tagChain StoriesA Paperback Romance Ch. 02

A Paperback Romance Ch. 02


Ch2 ~Literary Desires

Anna Belle showered and changed into her clean baby doll nighty. It was pretty on her, made her feel kind of silky and sexy. Its light blue silk smooth across her breasts, its lace hem scratchy against her thighs. Twirling her thick chocolate brown locks around her fingers she pinned them up with an alligator clip and allowed their ends to cascade over its top in a mess of spirals that bounced naturally and beautifully with her every move. She looked into the mirror and puckered her lips as she slid on some glittery Bonnie Belle Pina Colada Chap Stick.

Just as she started to loose herself within her own sultry gaze and begin to think about the many beautiful women in her 'dime novels' reality stuck. Like lightning as the multicolored tail of the calico cat she called Rebel wrapped around her leg and sent a shock of static electricity between him and Anna and the rug they both stood on.
"Damn it, Rebel!" You scared the crap out of me. Anna Belle complained to the cat as she gently pushed him too the side with her leg.

He 'meowed' an indifferent apology and padded off to stand in front of his bowl. Giving her his most conniving look to beg for his dinner.

"Rebel, I thought we had a pact around here, I eat first...then you get yours." Anna Belle replied to his silly posturing.

She relinquished and fed the hungry cat first then nuked herself an unsatisfying 'TV' dinner. After flipping channels on the satellite for an hour she resigned her self to a good CD and her pile of new books. One for the bed she thought, nothing better than a cheap romance novel to snuggle up with at night. After all the only one you had to satisfy that way...was yourself.

Literary Desires was the name of her newest delivery. Anna Belle smiled. A romance about college life and education...things she didn't know much about coming from her neck of the woods. But desires, desires she new—after all there was no where in the world less forgiving and less friendly than the little hole in the earth she called home. Her books—her desires—and Rebel's companionship were the only things that got her through the days—and the long, lonely nights.

Sinking into the satin sheets Anna slipped out of her world and into the world of Dartmouth College.

Jenny loved her freshman existence. It was so different here from her life back home, new friends new roommates, classmates and professors. New ideas and avenues opened before her very eyes.

But she loved her intro to Lit. Class the most. Her professor Ashby was the captain of the rugby team...and quite rugged himself. With his strawberry blonde hair and auburn beard and moustache. And dapper smile...one of those I know I'm sexy...and I know you like it smiles. The kind that made his grass green eyes sparkle with a smile all there own.

Jenny liked how open-minded he was. He didn't just lecture; he'd start with a leading thought or two and then turn the class loose. Free thinking he called it. And he allowed talk on topics that a lot of other professors wouldn't. Today's discussion on Romeo and Juliet hadn't taken ten minutes to get into the sex debate. Was it adolescent lust that killed them both or was it actual true love of the deepest kind...the class had come to the conclusion that it must have been a measure of both.

Which had led Jenny to her thesis for the end of the semester paper and into professor Ketch's office for approval of her main topic idea. As they discussed her topic of sex and adolescent love the room seemed to become smaller by the second. As she sat in the luxurious chocolate leather arm chair, Ashby left his place behind his desk and came to rest on its front corner giving himself a better view of Jenny's young, fresh, heaving breasts through the V in her tight lilac sweater. And the beauty of her creamy white thighs that peaked out from between her little black skirt and tall black boots.

Ashby new she wanted him to take her, but she was after all, the student she couldn't make the first move. He had all the power. And he loved every second of it. As Jenny talked of Juliet's willingness to die rather than live without love, Ashby reached for her ivory face and brought it in close to his chest rubbing her shoulders and caressing her long neck as he kissed her deeply.

"I'd kiss him back and them some!" Annabelle chuckled aloud to herself and the now purring pussy that lay atop her bed.

"Let's see if little innocent Jenny is really the freshman she seems...or perhaps she's an upperclassman stuck in a freshman's body?" Anna Belle continued to muse to herself as she pulled the book and herself back deeply into the satin perch she'd created as her special reading nook.

Ashby bent to Jenny and allowed his face to burrow into her beautiful ivory pillows. Taking in her heaven scent as her bountiful breasts heaved with the excitement of being bared to the Professor.

Professor Ketch unhooked her bra with one pinch to its front. And revealed in the swelling of her nipples between his teeth as he pulled and nipped first at one and then at the other. Jenny unbuttoned the professor's shirt without a word and kissed her way down to his belt as he hastily helped her undo it and helped her unleash the monster that waited beneath it.

Slowly the professor ushered her towards the chaise and in a glorious 69 the two began to learn much more about each other. Now the professor and the student were interchangeable. As each learned from the other.

Jenny engulfed the professor deeply and then brought him to the top to twirl and swirl her way around and back down to his bottom over and over again. As the professor feasted in the gushing honey that streamed from within Jenny's youthful pot of lust.

"Mmm..."Anna Belle thought aloud as her fingers dipped into her own drenching honey pot. She wondered to herself as she licked her fingers clean what the young perky freshman tasted like. And pretended that the juice on her fingers belonged to the student not herself.

Taking her then to his desk the professor turned the student away from himself and forced his way in to her love chamber from behind. Grabbing her warm brown hair in his hands for stability and a measure of more strength and control—riding her until they both screamed out in the true pleasure of sheer lust and enjoyment of another human's body and nothing more.

As Anna shoved her fingers vigorously in and out of herself, she came in unison with the glorious paring of professor and student. Tossing the paperback romance novel to the floor she wondered what the next title would be... and what wonder filled adventure would be brought to her between its magical covers. As she drifted off into the land of contented dreams to relive the fantasy she'd read that day and dream of what more was to come. She sighed as Rebel wrapped himself around her toes and the duo purred off to dreamland together.

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