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A New Superheroine


Superman didn't think about sex. It wasn't in his personality to think about sex. It had never been a subject that a super hero of his ability needed to think about. Clark Kent had thought about and even had sex with Lois Lane, but when he donned the cape and tights he became Superman. The super heroes super hero. A being with no sexual thoughts. So what happened when the latest Super Villainess came on the scene? She called herself The Whore. Her powers basically consisted of being able to seduce men and women by projecting pheromones at them. A simple but effective power. It certainly beat Superman. After several robberies by the newcomer, all aided by insiders who were in sexual thrall of her, Superman was asked to search the city and apprehend The Whore. Dutifully he took off and used his super-vision to scan the city. Quickly he discovered the hideout of his quarry and swooped down, crashed through the wall and confronted her. What he saw was a tall, astonishingly beautiful, large (but firm) breasted, raven haired, scantily clad Villainess. Nothing unusual about that. Almost all his female allies and enemies fit that description apart from hair colour differences.

"Your time is up. I'm here to take you to prison. Are you going to come quietly?" Superman's usual opening question received a common answer.

"I never 'come' quietly. As you will soon find out." The stress of the sentence being on the 'come' made Supes pause. That was his only mistake. Having breathed in the scent of the woman as an aid to tracking her if she should escape, Superman had also breathed in her pheromones. Now he was experiencing something new. Primal lust. He had to have sex with his quarry. The completely unexpected feelings overwhelmed our hero and he began to drool.

"I must have sex with you, now." Superman crossed the room in a flash and was kissing The Whore before she even heard his words. His strength was more than enough to rip her clothes off and he flew her to the large bed in the next room. A tearing sound was heard as his erection shredded his costume. The man of steel was living up to his name.

"Hey, slow down big boy. I thought good guys always finished last." Her words cut through his passion, (a side effect of the pheromones was that they induced sexual obedience to The Whore) and he stopped the imminent thrust of his cock into her pussy.

His mind whirled for a moment as he tried to decide how best to please her. His decision was to eat her pussy. In a blur he slid down the bed and spread her legs to allow him access to her crotch. His cape didn't share his momentum and so it ended up covering his head and her body. Unfortunately for Superman this gave The Whore more power over him. You see her pheromones were strongest in her cunt, and he had just put his face near the source and stopped the air from diluting them.

Bad move Superman.

Two further powers of The Whore were centred on her pussy. It was constantly wet and virtually indestructible. This turned out to be a good thing as Superman began to lick it at super speed. Normally this would have caused sever friction burns, but the lubrication and invulnerability stopped her feeling any pain. Superman was actually licking in a set pattern. The first stroke was from anus to clit, the next to just on the clit, then one across the outer lips from leg to leg. At the speed he was doing it even a sex addict like The Whore couldn't last more than a minute. Her screams of ecstasy could be heard in the next street. Her thighs clamped around Supes head and she squirted a face full of pussy juice into his mouth.

"My turn." He said.

Before she could react she felt his huge steel hard cock rammed into her tight snatch. He was so turned on that he came straight away. A huge amount of super sperm filled her vagina and joined her sexual excretions on the bed sheets. The Whore was not prepared for it. The semen was ejaculated at super speed, straight up her vaginal canal. She felt like she was bruised inside her cunt. Superman didn't stop though. He had amazing recuperative powers that meant he could have continued having intercourse, and orgasms for nearly a day before getting tired. Also his body replaced the ejected sperm within seconds, so he could almost have multiple ejaculations.

Seven seconds later he came again. The Whore was in pain now as her pussy was hit by a second batch of super fast super come. Her wails of pain sounded the same as her earlier wails of pleasure and so went unnoticed.

The next time he came his curiosity caused him to pull out of the soggy pussy of The Whore, and see how far he could project his seed. After the first two packets of jizz punched holes in the concrete walls he decided to wait and measure it in an uninhabited area. He used his hand to deflect the remaining ejaculate safely onto the floor.

Still the pheromones were causing the worlds greatest hero to want to fuck a new wrongdoer, but now the wrongdoer didn't want him to fuck her!

"Stop! I'm in pain. I need a while to recover." The words had the desired effect on Superman. With so much exposure to the power of her pussy, he had to follow her orders. "Take me somewhere I won't be found so I can heal in peace."

"My fortress of solitude will suit your purpose." With no further ado, Superman carried The Whore away from her hideout and north to his secret home.

When they arrived Superman had a burst of inspiration and quickly told his mistress of the machine that turned him back into a Kryptonian, when he had surrendered his powers one time. He wanted to use it on her, so that they could make love without him causing her pain. Of course The Whore thought that it was a great idea. Not only had she corrupted Superman, she was about to be made into Superwhore. She would be unstoppable. What a great day.

When he had set up the machine, Superman left the his new lover to be transformed and went outside. He had some measuring to do! Within seconds he had his cock in hand and was jacking off at super speed. "Ready, aim, fire!" His sperm flew out of his penis in several bursts. The furthest flying ones landed over a mile away, burrowing through a glacial drift and blasting a chunk of rock out of the mountain underneath. "Wow."

