tagBDSMA New Twist Ch. 02

A New Twist Ch. 02


Involving Friends

After that initial night where I agreed to be a sex slave to my wife for 3 months, and where she securely bound me, got off on my tongue, beat my ass red, fucked my, and locked my cock in cage, Liz has been adapting to her new role. She was more confident in being in charge sexually and it showed in the way she carried herself.

About once or twice a month, she would get together for a girls night out with her friend Missy. Usually, this means that I watch the kids while they go out and get trashed. Missy is interesting in that she is cute, but never has kissed anyone or even been out on a date. Liz and I were starting to think that she was going to become a spinster because she is so shy.

Around 10, after the kids were asleep, Liz and Missy came in. I was surprised that they were back so early. Turns out, they thankfully didn't want to drive once they were trashed. They were buzzed, which always makes the two of them somewhat less inhibited, and brought back enough wine bottles to finish the job.

"Hi hon. Hi Missy. You have a good time?" I asked, getting up.

"Yeah, we did, but I promised Missy some entertainment if we left the bar early. I'm thinking that you'll help us out with that."

"OK. What do you need?"

She and Missy moved to sit on the couch. "First, take your clothes off."

"Liz, what are you doing?" I said, lowering my voice.

Liz stood up. "How do you address me?"

She was a good 3-4 inches shorter than me, but it certainly felt like she was talking down to me. "Mistress," I whispered.

"Say it loud, so Missy can hear."

"Mistress." Missy giggled and covered her mouth.

"Now, do you follow my commands?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Are you my little slut?"

"Yes, mistress." I'm pretty sure that I was beat red by this point.

"Give me your belt."

I slowly took off my belt and handed it to Liz, who doubled it over as she walked behind me.

"I think you should be punished for not listening. Do you agree slave?"

"Yes, mistress." I couldn't believe she was doing this in front of someone. I had agreed to a 3 month trial, though, and I had to see it through.

"Then take off your clothes."

I slowly took off my clothes and folded them on a kitchen chair, foolishly trying to preserve some dignity. Liz had other ideas.

"Go stand in front of Missy, spread your legs, and keep your arms on your neck. No covering up."

I already screwed up, so I complied. I really didn't want Missy to see my cock cage. I walked over and assumed the proscribed position. Missy, with her normally pale skin, was nearly as red as a tomato.

"Missy," Liz said, "I think we're going to give you a taste of what you've been missing."

Missy looked at me, then her eyes locked onto the poor cock struggling in the confines of the CB-6000 and started laughing.

"How does that work?" Missy asked.

"Basically, I have a key that locks the cage on Jon's dick. As long as he is in the cage, he can try as hard as he can, but he can't get an erection."

"OK. Jon, bend over. Put your hands on Missy's legs to steady yourself. I want her to see your face the whole time. Missy, you'll get to be more participatory in a few minutes."

Whack! I did my best not to cry out, but I did some. Liz really lit me up with the belt and left my ass red and sore. My hands squeezed Missy's thighs with every stroke.

"Now, Jon. Go get Missy and I some more wine and bring us the remote."

I did so, and the next hour passed simply enough with me being the naked waiter. Eventually, as they had more and more drinks, they started to get more interested. They both stripped to their underwear and had me sit in between them. They fondled my ball sac, my nipples, and anything else they could reach in an almost disinterested manner. Really, they were just trying to frustrate me since I couldn't get an erection... and it worked really well. I wanted to ask Liz to let me come, but I knew she never would yet.

"Hey Missy!" Liz exclaimed. "I've got a great idea. Do you want to play a game?" I was starting to dread Liz's ideas, but Liz disappeared into the bedroom when Missy answered in the affirmative.

"Missy, sit in the middle of the couch. Jon, lay across Missy's lap. Now, put your hands behind your back. OK, Missy, now that you have a naked, handcuffed, helpless man lying across your lap, I want you to feel powerful. You are going to punish Jon, just because you can."

