tagGroup SexA Night in Persia

A Night in Persia


The City of Misrata, Libya, basked in the late afternoon sunlight. Soon the desert heat would give way to a cold which often caught foreigners off-guard. One could almost freeze to death in the North African desert. When day gives way to night, that's when I come out to play. Or rather, others come out to play with me. My name is Nathifa Nujud. Mistress Nathifa to those uninitiated to The Way. Ironically my name means pure and wise in Arabic. The irony is not lost on me for I am Mistress of House Nuzhah. The Realm of Pleasure. The forbidden zone. For I am the only professional dominatrix in all of Libya as far as I know. And I've come to share some of my tales with you. Prepare to be shocked, ladies and gentlemen. Whoever said that all women in the Muslim world are submissive lilies eternally at the beck and call of Muslim men clearly has never met me or my sisterhood of dominant gals. You've been warned.

Presently, I am watching a truly fascinating spectacle. My apprentice Nabeeha Hubab is dominating a gentleman named Abdul Fadil, an Egyptian businessman who has been living in the City of Misrata for the past three years. The burly, bronze-skinned and black-haired Egyptian groans as Nabeeha proceeds to whip him with a slender but wicked sharp black leather belt. He is lying against a sturdy metallic bench, his hands and feet bound by thick steel chains. Although he is a strong man, he cannot escape these bonds. I designed and tested them myself. I'd wager that Samson himself couldn't escape these bonds, hair or no hair. Not that Fadil has any intentions of escaping. He paid too much to get here, and he isn't leaving until his desires are met.

That's why I let Fadil in the capable hands of my apprentice Nabeeha. A young Libyan woman who takes to dominating men like a cat takes to hunting mice. I watch them intently as they continue their fun and games. From the camera room, I can see everything that goes on in the House of Nuzhah. Just like a good Mistress should. What a sharp contrast between this gorgeous Libyan dominatrix and her Egyptian male submissive. Fadil is nearly six feet tall, hairy, broad-shouldered and muscular. If he hadn't been such a skilled merchant, he could have been a boxer. Nabeeha is barely five feet two inches tall, cute and willowy, with light bronze skin, long curly black hair and sparkling brown eyes. And this deceptively innocent-looking young woman is one of my most prized apprentices. For she will truly continue dominating Fadil until he utters the Najat, or safety word.

I met the lovely Nabeeha in the City of Az Zawiyah in northwest Libya. The nineteen-year-old darling had lost her husband Abu during a daring raid by United Nations-sanctioned rebels against the soldiers of Moammar Gadhafi. I turned this weeping lady into a woman of steel. Turned her grief and her contempt for men's amazing brutality into a weapon and a tool for seduction. If there is something which is badly needed in the middle east, it's dominant women.

That's why the now infamous House of Nuzhah exists. Men come far and wide from many Arabic nations to enjoy the most forbidden of all pleasures. I've lost count of how many Egyptians, Palestinians, Saudis, Algerians, Tunisians and Pakistanis have come to me over the years. All with the same fantasy. Complete surrender to a dominant woman's will. Something many Arabic men yearn for but can't admit to themselves. Just like many men in all the nations of the world. Persian men, Black men, White men, Hispanic men, Asian men, they're all the same. They all like submitting to a bossy woman every now and then but feel they must maintain a macho image in public. Tsk tsk.

Fadil screams as Nabeeha lashes his back with the belt. Mercilessly she whips his back, his buttocks, his legs and even the back of his head. To hear such a boorish man scream is delightful music to my ears. I zoom in on the scene with my camera at the click of a button. I get a close-up shot of Nabeeha's face. I know that look. My apprentice is moving in for the kill. She stands before Fadil, and grasps the burly Egyptian's balls in her hand. She squeezes them roughly. I zoom in on Fadil's face. The big Egyptian's eyes are bulging and his mouth opens in an agonized squeal as my tiny but ruthlessly efficient dominant gal literally gets him by the balls. I smile as she tells him that the moment of truth has come. He must reckon with her wrath. Fadil's eyes widen even further. Nabeeha smacks his balls roughly, and then fetches some things from a beautifully crafted box made of Sudanese wood.

From the box come a strap-on dildo, condoms and a bottle of brightly coloured lubricant. Nabeeha smiles wickedly at Fadil as she straps on her dildo. For several long moments she stands before him, stroking her dildo lovingly. A wicked smile fills her beautiful face. Fadil stares at her as she pumps her small fist up and down on the dildo. I can see the fear in his eyes, closely followed by the lust. When he contacted me online, he specifically requested this. Apparently it's his most forbidden fantasy. And now, thanks to my Nabeeha, it's about to come true. Grinning, Nabeeha applies lube all over the dildo. She approaches the bench and squats down so that her hips are dangerously close to Fadil's face. Grabbing his face, she smacks him roughly. One, twice, then three times. Fadil's gaze remains riveted on the dildo. Nabeeha orders him to suck it. And the Egyptian doesn't waste time obeying his mistress command.

