tagIncest/TabooA Pain in the Ass Ch. 3

A Pain in the Ass Ch. 3


AUTHORS NOTE: This is the 3rd Chapter of a story entitled A PAIN IN THE ASS (By 4BIDDEN) and is not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. For those who just joined in, the names, ages, and physical descriptions of the characters are deliberately omitted so that you can give each person the attributes of your choice. In Chapter 1, a boy has sex with his mother for the first time. In Chapter 2, they are caught in the act by the boy's sister and the siblings also have their debut sexual encounter in front of their masturbating mother. This is the continuation of the story by popular demand.

* * * * *

Despite the triple effects of the beer I consumed at the house party and the two orgasms I experienced after having my inaugural acts of sexual intercourse with both my mother and then my sister, I woke up much earlier than I usually did on a Sunday morning. It was several minutes past 8 when I arose from my slumber with my customary "piss" hard-on.

Rolling out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom to relieve myself, take a shower and brush my teeth before I headed upstairs to the kitchen to grab something to eat. This monotonous routine was one that I have been doing every day for as long as I can remember. But, it was during the time that I was brushing my teeth, that it hit me that this day wasn't the same as every day.

No, this day, and every day hence, would never be the same because of what had unexpectedly transpired between me and my immediate female relatives earlier that morning. It was because of this fact that I decided to get out of the house before my sister or my mother woke up. I had come to this decision because of my fear of possibly having an uncomfortable or uneasy encounter with either of them.

Afterall, I did have sex with them both, but never discussed the events further with either of the two. I decided that it would be best to play it safe and get out of the house and began to tip toe up the stairs. I was in luck as both of them were apparently still sleeping, and I decided that the best place to go would be to cool out at my cousin's house.

I had gone to the house party with him the night before and dropped him home as well. Since we had planned to hook up at around 10 that morning anyway, I thought that getting there a couple hours earlier wouldn't be such a big deal.

Now, as I had mentioned earlier, I had developed a fetish for watching pornographic videos that involved themes of incest. Especially ones that involved sex between a mother and son, and to a lesser extent, sex between siblings. And, although I ultimately had sex with my mother and sister for the first time last night, you will also recall that they both had the good looks and bodies to have played leading roles in the tapes I had, but neither of the two had become specific fantasies of mine in my nightly jerk-off sessions.

However, this definitely was not the case when it came to my aunt, mom's sister.

Like mom, she was just as gorgeous in her own peculiar and particular ways. At least to me, and without a doubt, many others. Instead of my mother and sister, I constantly visualised having sex with my aunt, depending on what incest theme was in the VCR as I stroked myself on any given night.

Ironically, it was because of the person who I was going to see, my cousin, that I became aware of and turned on by this incest thing. This was because it was with him that I first saw the two porn classics, Debbie Does Dallas and the root cause of all these events, Taboo.

It was also how I had come into possession of the two tapes that I now had in my collection. And, like me, he had also turned their basement into his own personal abode, no doubt to pleasure himself doing dirty little things like I myself enjoyed doing in our respective dens of evil.

When I reached their house, I didn't want to ring the door-bell and take the chance of possibly waking the whole neighbourhood up. So I went around to the back of the house and peeked in the basement window where I knew my cousin slept. I figured that if he wasn't awake, I could lightly tap the window without disturbing anyone else in the house.

The sight that greeted me was hilarious.

There in front of me, was the stark naked body of my cousin sitting on the carpeted floor of his basement room. He was sitting on the ground with his back resting against the bed. He was watching an incest tape on his TV and beating his meat. There was a tube of KY Jelly beside him, a bowl of water and what looked to be a pair of panties that he was sniffing.

I knew what the KY Jelly and bowl of water were for, as I used this method of masturbation myself. I would squirt a nice big blob in the hand that I stroked myself with and proceed to lather my cock with the clear, slick, lube. Whenever I wanted to get my dick more slippery, I would dip the palm of the same hand in the bowl of water and begin to jack-off again. That's a freebie from me for those who haven't discovered this method yet :)

So this is what I catch my cousin doing and I couldn't help but chuckle. Although I knew that I did the same thing when I watched porno movies, I also managed not to get caught. That would definitely be very embarassing. As such, I contemplated whether I should screw him up by making my presence known to him, or to leave him alone to enjoy an early morning orgasm. It was a decision that I did not need to make because of what I saw next.