"Here, put this gag on him," Liz said, as she handed Missy a ball gag. She proceeded to put it in my mouth and tighten it around my head. "Now, he's only going to be able to answer you by moaning and squirming. I want you to start with your hand, then you can choose any other these other, instruments." She motioned to several items that I couldn't see.

"How do you feel Missy?"

"A little self-conscious."

"Really, you're not naked and about to get spanked. Try it and see how you do. Jon, here is the game. If she can make you cry or beg, you're going to eat her to an orgasm and we're both going to fuck you in the ass. If you don't, then Missy will suck your dick until you come. There is no time limit. Missy, do you agree?"

"I guess. I've never made a man cry."

"You just have to exert the right leverage."

Missy started slowly, with her hand. It didn't hurt at first. Then, she got into a rhythm and started spanking quick and hard. I moaned some, but I really wanted to come and was determined not to lose.

"Ooh, I'm starting to like this," Missy said. "Do you want to quit yet?"

I shook my head, then heard Missy say, "Hand me that one."

It didn't take long for me to find out what "that one" was describing. A paddle, wooden and rectangular, came down on my ass 20 times. I was writhing with every smack.

"Keep still!" Missy said, as she put her right leg over both of my own. She gave me another 5 for good measure.

"Are you sure you don't want to give up?"

I took a deep breath and shook my head again. Missy handed the paddle back to Liz. "Liz, hand me the purple one"

Purple? I hadn't bought any purple paddles or whips or anything. What was she talking about?

"Yup. Just let me get it ready... and here you go," said Liz.

Missy was rubbing my sore ass when she reached to get whatever Liz was handing her. Apparently, it was a large butt plug. By getting it ready, Liz meant lubing it up. Mandy still was straining to push it all the way up my ass.

"mmmm," I moaned through the gag. It felt like the plug was splitting me open.

Liz asked this time, as Missy paused with the butt plug only partially inserted and holding me wide open.

"Do you want to quit baby?"

I shook my head.

"What about you Missy? Are you getting tired of this yet?"

"Not at all. I'm having fun," she responded, as she resumed pushing the butt plug all the way in. Her response took some of the fight out of me. I had hoped that between the late hour and the alcohol, she would be ready to call it a night soon. After another minute or two, the butt plug was fully inserted.

"Hmmm. What to do? I think I know. You're tougher than I thought, but this should do the trick."

Missy reached over with her left hand and pulled my balls up as far as they would go. She squeezed the sac so that the balls protruded. Then, she began to hit them gently, which started to hurt by itself after a few times. Then, she stopped hitting me, but kept a firm hold on my balls.

"Liz, take his gag out. Jon, do you want to quit?"

"No, I want you to suck my dick."

"Oh, and I was going to go easy on you. Now, I going to give you 10 hard swats right on your balls and there is not you can do about it."

I was seeing stars after the first blow. I was begging to be let go by 5. She broke my. By 10, I was crying.

"Do you want to quit now, slave?"

I could only shake my head yes and she let go of my balls. She'd broken me and still I couldn't believe that I wouldn't get to come after all that I endured.

Liz and Missy laughed whilst I lay quivering over Missy's lap. Liz removed the handcuffs and Missy pulled out the butt plug. Liz instructed me to lie on my back on the coffee table.

"We're going to try something new today, Jon. I bought a good amount a rope and we're going to tie you to the table before we get to Missy's reward for winning the game. What was that reward again?"

"That I would eat her out until she comes, mistress."


"And that you would both get to fuck my ass, mistress."

"Good memory. Now scoot up so that your head if off the table."

Once I did, she and Missy both took an arm and tied it securely at the wrist and elbow to the legs of the table. Then, they passed rope over my waistline, just above the hips, a few times and tightly tied it under the table so I couldn't lift off of the table at all. Then, they tied my knees to the same legs as my arms, so my legs were pulled back rather far, my ass was lifted off the table, and my asshole and caged penis were completely exposed. Lastly, my ankles were tied to my thighs, so I couldn't move anything except my tongue.

"He looks perfect. Don't you think so Missy?"

"Yes. I like the idea of a man I could do anything to."

