tagLoving WivesA Night at the Movies

A Night at the Movies


Rob asked me one day if I ever thought about having sex with other men just for the excitement I might get from it. We have known each other for qute a few years and I actually have had little experience with anyone other that my Husband. We have been married now for about three years and except for a couple of, lets say, "exceptions" have been very faithful to each other. The few times that either of us have been with other partners have been extremely exciting. Especially the times when we've told each other about our experiences.

We agreed early on that there would be no secrets between us and have followed that rule. Well almost anyway, I still haven't told him about something that happened to me on our honeymoon. I will though when I think the time is right. He really gets turned on bigtime hearing stories about other guys and me. We play a game sometimes where he comes home to find me totally naked on our bed, I start telling a story about the 2 men who just left after making me suck them for hours while they left their hot cum all over my 38C breasts . These stories get pretty graphic and Rob winds up just devouring me with his sex. As for me, I just love to act like a slut for him. What girl wouldn't when it leads to an all night love session.

Rob rented a porno video last week that was all about one of his favorite fantasies. It was about very beautiful women who have hot oral sex with more than one man. It made me so hot watching those women sucking one huge cock after another. In one scene three men came right into a hot blonde's open mouth! Rob was beyond arousal and we both ended up taking our clothes off. He just pushed the back of my head down on him and I sucked his engorged cock while he watched the tape....That was HOT! Right in our living room no less with all of the blinds open! Afterwards we went to our bedroom and just fucked each other til dawn.

All that sex talk gives a lady ideas, and I am no exception. I told Rob that having sex with other men is very exciting to me. I was concerned that if we started doing that he might get jealous or something. After all, there is a big difference between inventing hot sex stories and sleeping with other guys. He was so excited just talking about it that the front of his pants had a huge bulge. I put my hand on him and whispered into his ear "so, mister, I'll suck your cock for $20". He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out some money. Handing me a bunch of bills he said "your on baby" 'Suck me". I guess you could say that Rob was interested in me with other men.

A few days ago Rob's friend Bill called just as I got home from work. I told him that Rob wasn't home yet. Bill said that he didn't want to talk to Rob anyway. We talked for a few minutes and then he asked me to go out to a movie with him! I was dumbfounded! That was the last thing on earth that I would have expected to hear from Bill. Rob and Bill have been friends for the past five years. Bill is separated and has been going through a divorce for about eight months or so. He also is 10 years older than me, not real tall, thin and has long hair that is kinda sexy. I always thought Bill was attractive with his great sense of humor and easy going style. His soon to be ex, Patty is a friend of mine and we see each other all the time. Patty has told me that Bill has what she called 'sexual issues'. The issues sound much like what Rob and I do all the time...fantasize about hot sex with others. I never gave it much thought and certainly never told Patty about my feelings on the subject. Bill went on to tell me that he found me very attractive, and apologized for asking me out. I just kidded him a little, told him I was flattered and we hung up.

When Rob got home I told him about the call from Bill thinking he would get a good laugh out of it. He smiled and asked me why I didn't take Bill up on his offer! He went on to say that he thought I found Bill attractive and that he knew how Bill thought about me. I said "just how does Bill think about me?" "He thinks about having your sweet hot tits wrapped around his hard dick" was Rob's answer. We both laughed and I said "you want this to happen, don't you." My husband just said that it was up to me. I told Rob that it wasn't just going to be Bill and I going to a movie. The movie thing was just a way for us to be together. Rob said he would want me to tell him all the details of our 'date' if I decided to go out with Bill. This was beginning to get my juices running!

The next day Bill called again to see if I was angry with him. We talked for a while and the conversation went toward our getting together sometime. I agreed to take in a movie with Bill and we set a date for yesterday evening. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this but the whole thing made me feel wired! When I told Rob, he got even more excited than me and started asking what I was going to wear, what perfume, shoes, etc. It was obvious that Rob wanted me to dress like a hooker but I wasn't so sure. I decided to call Bill and ask him how he would dress to get an idea for myself. Bill said that I should wear the skin tight black jeans that he likes to see me in, they really show off my ass. He was OK with whatever else I decided to wear. Rob talked me into a black tube top with nothing under it along with the jeans and red stilletto's. Rob and I spent the rest of the night in bed wildly fucking each other while discussing my 'date' with Bill. He asked 'will you take your clothes off? Suck him? let him go down on you?' I in turn asked Rob 'Should I suck him off? Let him Fuck me?' and so it went.

