tagRomanceA Perfect Passion

A Perfect Passion

bySensuous Storyteller©

I sit at my vanity table on a warm summer evening. The window is opened wide, letting the warm evening breeze to blow in. Closing my eyes for a moment I inhale deeply to fill my lungs with the musky scent of fresh cut grass. The lacy cream coloured curtains billow gently into the room and along with them the soft light from the street lamps below.

Sitting on the night table just behind me, the antique bedroom lamp provides the room with a subdued light not much brighter than what the street lamps offer. I am wearing a full white satin slip that scoops low in the back, presenting a lovely view of the shadowed groves beneath my tanned shoulder blades. Only a silky pair of white hi cut panties complete my ensemble.

Brushing my long dark hair into soft feathery curls, I put down the brush and look up. Smiling into the mirror, I see him standing right there behind me. Bright blues eyes meet my own big brown ones in the reflection of the mirror. The sight of his handsome reflection causes a definite stir in my petite scantily clad body. A slight shiver runs down my spine but my eyes do not look away. He is so handsome standing there in his black suit. My breasts rise beneath the satin as I inhale deeply to catch the scent of his aftershave.

Smoky eyes never lose contact in the mirror as he steps closer to my warm body still sitting on the stool. Shivering again, in spite of the warmth of the room, I feel the heat emanating from his body; he stands so close behind me. His fingers tangle in my soft brunette tresses as he brushes it aside to gently kiss my bare shoulder. His sweet breath flutters on my neck causing little goose-bumps to rise on my skin. I moan softly. MMMmmm. I close my eyes. His kisses are feathery light and pleasingly warm.

Trying to turn my body so I can kiss his inviting mouth; he stops me. Placing his fingers firmly on my shoulders, he bends and whispers quietly into the shell of my ear. "Do not to turn around, stay sitting right there for me."

Slowly, opening my big brown eyes, I look up into his beautiful blue ones reflected in the mirror. The beginnings of a small smile turn up just the corners of his full sensuous mouth and his eyes close slightly causing the tiny laugh lines to crinkle in the corners giving him that handsome, rugged look that I love.

His right hand softly caresses my shoulder. Back and forth, back and forth, taking the shoestring strap of my slip with his hand each time, until the thin strap is slowly lowered down my arm until my right breast is completely visible to his admiring gaze. My eyes never leave his. I watch as his sooty lashes rest almost on his cheek as he gazes down at my naked breast. My nipple puckers just from the contact of his eyes; other than his gaze, he has not even touched me yet. My nipple puckers, reaching out to him begging him for more attention as he gently slides his warm hand across my left shoulder to drop the other strap.

Once the satiny slip falls past my hardened nipple, it slides silently into my lap allowing both breasts to be free and unveiled in the soft sensuous light. He raises his eyes slowly to meet my own. His large hands reach down to lightly pinch my nipples, one at a time and I gasp. The sound from my lips is just a hiss that is barely audible in the shadowed room. I feel the fullness in my breasts and a raw aching low in my tummy, as a moist warmth begins to dampen the soft material in the centre of my panties. I sigh. Ahhhhh.

His hands leave my nipples and press against my heated skin to softly slide down my flat tummy and into my lap. He clenches the slip that is puddled in my lap with his large fists. He rubs them against my lower tummy as if he were trying to ease away the ache he knows is there, but instead, he only increases it. He leans over to touch me again and I can feel the rough material of his clothes scratching my naked back, but strangely it feels pleasant. His distinctive cologne fills my nostrils and awakens my sense of smell. He holds me to him just a few minutes longer before he places his hand under my right elbow to show me that he wants me to rise. As I stand, the slip falls to the floor in a whisper.

His hands slide smoothly down my arms as he holds me away from his body so he can just look at me. His heated gaze begins at the top of my head and lowers until his eyes meet mine. Continuing, they stop for just a second at my quivering lips noticing that they are slightly parted to allow my shallow gasps of breath to whoosh through them. His eyes lovingly stop at my full breasts, savouring them as they rise and fall from my arousal. They quickly drop down to my tummy until he reaches the shaded darkness that is barely visible through my white panties.

