tagLesbian SexA Night Never Forgotten Ch. 02

A Night Never Forgotten Ch. 02


Carmen and Vanessa were pressed hip to hip, their soft strips of curls meshed together, as their hardened nipples collided. Spilled into the bottom of the bath tub, the water was still hot. It shimmered and moved from the light in the bathroom. Producing little waves, they moved against each other, still wrapped up in their heated kiss. Carmen eagerly sucked and tasted her lips. The hot cream that Carmen spilled onto them was painted on like shiny lips gloss. Vanessa's incredible but, naïve touch left Carmen wanting so much more.

"Ohh..." Vanessa whimpered at the touch of Carmen's tongue.

"Your fingers felt so good..." Carmen sighed, leaving very little space between their lips, "...Is that how you touch yourself?" wrapping her arm around Vanessa's shoulders, her hand slid down the dip in her back.

"Yes" she breathed, enjoying the sweet kisses Carmen placed onto her parted lips.

"And the way you tasted me, mmm. Your tongue was amazing." Carmen said, almost moaning into her mouth. "I bet you're so wet." she teased, her hand sliding between the crease of her cheeks.

Carmen dipped and toyed with the entrance to Vanessa's heated tunnel, pulling her tightly against her. Her mouth hungry, feeding off her open lips as Vanessa began to tremble next to her.

"Oohh, don't tease me now, please!" Vanessa begged, hoping she wouldn't stop the smooth slide of her fingers.

Carmen's mom was heard walking by the hallway. As Vanessa turned her attention toward the door, Carmen's fingers continued to move. "Ohh...your mom!" Vanessa whispered, breathing heavily next to Carmen's ear, as she gripped onto her shoulders.

Carmen loosened her embrace, backing up to look at the desire that had flushed across Vanessa's face. No longer blushed from Carmen's advances, her eye's open just wanting to continue. Carmen's soft torturing fingers lingered a little longer and then she finally released the hold on Vanessa. Almost a sigh of disappointment came from Vanessa as Carmen stood up in the filled bathtub, stepping out onto the fuzzy rug. She leaned over grabbing the towel that was left on the toilet seat, wrapping it around her wet body.

"Now, this time, walking a little funny will be for different reasons." Carmen hissed, teasing her, knowing she ached to have more.

"This is going to be a great party. I bought some new sexy stuff to wear. Would you like to borrow some of mine for the party?" Carmen bent slightly at the waist, drying her legs off with the towel.

"Expecting it to be seen?" Vanessa looked over at her with a clever grin as she pulled her towel around her, stepping out of the tub.

"You just never know." she giggled, unlocking the bathroom door, peeking just beyond the doorframe. "The coast is clear." she added, holding the towel tightly against her. "I can't wait for you to meet Dan. I'm dying to know what you think of him." Carmen said, pulling her hand as they padded back to her bedroom.

"I'm sure he's hot. Most of the men you like are." Vanessa stated, not worried in the least.

Carmen dropped to her knees. Pulling a drawer out from under the bed, assorted panties, bras, babydoll's and body suits were revealed. Vanessa knew she had plenty of experience, but was shocked over the amount of stuff she'd collected. There were different colors, styles, and shapes of all kinds. Next to the bright colored cotton panties was a box. A picture of a red rose was embedded on the lid.

"What's in the box?" Vanessa said curiously, watching Carmen dig through the clothes, looking for something. Then Carmen pulled a sack from far back behind the neatly folded clothes.

"Oh that..." she smiled, "...Those are my toys." she grinned deviously.

Vanessa dropped to her knees, watching her get into the sack but, found it hard to keep her eyes off the box.

"What kind?" she asked, hoping she'd open it.

The only thing Vanessa had ever seen was a straight dildo, one her mom had hidden under her bed, only it was in a bag. Vanessa hadn't been too interested then, even though her mom was very cool and would've taken her to an adult toy store to buy one. This was unlike Carmen's mom, who Carmen had hidden everything from.

"Go ahead, have a look." Carmen said, finally.

Carmen pulled out two pairs of stockings with matching g-strings. One black pair, one white, each having lace that went around the top. The g-strings -were just that- strings that had very little material with a sheer patch for the front.

"There's one for you and one for me." Carmen said with a satisfied grin.

Vanessa leaned forward, tipping the lid off the box. The box was much larger than a shoe box and as deep as the dresser drawers that it sat in. She reached in, picking up a shiny chain of white balls, each one attached to a cord linking them together. Her face turned, looking completely puzzled.

"Anal beads." Carmen said, watching the intense look in her eyes.

