tagLoving WivesA Non-Traditional Love Story Ch. 01

A Non-Traditional Love Story Ch. 01


The plane touched down in Jamaica and Allison released her death grip on my hand. She let out a big sigh of relief and smiled for the first time since we had begun our descent.

Allison was deathly afraid of flying. It was a condition that had kept her in New England most of her life despite numerous opportunities to relocate to greener pastures. Her fear of flying had kept her in New England long enough for us to meet. She hated to fly but she loved me and we were in Jamaica for our wedding. An hour and a half bus ride would bring us to Sandals Whitehouse Resort where we would be married in a small ceremony on the beach.

We had only known each other for six months. We had lived together for five months and been engaged for three but the truth is that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Ally two weeks after we met. I was never a believer in fate, destiny or soul mates but that was because I hadn't met mine until a fateful night at a strip club.

Ally was a stripper and while people don't normally associate strippers with marriage our relationship was cut from a different cloth. We started swinging when Ally brought a pretty blonde customer home from work one Saturday night. A week later we followed up that threesome with one of a different variety. Ally brought a guy home and I loved it. Bringing other people into our sex life only strengthened our relationship. We had the ability to separate sex from love and because of that we got excited rather than jealous. Ally also tapped into something deep inside me when we had our first MMF threesome when she had the other guy cum in my mouth when he was finished fucking her. That had sparked a curiosity in me that I never knew existed and while I had not acted on my curiosity it was a big part of our fantasy lives in the months leading up to our wedding.

We checked into our room, a second floor room in the France building that overlooked the pool and out onto thee Caribbean Sea. Our wedding wasn't scheduled for another three days so we had plenty of time to play before the wedding. We were staying at Sandals for three more days after the wedding and then we would go to Hedonism in Montego Bay for a week.

Our wedding was beautiful and we spent the night showing our love for each other. Just the two of us. We made love over and over. Our happiness and jubilation gave us the energy to go on and on with only cat naps in between. In all we had sex four times that night.

Three days after we were married we checked into Hedonism. We walked naked on the beach. We watched a couple fuck in a secluded corner of the resort and that night we went dancing. We met another couple at the dance club and we spent the night talking and getting to know them. Roxanne and Trevor were also swingers. Roxanne was a pretty blonde with a curvy top and bottom heavy body. Her face was pretty but her tits and ass were out of this world. Trevor was a light skinned black man with the body of an NFL linebacker. They were both friendly and the chemistry between us was apparent immediately.

"Let's go back to our room," Ally suggested when the sexual tension was just too much.

I had watched Allison fuck three guys in the time we had been together. I had also seen her with six girls during that time. The two guys that followed our first MMF threesome were homophobic and we didn't explore certain fantasies with them so I was hoping Trevor was more open minded than they had been.

Ally got things started by quickly shedding her clothes. Her perfect body brought soft gasps from both Roxanne and Trevor. They quickly undressed each other and it was our turn to gasp. Trevor was about 6'6" tall and weighed 250lbs with a cock to match. To the eye it looked to be almost 10 inches long and it was at least as thick as mine with a big cut head. His body was smooth and hairless without any excess body fat.

Roxanne took his giant dick in her pale alabaster hand and slowly stroked it as she looked at Ally and me. I felt an odd tingle and I knew that moment that we were in for a special night.

Ally sat on the bed as Roxanne led Trevor over to her. She continued to stroke the monster cock as she guided it to my new wife's waiting lips.

I watched as Ally licked Trevor's balls and up his shaft while Roxanne stroked and squeezed his big tool.

"Come get a closer look," Roxanne said to me as she motioned me to sit beside my beautiful wife.

I walked slowly over to the bed and shed my clothes on the way. I sat naked beside my wife as she licked and sucked the biggest dick I'd ever seen.

"You have to feel it inside you," Roxanne said as she sensuously stroked my wife's long hair. "Lay back on the bed."