Another flow of moistness floods my centre and his eyes return to mine quickly. At that very moment, his eyes silently tell me he knows what had just happened. Crossing his arms, he stands looking at me a just few minutes longer, making my body tremble slightly yet again.

He whispers, his voice deep and strong, "Slip out of your panties. Take them off and let me see you, all of you."

Without any hesitation, I do as he asks. I feel a little vulnerable but at the same time I feel excited standing there naked before him, particularly because he is still fully clothed. Tenderly, he opens his arms for me and I quickly step into their warmth, feeling his comforting protection. He smells so good and he makes me feel so safe and warm. The roughness of his clothes rubbing coarsely on my naked body stimulates me even more.

Pulling me with him, he sits on the edge of the bed. Carefully, he places me on his lap. I am very aware of the wetness that is slowly seeping from between my legs and is now moistening his pant leg. I blush with the knowledge that he too is very conscious of what is happening.

He places his hand under my chin and he turns my face to his as we look deep into each other's eyes; he kisses me - for the first time. A soft but deep and probing kiss and I am the first to close my eyes. Soft moans escape from my lips but the tiny sounds are lost in his opened mouth as it still presses against mine. Without taking his lips away, his hand leaves my chin to trace a line down my slender neck, stopping for a moment at the pulse point to feel my heartbeat racing. He just smiles. His hand moves on to my soft shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze but then wasting no more time, it touches my breast. He pinches my nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger to gauge the height of my arousal- to see how ready I am for his lovemaking. My tongue pushes out to greet his at that exact moment, telling him what he wants to know.

The kiss stops abruptly, and just as quickly his hand leaves my breast. Suddenly, I feel so cold and so empty. Placing his hands firmly on my arms, he gently forces me to rise. I look down to his pants where I was sitting and see the wet stain I had left. He looks at the tinge too before raising his eyes to look deep into mine. Seeing the blush colour my cheeks, he just smiles tenderly at me.

My handsome lover bends to gently lift my naked body up into his strong and loving arms, carrying me to the side of our bed where he delicately lays me down and I sink into the soft duvet. Resting my head on the pillow, I look up at him. He takes off his jacket and tie and carefully lays them over the back of the overstuffed reading chair next to our bed. Both of us are impatient now. My gaze pierces him as the rest of his clothing just melts away. Kneeling, he causes the side of the bed to lower as he slips over my body to lie next to me. I look over at him completely naked and he looks so powerful and virile.

Lying on his side he faces me, pulling my little body toward him. We lay there for the longest time just staring at each other as if we are trying to memorize each other's features so that they may be remembered long after this moment is long gone. Not a word is spoken. All that can be heard in the silent room are our quickened breaths and surely my pounding heart. He rises up to place as tender kiss upon my wanting mouth.

With his hand on my shoulder, he gently pushes me back and I do not resist. Suddenly, he is above me placing soft little kisses on my face, on my neck, and on the soft undersides of my arms. I love his kisses; especially the sweet one he places in the palm of my hand. I quickly curl my fingers up tight in my palm to hold onto it.

Deliberately he misses my breasts and lowers his sensuous lips to pepper my soft tummy with a mixture of kisses and licks, tasting me. Further down my body, his mouth travels until he reaches my mound. Pressing his face into me he kisses the soft curls he finds there.

Slipping his hands between my legs, he gently presses the insides of my thighs silently asking me to open myself to him - and I do. Sitting back on his heels, he admires my beautiful opening that has been hidden from his gaze until now. Lowering his head to my womanhood, he inhales deeply. Slowly, raising his head with his eyes closed, he holds his breath deep into his lungs, savouring the scent of me. The aroma telling him that I am a woman ready to be loved.

His lips softly touch the inside of my thigh. Carefully he dodges the area where I want him to touch me the most. Teasing me, he kisses my body everywhere but continues to avoid kissing that special place; the spot my silent pleas keep begging him to touch. My body is burning from my need of him. I raise my hips to try to meet his moving face but he is always careful to only let his breath brush me there.