There he is, sitting on the floor, whacking off to a scene of some hot older woman getting fucked in her pussy and up her ass by two guys, when I see a figure coming down the stairs into the basement. Because of my vantage point, I could see that it was his mother approaching him, but she was temporarily out of his line of sight.

Like I said... Temporarily!!!

My aunt comes into my masturbating cousin's view, and sees him with his lubricated hand wrapped around his dick, giving himself a good tug. I see her stare at him in open mouthed shock. She was wearing an emarld green satin night gown that reached her knees and I could see her large, perky nipples straining against the fabric of her sleep wear.

She walked over to my stunned cousin who was frozen stiff, both figuratively and literally. She looked at the TV screen and again she glared at the sight of the older woman getting double penetrated by the two young men.

"Young man!!!... What kind of filthy movie are you watching?!?!?"

"Mom!!!" my cousin choked.

"Are those my panties!?!?... What the hell are you doing with my panties?... Oh... My... God!!!... Did I hear what I think I just heard?... This movie is pornographic incest!!!... Those two boys are having sex with their mother... That is disgusting... You sick boy... Is this what turns you on? ... Huh?... Is it?... Answer me you little pervert... Is this what turns you on?... Seeing two boys having sex with their mother?.. Is this what you want to do as well?... Have sex with me?... Is it?... Is this what you want to do with your own mother?... It is... Isn't it?... Good Lord!!!... You are a sick child... Fantasizing about your mother... My God.... Your own mother... How disgusting... I'll teach you, you little bastard," she shouted at him as he cowered in fear, crawling like a dog to her feet.

His erect cock deflated instantly and my cousin knelt below his mother, trembling with fear and shame. My aunt was boiling with anger and she seemed to be trembling as well. She stood over her son, screaming down at him as he was now in a position similar to someone about to kiss the feet of a king. Or in this case, a queen.

"How dare you smell your own mother's panties?... How can you do such a nasty thing?... I am your own mother for God's sake!!!"

My cousin meekly begged for his mother's pardon, "Mom, please forgive me... I will never do this again... I promise..."

"I can't believe this... My own son doing such filthy things... Masturbating to the thought of two boys having sexual intercourse with their mother... Smelling my soiled panties... You wait until I tell your father about this... It seems that you have forgotten what happened to you the last time I caught you masturbating in the bathroom..."

"Oh mom please... Please don't tell dad... Please forgive me mom... Please... I'm begging you... Please don't tell dad!!!"

Nothing he said pacified his mother.

"You dirty little boy... Here I am thinking that you are a decent young man... Only to find out that you are nothing more than a liitle pervert who enjoys watching pornographic movies about boys having sex with their mother... May the Lord have mercy on your soul... My own son... Masturbating himself while smelling his mother's dirty panties... How can you do such a filthy thing?... My own panties... My God boy... What is wrong with you?!?!"

What I saw happen next made my eyes bulge wider in disbelief.

As my aunt stood towering over my kneeling cousin, I watched as she began to pull her night gown up her hips. As she pulled it higher and higher up her thighs, it became obvious to me that she was not wearing any panties under her sexy lingerie.

My aunt had unknowlingly revealed a neatly shaped bush of pubic hair to my voyeuristic eyes and above her child's head. This made my cock twitch in my shorts and I began to get a woody. The woman of many a late night fantasy was unwittingly giving me an unobstructed view of her womanhood, but she was still angry at her son, my cousin, and continued her tongue lashing.

"Look at me when I'm speaking to you boy... Look at your mother when I am speaking to you!!!"

My cousin raised his face and must have gotten the shock of his life. The sight he saw made his mouth fall open. There was his mother, standing with her gown raised to her hips and her vagina exposed inches from his face.

"Is this what you want to smell?... Huh?... Is it?... Is this what turns my little boy on?... Is this what you masturbate to?... Your mother's vagina?... The place that gave birth to you?..."

My cousin timidly answered, "Yes mom, yes... It is... I'm so sorry mom... Please forgive me... Please don't tell dad... I'm so, so, sorry... Please don't tell on me..."

"Well sorry won't do you any good young man... How can you think of doing such a nasty thing?... Your own mother... Wanting to smell my vagina... Well smell it you little pervert... Smell it... Stick your nose in your mother's vagina and smell it..."

