tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 09

A New Way of Life Ch. 09


Thanks to all of you who have written and made suggestions. I, along with my co-author, listen and want to meet your expectations. Soon we will take one of the most common suggestions and return Earl to Malaysia where he will be looking for more talent for his company.

Earl & Azizah


"This should be a great party. Your idea of putting on masks and wearing costumes is so different then the previous parties, I think everyone will enjoy it even more. What I like most of all is it's going to be in our own home". Azman said. He looked over at his wife who sat in her harem girl costume and was struck again by her beauty. He knew that whatever she wore would be taken off and she would be fucked by all the men here tonight, and it would only make her needier when all have left. He felt his cock twitch when he thought of the pleasure of sinking it in between those lovely thighs after all the others had enjoyed her charms.

It never ceased to amaze him that his wife's need only increased after she had been fucked, and he remembered how delightful it was to sink his dick into her hot pussy still full of other men's cum.

Azizah sat quietly, adjusting her costume, looking at the mirror. She wore a harem costume with a mask for her face, while Azman wore a tuxedo with a mask to cover his identity. Azizah admired her handsome hubby, yet she was barely able to keep her fingers from dipping between her thighs as she thought of all the cocks that would fill her tonight. Park and Miriam had not been to their new house yet, and she knew it would be a pleasure to find his cock swelling inside her. The same applied to David and Liza, who had not been able to come to visit them earlier. But this time they had confirmed they would be coming and bringing along with them a couple, whom they said were long lost friends.

Jake and Dianne, Art and his wife Candy had already been over to celebrate their new home and to initiate the playroom Ting had helped Azizah build in their oversized bedroom. Azizah smiled as she remembered how Jake and Art had taken her together while Diane sucked her breasts, driving her to the state of complete exhaustion before leaving the next morning.

She almost laughed aloud as she thought how the children's nanny, poor Rina, had assumed that she would be safe with all the couples so abandoned in their sex with each other, but Jake had stopped her in the hallway leading to the bedroom and somehow had managed to get his dick into her before she could report to her mistress that the kids were in bed asleep. Jake had pulled her into the middle of the frivolities and both he and Azman had watched as Art filled her swollen cunt with more cum. She was allowed to leave after Azizah had suctioned the still hot loads from her pussy with her mouth and then went on to suck another from Jake.

She had asked Azizah the next morning if she would be expected to perform in the same manner with other guests. She was barely able to suppress a smile as Azizah told her that she was to provide her services to any guest in their home. She had little to complain about since seeing saw what transpired in Earl and Ting's home earlier. She had hoped to be part of it and now the door had been opened for her. She had never dreamed that being the maid and nanny to her employer's children would have benefits such as this. She hadn't even dared dream that her employers and their friends would be providing for her sexual needs when her husband wasn't available. It had been her choice to work as a maid is to get extra income, but now, she found herself getting much more than that, and loving every inch of cock that filled her needy cunt.

When both Azman and Azizah were ready, they walked the few feet to the small dwelling where Rina had just finished putting a blanket on their sleeping children. It was the perfect location for when they intended to have a large party and no worries about the children being awakened. When Azizah was satisfied they were comfortable and asleep, they suggested that Rina too freshen up, put on her costume, and join them in the main house.

Axman and Azizah walked back to the main house hand in hand and sat down to wait for their guests to arrive and for Rina to join them. Earl had commented sometime ago that they had been seeing all the faces regularly and was very receptive to Azizah's idea to make this a costume party with faces covered by masks. Everyone contacted had agreed that it was a fascinating idea and that they too would be coming with costumes and masks. All had also agreed that the masks would remain on until the end of at least the first round of the session.

The phone rang and the door bell chime chimed simultaneously. The first guests have arrived. Azizah walked to the door while Azman picked up the phone. Azizah was a little shocked when she opened the door to see three figures, two in ghost dress, and the third as a pirate. Azizah greeted them with a laugh and a hug. The ghost's laughter revealed they are Earl and Ting. They embraced Azizah and introduced her to the 'pirate' before walking in and shaking hands with Azman who was still talking over the phone. As soon as Azman finished, Earl introduced the 'pirate', Mike, to Azman. Mike was brought in to balance the pairing with Rina, as planned by Azman and Azizah. Earl had been assigned to look for somebody, as he knew many single men who would love to come to a party such as this.

