tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Night in Cell Block F

A Night in Cell Block F


A word of warning before reading this story is that it contains BDSM elements as well as a very unwilling participant in the form of the prison guard. It is also probably more a female domination story than anything else though.

Laura moaned loudly as Jeff plowed deeply into her with his hard cock which brought her to orgasm for the fourth time that same night. Jeff smiled down at his girlfriend and then his body trembled as he felt the onset of his own intense orgasm. He shot his cum deep inside her with a satisfied grunt before he rolled off her and took her into his arms to cuddle. She sighed contentedly at him, "Oh, Jeff you're such a stud."

Jeff laughed back, "Yeah, I'm a stud, with my 6 inch cock and plain looks I'm far from being a stud, baby."

Laura said to him, "Jeff, it's not all about good looks and cock size."

Jeff replied, "It seems like it Laura."

"You just had some bad experiences here and there with the women in your life they had to have been all wrong for you," she told him.

Jeff stopped holding her and sat up on the edge of the bed. He ran his hands through his hair and looked at the clock on a bedside table and said, "Oh, shit! Is that clock right?"

Laura said, "It's five minutes fast!"

Jeff leaped to his feet and started dressing and said, "I've got to be at the prison in twenty minutes for shift change!"

"Damn, baby, I'm sorry! We should've been paying more attention, I guess," Laura said.

Jeff said, "Yeah, I guess." Hurriedly, he got his uniform on before he quickly kissed her on the lips and rushed toward the door and out to his car. Once there he got in and fired up the Mustang and started toward work. Along the way he glanced in the rearview mirror and thought about his looks, he wasn't a bad looking guy, but he wasn't a drop dead hunk that he wanted to be. He had dark brown hair that looked almost black, a mustache that he kept closely cropped and had deep almost ocean blue eyes. What bothered him the most however, wasn't his looks, it was the fact that his cock was just average and not anything special. He wanted one of those super size cocks like the studs in the porno movies had a huge bulging 9 ½ monster was what he really wanted.

His last girlfriend had wounded him when they were laying in bed one night and he asked her for a blow job and she said, "Hell, I don't charity work! Your cock just doesn't do anything for me when its in my mouth, Jeff, I'm sorry, but I like a huge cock that will stretch my mouth if I'm going to do oral." Jeff thought about that and he decided that he couldn't cause his cock to grow any larger regardless of what he did.

Once he arrived at the prison he had to rush to his post and arrived just as the shifts changed, he got settled down and checked the monitors that covered Cell Block F and noted that they were all working and that only one inmate was out of her cell and it was Monica. He smiled at her as he watched her mopping the floor in her orange jumpsuit and thought about said to himself, "She has a sweet ass on her."

Once she had finished mopping the hallway, she stopped and turned back and rolled the mop bucket back up the supply closet and Jeff got up and unlocked the door for her so she could dump the water out and store the bucket away. She looked at Jeff and asked, "Is there anything else that I can do, or do I have to go back to my cell now?"

Jeff thought for a moment and said, "I really need to catch a quick shower, so if you don't mind, I can do that and you can check over these reports like you did last week."

Monica said, "I take that these are the contraband reports of the cell checks that they did earlier this week."

"Yeah, they are," Jeff told her.

"Thanks for telling me that they were going to do that, it gave me a chance to hide my toys," Monica told him.

Jeff replied, "Yeah, wouldn't want you girls to go deprived of sex now would we?"

Monica looked at him and said, "Don't even go there Jeff! Hell, I need a fuck so bad by a real cock that I'd do just about anything to get it!"

Jeff smiled as he got up and started off toward the shower room, "Be careful what you wish for, young lady! You might find some kind of a perverted prison guard that wants to fuck your sexy little ass!"

She replied, "No man gets my ass until I get his first!"

"What?" Jeff asked.

"Oh, come on, Jeff, you can't be telling me that you've never had a woman take your ass so that you can fuck hers," Monica replied.

Jeff said, "No, and I don't want it to happen either."

Jeff then continued on into the shower room pausing to get a towel and some soap to get cleaned up with. Jeff stripped in the room leading into the room and ran his hand up his cock and sniffed noting that it still smelled like Laura's musk from the earlier sex that they had had. As he stepped under the hot water he thought he heard a couple cell doors open but figured it was just his imagination because he knew he could trust Monica. He lathered his body up and started to rinse the soap off when suddenly, a sting of leather hit his naked ass. "Holy shit," Jeff said as he turned to confront who he thought was Monica.