So last night was my date with Bill. He came to pick me up at 9:00PM. Rob stayed upstairs in the bedroom because he didn't want to ruin the mood. I was nervous and very excited about what may happen with me and Bill. Bill gave me a kiss when he came in and I returned it. We kissed a little longer than we would as friends. His kiss was gentle and sweet and I sucked his tongue a little to let him know I was interested in more. Bill told me I looked really hot with my long auburn hair and barely covered breasts. My nipples were at full attention as he patted me on my ass and said 'lets go.' I got in Bills car and we drove off. After some small talk, I asked what movie he was taking me to. He just said it was going to be something a little different and that he thought I would enjoy it. He also said that he spoke with Rob about it and that he also agreed that it would be fun for me. I decided to go along and was beginning to feel good about the evening and leaned over on Bill's shoulder as he drove.

Bill drove down one of the major roads near where we live and pulled into an Adult Book Store! I just looked at him surprised and he said 'don't worry they have a movie theater here.' I caught on to where we were going and laughed a little telling Bill what a dog he is. Bill was really relaxed as we went into the store and to the counter. I felt like I was on display with everyone else in the place (all men) looking at me. Bill said to the clerk "two in the theater" and the clerk just told us to go in. Bill said they let couples in free as we walked to the entrance.

The door to the theater looked more like the entrance to a jail. It has a metal grating over it and is locked. The clerk pressed a buzzer to let us in just as we got to the door. I have never been in one of these places and expected regular theater type seating. Was I ever wrong ! We walked past a big screen showing a huge hung black man giving it to a pretty white girl from behind. In the back of the room were several people sitting in what looked like lawn chairs. We went towards the back and I noticed that all of the people in the room, about a dozen or so, were men. They all stirred a little moving their chairs around as Bill and I sat in two chairs in the corner of the room by an exit door. I felt safe sitting by the door and Bill was still being his cool collected self.

Bill put his arm around me and put his hand right on my breast! I don't know why this surprised me but it did. I leaned into Bill and was enjoying the way he was pinching and squeezing my nipple. On the screen the girl now had a huge cock in her mouth as well as the one that was giving it to her from behind. I was taking that all in when I noticed something next to me. The guy sitting there had his cock out and was stroking himself while watching the movie! In fact, several of the others were doing the same and a few were watching Bill and me! I soon learned that the movie was not the real entertainment here! As my eyes adjusted to the light, I became mesmerized watching all of those cocks being stroked right around us. I had an orgasm just watching them with Bill working my nipples and breast.

I then saw that there is another room off to the side of the one we were in. I could see the light from another screen glowing in there and a few people moved in and out of the other room. Bill asked if I were OK and I told him yes. I started to rub the bulge that was growing in the front of his pants. He started to tell me that the other men were all thinking about me as they stroked their cocks. Looking around I saw that more that a few were looking at me and I smiled at them. Bill said it really made him hot having them watch me and the growing bulge in his pants proved that. I loved all the attention of course and just watched the action in the seats while ignoring the movie.

Bill then told me to get up and we went to the other room. It was a little smaller and darker and I couldn't see the people in there right away. We walked in front of more lawn chairs to the other side of the room and sat down. Across from us there was a totally nude young guy standing there having his cock sucked by another guy! We walked right past them without seeing them! Bill whispered to me that it would be much better if the naked young guy were standing in front of me instead of across the room. I smiled and said I would do him much better than he was getting. I was getting into the whole thing. They could have been showing Sound of Music on the screen and nobody would have noticed because the attention was on the people in the lawn chairs!

