tagLoving WivesA Pakistani Wife Is Shared

A Pakistani Wife Is Shared


This story was originally written exclusively for Junaid and Hina, now made public. The male half of the couple, Junaid, has provided his inputs into the story. For background, readers may read the stories posted by Junaid under the name 'hitman221' on Literotica. Some of the dialogue may seem melodramatic, but this is how it is in the subcontinental cultures. Remember Bollywood, folks!


The room was dark, dimly illuminated by the diffused moonlight coming in through the window. The cool night breeze gently drafted in. And just as well, thought Junaid. Things had gotten a little...hot in here. He smiled to himself, as he turned his gaze to his side. Hina, his wife - his jaan - lay naked next to him. She looked a mess, her hair untidy and an exhausted look on her face. His gaze traveled downwards to her thighs which were wet with drops of cum. But she looked happy and for the umpteenth time, he wondered how he had lucked out with such a beautiful wife.

Junaid's gaze traveled over to her side, where lay another young man, also naked. Slim and muscular, he too wore an exhausted look. The young Indian - he was just 22! - had performed admirably and with a lot of maturity, thought Junaid. Respectful of all boundaries, he had pleasured Hina well. What a delight it was to see him and Hina kiss tentatively, exploring each other, Junaid thought, as he recalled the events that had transpired a few hours ago.

Junaid's breathing quickened as he went over the event of the night in his head. What was the most erotic scene, he wondered. Was it when the two had kissed, just barely clothed, after Aryan had given her a silver necklace as her second moon dikhaai gift. Or was it when Aryan was kissing and licking Hina's body? Surely, it was the time when Hina, flushed from a cunnilingus induced orgasm, had taken into her mehendi dyed hands, Aryan's uncut cock. Junaid remembered how he was stroking his cock, when Hina threw him a look, with that uncut cock in her hands. His hands had been a blur over his cock, as he furiously stroked. Breaking the taboo was so delicious - his wife handling a strange cock.

But, no, maybe the most erotic sight was of Aryan and Hina fucking to a crescendo. Their hands were entwined and their tongues wrestling as Aryan drove powerfully into Hina. The sight of his wife cumming, setting off Aryan's orgasm would be forever etched in his mind. It was as if everything was happening in slow motion - Aryan groaning and his balls drawing close to his cock, getting ready to spurt, Hina moaning as she hugged Aryan and her toes curled up. From Hina's strained moan and Aryan's anguished grunt, Junaid knew that it had happened. Aryan had cum deep in her, the first man apart from himself, coating her tight pussy with his cum. But no, thought Junaid, the hottest was what happened next. Aryan had collapsed onto the bed beside Hina. He had held back from cumming for a long time and now with that sweet release, he was exhausted. Hina, was breathing deeply, her eyes closed. Junaid walked to her and kissed her deeply. There was an urgency to his kiss - he was grateful to her for fulfilling his fantasy, but now he had to reclaim her. The primal need of a husband asserted itself and she understood. She kissed him back passionately, longing for his familiar touch. The night had been a cocktail of emotions, and she wanted her husband to hold her close.

His erect cock brushed her thighs; she parted her legs welcoming him into her. Ahh, he groaned, as his cock slid into her wet, warm pussy. She smelled of sex, of another man and it just made his heart race. The silky feel of her freshly fucked pussy magnified the taboo of the moment. He looked down at the most erotic sight he had seen, his cock being coated by a mix of her juices and Aryan's thick cum. He groaned out loud and for a moment, paused, just letting the sensations flow over him.

Taking a deep breath, Junaid thrust into Hina, telling her over and over, "Jaanu, mujhe tumse bahut mohabbat hai (I love you a lot, my love)" It was an intensely emotional and sexual moment, as Junaid came in his wife's pussy, adding his load to Aryan's.

Yes, Junaid thought, as he drifted off to sleep, yes, that was the most erotic scene of the night.


She looks so angelic, thought Junaid. The rays of the morning sun illuminated Hina's supine form, showing all of her curves in nice detail. She woke up groggily as he continued to delight in the sight of her naked body. Several moments of silence passed as she recalled the events of the night before, Aryan's naked form serving as a powerful reminder.

She turned to Junaid with a searching expression; how was he feeling? Had she enjoyed herself a bit too much last night? She had done this as a gift for him, for it was something he wanted for a long time. Was he hurt? A million such thoughts raced through her head.

If only she knew, that Junaid was thinking the same. He knew that she had liked the physicality of the threesome, that he could see, but was she alright emotionally? Hurt? How was she feeling?

He smiled at her pensive expression for he knew that she too was concerned for him. His heart filled with love for the woman who had always put him before her own needs.

"Jaan main -- .", she started, when Junaid cut her off with a kiss. Her heart filled with relief as the passion of the kiss discarded all her fears. She kissed him back, matching his passion, as they made out like newlyweds. It was as if they were connecting on a deeper level, exploring each other all over again after a long time.

Junaid ran his hands over her body, feeling those wonderful curves. Holding her close, he whispered

"Jaan, pata nahi yeh kaise mumkin hai, lekin mera mohabbat tumhare liye aur badh gaya hai "

Hina felt her husband's romantic words deep in her. If ever she needed them, it was now. She watched as he touched her necklaces, the silver entwined with the gold. Concerned, she asked him,

"Kya main nikaal doon?", thinking that her shauhar didn't like the gift from Aryan.