I am thankful that I am alone in the control room, for I feel myself slowly losing control as I watch my creation in action. For Nabeeha is every bit my creation as she is a woman made by Allah the Merciful. She grabs Fadil's hair and rams the strap-on dildo down his throat. And the Egyptian bozo eagerly sucks his mistress plastic cock. He takes most of it in his mouth greedily. My hands slip from the computer terminal to my panties, and I start fingering myself. My clitoris is already erect and my pussy is wet with excitement. I get so turned on watching women dominating men. Nabeeha made Fadil suck her strap-on dildo for a good while, then she pulled out of his mouth. Fadil groans in protest. I guess he really liked the feel of her strap-on dildo in his mouth. Nabeeha smacks the greedy Egyptian's face again, and he is reminded that the Libyan dominatrix is firmly in control of everything, not him.

And just like that, Nabeeha presses a button on the metallic bench. It rotates to a standing position, then flips again. Now Fadil is lying on his back, facing the merciless eyes of Nabeeha. This time, he's going to really see everything coming. Grinning, Nabeeha applies the bright blue liquid from the bottle all over the dildo. Until it's glistening and slick with lubricant. Calmly, she tells Fadil that she is going to fuck him in the ass. And there is nothing the burly Egyptian can do about it. Not that he wants to, of course. This is exactly what he came here for, and he is so going to get it. As I slide two fingers into my wet pussy, Nabeeha slides two gloved fingers into Fadil's asshole. The Egyptian sighs as she penetrates him. She works her fingers up his ass for a moment, then applies lube to his asshole. What comes next surprises no one. Nabeeha's fingers are replaced by the head of the dildo. With surprising strength, the tiny Libyan dominatrix lifts the burly Egyptian's legs in the air and pushes the strap-on dildo into his ass. The moment of truth has come at last. A Muslim woman is fucking a Muslim man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. And from what I can tell, it seems that they're both loving it!

Nabeeha slides the strap-on dildo into Fadil's asshole. The big Egyptian grunts as she penetrates him. Nabeeha takes her sweet time as she fucks him with her dildo. When it comes to actual anal penetration, Nabeeha is gentle with all of her beginners. Happily she pushes the dildo deeper and deeper into Fadil. Inch by inch she feeds his hungry asshole her strap-on dildo. Fadil is really lucky. If I were a cruel woman, I might have unleashed Alzubra on him. My other apprentice Alzubra Adara is something else. Tall and curvy, with long black hair, skin the colour of burnished bronze and dark brown eyes. At the House of Nuzhah we call her Ameera Afya which means the Shadow Woman. I switch to another camera and watch another scene happening elsewhere in House Nuzhah.

Clad in the head to toe black garb known as the Niqab, but with her breasts and pelvis bared through cleverly cut modifications, Alzubra is having some fun with a diminutive Saudi Arabian named Ibrahim Faisal. At five feet six inches, Ibrahim isn't exactly an imposing man. Like many shorter men born into wealth and power, he has a loud voice and likes to push people around. His family owns some of the biggest oil wells in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He spends much of his business dealing mainly in the Republic of Algeria as well as the United States and the Confederation of Canada. The short, temperamental Saudi got on my nerves when we spoke on the phone. He annoyed me when we communicated via email. When I learned he was willing to shell out big money for a night of passion and domination, I felt that Alzubra was the perfect woman for the job.

I guess I was right. For she's got Ibrahim firmly tied to a wooden table, his mouth gagged. His bare skin is covered with marks, for she whipped him over almost every inch of his body. Her strap-on dildo, which I know to be eight inches long, is buried so deep inside Ibrahim's asshole that one can't tell where she ends and he begins. All the while she is repeatedly smacking Ibrahim's face, spitting on him and berating him. Alzubra removes the gag from Ibrahim's mouth as she jams the dildo even deeper inside his asshole. Hard slaps turn his face almost beet-red, and tears stream down from his dark eyes. With a red marker Alzubra has scribbled on his chest some words I won't repeat here. Let's just say that any Imam who comes across them would not be pleased.

