tagRomanceA Perfect Anniversary

A Perfect Anniversary


Jude and I had been together since we were just children. His family moved in next to mine when we were just five years old. We met and became fast friends. Once in high school we realized that our friendship was turning into something quite more. Once when we were alone talking, he leaned over and kissed me and we became the most popular couple in our high school from that moment on. Since then we have never been apart. We graduated high school, lost our virginities to one another on that same night, then went through college together and a year after that we were married. Now, we are about to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary together. I never thought I would have such a perfect life. All those years together and I am as hot for my husband now as I was the first time he kissed me.

For our anniversary I decided to cook him his favorite meal and make everything as romantic as possible. Before he comes in after work I want to transform our home into our love nest. I rushed around all day to make everything perfect. I pulled all the shades in the house to make everything as dark as possible so the only light he would see would be from the seemingly hundreds of candles I have lit through out the house and from the fireplace that is now blazing. A jumble of silk and satin blankets and pillows are laid out in front of the fire. The candles are making dancing shadows on the walls. Our dinner is cooking slowly in the oven and the champagne is chilling. I have bathed myself in jasmine scented water, done my makeup and hair as perfect as I am capable, and will be serving his meal to him in nothing but my highest heels.

I hear his key turning in the lock, and I am sure he is wondering what is going on because I always have the door unlocked for him. I rush to position myself on the couch so I am the first thing he sees when he enters.

He enters, and his jaw drops in shock before his boyish grin spreads across his face.

"Well, hello, Angel", he says while setting down his briefcase and loosening his tie. His eyes taking in the site of me, lying nude before him.

"Hello yourself, Happy Anniversary"

"Oh, is it our Anniversary already?", his grin getting wider. I know he has remembered. He ALWAYS remembers.

"You know darn well it is!" I exclaim, laughing. "Now are you just going to stand there staring at me in all my glory or are you going to at least pretend you missed me all day and kiss me?"

Chuckling he walks over to me and bends down, giving me a sweet, deep, soul searing kiss. His hands start caressing my leg, moving higher and higher until hands were gently squeezing my bottom.

"You had better stop right there, mister, that is not allowed until you have taken a quick shower and eaten the meal I prepared for you!" I exclaimed.

Moaning softly he gave me a quick kiss and went off to take his shower. By then I was already turned on, and it took everything I had not to let him take me right there on the couch. But, I wanted this evening to last and I figured the anticipation would make things all the sweeter when we finally reached that moment.

Going into the kitchen I did a quick check on the meal and finished setting the table. By the time he came in, the table was set and our meal finished.

"mmmm, something smells delicious! I don't whether it is the meal or you", Jude commented. Walking over to me, he wrapped his arms around me and started nuzzling my neck. He knows that when he does that I turn to mush. It took all of the will power in me to move out of his strong arms and make him sit at the table.

I served him his meal, and we ate slowly, sipping our wine. The candlelight made everything glow as if lit from within. There was little need for words, we just gazed into each others eyes and let our feelings for one another show in their depths. Every time I look at him, every second I spend with him, I seem to fall even deeper in love with him. As I look at him I feel my heart swell and my breath catch in my throat, the feelings for him so strong that it literally takes my breath away.

I reach over and gently touch his cheek; my thumb caressing that place right by his ear that I know curls his toes.

"I love you so much, Jude, more than I ever thought I would love anyone."

"I love you too, Angel, I love you more each day. When I think I couldn't possibly love you more, I'll see you, or hear your voice, and I'll find that I was wrong. My love for you grows each and every day."

Taking his hand, I lead him from the table. We slowly walk to the pile of covers and pillows I laid out in front of the fire. I sit down and tug on his hand for him to follow, our bodies aglow from the light of the fire. The candles are causing dancing shadows to play along the walls, and everything turned hazy; nothing existed but him and me. Lowering his body he sits beside me, reaching over he cradles my head in his hands, urging me closer. His lips find mine, and the heat the fire gives is nothing compared to the inferno his lips has caused to course through my body. His hands tangle in my hair as he tugs my head back as he starts to nibble on my neck. The feeling of his hot breath tickling my ear sends goose bumps down my body.

