tagLoving WivesA Penny for Your Thoughts

A Penny for Your Thoughts


I like to read romance novels. In my mind, I become the woman in the story. My favorite plot places me in a port city. A mysterious stranger seduces me, abducts me, and ravishes me after his ship is at sea.

In real life, I and my husband live a normal middle class life on Green Acres Drive, in Athens, Georgia. I have been married to Jerry for four years. We have no children. Jerry, who works in the family owned insurance business, of "Garmon, and Son," makes plenty of money, so I do not work, and have a lot of time on my hands. I'm Penny Garmon.

My sister, Jean, is a student at the University of Georgia, right here in Athens, so I see her often. We have always been as thick as thieves, so my home is a favorite stopping place for Jean. At twenty-five, I am four years older then Jean, but we appear to be twins. We both stand five feet five, and weight one hundred and twenty-seven pounds. Our breasts are a large B cup. Jean is forever borrowing my clothes, but that is okay because she returns them, clean, right away.

It was Tuesday, February twenty-third, at ten-thirty AM that I heard my door bell ring. I smiled to myself. It surely was Jean. Jean was all smiles when I opened the door to let her in.

"What's going on? You have the look of the cat that just caught the mouse," I inquired.

"My room mate, Sandy, has a boy friend that goes to Georgia Tech. He has invited Sandy and three of her friends to come down to his parent's condo in Clearwater, Florida for spring break. Mom said that it was okay to go. Now, if we can find a fourth girl, and a ride, we can go bask in the sun, and party, party, party!"

"Why do you need a total of four girls?"

Giving me an impish grin, Jean said, "There will be four guys at the condo. One for each guy."

"Oh, I see. I'll bet you didn't tell Mom that? What is the problem finding the fourth girl?"

With a flustered look, and a little hemming, and hawing, Jean finally said, "Penny, they made it very clear that we will each sleep with the guys. Can I use your phone?"

Laughing, I said, "Sure."

I could hear Jean discussing with Sandy who they had each spoken to about getting a ride, and who knew of a girl that would commit to the arrangement. They had not made any progress. When Jean got off the phone, and returned to the den, I said, " You know what I'm thinking? I would be interested in being your fourth girl. We could ride down in my van. It would be fun to party, flirt, and get some sun. Of course, we would not tell anyone around here anything, other then we have a place to stay for the two weeks. Right?"

Jean stood looking at me. "Are you sure that you know what the girls did last year? Wet tee shirt contests. Chug-a-lug beer drinking. Strip poker. Ten guys feeling your breasts. Are you up for that? I don't want you to spoil what will be a wild time by being a wet blanket."

"Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie, before I met Jerry, I went to Fort Lauderdale for two spring breaks. I don't remember much of the first one, except that the number of guys that I sleep with was into double digits. The second time that I went, I woke up to find that someone had written "Sweet" on one breast, and "Sour," on the other. Just above my pussy, it was written, "Insert it here." So, I think that I have an idea what the boys have in mind. One request. You and Sandy are not to tell anyone that I am married."

"Wow, Great. I'll call Sandy right now. We leave in ten days."

For me, the next nine day went by as slow as molasses. Jerry was surprised to have me come on to him for sex four days in a row. Little did he know that I had masturbated with my "Venice Butterfly" several times, too. Jerry thought that it was very nice of me to volunteer to be a chaperone for three wild college girls. "What a pain in the ass that would be?" he told me. "I sure am glad that I have to work, so I will not be dragged along to be with those crazies."

I was on my period for the last four days before we left. Perfect. Friday morning at 6:30 AM, we started our drive. It was going to take ten hours to drive the 493 miles to Clearwater. The directions, which we had printed out from "Yahoo Maps," were great, so we pulled right to the front of the condo building, without any problems finding the place.

Sandy disappeared into the six story building. In a few minutes, four, eager, boys came rushing out to the car to take in the bags, and, of course, to get a first look at the chicks that were going to be staying with them.

I thought, "Things have sure changed in the last five years. When I was down here, the girls stayed with the girls, and the boys stayed with the boys. If you got together for anything more then dancing, feeling, or kissing, you had to go to the beach, a van, or some other place. These guys, three of whom had never seen me, Jean, or the other girl, Gail, were going to have four women in their condo for two weeks. This will be different?"

