tagErotic CouplingsA Night In Klus

A Night In Klus


There I was, standing on the corner in a quaint little town on the Ural Mountains of Switzerland, thinking of what I could do next. I had just left the American bar and grill and didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to call home, but it was too early. There is a seven hour difference, and my eleven o'clock nightly horniness, was a four o'clock nothing back home.

I decided to pace the streets for a while and see the town at night. Most of the guys who'd worked here before always talked about the legal whorehouses in towns. This Canton had legalized prostitution over three hundred years ago. The only difference today is that the girls need to have regular check ups to make sure their license is renewed. I personally found that fascinating and very erotic.

I walked around the bend to the traffic light, where I was going to cross the street and saw a house with a small red light hanging from an upstairs window. What juxtaposition: the picturesque Swiss town, and the oldest profession both coexisting in the same postcard. My groin kept calling at me. You know the feeling of pure energy that you get when you have not had any real sex for almost three weeks.

I watched a well-dressed man and woman, arm in arm walk in front of the whorehouse. They stopped at the door, said something in Swiss German, and he opened the door for her. As the door opened, I could see inside. The house was nicely decorated. You entered into a front room, just like yours and mine. Yet, a few moments later you'd pick out a woman and be in a bedroom fucking before you each knew the other's name.

She entered and he followed. The conversation inside was warm and inviting. I wondered if they spoke English. I looked at my watch ­ only eleven thirty. My wife would not be home for another half an hour and my cock was now screaming at me. I decided to go back to the hotel and call her, on the off chance that she would be there.

I dialed the phone and she answered it all out of breath. "Hello," she said. I could tell she was in the middle of something. My cock started screaming! "Hi, it's me. Did I catch you at a good time?" I said, almost out of breath with expectation. "Yes," she said. The sound of her voice coming in small breaths, as though she was dealing with a weight acting on her belly. My cock raged! I waited for the next words for what seemed an eternity. "I'm getting fucked, and I was hoping you'd call" and she let out a pure pleasure moan. The type of moan you give when you are so close to coming.

"Who's fucking you?" I asked almost ripping my pants apart trying to get my cock out to stroke it. These were the best moments between my wife and I, when I traveled. She and I both could hold off for about a week, but the second week was tough. The third week, we had to get fucked, and we had to let the other catch us. "Tony," she said. "I met him last night at the bar and he tried to pick me up. I guess he succeeded… oh god that cock feels good". I could hear her breathing faster and faster.

My fist wrapped so tight around my cock, slow deep strokes, milking all the pre-cum out so that I could feel it on the inside of my cock. I pictured my beautifully horny wife, her legs wrapped around his waste, pulling his manhood into her. At this time meaning nothing else than a good cock filling her pussy. "Would you like to hear his cock parting my cunt lips?" she asked almost out of breath. I answered equally hoarse, "yes baby, let me hear him fuck that pretty cunt of yours". I heard the phone fall on the bed, listened to her scream with pleasure, and someone pick up the phone. A man's voice said "Man!!! Your wife is hot! I'm putting the phone by her pussy for you to jack off to."

I pictured her glorious body, perfect little c-cup breast; with the most incredibly thick nipples and largest darkest aureole you've ever seen. Her hair the color of a golden sunrise, and legs that will get your eyes to take the most sensual trip they've ever taken. I've seen her get fucked many times, but it never stops amazing me ­ how beautiful she looks getting it.

I knew his cock was in the wettest, and tightest pussy he'd ever had. When she tightens her muscles around your cock, you feel like she's masturbating you. Muffled by the distance, the sound of a cock sliding in and out of a wet cunt, I could hear her say "oh, baby. Give it to me! Let me have that beautiful cock ­ I need it!" I wrapped my fist tighter around my cock. I took the other hand and rubbed the pre-cum onto my fingers, in a thick glob, and took it to my lips. I teased myself and let the powerful smell of cum light up my brain. I plunged both fingers, full of cum, into my mouth and sucked them ­ the way my wife did so many times.

She got on the phone again. "Baby, he's got the most beautiful cock. It's thick just as I like it, and he's driving it so deep in me. I wish you were here to see him fuck me. I want to look into your eyes as I cum." She let out a moan that reach down to my hand and made me speed up the stroking. "Are you stroking your cock, baby? I want you to cum with me, ok? And Tony has me almost there!"