My aunt then grabbed my cousin's head and pulled his face toward her pubic region. His mother's tight grip pulled his head and pressed his face to her bush. Her nightgown fell over his head, making both his head and her pussy disappear from my view. My cousin's face was now smothered in his mother's luscious garden and her curses had changed to demands and instructions.

"Lick my vagina you dirty little bastard... Lick it... Yes... Like that... Lick it like that... Your own mother... My God... Sucking your own mother's vagina... Aren't you ashamed boy?... Licking your mother's clitoris... Oh God... Yes son, yes... Lick my clitoris... Oh God... Oh God... Yes... Yes... This is what you want to do isn't it baby?... To smell mommy... To smell your mother's vagina and lick it?!?!"

"Yes mom, yes... This is what I masturbate to... Smelling your dirty panties... Sniffing the juices of your sexy cunt... Jacking off thinking about you..."

"Oh how wicked... This is awful... Do you know how sinful this is?... My own son wanting to do such dirty things to me... His mother... His very own mother... Suck baby... Suck... Suck mommy's vagina... Lick your mother's most private part... Yes baby, yes... Lick the place that brought you into this world... Suck my clit... Lick it with your tongue... yessss... Lick me baby... Eat me... Eat mommy..."

"Oh mom... Your pussy is so wet... You taste so good... You don't know how long I've wanted to do this mom... How many times I've masturbated at thoughts of doing this to you... To taste you... To lick you... To finger your pussy mom... To feel your juices gushing out of your vagina onto my fingers mom... In my mouth... Around my cock... Around my cock mom... Your son's hard cock... To feel my hard cock plunging into your hole... Your hole mom... Your cunt... My mother's tight, wet cunt..."

"Oh baby, mommy is going to cum... I am going to cum soon... Oh baby, I'm cumming... Oh God, Oh God, Oh... My... God... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... Mommy is cumming... Mommy is cumming baby... Your mother is cumming... Mommmmiiiiieeee is cuuummmiiinnng... Suck baby, suck... Eat me... Lick me... Suck your mother baby... Drink my juice... Drink your mother's cum... AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... UUUNNNGGGHHH... UUNNNGGGHHH... AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

My aunt's body jerked and trembled for several minutes after her powerful orgasm.

After regaining some amount of composure, she slowly released the fierce hold she had on my cousin's head, allowing him to take it out from under her gown. He had been so intent on making his mother cum that his dick had deflated slightly, but mine was now inflated. Fully!!!

I continued to watch the scenes being played out before me, wanting desperately to join the action. But I knew that it was still early days yet, and I wasn't sure what my aunt was going to do once she recovered from the effects of her orgasm. So I waited and watched with bated breath.

It was now my cousin's turn to get some attention and he had exchanged positions with his mother. He was now sitting at the edge of his bed and my now recovered aunt, kneeled on the carpeted floor before him, as if to pay him homage. Their eyes met and I could see that all she wanted to do at that moment was to pleasure him.

Staring into her son's eyes, I watched my beautiful aunt bend her head and wrap her soft lips around his cock. She began to suck him while keeping the stare they held between them.

She worked the full length of his dick, taking it all in. Lubricating inch after inch of her son's tool with her slick and slippery saliva. She fondled his balls with the fingers of her delicate hands, sometimes taking them into her mouth. I watched as she pumped away at his cock and then I heard my cousin stammer.

"Ma.... I'm... I'm gonna cum.... I'm gonna cum mom..."

At which point, she pulled his cock out of her mouth, now covered and dripping with her mouth water and I saw her give my cousin an evil smile.

"Then cum for mommy baby... Cum in my mouth... Cum in mommy's mouth..."

She began to suck his cock even harder with more speed and intensity. Her hand pumping the shaft frantically, up and down, as she sucked the crown of his shaft.

Grabbing the back of his mother's head, I jealously watched as my cousin blew his load into her mouth and against the back of her throat. His mother held onto him tightly and took it all down, not choking once.

After he had stopped jerking in orgasmic release, his mother then sucked and licked his cock completely clean. Both he and I were still erect. Was this the time that I should attempt to join them? Should I even join them at all?

I had to!!!... When again would I ever get the chance to catch the woman of my dreams in such a compromising state? And with her son of all people.

