tagBDSMA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


I arrived at her house Friday afternoon after I got off of work. I removed my clothes and folded them up neatly and kneeled down naked on her porch as she had instructed. I was 15 minutes early but I didn't dare show up late for my first day. My only hope was that it was a quiet neighborhood and nobody would notice the naked man kneeling in front of the door, fingers interlocked behind his head and perfect posture, eyes pointed at the ground.

I had met her online a few weeks ago one night when I was horny and trying to get off. But there was something about her that captivated me. Before I knew it she had complete control over me and had kept me busy all week with assignments. I hadn't had an orgasm in a week, much less even been allowed to play with my cock.

My knees began to stiffen and it felt like I'd been kneeling here for hours. Surely it was 5 pm, but I didn't dare break position to check the time. Maybe she was just waiting on the other side of the door enjoying my discomfort and seeing how long I would kneel there. My mind raced over the things I'd done for her already, and my cock stiffened in anticipation of what was to come this weekend. Finally, after what felt like a half hour the door opened, and there she was.

I kept my eyes trained on the doorstep, too scared to look into her eyes, her presence radiating complete control over her environment. She reached down and tilted my chin up and I gazed into her eyes. She was a goddess I was not worthy of, but luckily for me I was at her disposal for the next 48 hours. Every deviant whim that entered her mind would be taken out on me.

The gentleness she had used to lift my chin was soon lost as she grabbed me by the hair and drug me in the door and threw me onto my hands and knees. I heard the door close, and the lock click, and I knew that I was hers. All my screams and pleas for mercy would not be heard outside her fortress. I stayed perfectly still as she walked around me inspecting what was hers. A ball gag was snugly attached behind my head before I knew what was happening. She pinched and tugged on bits that would make anyone self conscious before grabbing me by the balls and locking my cock up in a chastity cage and tying a leash to it. She pulled hard, yanking my now trapped and exposed balls up behind my legs and led me off.

I struggled to keep up with her, my knees already sore from kneeling and her wooden floors not making things any easier. She stopped outside a door and looked down at me with a wicked grin before leading me into her dungeon.

Holy Shit! That's all I could think. I'd never seen such a wide variety of toys. Not even a sex shop could compete with this. A whole wall alone was dedicated to paddles, floggers, whips and canes all meticulously arranged and hanging in their spots. There were dildos and plugs, ropes and chains and furniture I couldn't even imagine uses for.

"Kneel," she said, and I quickly scrambled to my knees. She walked over to the wall of spanking implements and decided on a wooden paddle, and brought it over with a pair of cuffs that she used to secure my hands behind my back. Before I could react I heard the paddle flying through the air and felt it impact my skin with a sharp smack. I bit into my gag and nearly fell forward. Nobody had ever hit me like that before. Ten whacks later and tears were streaming down my cheeks and I was drooling down my chest. "That should be a good start" she said mockingly. I sniffed and tried to hide my obvious discomfort but she saw right through me.

Mistress led me over to a bench in the middle of the room and laid me face down on it, and relocked my cuffs in front of me under the bench. She grabbed a piece of cloth and the next thing I knew I was blindfolded with no idea what was coming next.

I heard her walk away and grab something. "This might hurt a bit." 'Hurt a bit?!' I thought. How was I supposed to describe the feeling of my tender red ass? The next thing I knew my ass was on fire with pain. Stinging pain doesn't even come close to describe the welts I could feel rising from my flesh. "This is a cane, and it has obviously had the desired effect." I tried to struggle but there was nowhere for me to go. She worked her way up and down my ass and legs, each swing harder than the last. I was sobbing and gasping for breath when she finally took mercy on me and removed my gag. "Time for supper pup."

She led me on my hands and knees all the way across the house to the kitchen where she pointed to a couple of dog bowls on the floor filled with water and dinner for the day. She proceeded to sit at the table and fix her plate and sip on a glass of wine while keeping a keen eye on me. She almost spit her wine out as she watched me loose my balance and land face first in the water bowl. "Eating like a pet takes practice, but you'd better fill up so you have enough strength to get through what I'm going to put you through." Perhaps she was right. I wasn't very hungry but did my best to eat what I was given.