Ally lay down on her back with her head by Trevor's big dick. She had never been with a black man before and she had never touched such an enormous hunk of meat either so she refused to take her hands off it. Roxanne lay between Ally's thighs and started to lick her delicious pussy.

"Baby, you have to feel this thing," Ally said breathlessly as she continued to stroke Trevor's dick. She took my hand in hers and guided it to Trevor's tool.

My fingers trembled as they touched another man's dick for the first time. I wrapped my fingers around it below Ally's and together we jerked him as his wife ate Ally's pussy.

Roxanne was clearly experienced in the art of pleasing a woman and within five minutes Ally cried out as she came hard. That was only the beginning.

"Get on your hands and knees," Roxanne instructed my wife. Ally quickly complied and Trevor knelt behind her gorgeous ass and slid his giant fuck stick into her soaking wet pussy. The contrast between his brown skin and Ally's pale ass was delicious.

Trevor fucked my wife with long slow strokes as his wife joined Ally on the king sized bed. Roxanne got on her hands beside my wife and instructed me to join her. I knelt beside Roxanne's curvaceous ass and eased my cock into her wet pussy.

I am a big guy. I stand 6'3" tall and I weigh 220lbs but as I knelt beside Trevor I felt tiny. I fucked Roxanne in rhythm with Trevor as he fucked my new wife.

Roxanne and Ally kissed and tenderly caressed each other as Trevor and I fucked them with long slow strokes.

Ally looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled. "I love you baby," she panted as Trevor thrust his giant cock into her.

"I love you too," I said softly as I continued to fuck Roxanne.

Trevor reached over and eased his big thumb up his wife's ass. "She likes it up the ass," he said playfully as he fucked my wife and fingered his wife's ass. "I'm too big to fuck her there but I bet she'd love you to fuck her ass."

He didn't have to ask twice. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and coated it with lube as Trevor continued to fuck my wife. I poured lube over her tight puckered asshole and rubbed my dick over it as she moaned loudly.

"Fuck my ass," Roxanne panted as I eased my hips forward and sank the first inch of my dick inside her.

Trevor fucked Ally hard and I watched her body shudder as she came around his big hard dick. He reached over and slapped Roxanne's big round ass leaving a deep red hand print on her alabaster skin.

I sank my dick balls deep in Roxanne's tight ass and then pulled back until just the head remained. Trevor fucked Ally harder and harder as I followed suit. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room as the girl's moans provided the back ground music.

Ally came again as Trevor fucked her. She cried out as her body shook like an 8.5 earthquake and her legs went weak. Trevor easily flipped her over and thrust his enormous dick into her liquid core missionary position.

I continued to fuck Roxanne's big ass as Ally reached over and rubbed her hard clit. Roxanne's body exploded from our combined efforts and her ass clenched hard on my dick as her body spasmed.

I felt my cum boiling deep in my loins and I thrust my dick into Roxanne's ass until I came deep inside her. I thrust hard into her big beautiful ass as my cock spit copious amounts of hot cum up her ass.

Roxanne and I collapsed on the bed and watched as Trevor fucked my wife hard and fast until he pulled out and came on Ally's fantastic tits.

"Come clean up this mess," Ally said playfully. She knew what I wanted and she wanted it too. I rolled over and kissed her deeply.

"God I love you baby," I said softly. I kissed my way down her gorgeous body and licked Trevor's cum from her perfect tits. I cleaned every drop of cum from her body and swallowed it all.

"You're not done yet," Trevor said as he pointed to his spent cock. I looked at his big soft dick. I knew what was expected. I had never sucked a cock before but Ally and I had talked about it. I was scared and nervous but I sank to my knees as he sat on the bed beside our well fucked wives.

"Suck it baby," Ally panted as she watched me prepare to cross a line I had never dreamt of before we had met.

My hands shook as I held six inches of thick flaccid cock. I looked at his long black cock and my mouth began to water. Bright white cum contrasted with the brown skin of his dick. I parted my lips and took it into my mouth. His cum was sweet and I swirled my tongue around his rod as it started to grow in my mouth.

