tagGroup SexA Night Out with Teresa

A Night Out with Teresa


I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel in Orlando when Teresa walked out of the elevator and literally took my breath away..... But I am getting ahead of myself.... I am the President of a medium sized consumer packaged goods company and was in Orlando for an industry trade show. Teresa works for me as a Product Manager and came along on the trip to help work at the booth.

Teresa is an absolutely beautiful 26 year old -- about five foot, three inches, very petite, black hair, with a spectacular ass and the most amazing dark brown eyes I have every seen. I was certainly attracted to her but, being her boss -- and married, I was keeping my feelings in check.

When Teresa came out of the elevator I could see the heads of all the males in the area turn and watch her walk towards me. She was wearing a tight fitting white blouse, undid down to just between her breasts along with a black mini skirt that came about two thirds of the way down her thighs. She was also wearing black stilettos with about 4 inch heals that made her bare legs look absolutely beautiful. She had always dressed conservatively at work and seeing her like this immediately created a stirring between my legs.

She broke into a wry smile as she approached me and I could tell she knew the affect she was having on every man in the room. We walked out to the rental car and I opened the passenger door for her as a true gentleman. As we were driving to the restaurant it took all my powers to keep the car straight as her skirt was riding quite high up her legs and it was a beautiful view. We arrived at a very nice Italian restaurant I had eaten at a couple of time before and were seated in a quiet booth near the back.

We had a great conversation through dinner -- talking about the show, our sales successes, etc... and eventually ended up talking about Teresa's goals in life, her interests, etc.... There were a few pauses in the conversation where we looked into each other's eyes and I could definitely feel that there was some connection going on between us.

We had a very nice bottle of Amarone during dinner and as dessert arrived I asked Teresa what she would like to drink as the wine was gone. She ordered a fruity drink with Tequila and I ordered a cognac and we decided to split a chocolaty dessert between us. I had been out with Teresa for work functions and I knew she liked Tequila and I also knew she wasn't the biggest drinker in the world so I was interested to see how she handled the extra alcohol.

During dessert our conversation turned a little more racy as we discussed favorite sex positions, wildest sexual situations we had been in, etc... After another round of drinks Teresa was really starting to open up ad asked me if I enjoyed watching pornography. I replied that there were certain porno's I did like watching and turned it back to her to see if she enjoyed them. She told me that she hadn't seen too many in her life but that there was one that she watched with her boyfriend that drove her absolutely crazy. She explained that it involved a girl going to an adult store that had video booths with her boyfriend. They both go into the booth and start playing with each other and the girl ends up having sex with her boyfriend as well as a few other patrons through the glory holes cut into the walls. Teresa really seemed to get excited talking about this video.

I asked her if she had ever gone to an adult store. She laughed and said that she had never been to one. I then asked her if she would like to go to one as she seemed so excited about the video she had seen. She got a bit of a glassy look in her eyes and she nodded her head yes. Deciding to be a little more bold I then asked her if she would like me to find out if there was a store nearby and if so would she like me to take her so she could see what one was like. Teresa avoided eye contact with me and dropped her head slightly and I thought she probably was thinking she had gone too far with her boss and was re-thinking the entire thing. But after about 30 seconds I could see her head move up and down very slowly signaling a yes.

I quickly paid our bill and walked Teresa to the car. I found a phone booth down the street and ripped out the page with adult video stores on it and returned to the car and entered a couple of the addresses in the Neverlost system to see what was the closest one. The Neverlost showed a store that was only 4 miles away and I typed that one in and the GPS directed us which way to go. On the drive over I could not tear my eyes away from Teresa. She looked absolutely beautiful and her skirt riding up her legs was driving me crazy. She said she couldn't believe we were actually doing this but I could also tell by the twinkle in her eyes that she was turned on by the idea. I told her that if the place looked too skuzzy we would just drive by and we could return to the hotel.

After about 10 minutes of driving the GPS had us turn into a strip mall that, while it had certainly seen better times, was not absolutely disgusting. The adult store was tucked around the end of the strip mall and from the outside appeared well lighted and look to be somewhat upscale (which is an obvious oxymoron for adult stores). I turned to Teresa and asked her what she thought about it. She looked out the window for a couple of minutes, sizing up the store and turned to me and said she thought it would be fine. My cock definitely twitched a little in my pants when she said that.

I turned off the car, opened her door and led her to the front door of the store. Entering the store we (or I should say Teresa) certainly caught the eye of every person there. I was surprised with the cleanliness of the store -- which sold videos, magazines, toys and lingerie -- and there were couples of all ages shopping in the aisles. At the back of the store there was a sign advising that the private viewing booths were down a hallway and that to ask the clerk for help accessing them. I went up to the counter and asked the young man what was involved with getting a private booth. He mentioned that we could shop all the videos in their store and that once we decided on one we liked we could bring it back to him and he would assign us a room and set up the movie to play. They charged $20 to watch a video in the booth and with a slight grin he advised that the booths were very clean and well suited for a couple to use.

