tagBDSMA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

byLong Tall Texan©

Dawn was racking her brains trying to remember what comes next. Her boyfriend, Steve, had emailed her an explicit story of exactly what he was going to do with her tonight and even though she read it more than once, she couldn’t quite remember all that was going to happen. That being the case, she waited anxiously in the dark, tied spread-eagle on the bed, blindfolded, wondering what was coming next. She didn’t have to wait long. She could hear his footsteps coming back down the hall. He’d been in the kitchen doing something, but what was unclear. Dawn felt his eyes burn into her skin as he drank in the sight of his helpless, beautiful captive. She felt him hover over her, then lightly kiss along her jaw with softly. He traced a line to her ear and gently nibbled on it causing goose bumps to rise on her back and legs. Dawn squirmed just a little.

Steve took a long drink of something, probably beer and continued to kiss Dawn; along her neck, down her chest, across her tummy she felt his feather-light lips. He kissed down her left thigh, pausing every few inches to give her little bites and sucks. A barely audible moan escaped Dawn’s lips as she enjoyed the attention she was receiving. He continued hi trek down her leg to her ankle where he slowly ran his tongue around the bone and then across the sole of her foot. it tickled but it felt good at the same time. Again, goose bums on her legs. Dawn knew her nipples were rock hard even though she couldn’t see them. They ached to be touched, suckled, nipped at. Steve seemed to read her mind as he traced a line up her other leg, moving a bit quicker than her had gone down. When he paused where her legs come together, Dawn expected him to at least flick his tongue across her clit, but he moved higher. Dawn could feel his warm breath across her stomach and up to her breasts. It seemed to take forever, but finally he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently. It stood even more erect, but the ache subsided. Dawn felt a trickle run down the inside of her leg. It couldn’t be. She couldn’t be that wet, could she? Steve had shifted his weight and the trickle she felt was a drop of honey he had placed just inside her lips. He started to softly suck the sticky honey from her lips causing Dawn to moan out load. His tongue separated her lips and slowly penetrated her. Dawn held her breath. No one had ever been this gentle, slow and deliberate with her. It suddenly occured to Dawn that the two haven’t said a word since she’d been bound.

“I want to taste you”, she said.

It was more of a demand than a request, but if Steve heard it, he ignored her. He kept sucking her lips and lightly flicking his tongue across her clit.

Dawn started to move her hips in rhythm to his sucking when he pulled away. She felt his weight lift off the bed and wondered what was next. Oh how she wished she’d paid more attention to the email. A sudden drop of something cold and wet brought Dawn back to the present. She remembered something about a popsicle as another drop hit her right on the nipple and Steve’s mouth immediately covered it, warming it. He nipped it lightly and ran the cold, wet, sticky pop across her other nipple which was quickly treated to the same warmth of his mouth. He shifted his weight again and the head of his cock brushed her lips. Dawn opened her mouth expecting to be rewarded with the taste of him but he backed away, leaving her mouth hanging open, waiting. Steve kissed her then slowly inched his hard cock into her mouth. Dawn sucked softly but deliberately, as Steve returned his attention to her pussy and clit. Dawn felt something pressing against her opening and knew immediately that she was about to be entered by her favorite toy. It was shaped like a dildo, but it had a dolphin shaped bud portruding from the top. This dolophin fit neatly on top of her clit and when it was turned on, sent incredible buzzing sensations through her clit. Steve slowly pushed it into her inch by lucious inch. Once it was all the way in, he switched the power on low and the toy hummed deliciously on her clit. He moved the toy in and out, twisting it, rotating it, making it hit every sensitive spot inside Dawn’s pussy. Steve’s cock popped out of her mouth as she gasped Steve had just turned up the speed a bit and the sensations were incredible for Dawn. She uncontrollably rocked her hips forward and back, up and down trying to get more of the toy inside her.

“Please”, Dawn begged, “I want the real thing now”.

Steve just snickered a little and continued to work on her with the vibrator. Dawn felt a her juices trickle down the crack of her ass. As if on cue she felt a second object between her legs. Steve had undoubtedly pulled the purple vibrator out and was gently pushing it into her ass crack. He stopped before it penetrated, leaving it just at the opening, buzzing lightly, teasing her rear hole.

“Don’t let either of these slip or you’ll pay” he said as he slipped off the bed. Dawn wondered what else could he be doing? Her thought was answered with a quick flick of his wrist. The light, rubbery whip came down across Dawn’s stiff nipple making her jump, causing the fish to slip from between her legs. She felt it covered in her juices against her legs.