His cock grew quickly in my mouth and it was fully erect in minutes. It was so big I needed two hands to hold and stroke it as I slurped and sucked on the tip. I worked his magnificent cock while the girls watched.

Ally moved on top of Roxanne in a tight 69 position and they licked and sucked each other to two climaxes as I sucked and stroked Trevor's giant cock. I stroked his hard rod fast as I forced as much of his long cock down my throat as I could.

"I'm gonna cum," he moaned. It was the moment I had been waiting for and I moaned needily around his thick shaft. His balls tightened and I felt his dick pulse as thick cum coursed through it. Cum blasted from his cock and filled my mouth as I gulped and swallowed his enormous load.

I swallowed his thick creamy cum as my wife knelt beside me.

"That was so god damn hot baby," she said breathlessly. "This is only the beginning too. We have our whole lives ahead of us. I love you so much."

We kissed deeply and then crawled into bed with Trevor and Roxanne. We all drifted off to sleep in a naked heap of hot sweaty satisfied flesh.

I awoke as sunlight streamed into the room. My cock was hard with morning wood and I rubbed it across Ally's pussy as she spooned against me.

"Do it baby," she said as I entered her from behind.

Trevor and Roxanne were still sleeping as we fucked. I slowly slid my cock in and out of my wife's pussy. I reached around her body and found Trevor's monster cock hard and ready for action. I squeezed his huge dick and he groaned softly as I continued to fuck my new bride.

"You want to suck his dick again don't you baby?" Ally asked softly. She knew the answer and when I hesitated she said, "its okay baby, I think it is so hot. Let's do it together." She turned around and faced me.

I mounted her missionary as Trevor climbed out of bed and stood next to us. Ally licked one side of his cock as I licked the other and we met in the middle in a hot cock filled kiss.

Trevor pumped his big dick between our mouths as we continued to fuck. His cock slid into Ally's mouth as I licked his hard shaft. He pulled out of her mouth and slid his big dick into my mouth as Ally licked and sucked his balls.

I could taste precum as I slurped on his cock. My dick slid in and out of Ally's wet pussy as Roxanne moved behind me. I felt her fingers on my ass and I moaned softly around her husband's giant cock.

Roxanne eased her fingers up my ass and finger fucked me as I continued to fuck my wife. I had never had anything up my ass and the feeling was surprisingly enjoyable.

Trevor continued to alternate between Ally's and my mouths sliding his big dick down our throats as his wife fingered my virgin ass. His breathing became erratic and I knew he was going to cum. He slid his cock back into my mouth as it started to spit. His cream filled my mouth and I held it there until his cum stopped flowing. I pressed my lips to Ally's and we shared his juice in a sizzling hot snowball as I thrust my dick into her liquid core. We came together as we shared Trevor's cum and Roxanne massaged my prostate.

Trevor and I were spent but the girls wanted more. Ally pulled out her strap on from her suitcase.

"I want to fuck you with that," Roxanne said in a lust filled moan. Ally fastened the harness around Roxanne's big hips and knelt doggy style as the curvy blonde moved behind her. Roxanne was a skilled cocksmith and Trevor and I watched as our wives fucked hard. Ally came over and over until she begged Roxanne to stop because she couldn't take anymore.

Roxanne pulled the strap on from my wife's pussy and looked at me. She wasn't ready to stop. I knew what she wanted and I was both scared and excited. I lay face down beside my wife as Roxanne poured lube over my ass. She pushed the fake cock inside me as I groaned loudly.

The pain was intense. The pleasure was incredible. She fucked my ass hard and fast. Her cock stroked my prostate and I climaxed again as she buried the long jell cock into my ass.

We were all exhausted. Trevor and Roxanne were leaving the next day so we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch.

"You're quite the bottom baby," Ally teased when they left. "Too bad Trevor couldn't go again because I would have loved to see him fuck your ass with his giant dick."

"I don't think I could have handled that honey," I answered honestly.

"Okay, we will work up to that," she teased.

-To Be Continued-

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