A Nightmare Encounter


He moans hearing the jacket rip wondering what the grey rotting thing will start doing that to his flesh and bones. She tears the skinny leather jacket in half and peels it off Scotty's body making him shiver slightly in the cold night air clad in a t shirt. Scotty is utterly confused now wondering why the zombie when it has total control over him would waste time in ripping through his jacket. The zombie leans closer so he can feel it inches away from his skin sniffing again at his back. Scotty struggles hard again bucking around scared that this thing's head is so close to bite though his exposed back. All his moving around does is make him hot and sweaty making him dig a little into the damp earth making a small pit his body now more easily lies in.

In a sudden turn of speed the zombie grabs him and forcefully flips him over onto his back. The wind is knocked out of Scotty with his spine pressed hard against the mud and the evil barely blonde zombie now sitting right on his stomach. He can now see her facial features close up hear her growling and seeing that massive tongue and the odd almost luminous drool coming out of its broken apart mouth. It is utterly repulsing and Scotty closes his eyes still hoping amongst hope this is some horrifying bad dream. The zombie howls an unnatural sound with its big thick worm like tongue hanging out all drool covered and disgusting in front of him. Watching the zombie he can see the thing struggling pushing its long messy hair around trying to use it's broken muscles. Scotty almost thinks the creature is trying to speak watching it force the massive tongue back into its face rocking the broken jaw back into place.

"CUM," It somehow manages to gargle before its jaw drops open again and that single deep sound utterly terrifies Scotty right down to the bone.

Scotty is more scared than ever his brain reeling from not only hearing this once female person speak but he is sure it said cum. He wonders why it would say that what come word it meant surely not sex cum he thinks panicking thinking of his own horrific fate. Scotty almost wishes it would hurry up and rip his throat out ending all this panic, fear and tension within him.

"CUM" the thing cries again though all the dirt, gooey mess with rotting skin stains it is wearing and now Scotty is sure this evil looking thing meant sex like cum.

It places it's undead hand right on Scotty's chest and he flinches getting the sudden fear that this female zombie doesn't want to eat him but instead wants to rape him. Trying to think why and how is that possible really freaks Scotty out and he begins to struggle again using every muscle in his body straining hard to get this zombie off him. It is a scary almost unthinkable thought running through his body looking into the dead grey face of this creature wondering why it chose him and now he is truly frightened of what it could do to him. The hand of the undead trails and rubs across his teenage t shirted flesh making his skin crawl with total fear. He then screams in terror when the hands pull down and start ripping his t shirt down exposing his bare chest. She keeps puling hard tearing away at Scotty's t shirt taking it off fully leaving the poor teenager's upper body naked.

His flat toned chest has some growing muscles and a burdening 6 pack with very little hair. His girlfriend loves his sexy chest but that is the last thing on his mind now when the zombie's cold undead hand presses down right on him. The zombie rubs a little making Scotty tense up scared for his life when the zombie's huge fleshy drooling tongue flops out again. It flicks towards him a big puddle of spit sliding off her tongue landing right onto the middle of his chest. The spit is cold and so different to anything Scotty knows and feels it feels so sticky going right over his skin making the poor teenager feel so unclean. It is almost like slime running all across his bare chest making him shiver feeling degraded. The zombie drool is starting to stain across his chest making Scotty feel sick trying to get this evil female zombie off him.

Her tongue moves down tapping against his chest and it is just so big and thick Scotty doesn't know what to do. He can feel it just feels sick and slimy as the huge thick grey tongue slowly slides across his flesh leaving a trail of wetness behind that makes him shiver. This is the most disgusting moment of his whole life and the scariest thing ever being licked by a zombie. The tongue slides all over his chest taking in every inch leaving an inch high trail of sticky goo behind it coating Scotty's entire chest. It's so humiliating too having a giant snake like tongue dominating him sliding all across him forcing him to be covered in the zombie's unspeakable goo. So disgusting having this sticky good sliding down his chest he can feel and smell it making his skin crawl.