"Hello, Jeff," an inmate named Colleen said to him.

Jeff dropped his hands to cover himself and said, "Colleen, what're you doing out of your cell?"

Colleen said, "Oh, Jeff, darling, you have no idea what your sweet little Monica has done now."

Still covering his cock and balls with his hands, Jeff knew he was at quite a disadvantage as Colleen was still fully dressed before him. "You are supposed to still be in your cell, Colleen, it was lights out thirty minutes ago!"

"Oh no, big man," another voice said before Joan entered the room swinging a nightstick before her. "Tonight, we get to take you for a round or two."

"That's right, Jeff, we decided that since you were the most likely guard to fuck up and let one of us out for a while that when we got the chance we would take it, and you did it tonight, Jeff" Amanda said as her and Monica entered the room together and stood there looking at the naked prison guard who had just become their prisoner.

Jeff looked at the four women before him, Colleen was a 24 year old tall gorgeous brunette, her tits were just average size, her eyes were a piercing green that resembled the greenest cat eyes that Jeff had ever seen. Joan was a short pudgy woman of about 30 but she had large tits that hung nicely on her frame, her eyes were brown and her hair was dark black. Amanda was an older red head of about 45 with her tits being very small but her legs were long and ended in a very plump very nice ass. Monica was the only blonde of the bunch but she was all about her body. She had extremely large tits and a very sweet ass as Jeff had noted earlier, and her blue eyes were very captivating to any man.

Colleen said, "Now, drop your hands Jeff or, we are going to have to punish you."

"I think you ladies need to get back to your cells, right now," Jeff said, even though he didn't have any conviction in his voice.

Joan said, "Strike one, Jeff!"

"What the hell, kind of shit is this, you know that your sentences will be extended," Jeff said to them.

Joan replied, "Strike two!"

Colleen said, "Drop the hands or I'm going to cuff you to the shower heads and spank your wet naked ass twenty times with your own belt and that first shot I gave you left a hell of a welt!"

"Fuck you," Jeff said to them summoning up the last bit of courage in him.

With that Joan yelled, "Strike three!" as all four of the women rushed at him, there was no way that Jeff in his naked state could do anything to stop the women as they attacked him. He soon found himself pressed against the shower room wall and the women had two sets of handcuffs and quickly used them to handcuff one hand to each of the shower room heads that were still running. Amanda reached over and turned the water off and looked at the naked guard.

"Twenty shots, Jeff with your own belt and since there are four of us that means we give you five shots each," Colleen said. "Plus, you're going to like it, Jeff."

Jeff said, "Please, don't do this!"

Colleen said, "It'd been so much easier if you had just dropped your hands and let us see your little dick!"

Jeff moaned as the words cut deep into his heart, he thought, "I can't even impress a locked up prisoner who hasn't seen a dick in months."

Colleen told him, "You count each shot out loud, Jeff." Colleen swung the first shot without a word and the smack resounded through the shower room and Jeff cried out. Colleen then said, "You didn't count, Jeff, that's a whole other issue, though so I won't add any more stripes." Colleen then leaned over and whispered to Monica who rushed out of the shower room. Then Colleen swung again and this time as he cried out Jeff said, "One!" After Colleen finished her five the belt was passed over to Amanda who seemed to swing a lot harder than Colleen had. Jeff remembered to count her five shots so nothing was said and the women proceeded to spank him with his own belt. Monica went last but Jeff's ass was covered in red welts and her swings weren't as effective as the ladies before her. Number 20 ended and Jeff was in tears by this point from the effects of twenty shots on his ass with his own belt.

Colleen reached down and grabbed Jeff's limp cock and said, "Oh my, Jeff, you didn't enjoy that spanking. Well, since you forgot to count on the first stripe, we have something else and by the time we're done with that punishment, your little bitty cock better be hard as a rock or we will be forced to go to extreme measures to get it up."

Amanda then stepped over to Jeff and used the nightstick to lift Jeff's face up to look at him. She saw the humiliation and the tears in his eyes and said, "Why, Jeff, you're crying, poor little baby."

Monica put her hand on Jeff's shoulder and said, "You remember what you said earlier that you had never let a woman take your ass so you could take hers?"

