tagChain StoriesA Paperback Romance Ch. 03

A Paperback Romance Ch. 03

byMy Erotic Trail©

Ch. 03: The Mailman

"Honk-honk," The old truck pulled into the dirt driveway and stopped. The motor rumbled in an uneasy idle as the mailman searched the parcels in the passenger seat for Anna Belle's package.

The screen door slammed shut loudly as Anna Belle came running to the truck like a roadrunner across the highway from the front porch to the mailman's truck.

"Hello Mister Barns," Anna Belle greeted him as she approached the old vehicle. She knew that the only time he stopped he had a package for her and ninety percent of the time it was a new paperback novel from the Paperback of the Month Club. The other ten-percent was her cosmetic highlights from Avon. 'A girls always gotta' look good' Anna Belle's justification to spending money that was tighter than a sailors knot.

"Here it is," Mr. Barns said as he pulled out a large brown envelope. His southern charm glowed in a smile as he handed the package out the driver side window to Anna Belle.

"Thank You Mr. Barns," Anna Belle said as she turned and headed towards the house. Before she had reached the front porch steps the envelope was ripped apart and its contents pulled out and exposed.

"Honk-honk," Mr. Barn's saying good bye with a toot on the old pickup truck's horn as he drove off. Anna Belle waved a hand but never took her eyes off the book in her hand.

"The Mailman," Anna Belle mumbled as she read the title of her new romance novel. She ascended up the steps and veered towards the front porch swing and sat down, melting into the wooden bench like freshly sprayed paint.

Rebel jumped up on the porch rail and flicked its tail in hopes of recognition and a friendly petting. 'Meowing' loudly to draw Anna Belle's attention, which never seemed to work when she was reading.

Anna Belle opened the book in the center and buried her nose into the pages for a quick peek at her latest dime novel romance.

Margaret Malone gasped for breath as her lover ravaged her half-naked body. His mouth kissed and suckled her well-rounded breasts with a firm hand grasp, guiding her nipple towards his open and inviting tongue's licks. His lips folded around her firm hard nipple as his teeth toyed with gentle nips at its protrusion.

"Oh my," Anna Belle mumbled as she reached up and gently rubbed her nipple through her summer dress, while reading.

Margaret's back was arched fully engulfed in sensual emotions that echoed in her moans of pleasure that left her mouth wide open in heavy breathing. Her fingers intertwined in his short hair as she found a grasp and urged his feasting with a slight pull of his head into her fully. Pulling harder and harder as her feelings grew with each tug of her nipple from his mouth's playful act.

Buried into the sofa Margaret spread her legs wide as her hands pushed his head downward, the direction she wanted him to feast. His tongue trailed across her tummy and swirled around her navel as he continued to her clean-shaven, portal of passion.

"Meow," Rebel sounded as he did a 'dose do' around Anna Belle's leg. Rubbing its fur lightly across her ankle and purring loudly.

"Not now Rebel. Margaret Malone's kitty is purring too," Anna Belle said to Rebel with a huge grin on her face. She reached down and patted the calico cat's willing and waiting forehead. Then she sank back into the novel's steamy tale.

His head was moving in a motion that allowed his tongue to volley across her lower lips sending Margaret into a frenzy of passion and desire. She pulled his head towards her. To her puckered and ready mouth. She kissed him wildly as he come face to face with Margaret Malone.

His body adjusted himself to lay on top of Margaret as he began a sway of light pushing of his lower body to mesh with hers. She gasped loudly as he entered her desires and began feeding her his lust filled muscle.

Their bodies met in collisions of flesh and kisses upon each other. Both were driven in a frenzy of lust with tight gripped fingers and eager lapping tongues. The pace quickened and he quivered with a set of hard thrusting that slowed to a stop.

His body melted into hers as he lay in stillness for a moment. The warmth between them grew as Margaret lay in delight. Soaking up the scent of a heated male so close to her.

He slowly arose and pulled his pants up. He began buttoning his shirt as Margaret pulled her house robe to cover her naked body. She smiled a sly smile, as they looked at each other with a pleased expression on both their faces.

"I'll see you tomorrow," He said as he turned to walk away.

"Hey," Margaret pouted.

"Oh yeah," He smiled as he came back and gave her a kiss.

"No mail for me today?" Margaret spouted in a playful way.

"Nope, no mail today," The Mailman said with a huge grin. He turned and went out the door. Margaret was smiling with thoughts of writing a letter quickly to give to him to mail, anything to call him back quickly.

"Awe, Margaret Malone is a lucky woman, she has a handsome stud for a mailman who delivers more than just the mail. I have old Mister Barns." Anna Belle said as Rebel replied with a loud 'meow.'

"I think a 'hot steaming shower' would be good about now," Anna Belle said as she stood up. Rebel sounded out his need for attention that called Anna Belle's fingers to run across its back a few short strokes before she went towards the screen door.

Turning the novel over and reading the back cover, a flyer fell from the dime novel and sailed lightly to the wooden slats on the porch. Anna Belle reached down and picked up the flyer and read it as she stood up straight,

Coming Soon;

Sunset on the Nile

Anna Belle's eyes lit up as she entered the house and the screen door slammed shut loudly. Rebel went to the door and 'meowed' trapped outside. Anna Belle yelled back over her shoulder, "I don't need any help in the shower from you."


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