He wonders if there are side effects or if the zombie is just cleaning his flesh to rip apart and eat later. The evil zombie is sat on him licking all over his stomach sliming every inch of his tanned chest as he struggles for freedom. The park is totally quiet now apart from the zombie's groans and licks as the moon slips into view further lighting up the horrible scene Scotty is trapped in. He can only think of it like being licked by a dog only far more creepy and scary with way more drool. Scotty is once again paralyzed by that fear thinking this could be the end of his life right here licked and goo covered by a zombie before being eaten and have his dead carcass dragged into the ground. The thought is very upsetting as he gazes up into those bright white evil eyes watching over him while she licks away. It's almost like it is getting hungry moving that almost mutant like tongue across his bare flesh tasting his sweat and essence.

Her zombified tongue lashes across his naked chest with it now all sticky and goo coated. All that undead spit sinks into every pour upsetting Scotty so much as this is just pure torture being a zombie's controlled plaything. Scotty feels so unclean being licked having such a massive tongue tease and taste every single part of his nude chest. The massive dead tongue flicks around his pink nipples slopping against then with Scotty straining his back trying hard to resist. His whole chest feels heavier and so, so wet coated in whatever this freak of nature zombie has instead of drool. It's almost like toxic slime pouring out over his chest feeling so dirty making Scotty wish it was just eating his flesh.

The zombie's hand rub over his spat over stomach its massive tongue hanging free just dropping onto his 6 pack while her unclean hands massage him making every muscle and nerve in him tighten. She gives another massive lick over his sexy washboard stomach caking it in yet more zombie spit and to his horror Scotty can feel his cock pressing against the seated zombie. He is still rock hard from all his boob play before and he finds it shocking that his dick is still rock hard. There is no way all this slime and licking is erotic yet his body is still horny and like most teenagers he is staying hard for a long period of time. It is beyond embarrassing and mentally scaring for him to feel his hard dick pressed up against a naked and rotting zombie. Especially if that zombie has some Licker like freak tongue and is using it to bathe his mid-section in unspeakably smelly juices.

Having the zombie slobber over him is creepy, horrible and rather frightening all in one hideous emotionally damaging package as the huge thick tongue now manically goes over every inch of his chest again. He can hear the slap of the tongue's thick meat onto all the water covering his chest as he feels soaked and ashamed of being in this nightmare situation. Scotty feels the zombie's hands go down grabbing at the waistband of his jeans and starts to tug at the opening. He freaks out again this is too terrified at being naked with a big tongued zombie wanting to lick him all over. Screaming and struggling once again does Scotty no good as the undead is supernaturally strong and easily resisting his every move while still pulling at his pants. He yells and cries at the top of his voice wriggling his hips trying to do everything humanly possible to get the zombie away from taking his pants off.

"STOP IT NO FUCK OFF GET OFF ME LEAVE ME ALONE NO STOP PLEASE FUCK NO," Scotty screams fighting for control of his pants with the zombie.

His strength doesn't match hers and unsurprisingly it doesn't listen to all his shouts and yells. It just keeps pulling until it powerfully breaks the button off Scotty's jeans. He moans as his flies snap down and the ugly female zombie can now see his bright red boxers. Scotty would have never thought being stripped by a zombie would be so embarrassing but he is blushing trying to hide his still stiff erection. The zombie looks up at him while he wriggles on the ground before moving forward her long flacking blonde hair falls across his wet chest. That massive behemoth tongue sticks out again and Scotty closes his eyes in fear wondering what this crazy thing wants to do to him now. The zombie reaches forward sticking its big tongue out licking right around Scotty's bare neck.

He can feel the same massively sticky spit like goo coming out covering his neck just like it has covered his chest. The zombie is licking him and Scotty recoils in disgust and fear feeling the thing licking his neck. It's like this rotting thing is trying to give him a love bite with her thick tongue sliding out almost moving of its own free will around his neck. The zombie just won't be denied or stopped swirling its tongue around Scotty's neck even moving up licking his hairless chin. She moves up and over Scotty's face soaking every inch of his face with her massive tongue. He shuts his eyes moaning feeling the sticky warm drool soaking all across his face dribbling over his lips across his forehead and down his cheeks. The zombie is licking his face like an excitable puppy but the feeling for Scotty is a million times worse.

