tagMatureA Night in Paris

A Night in Paris


Lance sat at the little all night cafe drinking his espresso and looking around at the many lights that lit up Paris. Paris, the city of love, he had heard it called many times. He chuckled to himself. Maybe for others but not for him. After 20 years of marriage, his wife informed him that she had fallen for a younger man and was moving in with him.

The day Lance got the divorce papers; he had packed a bag and left the country. He didn't know for sure where he was going when he got to the airport. He just picked a country and bought a ticket. That had been 2 months ago. Two months of lonely nights in the small one bedroom apartment he had rented shortly after arriving.

His parents had been one of the richest families in the small Oregon town where he grew up. Even now at 45, he had never worked a day in his life. He thought about trying to find a part time job, you know just to keep him busy. He did have a degree in business from Oregon State that he had never used.

As he contemplated what to do with his life, he saw two young girls sit down at a table not far from him. They couldn't have been more then 18 or 19. One was slender with fire engine red hair hanging down her back while the other one was full figured with chestnut brown hair and amber eyes. It was this girl that Lance focused on. He couldn't put his finger on it but he was sure he knew her from somewhere.

When she laughed and smiled at something her companion said; it hit Lance just who she was. Her name was Sheila Lawson and her and her family had been Lance's next door neighbors for years. He had practically watched Sheila grow up as well as her two older brothers.

Picking up his coffee, he walked over to where the two girls sat. "Sheila is that you?" He asked sitting down in a chair at the table.

Sheila turned her amber eyes on him. She scrutinized him for a minute then her eyes lit up and her full lips tilted up in a smile. "Lance? Lance Walker? Oh my god, it's been ages." She threw herself into his arms giving him a big hug.

Lance suppressed a moan as he felt her tits press against his chest. He felt his cock start to rise so he hugged her back quickly then pushed her away from him. "Damn girl, you really grew up." He said with a smile as he let his eyes drift over her body.

When she was young, Sheila had been a typical little butter ball. Now though she had a definite woman's hourglass figure, her stomach was still a bit pudgy but it definitely didn't take away from her looks.

"You got old." Sheila said with a laugh as she let her eyes drift over him. Lance was 6'2" and around 175lbs of pure muscle, his once jet black hair was showered with strands of gray; his green eyes sparkled in amusement. "What are you doing here?" She asked picking up her own coffee.

Lance shrugged, "Mary left me for another man so I moved to Paris."

Sheila looked at him sympathetically. "I'm sorry."

Again Lance shrugged. "So what are you doing here?"

Sheila smiled, "graduation present. For doing so well in school, mom and dad sent me to Paris for the summer." She smiled at the girl with her. "This is Theresa, she tagged along."

Theresa smiled softly then went back to her coffee. "I think I'm gonna go back to the hotel." Theresa said suddenly seeing the looks that Sheila and Lance were giving each other. "You got your key?"

Sheila had been eyeing Lance's crotch and jumped when her friend talked to her. "Um, yea, I'll be there later."

Theresa nodded, told Lance it was nice to meet him then left quickly. As soon as they were alone, Sheila smiled. "So, got a girlfriend?" She asked nonchalantly.

Lance shook his head. "Nope, haven't been with anyone since Mary left."

"That's a shame," Sheila said smiling wickedly as she ran her finger up his arm. "A good looking man like you shouldn't have to spend your nights alone."

Lance saw the heat in her eyes and felt his cock harden even more in his jeans. "You shouldn't play with fire Sheila," he said huskily taking her hand off his arm and holding it in his own. "You might get burned."

Sheila giggled and leaned forward so her breasts pressed tightly against his arm. "I love getting burned. "She said hotly against his ear. "Especially when there is a cock and my pussy involved." She licked his ear and Lance groaned.

He pushed her away from him and looking into her desire glazed eyes. "How old are you now?"

"19. I turned 19 last month."

He nodded. "You a virgin?"

She shook her head no. "Nope, lost that shortly after I turned 18."

Lance grinned as he pulled her towards him. "Let's go."

They walked the two blocks to his apartment. Once they were inside, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her giggling body to the bedroom. He didn't bother to close the door; he just dropped her lightly down on the queen sized bed, covering her body with his own as his mouth found hers.

The kiss was hard, demanding and Sheila answered it with a need of her own. She pressed her body against his as her tongue slithered into his mouth. "Oh god, I need this." She moaned when his hands worked at the buttons of her shirt pulling it open to expose her 38D breasts incased in a black lacy bra.

Lance ran his finger over her breast right above the bra. "You ain't the only one little girl." He growled. He lowered his head and ran his tongue where his finger had been.