It was midnight, when our stuff was unpacked. The boys fixed hot dogs, beans, and cokes for us. Each of us got into a different bed. Each were joined by one guy. Not one made any move to do anything except to go to sleep.

As I drifted off to sleep, I mused, "No one would believe this?"

The next morning, I stretched and looked at the clock radio. Was it really 8:30 AM? "I slept like a log," I thought to herself, as I rolled out of bed to go pee. When I returned to the room, the tall boy, Rob, that had slept with me, was standing in the room, with a breakfast tray.

"Breakfast in bed?" I said to Rob.

"Yes, we aim to please."

Rob had taken a shower, and was clean shaven. "This will turn out to be an interesting two weeks, with these guys. I am glad that I came," I thought.

Pancakes, with Maple syrup, an egg, two strips of bacon, coffee, and orange juice. The guys had thought of everything. I was on top of the world. The stereo played songs in the living room. "This is like I am a Queen," I told Rob. He just smiled.

After we all got dressed, we jumped into two cars, and drove to the beach. A block away from the "Beach Madness" lounge, they could hear the beat of the "Caribbean Sounds," one of the best singing groups in the area.

"Wow, there must be a thousand kids milling around. They filled the club, parking lot, and the beach right down to the water's edge. On the beach side, there was a stage. At least twenty girls were shaking their breasts, contained in wet tee shirts, for this round of the competition." All this went through my mind, as I took it all in.

The featured drink at the "Beach Madness," was called the "Nymphomaniac." Bobby, who was Sandy's boyfriend, brought over a tray with two of them for each of us. "Oh, these are good," I whispered in Rob's ear. "What is in them?"

Rob replied, "1 oz Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, 1/4 oz Peach Schnapps, 1/4 oz Malibu Rum. Shake and strain into a Rock's glass."

"You have had them before? Easy to get drunk on this stuff?"

"With a laugh, he said, "Well, lets just say that they have earned their name!" As he said that, he ran his eyes up and down my body. It was the first time that my body was telling me that I was receptive to having this guy, and others take and use my body. I was wet. I gave him a smile, and told him, "I will have to get started." I drank my first drink down with seven gulps.

Rob kissed the side of my face, as he said, "That's the spirit."

Over the loudspeaker, there was a call for more wet tee shirt contestants. "C'mon girls, lets go strut our stuff," I said. Giggling, all four of us went out the rear door to the stage. We each were given a free "Nymphomaniac" to chug-a-lug. Jean and I had taken dance lessons together. We had a routine that we performed to "Thriller." Damn, if they did not play that song. We looked at each other, and went right into it. Part of it, we shake our shoulders. With out tee shirts wet, and two drinks in us, we bounced our "Puppies," in grand style. Three hundred boys begin to cheer, "More, More, More!"

I looked at Jean, and we both took off our tee shirts, and did the routine over again. The DJ was on the ball, as he caught the spirit, and played "Thriller" over again. When we came to the part where we do two 360 degree turns while shaking out shoulders, our breasts were flopping about, like crazy. You could hardly hear the music, above the cheering.

The DJ, interviewed us. When I told him my name was Penny, he said, as he bowed towards me, "Gentlemen, here she is, "A Penny for your Thoughts!" Jean just laughed, as she also pointed at me. The crown begin to chant; "Penny, Penny, Penny."

I said to the DJ, "Do you have Big, Bad, Leroy Brown?"

"Coming right up."

Jean had a stunned look on her face. She knew that I did a "Bump and Grind" number to that song. I had a minuscule bikini on under my shorts. As the music started, I dropped my pants, and stood in front of that crown with a patch covering my pussy that was smaller then my hand. The Nymphomaniacs had done their work, as I went into a world of my own, and begin to dance with my arms clasped over my head, and my legs opening, and closing, as I thrust my pussy at the crowd, below me.

The crowd became silent. We connected. Each guy knew that I was the real thing. A woman that would fuck. That really liked to fuck. No pretending. When I finished, all of the people not standing got to their feet, and clapped, and whistled. The DJ spoke up again. "Wow, Ladies, and Gentlemen, You saw it at the "Beach Madness." I think we can all agree about our thoughts."

The manager came over and told us that our group could have all the Nymphomaniacs that we wanted, on the house. I drank another in seven gulps. I was having a great time.

Jean and I went to the ladies room. When we came back out, there were two other girls sitting with Rob and Danny, Jean's date. Rob was looking our way with a flustered look. I took Jean's hand and steered her to the bar, where we found two stools.