She is even licking his medium cut blonde hair slobbering all over it making it soaking wet leaving Scotty with such an odd sensation like he's been spat on. All that odd coloured smelly spit is now soaking his face and hair makes Scotty feel so dirty pressed underneath this rotting female zombie. He bucks and rocks his body so scared not knowing what the zombie is going to do to him. Scotty just can't break free and he hate to think how he looks now half soaked in zombie spit semi naked with a cold grey zombie pressed on top of him. The undead freak ignores his mud stained spit soaked body and goes back to his broken pants pulling away at them. Scotty tries to defend himself but the creature is too strong finally able to pull his skinny jeans down his legs.

His bright red boxers are fully exposed with his cock still rock hard from his sex play earlier. The bulge is still sticking up in his shorts there is even a slight wet patch of pre cum that has leaked out. Scotty moans feeling the cold night air rushing around the embarrassing spunk wet patch on his crotch. The zombie stares at it for a second then lowers her tongue down and presses against it really upping the humiliation for Scotty as a zombie just licked his pre cum stain off his boxers.

"No stop it get off me no stop leave me alone," Scotty bucks his hips wildly trying to break free watching the dirty blonde zombie staring at his tight and throbbing bulge.

He feels like a piece of meat under the undead with his pants pulled down soaked in the thing's spitty juices. The fear kicks up yet another level when she drags that thick wet tongue across his pre cum patch again making him wail in humiliation and terror. He is repulsed by the creature licking at the wet patch on his boxer shorts tasting his spunk. The zombie keeps pulling at Scotty's jeans moving her tongue away from his bright red boxers slobbering down onto Scotty's bare legs. She keeps pulling at his jeans nearly ripping them down the sides as she keeps tugging away. The rotting undead corpse just rips away at his denim pants tearing away big chucks reducing his jeans to rags. Pulling down on his pants also causes Scotty's sneakers to fall off his feet finally allowing the crazed zombie to strip the poor teen down to just his boxer shorts.

Scotty feels so exposed trapped in some dark wooded corner of the park in just his boxers with some ugly decrepit zombie slobbering and howling on top of him. Her tongue just hangs out panting dropping huge droplets of spit splashing over every inch of Scotty's stripped form. The sticky goo stains his thighs running all the way down his legs and it's so dirty and horrible Scotty can barely stand it. A cold undead hand moves down and grabs hold of Scotty's hard horny bulge giving it a squeeze. Poor Scotty moans at such an unusual sickening feeling of a dead hand touching his cock and balls. He wishes to be anywhere else but here, anything other than this fate being groped by what might be a turned on mound of rotting flesh. He is trying everything not to stay hard thinking how this is the most unhorny situation ever and yet nothing is turning him off.

His cock stays hard in the cold dead grip of this blonde haired freak with Scotty just unable to help feeling horny. It almost makes him cry feeling so used and betrayed by his own body screaming as more goo falls from the zombie's swinging tongue down onto his inner thighs. The cold grey hand traces around his shaft running round the outline of his boxers sending shivers of fear up and down Scotty's spine. The zombie even cups his balls making Scotty feel so weak and emasculated being touched by a zombie in ways few living girl have ever touched him. Scotty is no virgin but he has never felt a hand slowly rub at his throbbing balls or use a tongue to lick a stain patch of pre cum off his shorts. It's a longer lick this time from the zombie's huge freakish tongue sliding over every inch of his crotch soaking though his bright red shorts.

"Uhhhhh please stop it get off me please no stop it," Scotty whines close to tears having his rock hard cock groped by an undead girl covering it in its spitty gunge.

The zombie clearly doesn't hear his begging and close up Scotty can see she is missing almost all of her ears. She just keeps moving her hand and tongue around groping and licking his horny cock though his pants. Scotty cries thinking this nightmare situation just cannot be any worse for him until the zombie grabs onto the top of his boxers. With its unnatural strength the little cotton shorts are no match as she cleanly rips his underwear right off the teen's body. Scotty groans in humiliation with a zombie just forcefully stripping him naked right here on the muddy ground in the middle of a park. The cold night air moves around his naked spat on body making him shiver. Scotty closes his eyes trying to wish this horrid situation away trying not to think of a dirty female zombie seeing him naked.