With tears streaming down his face Jeff said to her, "Yeah, why?"

Monica said, "Well, the choice is no longer yours, Jeff, I'm going to ram this fucker right up your ass!" Then she stepped between Jeff and the wall and saw that she was wearing a huge strap on dildo that was 12 inches long and 5 inches around. Jeff moaned as he looked at the monster strap on. Monica saw the fear in his eyes as he looked at the device strapped onto her groin area and said, "Relax, Jeff we're going to use lube and a little extra incentive to help you get and stay hard!"

"Yes, little baby, we're going to help you so you can stop your crying," Joan said slapping Jeff's still stinging ass with her bare hand.

At that point Jeff felt Monica put some lube on his asshole and slip a couple fingers inside him and probe around a bit. She was gentle but then Jeff felt the lubed head of the monster dildo against his ass, but before she slid it in, Joan took his still limp cock in her mouth and started working it as it started to harden. Jeff was powerless to stop the hardening of his cock as Joan's mouth did a wonderful job on his cock. Then he felt Monica thrust her hips forward and the head of the strap on slid into his virgin asshole. Jeff cried out as Monica slowly worked the monster into him. The pain was excruciating for a while as Monica kept screwing his virgin ass, but soon after that the pain began to subside. He realized that he was beginning to enjoy the anal as Joan kept sucking his now hard 6 inches. For nearly twenty minutes the women took turns sucking his cock while Monica continued to work his ass hard enough to keep him from shooting his load but still continued the punishment on him.

Suddenly, Colleen said, "Stop, that's enough."

Jeff said to them, "Please let me cum!"

Colleen laughed at him, "Oh, Jeff, I hoped that you'd want that to happen. Now your choice is this, you can cum but the only way you can do that is if you can get Bella off."

Amanda added, "Using only your tongue."

Joan said to him, "Bella is a big lesbian by the way and Jeff nobody has ever gotten her off using just their tongue. So if you succeed you not only get to cum, but you will be free, but if you fail then we're going to shave all the hair off your body and tie you to your chair until shift change. With cum all over your chest and stomach"

Jeff said, "Hell that's not much of a choice."

"It's your only choice, Jeff," Colleen emphasized.

"Oh, my God," Jeff said as they undid the handcuffs and switched it so that he had his hands handcuffed behind his back. They then led him out to the middle of the cellblock and Jeff was able to see that someone had turned of the cameras so nobody in the main area of the building had any idea as to what was happening in Cell Block F.

They laid Jeff down on the bench in the middle of the Cell Block so that everybody in the area could see him. The inmates started to hoot and holler and clang on the bars as they saw the naked man in the middle of the area with his cock standing at full attention. Then with Jeff on his back, they brought out Bella, a very large woman of Latin decent and Jeff thought, "I'm good with my tongue, I can do this." They then positioned Bella over Jeff's face and she lowered her pussy onto his upturned face. Jeff almost gagged as he saw that Bella's bush was extremely hairy and looked like it had never seen a razor. The closer her cunt got to his face the worse the smell became. Knowing it was his only chance, Jeff began to lick and eat out the large woman's hairy pussy. It seemed like hours until Jeff did the impossible and was able to make the woman cum without using his hands.

Colleen laughed and said, "Nice, Jeff very, very nice." At that point, Monica stepped over to him and started to lower herself down onto his hard cock.

Jeff sighed out in joy as her hot wet pussy swallowed his cock whole and he knew that the night of hell was very nearly over. Monica the started riding his cock with all the strength that the possessed looking down at Jeff and she whispered to him, "Go ahead and cum and it'll be all over!"

Jeff looked up and said, "I'm trying to, I really am!" Then with a groan his body tensed up and cum began to rush out from his balls up the shaft of his cock and out into Monica's clutching pussy as Jeff's orgasm trigged Monica's own.

As the two lay there trembling in the afterglow of the sex, Joan and Amanda pulled Monica off the top of Jeff and grabbed the handcuffed guard and started dragging him back toward the shower room again. "What're you doing?" Jeff yelled. "You said you'd let me go if I did that!"

Colleen was trailing the group and said, "We lied Jeff, never ever trust a convict to tell you the truth!"

Jeff was again handcuffed to the shower heads and this time they had razors and shaving cream in their hands. Jeff was forced to let the women shave his body hair all over his body and he simply gave up and slumped in his bonds and let the women do what they wanted. In a matter of minutes his body was completely denuded and for the first time in his life he felt totally and completely naked. Then the girls uncuffed Jeff and walked him back out to the desk he normally sat at on a daily basis.