I started stroking faster. I pictured me and her walking into the brothel together and watching her pick out the girl for me. I watched her take off her dress and panties and seeing the glistening cum running down her legs from Tony's shot of cum. I could see her smile as I sank my cock into the prostitute. Her legs going over her face so that she could be eaten while I fucked the beautiful Swiss prostitute: I guess they'd call them courtesans.

"Tony, take me from behind!" she ordered and with those words broke my fantasy and brought me back to the wonderful reality of my wife fucking someone new. "Oh, baby! He's driving me so deep, but I want it harder and deeper. Can I ask him to fuck me hard ­ like you do when you get sloppy seconds?"

"Oh, yes!" I said. "Beg him to fuck you the way you like it and let me know how good he is" I sped up my strokes.

"That's it, FUCK ME!!!" she said in a wonderfully hoarse voice. Each syllable punctuated by a guttural groan driven from her by the impact of his fucking motion. She, or maybe it was he, put the phone between her legs so I could hear the slapping of their flesh, as he drove home the only ecstasy that my wife needed at that moment. She had the two things she needed the most: her pussy full of cock, and her husband approvingly jacking off to her rhythm.

"Oh, God!!! Cum inside me, please! I need to feel your cum warming me up inside. Cum with me baby, Tony is!" She screamed into the room, no longer knowing where the phone was, whether or not it was on speaker mode. All that mattered at that moment to her was the wonderful fire that had started teasingly between her legs, and now was raging through her whole body making every nerve ending the most delicious receptor ever created. The fire reached her brain and set off the sparks that would ignite her orgasm.

I stroked my cock harder, faster and with the intention of blowing such a large wad of cum all over my body. I wanted to see him explode inside of her. I wanted to be in our bedroom, cock in hand watching this beautiful dance of sex. I wanted to keep the image of her orgasm burned in my brain. I wanted the fire from my crotch to ignite the feelings she was enjoying. I arched my back, thrusting my cock so high up in the air, making every effort to hear every single thrust banging into my wife.

Then, I heard her scream! Those beautiful melancholy screams that come from reaching your orgasm, and at the same time regretting that it came so soon. The wonderful burst of energy washing over your body. Then, another slam deep into the pussy reaching for your abdomen, trying to find a way to your head: another pleasurable scream. Ah, my baby was in heaven right now, some five thousand miles away and seven time zones. I knew I was ready to cum. I slowed my stroking. I teased the feeling into a life of it's own. A life I could fight and prolong.

"Tony! Cum baby, cum in me ­ that's it! Mmmm..." She cooed as the warmth of the fuck washed over her. She grabbed the phone. "Baby, I'm going to suck his cock, till you cum, ok?" she said with such a sweet and tender voice. I could feel her cuddle against me, after being fucked. I could smell her cum in the room. My hand slowed again, to force myself to explode!

"I'll put the phone against my mouth so you can hear me sucking him off, so I can taste his cum and mine." She said

I told her how beautiful she sounded, "Suck it sweetie, suck him off good! 'Cause I'm about to blow my load and I want to hear him fuck that pretty face of yours" My cock started to throb, a type of throb you just can't stop. I let the burning reach my brain. I listened to my wonderfully sensual and sexual wife sucking off her new friend and I knew I'd be seeing them fuck soon; I closed my eyes. I let out a groan and told her I was cumin! "Sweetie, you make me so hot ­ I'm cumin: Oh God I'm cumin so GOOD!"

I felt the first rush of cum drive from my balls towards the shaft of my cock, the fire raging as the hot cum pushed forward. I felt the muscles of my body spasm and squirting my cum out into the air. The first glob of white hot cum flew from my cock and landed on my chest. The second squirt of jism flew almost to my neck, and the third wonderful spasm squirted cum all the way to my face. I loved listening to my wife get fucked, and tonight, it was exactly what I needed.

I lay in bed with my wife whispering sweet nothings into my ear. Making the sweet love to me that I had come to know as the closest thing to heaven man can experience here on earth. As we got ready to hang up, I told my wife "tomorrow night I'll have the cell phone with me…" leaving that hang there she knew it was her turn to catch me fucking.

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