"Arre, nahi, bilkul nahi.", said Junaid. He drew her hand to his now erect cock and said "Dekho, kitna sakht bana diya hai mujhe"

She blushed as she felt her husband's hardness and rubbed it gently. His resulting groans made her both horny and happy. He parted her legs and she smeared that pearly drop of precum on his cock head with her thumb. Resting the tip on her labia, he looked into her eyes and told her how much he loved her and how much he wanted her. She gave a slight whimper as he slid into her. He had always loved this reaction from her. He recalled how on occasion when she was playfully teasing him in bed, he could always get her attention by pushing into her, making her body twitch.

He thrust into her deep and lay there for a moment, savoring the slick feel of her pussy. It was still slick from the fucking the night before. But then, she had been taken twice, so it was expected. Hina breathed deeply as she was filled up. She laid back and enjoyed the sensations, Junaid's cock was having on her pussy, rubbing her pussy walls pleasurably.

Junaid thrust inside her, deep, full and confident. He was taking her pussy well and she loved it. Over her shoulder Junaid spotted Aryan, wide awake and watching them with a lusty look. His cock was hard and he was lightly stroking it, pulling the foreskin down and back up. Junaid motioned him closer and pressed Hina against him.

"Jaan, tera aashiq tere peeche hai aur tera shauhar tumhare andar. Kya tumhe pasand hai?", he asked, with a naughty smile on his face. Closing her eyes, she moaned softly at Junaid addressing Aryan as her lover. It felt so...sensual and thrilling. She responded by kissing Junaid passionately and she felt Aryan's hot breath on the nape of her neck as he kissed her earlobes. It sent an electric jolt through her body and amplified the sensations her husband's cock was giving her.

Junaid himself was captivated by the sight of Hina sandwiched between himself and Aryan and he watched on with increasing arousal as Aryan kissed the nape of her neck, mkaing her moan with pleasure. He thrust harder, as he savored the erotic sight, making Hina squirm on Aryan's cock. Aryan grunted and pushed Hina back onto Junaid's cock, making her moan louder. This was very overwhelming for the young guy as he absorbed the couple making love.

"Bhabhi jaan...", he groaned into her ear, as her ass pressed against his cock.

Junaid could not hold back any longer; since witnessing Aryan cum in Hina, he had been possessed by a primal need to cum in his wife, a desire that grew stronger. Listening to the young buck call her jaan sent him over the edge and he grunted loudly, holding Hina close as his balls pumped hot cum into her. Hina, moaned feeling the warm love juice of her husband coat her pussy walls, making his thrusts wetter and messier.

After several moments of enjoying her grasp on his semi erect cock, Junaid pulled out, aware of Aryan's need. He smiled at the young buck and nodded, eager to see his wife pleased by him.

Aryan rubbed his cock against Hina's dripping pussy. Last night, Junaid taken his sloppy seconds and now it was his turn. He had observed Junaid's face and had been quite surprised by the pleasure he got from it.

He whispered into Hina's ear, asking her,

"Bhabhi jaan, kya mein?" (Bhabhi, can I?)

"Haan....", she whispered back, horny with desire. She saw her husband looking on, a hungry, lusty expression on his face which further turned her on.

Aryan grunted as he slid into her very slick, wet pussy. It felt very warm, tight and sticky and he paused for a moment, steadying himself. He had his misgivings about this, but damn, it was hot. Summoning all his strength, holding her hips steady, he pounded into her. He went in balls deep and pulled out till only the tip remained and thrust in again.

Hina moaned and clung to Junaid, as she felt her pussy being stretched out by Aryan. The pleasurable rub of the foreskin against her pussy walls felt so damn good. She clung to her husband for support, as she squirmed under the onslaught of that young buck's hard thrusts.

"Unfff...", she moaned into Junaid's chest. He gently cupped her chin and leaned in to kiss her. It felt hot to have her close, feeling those thrusts make her body shake. He saw Aryan's face, suffused with pleasure. He was having the time of his life, thought Junaid, smiling.

Aryan didn't think he could hold on any longer. Just seeing Hina and Junaid kiss passionately as she squirmed with his thrusts was turning him on mightily. He reached down to her clit and gently rubbed her and the effect was instantaneous.

Hina arched her back, actually lifting her hips off the bed. The dual assault on her senses, Aryan giving her a good dicking and her husband kissing her passionately was to hard to handle. Aryan kept up his clit massage and Hina gripped his arm tight.

"Mmmmm, bhabhi....", he groaned in her ear.

"Ohhh, jaan, kitne haseen ho tum.....", her husband groaned to her. And that was the trigger.

Hina arched her back, and pressed back onto Aryan's cock as waves of orgasm overtook her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her body and she moaned out loud, feeling as if she was melting into her husband, who held her close. It was enough for Aryan, who pumped his hot, thick seed into her pussy, coating her walls yet again with cum.

Panting, he withdrew and collapsed to the side. Several moments passed and no one spoke. Cum leaked out of her pussy pooling onto the sheets below.

Propping himself on his arm, Aryan looked over to the happy couple and chuckled,

"Well, a good morning to you too...."

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