"Let me have the next lot." Superman turned to see The Whore floating behind him. She was still naked but obviously now had super powers. In that case she should be able to with stand his sperm cannon at close range. He tested his theory immediately, wanking another batch of come shots at her. The first three wads smashed into her stomach and breasts, before she ducked to catch the rest in her mouth.

"Tastes good. Give me more."

"Come and get it." He challenged playfully.

"NO, you come and I get it." She replied. Her heat vision easily burnt away the remains of his costume and he flew towards her. As they met his penis entered her pussy and they began to fuck properly for the first time. Superwhore used her new powers to vibrate her body on his prong, creating an amazing sensation that sent them both into paroxysms of ecstatic pleasure. She managed to hold back her orgasm until Superman had filled her with sperm again, but the feeling when he did pushed her over the edge.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrghh" Superman had never felt a super-pussy clench in orgasm around his cock. It made him scream, but felt so good it made him come again without stopping. Superwhore was thrown off his cock by the bucking of his hips and as she flew upwards the muscles in her pussy closed even tighter, forcing a spray of come from between her legs.

"Nnnnnng. Careful blue boy, you nearly fucked me into orbit. I think it's time I got my mouth round that lovely big cock of yours. Lay back and let enjoy."

Superman didn't need any encouragement. He lay flat on his back in the snow and watched as his mistress swooped down to land on her knees next to him. She stretched out on her side, her legs towards his head and looked into his eyes. Without breaking her gaze she began to clean his penis. Her tongue lapped up the semen collecting in the wrinkles of his scrotum and in his wiry pubic hair. When she had cleaned around the root she began on the shaft. Taking care not miss a spot Superwhore licked and slurped until all but the glans was sperm free. With her eyes still watching Superman she opened her mouth and slid her lips over the massive member of the last Kryptonian. He groaned in pleasure at the feeling of her hot mouth sucking the slimy come from his sensitive cock head. He could feel her tongue probing his pee slit and circling his bell end. All the while she was gazing into his eyes. Superwhore cupped his balls in her hand and began to rub them together. Finally breaking eye contact she slid his cock further into her mouth. She had to change the angle of her head to enable her to take it all the way down her throat. She began to bob her head up and down his shaft.

Superman could still smell her pussy and now it was within reach of his outstretched arm. With Superwhore lying on her side it was easy for him to slide his hand between her thighs and towards the wet warmth of her sex. He slipped a finger into her cunt and used his thumb to rub her labia. With a squirming movement she moved herself closer to his fingers, allowing him to push two more fingers into her. Now that he could reach better Superman was able to use the fleshy join between thumb and forefinger to agitate her clitoris.

It soon became a race to see who could get the other one to orgasm first. Superwhore began to deep throat at faster, building up speed until her head became a blur. Superman concentrated on the awesome pussy his hand was sliding in and out of. He began to vibrate his hand from side to side, flicking her clit furiously. Both of them were trying to stop their orgasm and Superman was losing. He could feel the semen beginning to boil up from his balls. If he didn't do something he was going to lose this battle. Thinking fast he came up with the solution. He used his heat vision to warm her crotch and then he blew cold air onto it. The sudden change in temperatures and the constant stimulation of his hand had the desired effect.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." A high pitched squeal emanated from Superwhore as she came. Her body shook at super speed and she squirted more of her juices over the man of steel. Thankfully as she screamed her vocal chords fluttered over the tip of Supermans dick and caused him to lose control as well.

"Ooooooooooooooooh." His sperm cannon let off several more salvoes of creamy come straight down the throat of Superwhore.

When they calmed down they noticed they were floating in the air. They both burst out laughing.

"I always wanted to join the mile high club. Come on fly boy let me take you to cloud nine."

20 hours later they both lay panting on the ice flow. Superwhore was on top of the Man of not so Steel. Both their bodies were bruised and covered in sperm. She looked at him and smiled wickedly.

"Come on. Call yourself Superman? You've only managed 999 ejaculations. I want one more. Lets make it a nice round figure." Superman groaned. He was exhausted but the pheromones still commanded him and he was compelled to obey. Superwhore felt his penis swell inside her as the blood filled it once more. She rolled off of him and watched as the worlds greatest defender struggled to get an erection.

"OK I'll help." She lent over and took his shaft into her mouth. She had already sucked him to orgasm hundreds of times today, but she never tired of giving blow jobs (especially now she had superpowers.)

When he was hard she stopped sucking and released his member. Superman gripped it in his hand and began to wank. He couldn't attain his normal speed but still managed to move his hand in a blur as he furiously jerked his cock. The shaft began to glow red as the friction built up, then the head swelled and a small packet of come spurted out. It hardly went up two metres before falling down to join the rest of semen on his chest. A dribble ran down his deflating penis which Superwhore licked up before turning his head to her and kissing him.

They slept in a cuddle on the side of an ice mountain.

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