“That will cost you”, Steve said not quite harshly.

He reached for something off the bed and Dawn heard paper being ripped.

“No”, she thought. “Not another popsicle! He couldn’t possibly have another one. It would’ve melted by now!”

She felt the cold tip of the popsicle against her nipple. The pop felt soft and squishy. It had definitely melted quite a bit, but Steve didn’t seem to mind. He greedily sucked the sticky chocolate off her. His fingers parted her legs and pressed the cold tip against her pussy. He didn’t put it in her, but licked the chocolate off her lips, lightly teasing her with his tongue. He separated the folds of her pussy with his fingers and pressed the pop inside. Dawn’s body went rigid for a moment before his warm caressing tongue entered her to help warm her. He sucked every bit of the popsicle out of her. Dawn could hear his slurping, contented moans as he relished the taste of the chocolate mixed with the taste of her. He put his lips on hers and gave her a long wet kiss. Their tongues dueled and fought with each other passionately. Steve retrieved the dolphin and slid it into her again, this time turned up a little. He again cracked the soft rubber whip across her nipples, but this time Dawn was able to hold the vibrator inside. He drew the whip across her belly, teasing her. he whipped it across her upper thighs. Dawn was moaning louder now, wanting to come. Steve grabbed the dolphin and started working it in and out ready to give Dawn what she wanted; what she needed. The purple vibrator still hummed along, pressed against the opening to her ass. It felt warm and slippery there, but it felt sooooo good at the same time. Dawn felt the fire start to spread through her belly as the dolphin buzzed her clit. Her hips moved slightly faster and more urgently the closer she came to coming. Her hips working up and down caused the purple vibrator to penetrate her ass slightly. This excited her more and she decided to try to get more into her. Dawn bucked her hips slightly harder and felt the vibrator enter her further inch by inch. She felt more full than ever as her orgasm crashed into her with full force. Dawn screamed not caring who heard her as her orgasm ripped through her body, wave after wave washing over her. Steve slowly pulled the toys from her gripping pussy and ass and dropped them on the floor.

He lovingly kissed her cheek and whispered, “Was that good?”

Dawn could only manage a weak smile and asked to be untied. Steve granted her wish and Dawn immediately wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Without saying a word her head dropped to his lap and she took his rock hard cock into her mouth. The warmth was incredible and Steve just laid back and enjoyed her sucking him. Dawn could taste the pre-cum on the head and decided that tonight he was going to come in her mouth whether he wanted to or not. She doubled her efforts, pumping her hand up and down on the shaft, turning her hand sucking it all the way down to the base. Steve moaned out loud.

“He can’t last long like this” Dawn thought to herself.

He bucked his hips slowly in time to her sucking and she heard his breathing get deeper and more erratic. She fondled his balls and stopped licking long enough to lick between his balls and ass. She returned to his shaft wanting to feel him shoot stream after stream of hot, come into her mouth. She felt the head of his cock swell and he told her,

“I’m gonna come”, as if she couldn’t tell.

Dawn fondled his balls and slid one finger down the crack of his ass. That did it. His hips bucked off the bed, burying his cock in her mouth and shot what seemed like a gallon of thick, hot come into her mouth. She’d done it! She’d been able to make him come with her mouth. Feeling proud of herself, Dawn smiled as she wiped the come from her lips and face. She continued to suck hoping he’d stay hard. She needed him inside her so bad. Dawn wasn’t disappointed. She climbed on top of him and eased down onto his still stiff cock. She felt it probe deep into her, stretching her the further she went down. Then, getting a rhythm they both know well, she rocked on top of him while he thrust up to meet her. He kept hitting that spot!

“Oh, God, what is that spot he always hits?”, Dawn thought to herself.

She could feel her orgasm building inside her again. Steve was moaning and breathing heavy and she knew it wouldn’t be long before they came together. She started riding him faster, grinding her slit against him. He trust up to meet every grind. Steve reached up and fondled Dawn’s nipples, pinching them gently and rolling them between fingers. That did it. Dawn humped down on him hard, driving his cock inside her, burying it to the hilt. She ground onto his hips as he held her hips forcing her to keep humping. His fingers grabbed into her flesh as he let out a low growl and shot wads of thick come into her pussy. Dawn’s pussy clenched his cock, spasming around it as she came. Her juices flowed out around his quickly softening dick, and down her leg onto his stomach. Dawn collapsed on his chest as his arms encircled her, holding her tight. He blew cool air onto her forehead and whispered,

“That was amazing!”

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