A Night Away Pt. 01-03

bysammy 2006©

She stepped out of the bathroom, and wrapped her hair as she walked casually towards the window, dusk was setting and a fiery sky was lighting up, full of oranges and reds, blues and purples. She walked with heavy legs towards the open door on to the balcony, the breeze had picked up a little and wasn't really cooling her legs but giving an invigorating sensation to them She stepped across the balcony area, and leant against the rail surveyed the evening over the far off fields and felt the breeze entering her towel. She released the top of the towel to loosen its grip around the top of her breasts, and enjoyed the freedom as it loosened against the rail.

The breeze blew into her towel, around her legs, around her thighs, she felt it over her stomach, the underside of her breasts, and if only she could be naked she would feel it all over.

She glanced around there seemed to be no one, dare she........she double checked below her, no one, to the left, no one, above her, no one in front just the open countryside, she wondered if she dare.

She held the corners of the towel and put her hands on the rail, feeling a little embarrassed at exposing herself - even just to the countryside, but also felt a sense of freedom in being almost naked, she double checked there was no one able to see her and lowered the towel to rest just covering her ass cheeks exposing her upper body and breasts to the sensitive air, her nipples were still sensitive from her earlier playing, they became erect almost immediately. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze over her. She let the towel go, it fell to the floor moving over her smooth legs like silk sliding over the back of her legs, she closed her eyes and threw her head back.

A few minutes later, after she had enjoyed the sensation of being lost in her own world she imagined that she felt a hand on her waist, sliding round the contours of her hips, to her front covering her upper stomach and pulling her backwards a little, felt a kiss on her shoulder, she wanted it to be him, feel his presence behind her, against her, protecting her nudity from any possible prying eyes, wrapping his clothed body around her naked one.

It wasn't but how she wanted him there, to feel him kiss down her back feel his hands slide down her waist, hold her hips, kiss her ass cheeks and put pressure on them, she loved to feel her ass being pressured, whether it was a bed below her, a table edge, his hands squeezing firmly, or his pelvis as he thrust from behind, it didn't matter it just heightened things for her. She wanted to feel HIS breath between her open legs, it was almost as though he was there with the breeze flowing over her, she could feel the chill on her pussy lips they must be wet, what she would give for him just to stretch out his tongue and taste her. She gripped the rail firmly and lowered her breasts to capture some attention from the static cols steel rail, straightened her legs as though he could make love to her standing there, she imagined him knelt behind her slowly licking at her pussy, tasting her juice, occasionally putting pressure on her clit, she could feel her body tremble a little and all this from just the memory of him, she needed a little more, but not much, she lowered one shoulder to the rail and released one hand, she lowered it to her, and slid it along her soaking pussy, pulled a little juice to her clit and started a circular motion two minutes later her orgasm hit, it took her legs from under her, as she shuddered down to the floor of the balcony and rested her damp body along with the damp towel.

As the shuddering calmed a little she realised she had been in her dream a little longer than she thought, it was now almost dark, and soon it WOULD be him!

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