In a few minutes, Rob walked over. Talking sideways to us, he said, "I went steady with that girl in high school. I really like her. I did not know that she could make it down here, but she did. She expects that I will invite she and her friend to stay with us. Can you help me out?"

"Let me borrow your Jeep. Jean and I will go to your place, and remove our stuff. We will find another place to stay."

Looking at me, Rob said, "Penny, you are an amazing woman. Thank you."

As we went out to the Jeep, Jean laughed, as she observed, "You are something. You sure saved his bacon. I'll bet that you don't have the slightest idea what we will do, but you are looking forward to the adventure of winging it."

"You got it!"

With all our stuff in the van, we drove both cars back to the "Beach Madness." Rob was lucky that I did not wreck his jeep. I was drunk. I slipped his keys back to him.

They were having another Wet tee contest, so Jean and I did the same thing as last time, except this time she also took off her top and bottom too. When we returned to a table, I drank two more Nymphomaniac, as did Jean. Both of our heads were nodding. Our eyes met, and we both begin to giggle uncontrollably. I love being drunk.

We were joined at the table by two older guys, each wearing black boots, jeans, with a big Harley Davidson belt buckle, and black tee shirts with "Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club" written above the Harley Davidson logo. I just beamed at them both, as I thought, "I won't have to work too hard to get one of these guys in bed."

I looked at Jean. She had an apprehensive look. "You gals put on quite a show out there. Where are you from?" the taller one said.

'Thanks, I'm Penny, and this is Jean. We are from Athens, Georgia. I have never been on a motorcycle. Do you guys have yours down here?"

"Two Fat Boys outside in the parking lot. I'm Billy Joe, and this here is Big Sam."

"Where are you staying?"

"Up in Tampa, at a small motel on route 301."

"Got room for two more?" When I said that, I thought Jean would fall off her chair.

"Oh, Yes, Ladies. we have two beds."

By now, I could hardly see straight. "I'm drunk, but we will follow you guys. Don't go too fast. We all paraded out to the parking lot. Jean fell asleep within three minutes. Ten minutes later, we got off the 301 exit from Interstate 275. The guys brought all our stuff in.

Jean lay on one bed, and I lay on the other. The curtains were drawn, and the lights turned off. Billy Joe, took off my tee shirt, and then both my pants and G string. I was in a drunken fog. His hands begin to fondle my tits. He opened my cunt lips. His tongue, ran all around. I opened myself wide. It felt so good.

"Put it in me Baby, put it in. C'mom, do me, do me. Put it in. His weight shifted onto me. He was over two hundred pounds of rock hard man. Roughly, he opened my cunt lips. With one push, he drove his cock into me. "Ooohhoooooo, Oooohhhhoooooo, Ooohhhooooo. He was not gentle. He was fucking me as hard and fast as it pleased him. My little body was being used, fucked hard. His rough hands were pawing, kneading my ass, as the thrusts came faster, harder. He begin to pant, and I could feel sweat on his back.

I was thrusting as hard as I could to meet his cock. "Oh, Ooohhhooo, Oh, Oh, Oh," I panted, as we both built to an orgasm. Mine was racking my body as he cum with several hard grunts. I clung to him. I had to keep his cock in me. Had too.

In the dark, I could hear Jean whimpering. "Oh, God, Oh god, You are so big! Oh god. Oh, no, No! Oh, don't drive all that into me, Please? Aaaaahhhaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa. You are tearing me apart."

Big Sam's deep horse voice bellowed, "Take it baby, Take all of it. All of it. Time to make you a real woman. Here it comes."

"Aaaahhaaaaa, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh Aaaahhhaaaa"

The slapping of bodies together could be heard. "Your taking all of Big Sam now Baby. You are a nice tight fuck." The slapping of his sweaty body on to Jeans little body picked up speed, as he pounded his cock into her. I smiled to myself. A woman needs to be ravished once in a while. I knew that when she cum, that it would be like no other she had ever had.

I whispered in Billy Joe's ear, "Fuck me again, Billy Joe. I want you fucking me hard, when Jean has her first orgasm with Big Sam." I didn't have to ask twice. Billy Joe, put me on my hands and knees, and begin to fuck me hard, doggy style. My mouth was wide open, and I was panting, about to orgasm, when I heard Jean begin to whimper again. But this was different.