"Yea? And what does that do for ya?" Vanessa asked, giggling innocently.

"When you come or just before you do, you pull on them." Carmen reached for them, hanging one ball grasped in her hand while the others dangled freely as she gave it a small tug. "It makes your orgasm much more intense." she added, watching Vanessa's expression.

Vanessa swallowed hard, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with the idea. She shifted her weight, folding her arms over her bent knees, picturing the excitement Carmen had been through.

"I knew you were kinky Carmen, but gezzz." she laughed, trying to hide her inexperience.

"Which color do I get?" Vanessa quickly changed the subject, grabbing the beads and placed them back into the box as she returned the lid.

"I think you'd look hot in the black." Carmen replied, draping the stocking across her arms. "So would you Carmen." Vanessa smiled, "But, I think you'd look good in any color."

"I have another pair, so we'll be twins." she giggled, reaching back into the drawer pulling them out.

Carmen wore a short, but not revealing black skirt. A loose, white button up shirt, left open at the top, which showed the black laced bra she wore. Vanessa stood next to her, looking into the closet door mirror. Never before seeing her legs poured into laced stockings. She smiled back at Carmen, almost thanking her for taking her on another one of her wild rides.

"Those look great on you. Here, wear this cotton pull-over dress. It will look great with these shoes." Carmen tossed them on the floor in front of her and then tossed the dress to her from the closet.

Arriving at Dan's later...

The door swung open and couple stood in the doorway. "Hey come on in, parties already started." The girl said with a smile as they passed Carmen and Vanessa on the stairs. The girl's fingers were locked in the guy's hand, as she pulled him along behind her.

Music filled the generous sized loft. It was loud and people were scattered all over, drinking and laughing. Vanessa looked at Carmen and smiled brightly.

"I'm going to get us a drink." Carmen started to pull away.

"Don't you dare leave me standing here by myself!" Vanessa said, pulling on her arm.

"Don't worry, I'll be right back." Carmen laughed.

Vanessa sighed, watching her leave. She felt like a neon light in the middle of the room. Like everyone could see right through her, wearing her newly found sexual energy, like it was a hat. She laughed at herself for feeling so paranoid and then walked over to an open bar stool. Vanessa glanced around the room wondering when Dan would show himself.

"Hey, here ya go." Carmen bumped her arm, handing her a mixed drink.

Vanessa took a sip. The drink was strong, warming her all the way down to the pit of her stomach, reminding her of the headache that still lingered at the top of her forehead.

"Go on... drink some. Don't nurse it." Carmen laughed, taking a few big swallows from her straw.

Vanessa took a few long drinks and then smiled. "It looks like the party is getting over. Are you sure we aren't late?" as more than a few people were seen leaving while Vanessa watched them wave to the back of the loft, stand at the door.

"Nah, this is what time Dan said to come." Carmen said, sure of herself.

Vanessa looked toward the back of the loft, looking for a return wave. An attractive guy stood up, stepping over a few people that sat on the floor as he walked toward the front door. Vanessa stared at him.

His blue jeans were ripped and tight. The holes at his knees were shredded with white strings of jean material. His arms and neck were a dark tan while his face was still slightly burned from the sun. He wore a tight white t-shirt that stretched nicely across his chest. His hair was buzzed around his neckline, but became thicker, the closer it got to his ears.

"Well, Well. There's Mr. All American now." Carmen said, looking in the same direction as Vanessa.

"You're kidding me!" Vanessa gasped, realizing she was talking about Dan.

"I told you he was hot!" She added, and then laughed.

"Yea, you told me, but this is hotter than expected." Vanessa sat back on her stool, watching him shake his friends hand and then he leaned, kissing the side of his girl's cheek as they turned and left.

"Friendly too..." Vanessa mumbled, "I don't think he knows we're here." Vanessa spoke up, so Carmen could hear her over the music.

"Trust me, he does." Carmen said, winking at her. Suddenly, Dan turned and smiled. He walked toward them, acting as though he hadn't known they were there. Carmen knew better and Vanessa was, at this point, not sure what the game was.

"Hey, you guys made it..." Dan acted surprised. "...And you must be Vanessa." he said, holding his hand out, looking for hers.

"I am! And you must be trouble." Vanessa laughed, giving him a taste of the same reaction.

Dan's eyes began to shine and then he leaned down, kissed the top of her hand, not taking his eyes off her. His warm lips sent chills up Vanessa's arm, making all the little hairs stand up on the back of her neck. Carmen stood there, shoulder to shoulder with her, watching the intense stares between the two of them.