Azman then told Earl that David just called saying that they will be late because they need to go to the airport to collect the new couple. They requested the party to go ahead, promising to join in as soon as possible. Once again the chime rings, beckoning Azizah to the door. This time it was a flood of guests in all sorts of costumes. It was hard to know who was who, but their words of hello, could be recognized. All walked in and greeted the first ones to arrive with embraces and, with much chuckling, and frequent gropes of both female and male bodies. Azizah, Rina and Azman served food and drinks, helped by the other ladies. As they finished their snacks, all sat down together and the buzz of conversation grew louder. Then Azman, as the host stood to make an announcement.

"Since all of us already know each other, accept for Mike, and some of you, Rina. Tonight, the choice of a partner to start with will be the ladies. And so, as the hostess, Azizah gets first choice." All clapped their hands, although more than one hungry glance went to Azizah's body. "There's only one new male here, so it seems Azizah has her choice already made. Ladies, it's up to you. Choose your partner and let's get the party started."

Azman was a little disappointed when Rina chose Jake first. But soon his partner was sitting in his lap and his hands were full of her breasts. He didn't care who it was, just that she had the same interests as he, which was to get each other to the point where fucking each other was what they both wanted – and she was doing a great job of arousing Azman while his fingers found a very juicy pussy. He lost interest in what was happening around him and so, very shortly, everyone had a partner and the air was heavy with the scent of sex. At first he looked for Azizah, but his partner took his mind away from that as she pulled the zipper of his trousers down and her hand closed over his already swollen cock.

Azizah was surprised to find herself a little nervous as she led Mike to one of the bedrooms on the first floor of the house. She still had not reached the point where sex with a total stranger was easy for her, especially when she knew she might have to initiate the enjoyable act she had come to enjoy so much that she now welcomed her friends as easily as Azman. Fortunately for her, Mike had been intrigued by what he had seen of this petite young lady and definitely intended to see, and feel, much more of this slim body with those lovely, firm tits that barely moved as he strode with her into the bedroom.

They had barely gotten into the room before Mike turned his partner in his arms, took her mask off, and threw it aside. His hands found their way into the diaphanous folds of her costume and curled around both cheeks of her firm ass, breasts, He almost lifted her from the ground, pulling her toward him and lowering his head until his mouth covered hers and his tongue searched for her own.

"M-m-m-ph" Azizah managed to mumble as she felt her partner's hand squeezing her breast almost painfully. Pushing him back slightly, she told him, "No, no, not so hard. We have plenty of time, and there's no need to rush."

Mike, chagrined, apologized even as his hand uncurled from her breast to instead cup it from beneath and watch her nipple begin to rise. "I'm so sorry, I don't want to hurt you, but you are just so beautiful I got carried away."

Looking into eyes as blue as the seas she had crossed to come to America, Azizah realized he was being honest and she was glad he would be her first of the evening. Even as he finished his apology, his head was lowered and his hands pushed aside the filmy covering over her breast, sucking her nipple into his mouth as gently as a child at his mother's breast, and with the same enthusiasm. He had to bend almost double to reach it, and Azizah knew both would be more comfortable on the bed. She allowed him to continue suckling her as she drew him back and then collapsed beneath him onto the bed.

Mike was very happy to join her, now that the difference in height was not so important. He was also happy to find that the lady's crotch was already wet when his fingers found their way between her thighs. The suction of his mouth on her breasts was exciting her as much as the kisses with which he alternated the suction. Mike was a good kisser, and just as skilled at arousing her as any of her previous partners, so it was with no real hesitation that she pushed her hand down between them and found the hardness which had become apparent as soon as he had pulled her close.