Hmmm... Let's see... Probably... oh I don't know... maybe... like... NEVER!!!

Fortunately for me, I found a side door to their house unlocked and I obligingly let myself in, albeit uninvited. I quietly made my way to the location where my aunt and cousin were enjoying themselves in incestuous glee.

Recalling that my aunt had made the trip down the stairs quite a long way without my cousin being aware of her impending entry, I stealthily followed the path she had made less than an hour ago. I stopped at a place where I was definitely out of their view, as well as me, theirs. I listened to sounds of their passion and tempted fate by taking a quick peek to see what they were now doing, hoping that I wouldn't get caught.

I watched as my cousin moved himself further up the bed and lay on his back. My aunt then lifted her small gown and spread her legs on either side of his body as she positioned herself so that her pussy was right above his still hard cock. Leaning into him, she sank herself down slowly and deliberately, shuddering as her son's dick entered her slick love tunnel.

Again, fortune smiled upon me as my aunt's back was towards me and her body blocked the view of my cousin, preventing them both from seeing me. With mother facing son while she mounted him like a rider getting on a horse, my aunt lowered her groin unto his stiff pole. All the way inside her now, I watched as she took the emarld green gown and slid it off over her head. He was now holding his mother, completely naked and impaled on his cock deep inside her. She began to rock her body back and forth, gyrating her hips on my cousin's cock.

"Yeah mom... Fuck me... Ride my cock... Ride your baby son's cock..."

"Oh honey, your penis feels so good inside me... I can't believe we are doing this... This is so wrong... This is so, so wrong... But it feels so good... So good, baby... So, so good... Fuck me son... Fuck mommy... Fuck your mother... Fuck your mother's vagina!!!"

Between her moans, my aunt continued her incestuous babble.

"Yes baby, yes... That's it son... Just like that... Fuck mommy harder... Give mommy your cock baby... Give me your cock... Come on baby, fuck mommy harder... This is what you've been dreaming about... To fuck your very own mother... To feel your mother's pussy wrapped around your pumping cock... Let me feel your cum shoot in my pussy baby... Fill mommy's burning pussy with your cum!!!"

Spurred on by her lusty request, my cousin continued to plunge his dick into her faster and more forcefully as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. Seeing these sights and hearing these sounds, I removed both my shirt and shorts and started to masturbate to this online, real time, porno movie being played out before me.

"Yes, yes, harder you dirty boy... Fuck mommy's pussy harder... Fill your mother's cunt with your sperm... Oh God yes... That's it baby, that's it... Fuck me honey... Fuck your mother... Fuck me harder... Shove it deep into your mother's vagina... This is what you want to do isn't it baby?... To cum in your mother... To shoot your nasty seed in my pussy... In mommy's tight pussy... You are a nasty boy... A very nasty boy... Wanting to do such filthy things to your own mother... Aaahhh... Deeper son, deeper... Yes, yes, that's it baby... Ram that cock into your mother... Oooh... Oooh... Yes... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me harder son... Fuck mommy harder... Fuck your mother harder!!!"

Sensing that they were too far gone to stop what they were doing, much less to mount a legitimate challenge to my presence, I entered the room totally nude and with my dick in hand.

"Mind if I joined you two???" I asked sarcastically.

My sudden appearance frightened the daylights out of them causing mother and son, my aunt and cousin, to freeze in terror. My cousin had stopped his upward thrusts into his mothers hole as she had now also stopped her humping but remained atop her son's lower body with his cock still inside her gushing gash.

There was a look of genuine fear and horror on their faces.

"Listening to the two of you fuck each other has made me very horny as you can tell and all I want to do is join the fun..." I said to them.

"Oh my God... What are you doing here?... Wha... Whu... Where did you come from?... I... Ah... I don't know what to say... How did you get in the house? ... Wha... Where... What are you going to do?... Oh my God... I can't believe this is happening to me... You... You're naked..." my embarassed aunt stuttered.

"Well let's see... Considering the fact that I just watched my aunt get her pussy sucked by her son and then watch her cum in his mouth... And... Considering that I then watched her give him a blow job and swallow every drop of his cum... And... Considering that I have caught her in the act of riding his cock like a jockey while begging him to fuck her harder... I wonder what my uncle would do if he ever found about all of this?"

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