Sheila moaned and bucked her body against him. Then he did the same thing to the other breast before he lowered the bra down until her entire breast was exposed.

When he blew gently on the hardening nipple, he heard Sheila cry out. "Like that do you?" He asked with a smile as he lifted his eyes to hers.

Her eyes were dark with passion. "Oh yes, I love having my nipples played with."

Lance leered at her then lowered his head, taking said nipple between his lips and sucking hard at it.

Sheila cried out as she pressed up against him. "Fuck yes, eat my nipple baby." She ran her fingers through his hair pressing him hard against her body.

Lance sucked hard at her nipple, while he ran his tongue over the tender flesh. His other hand mauled and pulled at her other breast making her mewl with pleasure. "Oh Lance, yes, eat my breast honey."

Lance enjoyed having her breast in his mouth but he was curious what other treasures she had hidden from him all these years. He dropped one more kiss on her breast then moved his lips down over her bare stomach.

Sheila's breath deepened as he started kissing his way down her body. "Lance, Ohhhhhh..." She whimpered when he kissed the skin just above her skirt.

"What do we have here?" He asked softly as he undid her skirt then slowly slid it down her legs. He was surprised but delighted to find not panties, but a soft spattering of curls the same color as the hair on her head. Lance smiled as he continued to slide her skirt down until he took it off her legs. He threw it on the floor while he lifted his eyes back to hers. "No panties huh?"

Sheila shrugged as she smiled non-abashed. "Never know when a girl might get lucky."

Lance chuckled as he gently spread her legs apart, showing him the treasure he was seeking. "Well I would definitely say you got lucky little girl." He lowered his hand between her spread legs and gently spread her pussy lips open. His mouth watered as he got a good look at her sweet pussy. Her slit was glistening with her juices; her clit was peeking out of its hood, hard and throbbing. "Hm...I'd say you were hoping for some action." He said huskily as he let his finger brush lightly over her clit.

"Ugh..." She whimpered bucking up with her hips as she closed her eyes. "I'm always looking for action baby."

Lance grinned at her as he settled on his stomach between her legs. "Well, you've found it little girl. By the time you leave here, you'll know you've been fucked by a real man."

Before she could respond, he lowered his mouth touching her body lightly with his tongue. Any words that she had planned to say were wiped out of her mind as pleasure coursed through her body. "Lance, yes baby, eat my hot pussy." She cried bucking against him as his tongue moved rapidly over her clit forcing it completely from its hood.

Lance licked at her clit mercilessly as she whimpered and humped her hips against him.

Sheila was crying out in pleasure as he licked at her. He held his hand down by her slit and could feel her coating him as he brought her body to life. "Fuck, make me cum honey." She begged slamming her pussy hard against him. She gasped when he took her clit between his lips, sucking hard on it while he slid 3 fingers into her willing hole.

"Yes, that's it, suck my clit while you finger my hot slit honey, and make me cum all over your mouth. I'm gonna coat your hand with my juices." She cried pushing her body hard against him. Her body was on fire; she could feel her orgasm rising slowly over her and couldn't wait for him to bring her off. Her hands grabbed at her tits, pulling and squeezing them as she humped against his face. "Make me cum."

Lance sucked harder at her clit as he rammed his fingers deep inside her. He slid a fourth finger into her wet hole long enough to coat it with her juices then moved it down under her body until he found her puckered asshole. He sucked harder at her clit as he slid his finger into her ass.

Sheila went wild when she felt him slide his finger into her ass while he furiously fingered her pussy. "Fuck, yes, Agh, oh god, I'm gonna cum. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." She screamed humping hard against his hands as she drew closer.

Lance thrust his jean covered cock against the mattress trying to relieve some of the pressure as he ate her out. He wondered if she had ever been fucked up the ass. Her ass was tight around his finger, but the way she was thrusting her body against him, he wasn't sure. He felt her start to climax and pulled his fingers quickly from her body and replaced them with his tongue. He slithered it deep inside her as she climaxed around him making her body tighten.

"I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg..." She shrieked as she felt her body convulse in release. She held her body stiffly pressed against him as he slammed his tongue in and out of her drinking up her juices. Finally she collapsed back against the bed completely exhausted. "Fuck, I've never cum that hard in my life." She panted looking at him through half closed eyes.

Lance chuckled as he pulled his juice covered face from between her legs. He licked around his mouth as he looked at her. "It's not over yet honey, you still have to unwrap your present." He moved up onto his knees as his cock pressed tightly against his jeans.

Sheila smiled then moved quickly onto her own knees before him. She kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his tongue as she worked at his jeans. Lance groaned when he felt her pull his zipper down, exposing his 8 inch cock to her gaze.

