tagLoving WivesA Nurse in Need

A Nurse in Need


In life, every day can bring surprises. Today my husband surprised me as I was in the closet picking out my scrubs for work. Slipping behind me with his already rock hard cock, he slide between my legs and brushed my lips causing immediate wetness inside my lonely pussy. Working the night shift and caring for a 4 year old child has really taken a toll on our sex life. The right time is anytime we can sneak in a few minutes alone. Hence, the closet quickie!

Leaning forward, grabbing the clothes bar for support, I arch my back allowing him to slide in effortlessly. A few slow strokes, he pushes deep inside my pulsing cunt sending chills down my legs. Reaching around, he fondles one breast and with the opposite hand, he pulls my hips into his body. It comes quick and I feel the orgasm building as his strokes become quicker and more powerful. It feels so fucking good... right up to the point where we hear the pitter-patter of little feet coming towards us. His cock quickly is slipped back into his sweats and my pussy is left empty, a gaping, slippery, hot, horny empty hole. Maybe we will have better luck tomorrow.

The hospital at night can be very quiet; patients medicated, no visitors, minimal staffing. However, we do get a patient who breaks all the rules and breaks the silence with numerous demands, cries of pain, mental anguish or just plain wackiness. Tonight seemed like it was going to be one of those quiet nights. As I walked my rounds I noticed it might be too quiet. My unfulfilled fuck left me still excited and wet. My panties felt damp and I could swear I heard myself squish when I walked. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I dismissed the sound as 'only in my head' and continued my work.

Entering my first patient's room I found a soundly sleeping man in his 50's. He was a big man, 6' 5" and nearly 300 pounds. I checked the charts and proceeded with my tasks. Trying not to disturb the giant, I adjusted his sheets to keep him covered and warm. Finished, I turned to leave when he violently kicked off his sheet, mumbled incoherently, and fell silent once more. I picked up and tossed the now dirty sheet, grabbed a clean one and began to cover him again. The patient's gown had become twisted around his waist and left most of his body exposed, including a very large flaccid penis.

Being a nurse, I have seen all types of bodies and more genitals than you can imagine. Seeing another one is just 'same old, same old' to me. I try to pull his gown out from underneath his back, but his heavy frame kept it snug. I needed to roll him on his side. I positioned my hands and pulled him towards me, rolling him slightly on his side. Leaning over him, I was able to remove the twisted gown. As I rolled him back, I was startled by low sigh "thank you" from the heavily sedated patient. His eyes were closed, but his hand reached out for my arm. He gave it a slight squeeze in appreciation before dropping to his side. I continued to cover his naked torso, but noticed a heartbeat twitch of his penis. In slow motion his once limp member inflated and lifted upward.

Again, I have seen them all, but whether it was the incredible size of his cock or my own unsatisfied sexual desires, I found myself watching him grow. It soon stood a foot high and thicker than any cock I have seen before. I feel my own sex begin to flood with lubrication increasing the dampness of my cotton panties. Pretending to be medical about it all, I reached out and 'examined' the engorged penis. Smooth bulbous crown, thick veined stiff shaft, a perfect specimen. My fingers could not fully wrap around his thickness and when I tried, it squeezed a drop of clear pre-cum from his tip. I squeezed again to see the response of another drop of fluid and a muscle twitch that sent the fluid down his shaft and onto my hand.

My head spun as I felt his slippery warm lube and used it to coat my hand and slowly stroke his enormous rod. His cock continued to throb and excrete the clear slick fluid, just as my own sex pulsed and dripped beneath my panties. I was driven by horny curiosity to bring this huge cock to orgasm. My strokes were long as I used both hands to cover the length of his mammoth dick. His breath quickened as he finally erupted into the air. I continued to milk his shaft and he continued to shoot his white creamy cum all over my hands. When the throbbing had stopped, I squeezed one last drop from his thick shaft and used the sheet to wipe up the mess we had made.

I began to realize what I just did and found myself surprised at my actions. This was not only the first time that I had ever thought sexually at work, but also the first cock I had felt since being married almost a decade ago. I felt strange. A bit guilty. A bit naughty. A lot unsure. One thing was certain, my panties were drenched and I was in need of release when I get home. Covering his falling penis with his gown and a clean sheet, I turn to leave the room when I hear again a sigh and a faint "thank you".

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