What she found was certain pleasure in the form of at least nine inches of throbbing hard cock already emitting a thin stream of pre-cum. It was at least as thick as Jake's or Park's and certainly as hard. It came easily out of the baggy pants Mike wore which were now being taken off. Her curiosity unsatisfied, she pushed him away from her until she could see it and what she saw brought real pleasure to her. The swollen head was at least the size of a golf ball, tapering to an even thicker base that she knew would spread her welcoming lips very wide as he fucked her.

Mike was already on her at full length before she was able to pull her hand up after aligning it with her own juicy opening and feeling the head press hard against the tight ring of muscle guarding her vagina. She sighed as she felt it slip past the tight outer ring of muscle guarding her vagina and begin to fill her. Lifting her hand she tasted his juices and found them as sweet as any she had sucked before.

Mike took his time driving the hard wedge of his cock between those tense muscles and it felt wonderful to have it inch its way deeper and deeper into her tight sheath lubricated by his own juices as well as her own now that he was inside her.

Azizah was near swooning when she felt that bulging head go past the point that it had last been pushed by Park's long dick. Her orgasm had peaked over and over again as Mike fucked her. It felt so good to have it push at her cervix with each slow thrust after he had withdrawn almost all that sweet cock from her clutching pussy. Her arms tightened around her lover's back and soon her legs curled over his thighs as she tried to draw him even deeper inside her hungry tunnel of love. She knew her nails would be leaving marks on his back, but she no longer cared. All she wanted was more of his cock inside her and that wonderful feeling of being fucked, slowly, gently, only faster when she wanted to experience another orgasm like the one she had when he first entered her.

Mike only wanted more too. He had never felt such a clutching, stroking sheath wrap so tightly around his long dick. So many women he had met were unwilling to take his full length, yet this lovely, tiny woman could absorb his cock and beg for more with hips that thrust to meet his own each time he thrust deep inside her. Her breasts, still in his grip, were hot, perfectly shaped cones with the long nipples that he had learned to love.

When finally, he could not withstand his own need any longer, he let the hot, thick cum filling his balls explode in Azizah's hungry cunt, sending her into another orgasmic frenzy as she met his with her own. It is almost too much and Azizah felt herself sliding into a beautiful bottomless pit where her cunt is always full of hard dicks.

Only moments later, when she regains consciousness, she pushes her lover off her body now covered in a sheen of perspiration as they clutch each other in a frantic demonstration of soul kissing. She wants more, but realizes that it would be better to have a short refreshing shower before rejoining her lover and perhaps having more.

So, after getting a great fuck from Mike, Azizah recovers her mask and walks into the bath to freshen up. Shortly she is finished and still in a towel around her body, and her mask in place, she walks out, and sees Mike still lying in bed, massaging his dick. Azizah approaches and takes his cock in hand as she sits down on the edge of the bed.

"Let me do that for you, in a better way" she croons. She holds Mike's dick in one hand as she curls herself back into bed in between Mike's legs, lowering her head to let her lips slowly slide over that still cum-coated bulbous head until she can take no more. .Mike, in heaven with the feeling of his lover's mouth suctioning his cum, pushes the towel from Azizah's body and his hand plays around with those sweet, full breasts.

While Azizah was still bending sucking Mikes dick, she hears a voice coming into the room, but since her mouth is glued to Mikes dick, and Mike is holding her head while he gently fucks her mouth, she just don't bother to look to see who has entered. .All she heard was a male voice.

"Ah, here's the hostess." Then she assumed he was addressing Mike. Then she heard, "and since you are new here, you get the hospitality of the hostess, before the others." .She recognized David's voice, and realized he must be talking to the new couple.

"Go ahead, sample her," she heard David say. Then, suddenly she felt her naked buttocks being pushed open, and felt a tongue going through it from the top to the bottom, over the slight opening of her rosebud, then down over her still juicy pussy. While the man behind her is doing great things to her, her mouth is doing wonders to Mike's dick. It's getting bigger and bigger. As the feeling becomes too great for Mike, he pull Azizah's head to his face, and asks,"Can I fuck your ass?" Azizah, although a little leery because of his size, just whispered "okay" in response.