Bill motioned to one of the men sitting a few seats away to sit next to me. He was older and had grey hair. He sat next to me and Bill leaned over and told him to 'squeeze her tits'. I looked at Bill as the man grabbed my breast. Bill encouraged him saying 'squeeze them hard, she likes it' and 'pinch those tits hard'. Bill pulled my tank top down to my waist just as most of the men moved their chairs around us to get a closer look. They all started to rub, squeeze, pinch and hold my breasts. Bill got up to let someone else sit next to me and took his cock out of his pants. I saw that he was stroking his very large cock telling the others in a low soft voice to 'work those tits' 'squeeze them hard' and 'she loves it'. I was so hot I would have done anything at that point.

A man came over with his cock out and said something to Bill. Bill then reached in through the others and took my hand. I thought maybe he wanted to leave although I was content staying right there having countless hands all over my breasts. Bill guided me through the crowd and I was next to him naked to my waist. Bill and the other man and now another were standing there stroking themselves when Bill said to me "suck this guy's cock". I looked at Bill, smiled and got on my knees in front of the other guy. I proceeded to suck off a guy that I had never met, and couldn't even see in the darkness! He shot right into my mouth after only a few seconds and Bill said to me "now do him" pointing to one of the others. By now there was a big crowd around us and Bill was stroking himself wildly. I went to take him but he just told me to suck one of the others. I had men all around me and felt their hard cocks with my hands while sucking whoever was convenient. All the time Bill was either telling me what to do "suck this guys dick" "swallow this guys cock" "take the black guy all the way in" "now do this guy" or getting other men involved "come over here man, she'll blow you" "don't worry, she's a cocksucking slut". They were cumming all around me with most of it getting on my face and breasts. One guy wrapped my hair around his cock and came in my hair. Another did the same and then another. I felt hot cum land on my back as I just sucked one after another. Me? I just wanted them all to let me have their cum.

Things were starting to quiet down and Bill took my hand and I got up of my knees. He led me across the room and out a back door so we wouldn't have to go through the store. I started to pull up my tank top but he stopped me and said 'leave it like that, slut.' We walked around the building right in front of the store while I was topless and covered in sperm! A couple of men saw us as they went into the store and Bill said to them 'Hey, want her to blow you?' They just kept walking.

We drove back to the house with Bill telling me how great I looked sucking all those guys. I told him how hot it made me doing it. I wanted to do Bill but he told me to wait a minute. He drove into our driveway and parked next to the house. He took down his pants and told me to start sucking him. He had a huge hardon, bigger than Rob or any of the guys at the theater. I went to take him in my mouth and as I did noticed Rob watching us from the kitchen window!! I sucked Bill's enourmas cock and sucked and sucked, it was wonderful. All the time I was sucking him he was telling me what a cocksucking slut whore I am. Sucking off the entire theater, sucking the big hispanic guy three times, sucking the theater clerk til he shot on my face, the old guys, the young guy who came on me before I touched him. Bill unleashed a huge load of cum in my mouth and held my head down on him. He kept telling me to 'suck me bitch, swallow my cum, yeah, take it bitch, drink it, oh yeah fuckin slut, cocksuckin bitch.' I swallowed some and a lot landed on the seat, my face and Bill's pants. He looked at me and said "when do you want to do it again". I said "soon Bill, if it's still OK with Rob'.

I got out of Bill's car and walked around to the front door, still topless. Standing in the light I really didn't worry if the neighbors were watching. I rang the bell and Rob came to the door. I wasn't sure if he would ever let me out of the house again once he saw me. He opened the door, took my hand and we went inside. I was about to explain that I wasn't just with Bill that evening but Rob just kissed me. My kiss tasted of cum from lots of guys including Bill. It seemed to put Rob in another world as he gewntly started to lick my breasts. We went right to the bedroom, no shower, and stripped our clothes off. Rob lay down and I straddled him lowering myself on his rock hard cock. I started telling him about the theater and how I lost count of how many men I sucked just before coming home. Rob was wildly kissing and sucking my nipples as he gave me the fucking of my life!

Bill and I are going to the movies again next week!

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