I explained the process to Teresa and we started walking through the aisles of movies to find one that she wanted to watch. After about 5 minutes of showing each other funny titled movies, Teresa grabbed a DVD off the shelf and excitedly advised that she thought this was the video she had watched with her boyfriend. I asked her if that is the one she wanted to watch in the booth and she nodded her head enthusiastically.

I took the DVD up to the clerk, gave him $20 and he handed me a key and told us we could go to room 5 down the hallway. I grabbed Teresa's hand and led her down the dark hallway until we reached a door marked #5. I felt more comfortable that the doors were locked and that you needed a key to access the room. The place seemed pretty safe but you never know. I unlocked the door and held it open for Teresa to enter. The room was pretty dark with some soft lighting overhead and contained two chairs facing a large flat screen TV hanging on the wall. Overall the room was much better than what I was expecting.

Teresa pointed to small holes in the wall and laughed and said she thought the "glory holes" in the movie were just a joke -- she was surprised that they actually existed. I also pointed out to her small holes up higher and she asked what those were for. I told her that I thought they were peep holes so that the person in the room next door could look into our room, or we could look into the rooms on either side of us if we wanted. Rather than being concerned about this Teresa seemed to be excited by the prospect of knowing that strangers could be looking into our room at any time. She certainly was turning out to be quite the voyeur -- which was pleasantly unexpected.

As the room was very narrow I suggested to Teresa that we put one chair in the middle of the room for her to watch the movie and I would sit in the other chair behind her and slightly off to the side. We settled into our chairs and in two minutes the screen lit up and the movie started playing. I could only see the side of Teresa's face from where I was sitting but she got very quiet and stared intently at the screen in front of us.

The video started with a good looking couple entering an adult video store and heading directly back to the private rooms. The boyfriend puts some coins into the wall and a video begins playing. Very quickly the boyfriend had his large cock out and his girlfriend was going down on him as watched the video. As this was happening on-screen I was watching Teresa very closely. Her eyes were fixated on the screen and she was fidgeting slightly in her seat and her breathing had slowed.

I leaned closer and put my mouth near her ear and softly asked her if she was enjoying herself. Rather then speaking she just slowly nodded her head. I kept my head right beside hers breathing in the scent of her perfume and looking down at her incredible legs. I whispered into her ear if she minded if I undid a couple of buttons on her blouse as I would like to see what her bra looked like. She didn't answer me as she was really into the movie -- the boyfriend had now removed his girlfriends clothes and was busy licking her clit while slowly working two fingers in and out of her -- so I assumed she was ok with it and I reached around the chair and slowly undid two of the buttons on her blouse revealing a very nice black push up bra with intricate lace work on it.

While I was doing this Teresa had started running her hands up and down her thighs and with each stroke her skirt was riding higher revealing more and more of her legs. This was driving me absolutely crazy. At this point I thought I heard one or two doors closing out in the hall and assumed that we now had neighbors. I leaned into Teresa's ear and told her that I thought there was a good chance that there could be someone watching us through the peep holes right now. She let out a soft moan and I could tell that she was enjoying the idea of a strange man watching her with her blouse open to her navel.

I didn't want to be too forward but I suggested to her that it would be really hot if she removed her bra and exposed her breasts for our new neighbor. Teresa didn't need seem to need any further encouragement. She sat up, undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and proceeded to remove her bra but surprised me by keeping her blouse on and redoing a couple of buttons. As she reclined back down I had a great view of some very perky breasts -- I would say a solid B cup -- with nipples that were clearly excited and pointing to the ceiling. The fact that she had kept her blouse on made it even more hot. I asked Teresa if she enjoyed showing her breasts to the man looking through the peep hole and she nodded her head and then started softly playing with her nipples. At this point the night had gone farther than I would have ever thought possible and my cock was trying to break out of my pants. It took all my power not to turn her chair around and start sucking on those beautiful breasts.

Wanting to see how far this could go I then told Teresa that she should pull her skirt up so our neighbours could see what color underwear she was wearing -- I was guessing black to match the bra. As she slowly slid her skirt up her thighs I almost fell out of my chair as I was leaning over so far to get a good look. As I suspected she was wearing black lace underwear that was a match for her bra. As she started to slowly move her hands over her underwear I whispered into her ear how incredibly beautiful she was and how turned on I was. On the screen the boyfriend was now fucking his girlfriend from behind and she was screaming with every thrust.

As she stared fixatedly at the screen, Teresa slid her hand under her panties and started to rub her pussy slowly. I whispered into her ear that I wanted her to remove her panties and without hesitation she slowly slid them down her thighs and onto the floor -- revealing a small tuft of dark pubic hair above her completely waxed -- and beautiful - pussy. Up until this point it was only Teresa touching herself and we had had no direct contact. I wanted more than anything to run my fingers up her legs and spread her lips but I thought she might only be getting off by having me and whoever was in the booths beside us watching her and that was all.

As she continued to rub herself I heard a rustling sound beside me and noticed that a very hard cock was now sticking out of the glory hole to our right. As Teresa was still intently watching the video she had not seen this yet and I was interested to see what her reaction was going to be. I whispered to her that she should turn to her right and as she moved her head she caught sight of the 7 inches of flesh protruding into our room. I could tell she was a little uncertain about this new "visitor" so I leaned into her and asked her if she would like to touch it. She sat there for about 30 seconds moving her gaze back and forth from the cock in the glory hole and the screen in front of us and then finally, in a low husky voice said yes.