"Alright, alright..." Carmen spoke finally, "...Smooth talker." breaking the quiet moment between them.

"So... what's up with the party? Looks like everyone is leaving." attempting to make conversation, as Vanessa took her hand back, letting it fall back to her lap.

"Yea, I guess there's a bunch of on-going parties tonight. Everyone is party hopping. My place was the starting point." Dan replied looking around the room with only a handful of people left.

"Hey Dan, thanks for the party." A couple waved, walking toward the door as he waved back in return.

"I guess the party will be over after everyone leaves." Vanessa said flatly, finishing her drink, setting in on the bar.

Carmen looked down realizing she'd managed to polish it off in the short time they sat there. "Nah, we wouldn't leave Dan all by his lonesome." Carmen flashed a sexy smile, setting her empty glass down, wrapping one of her arms around his neck.

Vanessa looked on, feeling the attraction Carmen had for him as Dan turned, looking at her deeply and then kissed her softly on the lips. Vanessa broke her stare and turn toward the bar.

"Can I get another?" she looked at the guy a few feet away, wiping down the top of the bar. He walked over, grabbed her glass and set it down in front of him as Vanessa turned back toward them.

Carmen released her arm around him, turned slightly, as her hand went flat to his stomach. He kissed her a little harder, dropping his hand down over her ass, squeezing and pulling her against him. The site of it made Vanessa's mouth water, as Dan opened his eyes again, looking beyond the kiss, staring right at her.

His hand moved from Carmen's ass, gliding up her back, his fingers threading into her hair, pulling it back breaking off their kiss.

"Should we get this party started?" Dan waved a sexy smile at Vanessa. Carmen hung from his arms upside down, smiling from ear to ear, as her long hair almost touched Vanessa's lap.

Dan leaned down, playfully acting as if he was going to take a large bite out of one of her breasts. Carmen quickly brought her hand up, punching his chest. "Cut it out Dan!" she laughed, as he released her.

"Here ya go." the guy behind the bar slid Vanessa's drink toward her.

Dan sat down next to Vanessa. Leaning his elbow on the bar, he twisted the cap off a new beer. Carmen sat beside him, stirring another drink in front of her. Vanessa watched the last couple get up, reaching the front door as they waved at Dan, leaving the loft.

Vanessa glanced around the room. Dan's bedroom was only a few feet from the door, a four-poster bed with a huge top, made out of dark colored wood. Wooden columns were floor to ceiling through the whole room with no walls separating each room.

Off from his bedroom was the living room area. A sectional, large coffee table, throw pillows and television, were formed into a big square. A pool table was parallel to the living area and on the other side, the bar, where they sat.

"Hey Dan, I'm done for the night." The guy behind the bar said.

"Hey man, thanks for helpin' out. I'll have those tickets for ya, next time." Dan said, confirming their arrangement, as the guy walked across the loft and left.

Dan stood, walking around the bar, dropping a couple beer bottles into the large garbage can. Carmen downed the rest of her drink, licking at her lips as she smiled at him from across the bar. Vanessa could feel the heat between them, boiling, waiting to see who was going to push who further.

"Why don't you two just fuck and get it out of your system." Vanessa bravely spoke up, watching the heat between them.

Carmen turned her head in shock. "I like the way she thinks." Dan said with a wicked chuckle.

"You would!" Carmen said, throwing the bar rag at him.

Carmen stood, gripping the bar before getting a solid footing. She smiled deviously at Dan, and then turned, walking toward his bed. Vanessa watched her body as it weaved to the left and then to the right. Stopped at the foot of his bed, she then turned, sitting at the edge.

Dan stood motionless, watching her leave the two of them at the bar. Vanessa smiled, looking over her shoulder as he dropped the bar towel at the sink and started off in the same direction.

Carmen pulled herself back, lying against the many pillows piled on his bed. "Oh my!..." Carmen gasp, looking straight up, seeing what Vanessa thought was a large mirror above her. "...Dan, you're a naughty boy." she added, as he climbed into bed next to her, lying on his back.

"Like that do ya?..." his tone seductive, "...Comes in handy." glancing across the room at Vanessa.

"You're to far away, why don't you come on over here and join us." Dan's sexy smile was so convincing.

Before Vanessa could move, Carmen suddenly rolled over onto him. Her leg jerked over his hip as she sat up on top of him. She grabbed his wrists, pushed them over his head as her voice dropped, "Think you're gonna' get both of us in your bed at the same time... eh?" Carmen teased.