His hard cock stands up perfectly straight all 6 inches rock hard with drops of pre cum leaking all over his cock head. His blonde haired pubic patch is the first thing the horny female zombie rubs her scary looking tongue across. Scotty winces feeling her massively thick tongue slide across his exposed and sensitive private area. Her awful sticky spit stains wet the long thin pubic hairs making him moan in helplessness. He feels that massive thick tongue moving down going all over his balls that makes his body stiffen in fear and disgust. He tries moving and thinking about just how unsexy this scene is but nothing is killing his fierce erection and much to Scotty's embarrassment he only seems to be getting harder with the zombie's tongue swirling around his balls. The big thick tongue is lapping away at his private parts with no shame or signs of slowing down.

Scotty feels his cock pulse when the zombie's huge tongue laps all the way across his private parts. His cock flexes when the soaking wet tip of its tongue slides up and down his erect shaft. She is lapping all over his cock and balls covering them in that sticky drool which feels so thick and messy. Scotty is so sweaty pinned down in the dirt for god knows how long every inch of him has been licked by a big tongued creature of the undead. The girl zombie is going after him and his rock hard penis making him just as embarrassed as he is petrified. Being turned on by this disgusting thing too is so much more degrading than anything Scotty can think of bucking around again pointlessly still fighting to break free.

"Cum," The zombie groans again in such a deep and frightening voice glaring down at Scotty's sticky naked body.

The thing looks at his hard cock for a few seconds before it pulls its mouth open wide then pushes down swallowing almost Scotty's entire penis in one move. Scotty screams watching his cock disappear into the wide open zombie mouth scaring him like nothing before. He can feel her huge thick tongue pressing hard against his sensitive shaft making his cock twitch. The zombie has swallowed him whole and with ease while Scotty shivers in a mix of shock, fear and pleasure. The zombie starts to suck hard and fast its head moving faster than any normal human's head could. She is really pumping hard slobbering down all over Scotty's cock making him groan lurching forward screaming in surprise. Her mouth feels so big owning his rock hard 6 inches with his cock happily pressed against her tongue.

Her mouth is also so soaking wet with all that spitty goo inside her mouth. All Scotty can do is hold on for dear life with the evil zombie girl sucking and drooling all over his horny cock. Through all his feelings of being dirty and degraded by this cum wanting beast Scotty is ashamed to admit even to himself how amazing this feels. He is getting a blowjob from a zombie, a foul rotting creature that literally raised out of the earth in front of him yet nothing changes the fact his cock loves the intense blowjob. Scotty just keeps screaming having never been so out of control of his own body. He can see his cock pumping around inside her mouth though the big hole in the zombie's cheek. The female zombie is easily deep throating him with Scotty just feeling his cock sloshing around in all that sick undead spit that has already been spread across him.

He can't feel the back of her throat and frankly he doesn't want to know if it is there or has rotted away like other parts of her dead grey skin. Her bright white eyes remain open growling slightly blowing Scotty's hard cock and the poor teen has no idea why it is blowing the life out of him rather than ripping it from him. Scotty shuts his eyes hoping that is not a disfigured rotten spine his wet cock head is slapping against inside the zombie's wide open mouth. He wants an out of body experience or at least for this to be some horrible dream not wanting to think what a sick bastard he is for enjoying a blowjob from a rotting dead girl. Scotty is trying to hold back a moan of pleasure the last sound he wants to make in front of this wild crazy zombie, biting his lip hard keeping the pleasurable cry in the back of his throat. Feeling that massive tongued zombie sucking and blowing over every inch of his hard sensitive cock is so hard to resist however.

The zombie is throwing everything into it her head pretty much bouncing up and down like she has a rubber neck threating to blow the life out of him. Using its wide open mouth all that dirty spit drools out of the sides constantly like an ugly waterfall. He can feel his sensitive shaft swelling inside the zombie girl's mouth sliding up and down her wet tongue bringing him such enjoyable sensations so Scotty can only scream frustrated, trapped and very horny. Trying so hard to hold back on his growing urges all Scotty can think of is the only two blowjobs he has ever had in his life and how much better this is than the other two combined. It's incredible and creepy all at the same time his dick is still rising and Scotty isn't sure whether to cry in terror or in pleasure. He tries to be scared, terrified of getting a blowjob from a member of the undead.

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