"Oh, God, Oh, Oh, Oh Oooohhooooo. I'm cumming, Oh, Oh, OOohhhhooooooooooo!" Big Sam grunted out, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes," as spurt after spurt of his cum filled Jean.

My eyes were closed, as I was in heaven, cumming myself, as Billy Joe, cum too.

The room got quiet for a few minutes. Then I felt Billy Joe get off the bed. I felt someone get on the bed. I knew that it was my turn to have Big Sam fuck me. As he opened my legs. I heard Jean whimper, "Oh, not more."

Billy Joe could be heard saying, "I like em young and tender Baby. We are going to give you another good fucking." It turned me on to know that my little sister was to be ravished again.

As Big Sam put his knees between mine, I reached down to feel his cock. "Oh, my, you have got a good one, don't you?"

"Ya, Penny, Baby, It's man sized, and you know how it will feel, now don't you?"

"Fuck me Sam. Fuck me hard."

It drove into me. My whole body gripped that cock of his. Fiercely, I thrust my pussy at his cock as it descended into my cunt. Again, again, again, again, again, again. It went on, and on. For twenty minutes we thrashed and panted, covered with sweat. My convulsing cunt brought him over the edge, as we both cum together. My legs held his waist in a vice grip, so that he could not remove his cock from me. Even though he was going limp, I was still slowly pumping my pussy on his cock.

"Your a great fuck, Lady." Sam said, as he finally rolled off.

"You can have me anytime." In the background, I could hear Jean and Billy Joe, both panting. Then they both moaned. It was quiet.

I turned on a light. "I'm going to shower. How about if we take a couple hour nap, and then go for a ride on your bikes?"

With a smile, both guys said, "Ya, Great, Sound like a fun deal." Jean was on her back, with her legs open. Her breasts were red from being yanked and pulled., as was the inside of both of her legs. Cum was running out of her pussy. She looked from Big Sam, to Billy Joe, and then at me.

"Let me see your cock, Big Sam," she said. It was soft. "Can you make it hard for me, again?" He stroked it for a minute. When it was hard, he showed it to her. Jean studied it.

"It is a good thing that I did not see it before I came here." That would have scared me to death."

"Felt good, after, you got used to it, though, didn't it Baby?"

Jean did not say anything, just nodded her head up and down.

At ten after nine PM, we mounted the bikes, and thundered off for a ride. It was a first motorcycle ride for both Jean and I. It was wild to have the wind blowing your hair, as we zoomed along. I was hanging on to Billy Joe, and Jean was hugging Big Sam for all she was worth.

At a traffic light, Sam said to Billy, "Lets stop by the hall?"

"Ya, man."

Soon we pulled into a dimly lit parking lot. We went into the basement of this store. It was the meeting place for the local chapter of the "Rolling Thunder." Sam and Billy gave several of the twenty men a high five. All had bulging muscles, tattoos, and tight tee shirts. There were three woman there, each with the same kind of clothes on. One gal, with a cigarette dangling from her lips came up to Jean, and after looking her up and down said to Big Sam, "She would enjoy some, don't you think?"

Sam replied, "They both could use some," as he looked at me and smiled.

I shrugged it off as Bike talk. We were both given whisky sours. Twenty minutes later, I could not believe how friendly I felt. The guys begin to dance with me. When they would rub me, I could not get enough, so I put their hands on my breasts. Jean had three guys rubbing her all over. Her head was back, and her eyes were shut.

They carried both of us into the back room. There were two mattresses on the floor. We were both stripped. Big Sam said to a guy named, Harry. I want to see you fuck the young one first. She needs a really big cock. As he slipped out of his pants, his cock swung free. It, soft, was half way to his knee. I looked to one side, as a guy plunged his cock into me, to see Harry's, now fully erect cock, being eased into Jean's cunt.

He slammed it home. For the next ten minutes, I could tell every time it plunged into her, because she moaned out, "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Then, aahhhaaa, aaaahhaaa, as an orgasm shook her body.

I did not cum with the first man that fucked me. I did with the second, and again with the third. Finally, I cum again with the seventh man. They all felt so good.

We left before it got light. For the next eight days, we would start fucking in the afternoon. We would end up at the Hall by nine. We would take on anybody that was there.

The last day we were there, Big Sam said to me. "I have never meet a woman like you, Penny. Anytime someone says, A Penny for your thoughts, I will think of you."

"Thanks for the rides, Sam!"

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