I close my eyes just as he moves up my body to quickly take one of my hardened nipples into his mouth. He is not gentle; he sucks it hard offering tiny little bites that send sparks right to my core. He is careful not to forget to offer the same attention to my other throbbing nipple. I can feel the tears stinging behind my closed eyelids as I hear my own moans begging him to please release me from this tension. Finally, listening to my moans, he slips down from my tender breasts and he instantly presses his tongue long and hard against my womanhood. I moan loudly telling him that is exactly what I wanted him to do. The tip of his wet tongue flicks at the hard pebble at the top of my nether lips. I almost scream from the intensity. My head flips rapidly from side to side and gentle mewling sounds escape through my parched lips. Hands opening and closing, continuously grasping at the bed-sheets while my body shudders. Lights exploding behind my closed eyes as tears that have been stinging behind my lids begin to flow.

Moments later, I reluctantly return to reality and only then can I hear my own heavy pants loud in my ears. Dizzy, I lay there next to him enjoying the feeling of warmth that spreads up from my centre right through to my tummy and on to my breasts. He looks up at my glowing face, smiling at me. With the pads of his thumbs he gently wipes away the tears that have fallen unnoticed onto my cheeks.

Kneeling before me, he carefully places himself between my opened legs rubbing his hardness in the creamy wetness; the wondrous remnants of my orgasm. He moistens himself well before placing his staff at my entrance of love. He makes sure that all the feelings we both experience are only soft, smooth and extremely sensuous.

Still he has not yet entered me. He waits, holding his weight up from my petite body by placing his hands on either side of me. Speaking softly, his voice so deep yet filled with passion, he says, "Look deep into my eyes and do not to look away."

Of course I will! I will do anything he asks of me. My smoldering brown eyes meet his soft blue ones as I feel him push slowly and gently into me, filling me fully and making me feel so much a woman. His deliberate movements are so very slow. The special place where we are joined is well lubricated from my unending flow of juices. Just as well-oiled pistons start out slowly and increase in speed so does his manhood. Sliding in and out unhurriedly but in time increasing the speed, maximizing the friction and creating the most pleasurable heat. That wonderful ache builds again, in the lowest part of my tummy with its warmth spreading upwards like the branches of a tree, spreading and spreading throughout my body.

He watches me closely and he can tell what is happening to me; even before I am aware of it myself. Swiftly, he falls back on his heels in a kneeling position and he pulls me up with him onto his lap in one gentle swoop and without missing a single stroke. I try to hug him close, feeling such love and tenderness, but he does not allow it. Holding the upper part of my body away from him, he tells me, "Turn your head to the mirror. Watch us make love!"

I watch our naked bodies moving in a sensual rhythm; the age-old dance of the sexual human. My eyes return from the mirror to look back at him. I see he is looking down at the place we are coupled, still holding me back slightly so he can watch us coming together. My hands are behind my back holding myself up so I am defenseless when he takes his finger and touches my sensitive bud, gently caressing it. Overwhelmed from the impact, I scream. It is too much! The lights explode again. He finally pulls me up close and allows me to wrap my arms tightly around him. With both his large hands crushing the sides of my head, he kisses me hard and deep, capturing my ecstatic screams in his opened mouth. Our bodies move in unison continually trying to get even closer to each other, although it is simply impossible.

Too soon, I spiral down into reality to hear the deep, low, guttural moans escape my lover's lips. He grabs my buttocks squeezing the cheeks tightly in his grasp holding me to him so close and so still. He empties his seed deep into the moist part of me that gloves his hardness like a velvet sheath. Spasms from deep inside me engulf him, milking every drop of juice from his body.

As the intensity of our orgasms subsides, he holds my body close to his, resting his face against my cheek. He feels the wetness from the unnoticed tears I had shed during our powerful lovemaking. He holds me tight; rocking me gently; caressing my soft back with his hands; telling me clearly how beautiful I am, without the use of words.

What feels like hours, but in reality is only minutes, he pulls me from his lap to tuck me gently into our bed. He slides his naked body in behind me so we fit together like two spoons in a drawer. His hand rests beneath my breast, cupping it and feeling the beating of my heart.

Placing a loving kiss just below my ear, he whispers, "I love you" as I close my eyes and fall asleep.

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