Reality set in and Jeff began to cry, "No, please don't do this, I'll lose my job! I'll do anything to keep this from happening!"

Colleen slapped Jeff hard across the face and said, "Tell me you're my bitch!"

With tears streaming down his face yet again, Jeff said, "I'm your bitch Colleen, I am your bitch!"

'Colleen knelt down and said to Jeff's face, "You're right Jeff, you are my bitch and for that reason, Jeff every woman in the world is far superior to your worthless ass!"

Jeff bowed his head as the women placed him in his work chair and replied, "Yes, Colleen every woman is superior to me, I'm a worthless man!"

At that point the women cuffed Jeff's hands behind his back and Colleen produced a strap on nearly as big as the one that Monica had used on him earlier and stripped out of her jumpsuit and strapped it onto her body and brutally without lubing it went to work on Jeff's ass with it once again. While she was working his ass she slid his ass of the chair and Joan was able to ride his cock while Colleen continued to fuck his ass with all the power she possessed in her body. Joan had an orgasm without allowing Jeff to have one a she realized how close he was to cumming she stopped and wouldn't allow him to get off by sliding off his cock. There was even more humiliation as Jeff looked down to see that his hard cock was twitching up and down while Colleen thrust into him harder and harder causing his cock to bounce up slapping against his stomach then flapping back to an upright position before Colleen's next thrust caused it to happen all over again.

Once all the woman had taken a turn on Jeff's cock and Colleen kept fucking him, it came to a stop. He never got off from the women riding him because as soon as they felt his cock ready to explode they would stop fucking him and get off leaving only Colleen slamming his ass with her large strap on dildo. She looked at him and once Monica climbed off him Colleen reached down to his twitching cock and started stroking it before she said, "Are you ready to cum now, Jeffy, huh, you going to shoot your cum all over yourself like the nasty little pervert that you are?"

Jeff looked at her and said, "Yes, I'm ready to cum for you."

Colleen said, "Call, me Mistress, bitch!"

Jeff with total humiliation and tears on his face said, "Yes, Mistress, I'm ready to cum for you."

Colleen drove her strap on deep into Jeff's ass causing a loud grunt to erupt from his lips, then she stroked his hard cock and said, "Cum for your Mistress, Jeffy, cum like the little bitch that you are!" With an even louder groan Jeff shot a large load of cum all over his stomach and chest before he was completely emptied. Colleen checked to make sure the Jeff's handcuffs were attached to the legs of the chair that he was sitting in and then put a pair of shackles on his legs to keep him secured to the chair.

Colleen picked up the radio and grabbed Jeff's nuts and said to him, "I want you to call and request the warden come to Cell Block F right now as it's a major issue, if you don't do it exactly that way, I'll rip your nuts off and shove them in your fucking mouth!"

Jeff did as Colleen commanded him, and then the women went and locked themselves back in their cells. Before that they had turned the cameras back on and had positioned Jeff so he could see the monitors and the approach of the warden and two guards with her. As the got closer Jeff pulled on his bonds and realized that one of the handcuffs hadn't been fastened all the way and his hand came loose of the cuff. He knew then that when the warden came in she would see his completely hairless body in the chair with cum covering his body and would probably lose his entire career.

At that moment the door opened and when it did the warden came in and stopped herself short and said, "What in the hell is this all about?"

Jeff quickly relayed the story to her but to his dismay he felt his cock begin to rise to a state of hardness again, as he realized that he had actually enjoyed the entire act. The warden looked and saw that Jeff's cock had risen fully to a state of hardness as she stood with him fixed in her harsh gaze and waited till he finished his story.

The warden put her hands on her hips and said to Jeff, "That is the most pathetic excuse for perversion that I have ever heard in my life! Shave all your body hair off and handcuff yourself to this chair and jerk off all over yourself and call me to come find you! You're a pervert, Jeff and you need to be ashamed of yourself!"

No sooner had the words left the warden's mouth than Jeff lost total control of his body and his cock began to cum without being touched and he realized that Colleen had broken him and that from now on any woman that was forceful would be able to control him. With his humiliation complete and his boss looking down at him he sheepishly said, "I didn't do this to myself."

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