"Last thing. I'm not really comfortable with you touching or seeing another naked woman, so I'm going to put a blindfold on you. One of us is going to fuck your tongue and the other your ass at least until you make the one sitting on your face comes."

Then the world went black. Liz put on a blindfold. I thought I heard clothes falling to the floor. I didn't know what was going on until I felt someone lowering herself onto my face and grabbing the back of my head. She guided my head so my tongue was lapping at her clit.

The table was also the perfect height for Liz to fuck my ass standing up. Since the plug had opened me up some, she was brutal, fucking me hard and fast. I could hardly focus on eating out Missy with the pounding I was taking. Missy had never had a man there, so she was hesitant at first, even with me blindfolded. She got going after a few minutes. She laced her fingers through my hair and really starting fucking my face; Liz was increasing her pace to match the tempo with which Missy was grinding on my face. "Aaahh," Missy moaned. "I'm coming." Her whole body shook and she almost collapsed on my face, which really started to hurt my neck. Liz, who really wanted Missy to remember her experience, slowed down and pulled the dildo out of my ass. She walked over and helped Missy down. I was left stuck, dizzy, and with my ass hanging out in the air.

"OK, Missy. Let's get this on you; there is one more thing I want you to try. This is a new one, so I want you to break it in real good on him. How does it feel?"

"Kind of weird, kind of powerful."

"It does, doesn't it? Here, squirt some more of this up his asshole," she said, handing Missy a bottle of lube. I felt the cool, wetness and then Missy's finger going in and spreading it around.

Liz straddled my face so that she was facing Missy and she grabbed my balls and pulled them up to the point that I was in some pain. "Start licking me baby. I'm going to lightly hit your balls every few minutes. I'm going to increase how hard I hit them until I cum."

Missy started pushing the new dildo in. It was wider than I was used to. I thought it had to be nearly in, but Missy kept pushing as I moaned into Liz's pussy. I didn't know what size it was, but it was definitely bigger than the 7 inch one we had been using. With a grunt from Missy, and a corresponding one from me, I felt her push in to the hilt.

"I can't believe all 10 inches fit in him," said Missy.

"He can take a lot more than he thinks he can," replied Liz while slapping my balls again. That was really starting to hurt, even though she hadn't hit me hard.

Liz and Missy slowly increased their rhythm. Missy grabbed my ankles for balance and it took her a few minutes to really find her groove. She would pull about 7 inches out before slamming back in.

Liz started really bucking and, as she did, increased the pressure with which she hit my balls. The last one felt like she was spanking my ass. I involuntarily pulled hard against my bonds, to no avail, and my scream was muffled by her pussy.

Liz orgasmed and shook on my face. Then, she climbed down to watch Missy fuck me.

"God, Liz. I think I'm going to come from fucking him." Missy was only pulling after halfway out quickly and pounding back in. Another minute and she pushed in as hard as she could and stopped, bent over me and breathing hard. "That was incredible."

She pulled out after she recovered. I heard her and Liz getting dressed.

"If you want, Missy. You can come back and I'll show you what's like to bottom if you want..."

I could almost see my wife's smirk through my blindfold. She was really coming into her own and starting to enjoy herself.

Missy didn't respond to the remark. "He looks so pathetic there, tied up and used like that," she said.

"Yeah, feel his balls. They're so full of come it's got to be painful."

Missy squeezed, not too hard, but I moaned all the same.

"Ooh," Liz started. "I have an idea. I want to try something before you go. I know he can't come tonight, but I think that we can help him out some. I read about this online."

I felt 1 finger go in my asshole, which didn't feel that intrusive after the monster of a dildo I'd just taken. She started rubbing my prostate; this was a new sensation for me. I felt like I had to pee for a moment, then come started leaking out of me like I couldn't believe. She kept it up until my balls were all but empty and stomach was covered in come. It wasn't satisfying and I felt a little violated, but I did feel somewhat less uncomfortable.

Missy left and Liz untied me after she had showered and gotten ready for bed. She left me to clean everything up. I definitely wouldn't be able to act the same way around her friend anymore. I was just thankful that all of her friends were girls.

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