I was getting carried away with what he was doing to me. The passion building inside of me was starting to overtake my senses and I had to remind myself that this was OUR night, not just mine. I pulled away from him and nudged him back until he was lying against the pillows. Leaning over him, I traced my tongue up his body to his nipples. Taking the hard bud between my lips, I gently suck and nibble on each of them. My hands roaming his hard body teasing him by not straying to his manhood which by now was so hard it was straining upwards towards his navel.

Continuing my ministrations on his body, I slowly make my way down to his manhood. I run my finger slowly up its entire length, causing Jude to start breathing even more deeply than he was before. I start licking around the head, gently taking it between my full lips and sucking softly. I gradually take more and more in my mouth until I am deep throating him. I keep going slowly, teasingly, applying little pressure. I gently cup his balls and massage them as I work my way up and down his long shaft. Jude's hips start thrusting in time with my movements. His hands tangle in my hair, urging me to take him ever deeper. I know he is about to cum, so I stop and pull my head away. I don't want it to stop just yet.

Crawling up along side him, we start to kiss deeply. Our tongues dancing wildly in one another's mouths, as his hands dive between my legs, finding evidence of my intense desire for him. My pussy is so wet; I can feel my juices begin to trickle down my thighs. His fingers quickly find my hard nub and begin to draw slow, lazy circles around it. He knows that is how I love for him to touch me there. His hand leaves my clit and he plunges 2 fingers deeply inside of me. Working them in and out, repeatedly, I can't help but writhe in passion. I can feel his fingers find that secret spot in me over and over again. By now, I am moaning loudly and thrashing my hips, seeking orgasmic relief.

"mmmm...You pussy feels so damn good, I can't wait to get my cock inside of you. To feel that tight pussy of yours squeezing my cock."

"I can't wait for you to make love to me. Please, Jude, please put that hard cock in me now. I can't take it anymore!"

Smiling, he removed his fingers but instead of feeding my pussy his hard prick, I feel his hot breath on my pussy a second before he sucks my clit hard between his lips. I instantly convulse in a terrific orgasm, flooding his face with my juices. He doesn't stop; he sucks me through my orgasm and then thrusts his tongue deeply inside me, fucking me with his tongue and lapping up my juices. I can feel my heart begin to race and my breathing become heavier, I know I am getting close to climaxing once again. .

"God, Angel, you taste so good! You've got to have the sweetest pussy in the world."

"Oh Jude, I'm going to cum again. Please put your cock in me, I want to cum while you're deeply inside of me." I said, breathlessly.

Kissing me deeply, his tongue tangling with my own, he nestled himself between my spread thighs. I could feel the head of his hot prick rubbing against my nether lips. In one quick plunge he filled me fully with his engorged manhood, taking my breath away. He pumped slowly in and out of my pussy while locking his lips on my nipple, suckling and nibbling until I was writhing with passion.

I felt my pussy start contracting around his cock and I arched my back as my orgasm hit me in waves. I started rocking my hips in time with his, taking him deeper and faster inside of me. I moaned in delight as I felt his hot cum flood into my pussy. With every thrust his cock spurted more cream inside of me, my pussy milking him for every drop.

"Oh yes, baby, cum inside of me," I cry out, another orgasm relieving me of my senses. I thrash under him, feeling his hot cum start to drizzle down my milky thighs.

Spent, Jude rolls off of me and takes me into his arms; our breathing erratic, as we nestle together trying to catch our breath. I feel the roughness of his cheek as he nuzzles my neck.

"I love you, Jude." I say, softly.

"I love you too, Angel." He says, "Ummmm...Angel?"


"Do you think we could have made a baby tonight?"

Shocked at what he said, I twisted around until I was facing him. A few seconds passed as I tried to get my brain to register what he just said.

"Well, would you like it if we had?"

"Yes, I would, very much" He replied, "I love you so much, and I think that it is time that we shared our love. I want our life to be complete, to raise a family with you. I know we have put it off for my career, but we are secure now."

Grinning broadly, I threw my arms around him, kissing him over and over again all over his face.

Laughing he wrapped his arms around me and rolled me over until he was on top of me.

"I take that as a yes, that you want my baby."

"Dang right I do, I've wanted that for a long time, I just didn't know if you did."

"Well, I do! And I think that we should keep trying until it happens...starting NOW!" he said, as he thrust his now once again hardened cock deep inside me, taking me by utter surprise. And that is exactly what we did, keep trying...over and over again for the rest of the night.

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