Alzubra finally takes off the Niqab as she pumps the strap-on dildo deep inside Ibrahim's asshole. Now she is no longer the Shadow Woman. She is her fantastically cruel self. Her main interest in wearing the Niqab while violating a man's ass with her strap-on dildo is to avenge the countless women in the Muslim world who are made to wear this entrapping outfit all the days of their lives. To become faceless and virtually nameless in a cold world ruled by rigid men who resist change and progress with every fibre of their being. As the Shadow Woman, every thrust of her dildo into a man's ass is a small step in righting the wrongs visited upon Muslim women by the cruel men of our world. Not content with being an anonymous avenger, Alzubra reveals her terrifying beauty to Ibrahim as she slams the dildo so deep into his asshole, I almost expected it to come out of his puerile mouth. Instead all that comes out of his mouth is a scream which I'll never forget. Sweeter music has never been heard by those ears of mine. Better than frigging Mozart I tell you. Much better.

Not content with sodomizing Ibrahim via strap-on dildo, Alzubra took out a long black leather whip and proceeded to beat him within an inch of his life. The surly Saudi howled as she fiercely beat him. Her whip let deep and sparkly red marks all over his chest, his legs, his arms and even his balls. When the belt connected with his nuts, his screams changed in tune. How I love the sound of an annoying Arab man squealing as he's getting whipped and sodomized by a dominant and serene Arab woman. Truly a sound which should be recorded for posterity. I jab two fingers deep inside my cunt and slide a slim blue vibrator in my asshole as I watch Alzubra terrify and thrill Ibrahim. She calls him a pathetic excuse for a man, a desert rat and a freak of nature as she rams the dildo up his ass and nearly flails him with the whip. Hot damn. This is so fucking good. I twist my fingers inside my pussy and slide the vibrator deeper into my asshole as Alzubra continues to dominate Ibrahim. A wail escapes his lips at the same time as a moan of deep pleasure leaves mine. Oh, yeah. That hit the spot. I love to masturbate by filling both my holes at the same time. Guaranteed to take me over the edge. As I scream in pleasure, Ibrahim experiences supreme agony coupled with undeniable ecstasy. Twin sensations that can drive anyone to madness. He begs Alzubra for mercy. She continues for a few seconds before relenting. Just like I knew she would. She's wicked, that one.

A shudder passes through me and I slowly catch my breath. My vision is almost always a bit hazy after I've just come from fucking my pussy and ass while watching a man in pain. It's my aphrodisiac I'm afraid. And I don't like my sex without it. Men's pain is what brings me pleasure. It's how I get off and I don't apologize for it. I switch channels, and watch Nabeeha finish off a very thankful and very loud Fadil. The burly Egyptian sang like a canary as Nabeeha plunges the strap-on dildo deep into his asshole. At the same time she smacks his face and squeezes his balls tightly. Fadil squeals in delight. If this surprises you, it really shouldn't. Hey, it's his idea of heaven. Most Arabic men imagine bedding a thousand virgins when at last they enter in the Kingdom of Allah. Home of the Faithful. Men like Fadil and Ibrahim would prefer a dominatrix or two among the so-called virgins. And us Muslim women know it. Ibrahim is now free of his bonds, and kneels before his mistress, the beautiful and terrifying Alzubra. With tears in his eyes he licks her bare feet. A slight smile creeps across Alzubra's beautiful face. This woman doesn't smile very often. I guess you really can see it all in the House of Nuzhah.

I smile and lick my fingers, tasting myself on my lips. Such a beautiful night we've had so far. Fadil and Ibrahim take a breather before putting their clothes on and gracefully exiting the House of Nuzhah. Separately of course. Neither knew the other was there. Privacy is a guarantee in my House. The men we entertain are often wealthy and powerful. Word cannot get out about their sexual proclivities. In another hallway with secluded waiting rooms, men are waiting. Waiting to be dominated by women. Just like good men should. Among them I see a tall, handsome young man. He's dark-haired, bronze-skinned and sharp-featured. By the look of him he's definitely an Algerian. I do love Algerians. They're a sturdy, comely bunch. My women are ready for him and the others. This one, though, I can tell it's to be his first time beyond the veil. He's looking around with a nervous smile on his handsome, beardless face. He smiles too much. Quietly I assess him. Definitely the son of a wealthy Algerian family. New to Libya. Newer still to the ways and mysteries of women.

This one is something special, alright. And rather than to seek a young Arabic lady to satisfy his desires, he sought dominant female professionals because he knows what he wants. Intense domination at the hands of a strong, beautiful and contemptuous Arabic woman. And what he wants, regular young Muslim ladies of proper upbringing cannot provide. I think I'll break this one myself. He looks so tasty. I smile and gaze at the drawer containing a medium-sized strap-on dildo which I reserve specifically for first-timers. This is going to be good. I haven't had virgin male ass in a long time. And my friends, you had better believe that I hunger for it.

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