When she was done she took my leash and led me off to the living room and sat down in a comfortable couch. She unbound my hands and told me that she had had a long day and needed to relax and that I should get to work on her feet if I had any hope of using my dirty tongue or hands anywhere else on here. I eagerly unfastened her heels and slipped them off and began to massage her feet. One skill I've always been complimented on is my massages. I dug my thumbs into all the right spots as she leaned back and flipped on the tv, paying no attention to me. After I had rubbed them all over I started to kiss her feet. Surely this is what a goddess expects? She didn't react so I continued to kiss and suck on her toes. After what must have been an hour she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up so I could see her. "Good boy" she said, and I blushed a little.

Without thinking my eyes drifted to her skirt, and I could see straight up it. She smirked and asked "see something you like pet?" I nodded and she proceeded to pull off her panties and dangle them in front of my face. Her musk met me nose and I sniffed in her sweet strong smell from a long day between her thighs. If only I was lucky enough to bury my tongue where her panties had been all day. "Open up" and without question I opened wide and she stuffed them in my mouth. As my spit began to soak them up her taste flooded my mouth and I was in ecstasy.

A few minutes later she hiked up her skirt and firmly grabbed me by the hair and buried my face between her legs. My tongue eagerly jumped into action, greedily licking up her wet pussy and rubbing and flicking my tongue over her clit. Her grip on my hair tightened and she pulled me in closer as wave after wave of orgasm shook her body. My tongue lapping up her juices like it was the elixir of life. I could barely breath from all her cum covering my face but finally she pushed me away and took a deep breath and sank into the couch and sighed. I licked my lips and eagerly awaited my next order. Without saying anything she grabbed my leash and half dragged me by the balls to a bedroom on the far side of the house from hers.

"It's almost time for bed pet, but I don't think you will be sleeping very well tonight." I swallowed and felt the knot in my throat grow bigger. What could she possibly mean? She blindfolded and gagged me again before tying me up spread eagle face down on the bed, with a pillow under my hips. There was no slack in my restraints. She left the room and my mind began to race. Surely she won't keep me up all night. I've had a long week at work too.

I heard her soft footsteps approaching and she sat down on the bed next to me and her hand went to my still tender ass and her finger pressed against my hole. I involuntarily clenched up from the contact and she slapped my ass hard. "Relax!" she commanded and I obeyed. I heard her open up some sort of cap and the next thing I felt was some foreign object pressing against my ass hole. "Don't fight it slut. It's going in whether you like it or not." I tried to relax as she pressed harder until it opened me up. I gasped against my gag but she didn't stop, pushing harder and deeper, stretching my virgin ass. The pain was unlike anything I've ever felt. It burned like it might as well have been molten metal and tears streamed down my cheeks. My muffled screams having no effect on her relentless invasion. I was almost ready to pass out when I heard her say "All in. That wasn't so bad was it?" Luckily I was gagged because the things going through my mind surely wouldn't have been taken well. How was I supposed to sleep like this? It felt like there must be a baseball bat sticking out of me. I bit down on my gag, feeling myself continue to stretch, and my cock in its cage struggling to get heard and tugging my balls.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Was she going to take it out? Oh please let her take it out. I heard a switch click and all of a sudden my ass was vibrating all the way up into my belly. It was a vibrator! The vibrations against my prostate only made my cock try to get harder.

"Don't think I forgot about all that filth you've been saving in your balls for me all week. I have no use for it and you surely couldn't have been expecting me to let you have a pleasurable orgasm. Don't worry, I just put fresh batteries in the vibrator that's in your cunt. It should do the job nicely. Sweet dreams pup." And like that she turned off the light, closed the door and was heading to bed for a relaxing nights sleep. The same could not be said for me.

The pressure in my balls continued to build as the vibrations shook me and forced my first orgasm. This was the first bit of pleasure I'd felt in a week but it quickly turned to utter torture as the thick vibrator in my cunt continued to milk my cock. I pulled on my restraints and wriggled in pain as I screamed helplessly knowing no one would come. I just wanted my orgasm to end but the oversensitivity only got worse until I came again and again until all the cum had dribbled from my cock. The sensation was unbearable. Like being tickled to death. After what had to be an hour my balls were completely empty, the vibrator shaking me harder than ever, and then everything went black, and I passed out.

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