tagFirst TimeA Notch in My Belt Ch. 01

A Notch in My Belt Ch. 01


Losing my virginity was uneventful and awkward. I decided to, on a whim, with a guy a couple of years older than me that was from my neighborhood. Donnie was a friend. I had homeroom with his girlfriend. This would later set a pattern for me. I figured if I am going to do it, why not with a friend. I was a tomboy, who could clean up very well. I played softball, basketball, tennis and golf at my high school. I was nominated for Homecoming Court my junior year. I had just got out of a six month relationship because it was getting way too serious. I was eighteen and a senior. I was ready for what the world was going to throw at me. There was another guy, S. He was the one that I wanted to have sex with, but he was taken at the time and I think he was afraid that she would beat his ass if he ever cheated on her. I have always had more guy friends than girl friends. I liked the distance they could keep. When someone gets too close, I tend to run.

On a Saturday night, Donnie was driving home from work, and he stopped at my house. Donnie was cute in a stupid kind of way. Not gorgeous, not built, he was tall, but not too lanky. I walked to the end of my drive way, wearing my Nike black spandex shorts and a tank top.

"Hey, what's up?" he asks.

"Not much, just got back from riding the bike." I replied.

"Come up to house in about twenty minutes, I want to show you something, and we'll hang out."

"Ok, see ya in a few."

I didn't think much of it. It was nothing out of the ordinary. About thirty minutes later, I walk up the street to Donnie's house. He and S. were going over the new sound system that was just installed in Donnie's mustang. We stayed out till night settled in laughing, bullshitting, the typical stuff that friends do. Around midnight, S. went back into his house, leaving Donnie and I. He motions for me to come in to his house, his parents and his sister had gone to the lake house for the weekend, so it was just us. Down in the basement, we were watching tv, and he leans over and kisses me. He wasn't a great kisser, but he tried. He places my hand on his crotch, that was the first time I ever felt one in my hand.

The guy I had just broken up with, would get hard when we made out, I could feel it through my pants, but I had never actually groped one. Donnie leads me to a bed in his basement, and we continue to make out on the bed. He pulls his pants off, and his dick springs right in front of me. It was big, so I thought, until later encounters. He lies back on top of me, rubbing my c cup breasts, grinding his dick on my spandex covered pussy. I guess I was turned on, because he got really rock hard, and pressed the head of his dick at my opening. It wasn't going in with my bike shorts on, but somehow he pushed hard enough and half of his head went in. Oooooohhhh! That felt good. I had decided at that very moment, I wanted to know what it felt like to have a dick in me.

"Go ahead, take them off." I said nodding at him as he looked to me for approval. "Wait, what about a condom?"

"I'll pull out." He professed.

He was my friend, I trusted him, besides him and his girlfriend never got pregnant. He removes my tank top and bra, leans down and starts to suck on my nipples. I felt them get hard. All of these new feelings I was experiencing, and trying to understand them at the same time. He reaches down between us, I felt something going up and down my slit, and then that feeling again. His head was in my virgin hole. He backed out, and put it in again. This time he just kept slightly sliding in and out. The feeling of being penetrated, reverberated in my head. He was only a quarter of the way in. I was extremely tight, and I could feel every time his helmet slid in and out of my virgin pussy. Finally after my juices got him wet, he went in farther, and I felt my hymen break. It hurt just for a second, but then he went the full length of his shaft. It felt good. Thrusting for another ten minutes he announced he was going to cum. I didn't know what to do, all of a sudden he pulled out and shot his jiz onto my belly. Watching the orgasm wash over his face was enticing, I made him do that with my pussy.

This was not love, I don't regret it either. There was no cuddling, no holding each other. It was late, I got dressed and left. Walking home, I was on top of the world, like when you turn twenty one and you can legally drink. To me, that was one of my many first steps into this thing we call life. For a couple of months, Donnie and I continued to see each other, I would sneak into his window. I did have a pregnancy scare, and from then on, it was nothing but condoms. I never had an orgasm with Donnie, but I found myself masturbating frequently achieving them on my own. I wanted that rush that I saw come over Donnie's face. I found a way to wield my sex and get what I wanted. I guess I was like a jock, and was starting with a notch in my belt.

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