Vanessa suddenly felt the burning feeling between her legs that Carmen left only hour's earlier, return. She watched Carmen raise her hips up and then grind down into him, pushing his wrists further into the pillows.

Vanessa watched, remembering the thin, sheer g-string that she wore underneath that matched hers. "Oh, you're so hot Carmen. You know you want me. We've been playing this cat and mouse game too long! Put your money where your mouth is." Dan said, daring her.

Carmen released her hands from his wrists, as Vanessa saw the hesitation in her body. Vanessa began to ache from watching the struggle between them. "I'm not going to be another one of your one night stands Dan." Carmen said with control, getting ready to slide off him.

Dan suddenly grabbed her arms, throwing her onto her back. "If I wanted just a fuck, I would've got that a long time ago, without all the work." He said roughly.

He leaned down as she resisted against him, struggling to get out from underneath him. His lips got closer and closer as she tossed her head from side to side, until his lips met hers.

Vanessa sat frozen, every muscle in her body ached hearing Carmen whine from struggling and then it went quiet, as a soft, whimpered moan came from his lips touching hers.

Vanessa stood up, feeling brave, as she slowly walked toward the bed. Standing at the footboard, she kicked off her shoes, crawling over next to them. Lying against the pillows, she watched Dan's tongue sneaking in and out of Carmen's lips.

Their breath was hard, bouncing between them with Carmen's hands clinched together under his hands, no longer fighting him.

Dan broke off the kiss and turned to look at Vanessa. He glanced back at Carmen, her eyes heated and heavy. He rose up on his knees too shift his weight. Pressing a hand on each side of Vanessa shoulders, his eyes were within inches of hers.

"May I?" he spoke seductively.

Vanessa looked at Carmen, waiting for a response, as Carmen smiled, winking at her with approval. Vanessa looked back up into his eyes, feeling heavy, as though she was going to fall through the bed.

"Yes, you may." she whispered softly, waiting for his mouth to get closer, her skin feeling hot to the touch.

His eye's turned dark and daring as he leaned down, softly, pressing his smooth lips onto hers. Little by little his mouth opened, the tip of his tongue touching hers. Vanessa felt the heated walls of her pussy, squeeze and then release. His mouth slowly pulled away, looking into her eyes as he turned back to Carmen.

"And now for you." Dan whispered, low and deep.

Vanessa watched as his mouth came down onto Carmen's lips. Aggressively kissing her hard, one of his hands cupped at her breast, wrinkling her white shirt under his fingertips. Leaving her lips, he dropped down into her neck, biting and nibbling at it. His fingers went to the buttons at the top of her shirt, releasing one at a time, until her black-laced bra came into view.

With one finger, he pulled the lace cup down off her breast. Exposing her hardened nipple, the flat of his tongue painting over the top of it as it began to shine, wet from his mouth. He moved slowly, sliding further down until he reached her thighs. His hand's slipping under her skirt, pushing it up beyond her hips.

Vanessa bit at her lip. She watched his piercing stare, as he looked up from between Carmen's parted legs, as he nibbled at the inside of her thigh. His fingers then slid into the sheer patch of Carmen's g-string, pulling it to the side as he licked at her light brown curls.

"Oh yes!" Carmen whimpered, looking down at him, her fingers threading into his hair.

Vanessa brought her hands to her breasts, squeezing them against her cotton dress, feeling her nipples harden, scratching against the inside of her bra. Shutting her eyes for only a moment, she reopened them. The mirror above had shown his head moving against Carmen's parted legs. Her eyes were shut, mouth open, as the sounds of her wetness came from his open mouth.

Dan's heated eyes peeked from beyond Carmen's exposed hip as Vanessa felt his warm hand, sliding up the inside of her thigh, squeezing and caressing it. His fingers now only inches away, Vanessa moved her hips, wanting to feel his touch.

Dan bit at the inside of Carmen's thigh and then began to slide away from her parted legs. His fingers rubbed against her wetness before taking his hand away, moving toward Vanessa.

"And now for you..." Dan seductively, licked at his lips, "So patiently waiting for your turn." he said, wickedly.

Dan crossed his arms, gripping at the bottom of his white t-shirt as he pulled it over his head. His chest reddened from sunburn, he tossed his shirt to the floor. Vanessa looked at his hardened length, lying up against the zipper of his jeans. She felt her heartbeat pick up, watching his hand go to the button at the top of his jeans. The sound of the first pop and his hand moved, sliding the zipper down to the bottom. His white boxers showing the shadow of his hardened length, tightly pressed up against him, as he dropped his hands down into the bed.

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