Mike pushes Azizah and automatically the man behind her stopped. "I'm going to fuck her ass," Mike informs him. "Would you like to do her pussy while I screw her ass?" The man asked, "You mean together, both of us in her?" Both look at Azizah, and Azizah just nods her head.

The man, who had already stripped naked, except for the mask, climbs onto the bed, and lies down on his back. Azizah climbs on top of him, holding his dick. It's one of those lovely uncircumcised cocks, thick and hard, already weeping the pre-cum which she uses to lubricate her pussy before she sits down on it and feels the head spreading the tight muscle guarding her core. She sighs with delight as she works her hips to allow him to fill her completely and then leans forward to kiss him as she feels that swollen knob stroking her cervix. The man smiles, and reaches down to grasp Azizah's ass cheeks, pulling them to each side so Mike can get his dick into her.

Soon Mike is massaging the cum the stranger's cock had forced out of her pussy into her ass hole. Very gently he opens it with one finger, then two, and then a third until Azizah is comfortable. After Azizah is comfortable with his fingers stroking in and out of her ass, Mike holds his dick in one hand as the other pulls her back against him and presses that formidable head hard against her asshole,

Azizah grits her teeth as she feels that enormous head push beyond the sphincter and into her anal canal. Mike is very slowly and gently pushing it deeper. Azizah groans as she feels the tightness in her crotch, increased by the thickness of Mike's cock. Slowly he spreads her asshole while the stranger is gently fucking her pussy. Mike waits until the stranger is almost completely out of her pussy before thrusts hard against Azizah's asshole and feels it slide in beyond her tight band of muscle. Azizah gasps at the pain and shock, begging both men to stop until she can let her body become accustomed to the double penetration.

It takes several minutes, and lots of pre-cum from both her partners as well as her own body before it reaches the point it is pleasant to have both men fucking her. Once he is deep in Azizah's butt, he pushes in his dick, slowly, in and out of her, giving her time to become accustomed to having so much cock in her. Once he is solidly fixed in Azizah's ass, both men begin to move forward and backwards, seesawing their cocks deep in the nerve rich channels that always bring Azizah to orgasm. Azizah's gasps are no longer from the pain of the double entry, now they are cries of pleasure as both men bring her to the apex of a mind blowing series of orgasms.

In the next room, Azman was also fucking the new lady, together with Earl and Jake. With everyone still wearing their masks, little can be seen which would identify the new lady, but all three men have found her to be very cooperative and an enjoyable fucking partner. At the moment, Azman is banging her in the ass, while Earl is pushing his dick in her pussy. Jake is busy sucking her lovely small tits with extremely long nipples, and waiting to relieve whoever is unable to continue after filling the new lady's pussy or ass with a load of hot cum. She has welcomed them in her, and Azman is hoping that she will become another member of the group as he drives his dick into her tight asshole.

She has the tight muscled body of a woman from his side of the world, with the beautiful black hair, long nails, and a smile that only widens when a cock is presented to her mouth. Although petite in size, her appetite for sex matches the men busy taking her to the heights of pleasure. He idly wondered where Azizah was, unaware that at that moment his wife was taking it in her pussy from the new man, and Mike's cock was stroking in and out of her ass.

The night continued with partners changing constantly. It was such a great atmosphere, with Azizah, Rina and all the ladies getting a great fuck from all the men. It stretched into the next morning before everyone was totally spent. The night ended with everyone sleeping in the big playroom, many so tired that they lay still coupled with their last lover. Whether man or woman, everyone had cum drying on their naked form wherever it had been when they last had expelled it and it was already crusty in an atmosphere of thoroughly enjoyed sex.

Azizah was among the first awake the next morning as her masked lover had taken her one more time after all the others had fucked her. She crawled from the thick foam pad and went into the bathroom, to shower and wash the night's success away. She wore mask again after washing her face and straightening the remains of her cum encrusted costume.

She had barely had time to check on her children before she returned to the playroom. As she walked down the hall toward the room she saw, through the open door a few had already taken off their masks. Some had pulled their clothing back on but the majority was still naked. Not wanting to disturb any who were still sleeping, she started down the staircase. What she saw down there, where more bodies were still strewn over the floor, shocked her.

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