might want to guide her to the hot tub or you might want to douche her again. Very gently mind you.

Bring her to her bed. Tuck her in. Give her a drink of warm milk with honey, some cinnamon and some nutmeg. Feed it to her. Kiss her forehead. Tell her you both love her. Give her a Valerian root pill to further relax her. Stay with her – holding her lovingly like 2 parents to their beautiful adult goddess daughter. Hum to her – hum her to sleep as she drifts off to a blissful sleep with many pleasant dreams till she wakes up refreshed and incredible the following morning!

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