Sheila pushed his jeans down so his cock and balls were exposed then took him in her hand. "Hm...I'm hungry." She lowered her mouth, taking the tip of him inside then slowly moved her mouth down over him. She let him slide into her throat, and then pulled back only to plunge down on him once more.

"Ugh, oh yea." Lance moaned closing his eyes as he felt her mouth move over him. "That feels good honey, play with my balls while you suck my cock."

Sheila reached out and gently cupped his balls in her hand as she continued her up and down movement with her head. When she pushed down, she would suck in her breath making a suction that she released when she pulled back. Lance was beside himself with pleasure. Growls and moans were slipping through his lips as he coated her mouth with his precum.

He grabbed the back of her head, driving her hard over him as he slammed up with his hips. "Eat my cock baby." He growled loudly as he fucked her face.

Sheila moaned around him as she let him at her. She loved it when a man forced her face hard over him. She loved the feeling of losing control. She was really getting into sucking him off when she felt something pressing against her cheek. She opened her eyes and looked over to see him holding a condom in his hand. "I need to be inside you baby." He said huskily as she pulled her mouth away.

She grinned as she took the condom and slid it down over his hard length. "Fuck me good honey, I like it hard and fast." She said as she moved to her hands and knees before him showing him her perfect bubble butt.

Lance grinned as he moved up behind her. "I'm sure I can handle that." He rubbed his cock against her opening then slowly pushed inside.

Sheila moaned as she felt him start to fill her then gasped when he suddenly slammed forward with his hips burying himself completely. "Yea, just like that." She gasped as he started hammering her pussy hard and fast. His balls slapped against her clit and Sheila whimpered in desire as her orgasm started to rise again. "Fuck me, oh fuck me."

"You like that you little minx?" he asked leaning over her as he pummeled into her. "You like my cock slamming hard into your little snatch?"

"Mmmmmmm, oh yes, it feels so good." She replied hanging her head as she moved back against him. She cried out suddenly when he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back lifting her head. "Oh yes, be mean to me baby. I love it. Call me your bitch and pull my hair, I love it baby."

The impulse to pull her hair was just that, an impulse but when she asked him to be mean to her, it turned Lance on. He pulled harder at her hair making her cry out in pain as he started slapping her ass while he thrust violently into her. "You like that you little bitch?" he growled holding tightly to her hair as he reached beneath her and roughly pinched her tit. "You like being treated like this?"

Sheila was in sexual heaven; her body was in a constant state between pain and pleasure. He didn't hurt her other then to slap her ass, but she loved it. She slammed her body hard against him as he pulled her hair, pulled at her tit and called her names. He called her a slut and a whore and it pushed her over the edge. "I'm cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg..." She screamed as her body tightened around him.

Lance felt her tighten around him and knew he wanted to see what her ass was like. He pulled out of her pussy even as it continued to convulse then pressed it against her puckered ass.

"What are you...? AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH..." She screamed when he violently slammed into her ass. She had been fucked up the ass before but never had she been taken so furiously.

Lance thrust hard into her ass, burying himself to the hilt. He left himself there for about two seconds before he pulled out then thrust hard into her again. Sheila was whimpering and crying out in pain but he ignored her. "Your ass feels so good." He growled riding it hard.

"It hurts, take it easy." She cried putting her hand against the wall to keep from hitting her head as he slammed her body forward.

Lance realized her cries this time were of real pain and slowed down his thrusts. "I'm sorry baby." He said sliding two fingers into her pussy and slowly moving them in and out. "I thought you were crying like before."

Sheila nodded as her ass started to get used to the invasion. It was starting to feel good. She loved having a cock up her ass but needed time to get used to it. "I've been butt fucked before and I like it but I need time to get used to it." She tentatively pushed back against him as her orgasm started to rise over her again. "There, that's better. Okay baby, give me the ride of my life."

Lance did just that. He thrust forcefully in her ass while his fingers plundered her hot snatch. Both of them were moaning and crying out as each headed towards the glorious release they both sought. Lance brought Sheila off three more times before he finally succumbed to his own pleasure and came deep in her ass.

Afterwards they lay together, just holding each other as they relaxed in the afterglow. "Hm, that was fantastic honey." He said holding her close. "Wanna move in with me for the summer?"

She smiled up at him sleepily, her ass and pussy singing with completion. "Sure, sounds like fun, especially if you can keep my pussy and ass happy."

He chuckled as he kissed her softly. "I think that can be arranged."

Sheila snuggled against him, and then suddenly sat up. "What about Theresa? I can't just desert her."

Lance thought about it, her friend was pretty yummy. "Bring her along; she might want to have some fun with us."

As Sheila snuggled against him again, she smiled. "Oh I'm sure she will."

The End

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