She inched forward in her chair and tentatively reached out with her right hand and slowly ran a couple of fingers up and down the shaft -- almost testing to see if the cock really did exist and was in front of her. I could hear a low moan from behind the wall as Teresa cupped her small hand and started slowly stroking the cock more forcefully. As she did so she was teetering on the edge of the chair and I thought she might fall out of it so I suggested she move a little closer. Without saying anything and while still stroking the cock Teresa got out of the chair and crouched down closer to the action.

Teresa seemed to be in a trance as she continued to stroke the strange cock coming through the hole. It was quite the site to see her jerking a complete stranger. Her head continued to get closer and within a couple of minutes she had opened her petite mouth and slowly engulfed the head of the cock. I could not believe it -- this night was certainly going way farther than I thought it would. This was the absolutely most incredible thing I had ever seen and my cock was going to tear a hole in my pants so I unzipped my pants and freed it. Teresa didn't even notice as she was now intently working her mouth up and down on the cock coming through the wall. Watching this I slowly stroked my cock and leaned back in my chair.

As Teresa continued to work her head up and down on the strangers cock I heard a sound to the left and could see that someone was looking through the glory hole on the left side of the room. He really couldn't see much as Teresa had his back to him and I am sure he was wishing that he was the one receiving all her attentions -- lord knows I was wishing the same thing. Looking at Teresa squatting down to service the stranger on my right and the stranger looking through the glory hole on my left I had a great idea.

I stood up, went over to Teresa and asked her to stand up while she was giving head so that I could enjoy the view of her amazing ass. She immediately complied and because the room was so narrow her rear end was only about 1 foot away from the glory hole on the left. Now the stranger in that room had a great view of her pussy as she bent over. What I hadn't expected was that the glory hole was large enough for him to fit his arm through and he extended it through the hole and was starting to rub Teresa's ass. I don't know if she thought it was me or not but by the sounds she was making she was certainly enjoying it.

The stranger slowly worked his hand down her ass and very gingerly worked one of his fingers between her lips and into her. She stopped for a second as she seemed surprised but this didn't last long and she continued working the cock in her mouth. After working his finger in and out for a minute the stranger then inserted another one into Teresa. I could not believe the view I had as I sat there stroking my cock -- here was Teresa bent over sucking a complete strangers cock with her shirt open exposing her beautiful tits while another stranger was finger fucking her faster and faster.

I could hear the moans on the other side of the wall starting to build in intensity and figured that the guy was going to blow fairly soon. I think Teresa could tell the same thing as she switched from her mouth to her hand and started stroking his cock rapidly. While she was doing that I could tell that the fingers in her pussy were having their affect on her as well as she started to stiffen and moan. As far as I could tell the guy with the cock through the wall had an orgasm at pretty much the same time Teresa did from the guy fingering her. As she came down from her orgasm she slowed her stroking of the strangers cock and I just sat there dumbfounded. The hand coming through the glory hole disappeared and shortly thereafter so did the cock that Teresa has just sucked. The stranger on that side of our room said a quick thank you through the hole and then we heard the door open and close and I assumed we were pretty much by ourselves again.

Teresa turned to face me and with an uncertain look on her face said that she could not believe that just happened. I quickly told her that I thought that that was the absolute hottest thing I had ever seen and that there was no reason for her to be ashamed of anything. She then looked down at my lap and started laughing and it was at that point that I remembered that I still had my dick in my hand. Teresa came closer and looked into my eyes and told me that she loved what I had done to her while she was bent over and that she had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. I am not an idiot so at that point I didn't say anything and let her think it was me that had brought her off.

She then said that she felt bad that I hadn't had any relief yet and started to bend over like she was going to service me. This is not what I had in mind though and I roughly grabbed her up off her knees, turned her around so that she was facing the wall, lifted up her skirt, spread her legs and entered her from behind. Her pussy was very wet from the fingering she had just received but it was also very tight and felt marvelous as I started working my cock in and out. I think Teresa was surprised initially by my actions but very quickly she started to moan and move in time with my thrusts.

While continuing to move in and out I reached around and started playing with her nipples -- alternating between gentle caresses and hard pinches. Teresa was moaning louder with every thrust and I continued whispering in her ear telling her how hot she was and how long I had been thinking about doing this to her. Our speed kept building and Teresa was encouraging me to fuck her harder and harder. I could tell that I wasn't going to last much longer and I moved my right hand from her breast down to her clit and started lightly flicking it with my index finger. This seemed to have the desired affect and as I started to cum Teresa screamed out that she was cumming as well.

We collapsed into our chairs -- the sweat glistening off both of our bodies. We both had huge grins on our faces as the moment -- and the feelings -- had been perfect. We quickly got our clothes back on, straightened our hair and went back down the hall and through the store to get to our car. On the way out the clerk behind the counter nodded at me with a huge grin on his face and I was pretty sure that he was the recipient of Teresa's skills.

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